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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 4: The Date

EPISODE 4: The Date

Scene: Monticelli Industries Headquarters. In a tall building in the middle of the financial district.

Cathy is being shown into a very large office. It’s what you would expect an office of a CEO to look like, but even more impressive. It looks like a museum. There are Asian antiques on display, including several swords and several Japanese samurai armor. Cathy is looking at one of these closely when she hears a deep voice from behind her.

Paolo: Fully restored antique samurai armor from the Japanese Edo period. It was once owned by a fierce warrior who according to legend slaughtered thousands of people.

Cathy turns around and Paolo holds out his hands for Cathy to shake.

Paolo: Good Afternoon Miss Villanueva, welcome to my office.

Cathy takes his hands and shakes it. Paolo is handsome, well dressed, an air of self-confidence. Maybe too much.

Cathy: Good Afternoon Mr Monticelli.

Paolo: Please have a seat.

He points to an expensive looking, contemporary couch of black leather, glass and chrome. They sit down.

Cathy: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I know that you usually only grant interviews to newspapers and business magazines. Would you mind if I record this interview?

Paolo: Sure. No problem. I’ve nothing to hide.

Cathy: Thank you.

Cathy asks him and he answers some standard question about his business and personal life. After several questions and answers...

Paolo: Miss Villanueva, may I call you Cathy?

Cathy nods. Paolo looks her straight in the eye as he gives her a charming smile.

Paolo: Cathy, I’m a direct person. I like to get to the point. You’ve been asking me nothing but soft ball questions. I believe you’re a much better journalist than that. Why don’t you ask me what you really want to know?

Cathy: I admire your directness, Mr Monticelli.

Paolo: Call me Paolo.

Cathy: Okay, “Paolo” Umm, you’re right. I am here to ask you about one of your subsidiary companies, LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals?

Paolo: (pause) One of our new ventures. What do you want to know?

Cathy: We’ve obtained some information that some of the ingredients in the counterfeit drugs out in circulation is manufactured by LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals.

Paolo: What? That’s quite an accusation. Do you have anything to back this up?

Cathy produces some papers.

Cathy: These are photocopies of some original documents that provide this link.

Cathy is watching Paolo’s reaction very closely as he looks through the papers. He seemed very surprised.

Paolo: How did you get this? Who gave these to you?

Cathy: You know that I cannot reveal my sources.

Paolo: Obviously I don't handle the small details of our company and I wouldn't know every customer we have. (flipping through the pages) I’m looking at this and I don’t see a direct link of what you are talking about. So what if some ingredients came from our factory? Does that make us culpable? We weren’t the ones that manufactured and distributed the drugs!

Cathy: You are right, but you can’t deny that LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals has some involvement...

Paolo: Cathy, you are finding things where there’s nothing. You are grasping at straws! LifeTekk's products weren't what killed those people. (seriously) I hope that you have not shown this to anyone else. This could damage our reputation!

Cathy: No, I didn’t show it to anyone.

Paolo: Good, because I would sue for libel if you do that. There’s no proof of any wrong doing here.

Cathy: You said that you have nothing to hide. Can I go and take a look around at LifeTekk ?

Paolo: Okay, you may. I will arrange it. But you have to tell me who gave you these papers.

Cathy: I’m sorry, I really cannot tell you. I cannot reveal my sources.

Paolo: (smiling) That’s okay. From the crumpled look of some of these papers, I’m guessing they were from the trash. I didn’t realize you were into dumpster diving, Cathy. Ha ha.

Scene: Very early in the morning, outside Cathy’s home.

The man is in the act of leaving a rose on Cathy’s front door.

Cathy opens the door. She’s still in her short nightgown.

Cathy: It's you! I thought I heard someone out here!

As soon as he sees her, he leaves right away.

Cathy: Wait! Wait! I want to ask you something!

Cathy runs after him in her bare feet but he disappears around the corner. She walks back to her house and picks up the rose. She puts it close to her face to smell it.

