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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 5 : The Piano

EPISODE 5 : The Piano

Scene: Dark hallway
Cathy is in her nightgown. She sees lights coming from a room and walks towards it.

Suddenly, she feels the breath get knocked out of her as a man from behind grabs her and turns her around and pushes her against the wall. He holds her in a crushing embrace. There's no escape.

She looks up and recognizes the familiar sad eyes. The man puts his hands on the back of her head firmly and pulls it towards him for a rough kiss. She feels the man's barely controlled anger vibrating through his body.

Cathy sits up, abruptly waking from her dream. She's breathing hard and sweating. She puts her hand on her chest and looks around her dark bedroom, as if expecting the man to be there. She tries to go back to sleep but her mind keeps drifting to the dream, reliving that kiss. She's not sure yet how she feels about it. She scared and excited at the same time.

Cathy: (thinking) What is happening to me? I just don't get it! Why do I keep dreaming of him?

Scene: Very early in the morning, outside Cathy’s home.

The man is leaving a rose on Cathy’s front door.

Cathy opens the door. She’s still in her short pajamas. Cathy was tongue tied. She didn't get a good night's sleep the night before.

The man hands Cathy a rose. He's looking down. Cathy takes the rose.

Man: I'm.. I'm.. sorry about last night... I'm sorry I scared you.

Cathy: I've been thinking about what you said last night. Why were you saying all that about Paolo?

Man: I..I.. Please know that I would never, ever hurt you.

Cathy: How do you know Paolo?

Man: S-sorry.

The man leaves again. Cathy is as confused as ever.

Scene: Monticelli Mansion. Night time.

There's a big shin dig. The mansion is decorated with lights and large exotic flower arrangements. Waiters and waitresses dressed in black and white are walking around passing drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Several well dressed people are walking around, talking, schmoozing each other.

Cathy just arrived and Paolo is greeting her.

Paolo: Cathy! Welcome to my home. I'm so glad you are able to make it.

Cathy: Thanks, wow, your house is amazing (looking around)

Paolo: Thanks. Let me introduce you...

They walk around while Paolo introduces her to some people they meet. They meet two older ladies.

Paolo: This is my Aunt Joan and Aunt Cecille. Please meet my date Cathy Villanueva.

Cathy: Nice to meet you.

Joan: I recognize you. Aren't you on TV?

Cathy: Yes, that's me.

They have small talk about the party and other topics.

Later when Cathy and Paolo are alone.

Cathy: Paolo, I wanted to ask you something.

Paolo: Sure, anything.

Cathy: May I film an interview of you for my show?

Paolo: About the counterfeit drugs?

Cathy: No, this has nothing to do with the drugs. I promise we won't mention anything about that.

Paolo: Then what is it about?

Cathy: You very rarely give interviews and as far as I know, never to a TV news magazine show like mine. I believe people are interested in you. You've expanded the business empire you inherited so much but the public knows very little about you personally.

Paolo: I prefer to keep myself and my family out of the limelight.

Cathy: You are a very fascinating subject.

Paolo: Glad that you think so, but let me think about it.

A guest approaches them and whispers something to Paolo.

Paolo: Cathy, I have some matters to attend to, I hate to leave you.....

Cathy: That's fine. Go ahead. Don't worry about me.

Paolo and the man leaves.

Later that night, Cathy is wandering around the extensive gardens.

She hears piano music and she's drawn to it. It's a complicated classical piano piece that she recognizes, obviously being played by a virtuoso. She doesn't remember ever hearing anything this beautiful and sad at the same time. She follows the sound.

A few other people are gathered outside the dimly lit room with large windows and French doors that open to the garden. There's a man inside playing the grand piano.

Cecille and Joan sees her and they walk over to stand next to her. Cathy is mesmerized by the music.

Cecille: So talented...

Joan: What a waste.

Cecille: I am surprised to see him here tonight, I didn't realize he's out.

Cathy: Who is that?

Cecille: That's Paolo's brother, Vincent Monticelli.

At that same moment, Cathy recognizes the man playing the piano inside as the man who has been giving her the roses. She is extremely surprised to say the least.

Cathy: H-his name is Vincent?

