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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Inamorata was initially created with Mark Anthony and Heart Evangelista but we changed the male lead to Sid Lucero since he suits more the role of the lead character as a pianist with a dark past. Mark Anthony fits better as the oldest brother Paolo Montecillo.



At a deserted dark alley at a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night, Cathy Villanueva is walking alone. She is looking warily around her.

Cathy: (thinking) Why, oh why did I come here by myself? Maybe I should turn around and leave? No! No, this is a great lead! I can't give up. I've been in more dangerous situations than this. I'll just go a little bit further, if he's not there, then I'll leave...

She hears footsteps behind her.

Cathy: (turning around) Hello? Mohawk ? Is that you?

She sees no one and continues to walk. After a few more steps, she hears the footsteps again. She looks back again and sees no one. Cathy is getting nervous.

Several huge, gross looking rats run in front of her and over her feet, scaring her half to death.

Cathy: (thinking) Okay, I'm leaving now.

She turns around and starts to walk towards the direction of her parked car. Suddenly, someone appears from the shadows and rushes over behind her. The stranger stabs her multiple times and runs away.

Cathy was so surprised, she wasn't even able to scream or put up a fight. She falls on the ground in a bloody heap and loses consciousness.

Cathy wakes up. She feels excruciating pain on her back and sides. She also feels movement and realizes she is being carried. She opens her eyes and looks right at a man's face. Her vision is hazy but she can see that he looks very serious.

Cathy: (moaning weakly) I've.. been... stabbed. Am ... I … dead?

Man: (soothing voice) Hang in there. I'm taking you to the hospital.

Cathy: (weakly) Who... are... you?

The man doesn't answer as he continues to walk quickly while carrying her. By now, they are both soaked in blood. Cathy tries to move and she manages to swing her arm and she knocks the man's eyeglasses off his face.

Man: Relax. Save your strength.

Cathy loses consciousness again, but the last thought in her head was how sad the man's eyes had looked.

EPISODE 1 : New Years Eve
EPISODE 2 : The Familiar Voice
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EPISODE 10: The Rose


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