Scene: Outside LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals

Cathy and Paolo are just leaving.

Paolo: Now that you’ve had a full tour of LifeTekk, are you quite satisfied? Did you see anything suspicious in there?

Cathy: The facility is actually quite impressive.

Paolo: Thank you. I’m very proud of the work we do.

Cathy: It’s very modern and 'high-tech'. It must have been quite an investment.

Paolo: Yes. That’s why I am not going to jeopardize it by doing something illegal.

Cathy: Thank you again. You really didn’t have to give me the tour yourself.

Paolo: Well, I had a reason for doing that.

Cathy: You do?

Paolo: I wanted to see you again.

Cathy: Huh? Me?

Paolo: Yes. I like you Cathy. I want to ask if you would care to join me for dinner?

Cathy: Dinner? Like a date?

Paolo: Yes, a date. Why are you surprised?

Cathy: I hardly seem your type.

Paolo: My “type” is beautiful women like you.

Cathy: (flattered) Really? Uh, thanks...

Paolo: So how about it? Would you have dinner with me?

Cathy: (after a short pause) Yes, I’d love to

They get in the car and drive away..

From behind a large tree, a pair of eyes, seething in anger, watching them.

Scene: Cathy’s office

Cathy is at her desk. She’s staring out into space, holding her purple and white rose. Susie comes in and surprises her.

Susie: Cathy! Are you actually daydreaming?

Susie looks amused.

Cathy: (snapping out of her thoughts) No! I don’t know, maybe!

Susie: Wow, what’s going on? I’ve never seen you like this.

Cathy puts the rose in the vase.

Susie: Another rose from Mr Mystery ?

Cathy nods.

Susie: When did he give it to you?

Cathy: This morning.

Susie: Did you see him? Did you talk to him?

Cathy: No, he ran away.

Susie: What? Ran away? He's kind of a weirdo, isn’t he? You should be careful of him.

Cathy: Don’t call him a weirdo! He saved my life and he's giving us information. He's helping us!

Susie: But why won’t he talk to you then?.

Cathy: I don’t know. I think he’s just really ... shy.

Susie: Shy, huh? Okay. Fine. Defend him all you want. Anyway, you wanted to talk about LifeTekk?

Cathy: I've been thinking about it. That place is very modern and clean. It looked perfect. Nothing was visibly out of place, but ..

Susie: But?

Cathy: Something still doesn’t add up. They wouldn’t let me talk to any of the employees. My spidey sense is tingling.

Susie: Hmm, maybe you are tingling for some other reason.

Cathy: What are you talking about?

Susie: Don’t pretend! The most eligible man in the land asked you out on a date! I don’t even know what you are doing here. If I were you, I’d be at the spa all day! Do you even know what you are going to wear?

Cathy: I still have plenty of time! That’s another one that came out of the blue.

Susie: What do you mean?

Cathy: Aren’t you suspicious? Paolo Monticelli only dates socialites and supermodels. We’ve never known him to date ordinary mortals like me.

Susie: You are not exactly Miss Ordinary. You are beautiful and you are on TV.

Cathy: Something still doesn’t sit right. We're conducting an investigation and then all of a sudden, he's interested in me.

Scene: At a five star restaurant.

Cathy and Paolo are on a dinner date.

Cathy: ... and that's how we helped the police catch the SpongeBob gang.

Paolo: That was a brilliant plan.

Cathy: Yes, apparently, almost anyone would come out of hiding if they thought they won the Lotto, especially Mr Crabs. You should have seen the look on their faces when they realized it was a sting operation.

Paolo: I can imagine.

Cathy: They were so mad. We got it all on camera.

Paolo: It could have turned out really bad since it was you that was wearing the wire. You take a lot of risks, don't you?

Cathy: I don't think of it like that. When I'm chasing a story, consequences be dammed!

Paolo: We have that in common, Cathy.

Cathy: We do?

Paolo: Yes. When I want something, I get really focused and I don't stop until I get it.