Vincent seemed to be in a world of his own while playing the piano. He's playing a different piece now but making it sounds just as sorrowful. Finally Cathy recovers from her surprise to ask.

Cathy: You said, he's Paolo's brother?

Joan: Yes. Oh, our poor Vincent. He was so handsome, now his face is destroyed! Do you remember, Cecille?

Cecille: Oh yes, I remember. He was the best looking among the brothers.

Cathy: W-why do you say you are surprised to see him here?

Joan: Well, if you are dating Paolo, you might as well learn about the skeletons hiding in the family's closet.

The two aunts seem to enjoy gossiping.

Joan: (looking around before saying in a loud whisper) He's mentally unstable.

Cathy: What do you mean 'mentally unstable'?

Joan: Unstable enough to spend time at the loony bin for the last year.

Cathy: Loony bin? You mean at the psychiatric hospital?

Cecille: Yes! He went crazy after what happened to his fiance and brother.

Cathy: What happened? Please tell me the story.

Joan: Okay if you insist. But I don't want you to think we're gossipers.

Cecille: There were three boys. Paolo is the oldest, then Theo and Vincent is the youngest. Vincent has always been such a nice, polite, quiet boy, very sensitive. He showed that he had musical talent early on. His mom, our sister, was so proud of him.

Joan: Yes, our sister Claire was musical as well. She nurtured Vincent and his gift. She wouldn't admit it but Vincent is her favorite.

Cecille: To be fair, she might have over protected him a bit.

Joan: Well, Vincent is not 'rough and tumble' boy like his dad and Paolo, who's their Dad's favorite.

Cecille: Their Dad never made a secret of it!

Joan: When their parents died in that plane crash, it really devastated the boys.

Cecille: But Vincent took it the hardest. He loved his mother so much. Our poor sister, may her soul rest in peace..

Cathy: You said Vincent had a fiance?

Joan: Oh yes! Vincent studied music in Europe. There he met an up and coming opera singer. Ileanna Castillo is her name. They fell in love and got engaged. Vincent brought her here so his family can meet her. But she died tragically while in the country.

Cathy: Oh my God! What happened?

Joan: The family was in the yacht for a small party for Vincent's birthday. Apparently, there's some kind of an explosion and fire. Ileanna died and so did Theo, the poor boy.

Cecille: (looking around her before talking) Well, someone said that it may not have been an accident!

Joan: Cecille! Don't tell stories like that. We don't know what really happened!

Cecille: Fine, all we know is that not long after, Vincent had to be committed!

Cathy: Oh my goodness, how tragic.

Joan: It really is. This family is full of tragedies.

Cathy: I don't remember reading any of this in the newspapers.

Cecille: Of course not. The family kept it 'hush-hush'.

Cathy: (thinking) Now I understand why he's so sad. Poor Vincent.

Suddenly, Vincent is standing right behind them.

Joan and Cecille: Vincent!

They all turn around, they look guiltily at Vincent

Joan: (staring at Vincent's scars) Oh Vincent, you startled us! How long have you been standing there?

Vincent doesn't say a word.

Cecille: (awkwardly) Ah, how's my nephew! We haven't seen you in a while! Do you know Cathy?

Joan: Vincent, you are as wonderful at the piano as ever, no one can play like you!

Vincent ignores his aunts. He's looking at Cathy angrily.

Vincent: What are you doing here?

Cathy: Paolo invited me...

Vincent: I told you to stay away from him!

Paolo appears and walks over to Cathy's side. He puts his arm around Cathy.

Paolo: Is there a problem here?

Vincent gives them all a dirty look and then leaves angrily. He looks like he's trying to keep himself from hitting someone.

Joan: (dramatic) Did you see that! Did you see how he looked at us?

Cecille: (even more dramatic) I got chills! I got goosebumps from his stare!

Joan: Paolo, are you sure he's okay enough to be out? Maybe he should be back at the 'you know where'.

Paolo: (to Cathy) Are you okay?

Cathy: I'm fine.

Paolo: (looking at Cathy suspiciously) How do you know Vincent?

Cathy was saved from giving an answer when the same guest earlier came to talk to Paolo again and
Paolo had to excuse himself. Cathy left the party soon after that.

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