Paolo gives Cathy a meaningful stare. Cathy gets a bit flustered. Paolo is oozing charm and Cathy can't help but be a little flattered by his attention. He reminds her of a wolf.

Cathy: Umm, so let's talk about you.

Paolo: Ask away, what do you want to know?

Cathy: Well, it cannot be easy for you to take over your family business when your parents passed away.

Paolo: You're right. It was quite a shock. But my father has been preparing me since I was young. He knows I'm the only one who is interested in business in our family.

Cathy: What made you decide to go in the pharmaceuticals business?

Paolo: Are you still thinking about LifeTekk? I was hoping all your suspicions have been laid to rest.

Cathy: Oh, I'm just curious because it seems to be an unusual venture compared to your other companies. Isn’t Monticelli Industries mostly in banking and real estate?

Paolo: Yes, but I’m always open to new opportunities. I received a business proposal and after careful consideration, decided to go ahead with it. Prescription drugs are a worldwide billion dollar business....

They talk some more about various topics. Paolo is smiling broadly.

Cathy: Why are you smiling like that? Am I amusing you somehow?

Paolo: Well, yes. I was just thinking that this is quite unusual conversation during a date. I feel like I'm in an interview.

Cathy: Sorry, what can I say, I'm a curious person.

Paolo: Tell me the truth Cathy, did you just come with me tonight so you can interrogate me?

Cathy:Uh, no! Not at all!

Paolo: Good, because I really like you Cathy. You have the rare combination of beauty and brains. I hope to get to know you better.

Scene: Outside Cathy's home.

A late model expensive sports car pulls up in front. Paolo exits the driver seat and walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for Cathy. She goes out of the car and they both stand by the front door. They talk for a bit. Paolo gives Cathy a kiss on the cheek and he leaves. Cathy goes inside.

The angry pair of eyes is watching them.

Scene: Inside Cathy's house. Not long after she gets inside, she hears rapid knocks on the door.

Cathy looks through the peephole and sees the man. She's very surprised but opens the door.

Cathy: Hi! Come in, I've been wanting to talk to you.

The man rushes inside.

Man: (looking upset) He's not a good man!

Cathy: (taken aback) Huh? What? Who?

Man: Paolo! How could you go out on a date with him of all people!

Cathy: What? How did you know I was out on a date with Paolo?

Man: You need to stay away from him!

Cathy: What?!? Were you following us? How did you know we were out on a date? Why do you say I need to stay away from him?

The man looks even more agitated. The scars on his neck look like they are throbbing. His eyes are blazing.

Man: If you don't stay away from him, I won't be able to protect you.

Cathy: Please, you are not making any sense.

Man: I don't know what I would do if he hurts you.

Cathy: Why would you say that Paolo will hurt me? How do you know Paolo Monticelli?

The man doesn't answer and looks at her intently.

Cathy: Please, I don't understand what you are saying..

Vincent: (yelling) Just stay away from him!

He looks so furious that Cathy starts to get frightened. She takes a step back. The man sees the fear in her face and abruptly leaves.

My Inamorata, please forgive me for the way I acted tonight. Now, that I have calmed down, I see the mistake of my actions. When I saw you with him and he gave you a kiss, my vision blurred until all I can see is red. I wanted to march over and snatch you away from him. I want to tell him to stay away from you, you're mine, only mine.

My heart, the last thing I want to do is to frighten you. I am appalled at myself for raising my voice. I curse my inability to express myself when I'm in your presence. Your beauty intimidates me so.

Why him? Why? Of all people, why this man? The thought of you being with anyone truly enrages me, but the thought you with him especially makes my blood boil! He is not to be trusted! Please believe me! . Why? Why does he have to turn his attention to you? He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is loathsome and evil. That bully may fool everyone else but not me. One day he will pay for all his sins.

My love, how can you not see through his hypocrisy and facade of falsehoods? I thought we are making progress. How can you let him touch you? Why do you hurt me like this? My whole life, my whole being is devoted to you.

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