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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 3: Rose Garden

EPISODE 3: Rose Garden

Scene: The man's home. Daytime.

It was not apparent the night before, but in the daylight, we see that the house is quite large with a very large garden. The man is walking out of the house to the garden in the back. He is carrying a shovel and a basket of sharp objects The gardens are dominated by a large area that is planted with an astonishing number of rose bushes. Several of them are in bloom. The whole garden is so perfect, it looks better than a public park. It is quite obvious that someone loved and took great care of it. The man goes straight to a group of plants with blooming purple and white variegated roses.

He takes out pruning shears from the basket and starts cutting some flowers. He removes the thorns after he cuts them. The task has his full concentration. He looks like he's in his own world and this, what he's doing is one of the most important jobs in the world. The man works in the garden for several hours without taking a break.

Scene: Cathy's office.

It's been a few days since she was at the man's house.

Susie is in the office going through the paperwork that Cathy got from him. Cathy walks in.

Cathy: Good Morning Susie!

Susie: Good Morning.

Susie is frowning.

Cathy: What's wrong?

Susie: Cathy, we've been going through these for days, we still don't have anything concrete! All we have are vague references. There's something here but not enough. And I still can't find anything about
LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals.

Cathy has a big smile on her face. She holds up some papers in one hand and waves it around.

Cathy: Oh, I think we have something now.

Cathy shows the papers to Susie.

Cathy: Look at this. It turns out that LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals is one of the many companies owned by Monticelli Industries!

Susie: (looking at the papers too) What? Are you serious? Monticelli Industries? The Monticelli Industries? One of the biggest companies in the country?

Cathy: Yes, that. I couldn't believe it either. But it's all right here. There are several layers of parent and child companies, partnerships and subsidiaries between them but they are related if you dig deep enough.

Susie: Wow! This story could be bigger than we ever imagined.

Cathy: Yes! I was thinking the same thing.

Susie: How did you get this? Is this from the same guy too?

Cathy: I think so. This morning, these were in an envelope outside my door, with this.

Cathy shows a perfect single purple and white rose.

Susie: Whoa!

Cathy puts the rose in vase after smelling it a few times.

Susie: But what's with the rose? Is he courting you?

Cathy: If he is, he has a strange way of showing it.

Susie: What do you really know about this guy?

Cathy: Not much. He's a mystery to me.

Susie: Mystery man, huh?

Cathy: Yes. He saved my life twice now. And he's provided us with leads. To be honest, we've been so busy I haven't had a chance to try to find out more about the man, but I'd like to.

Susie: What did he say his name was?

Cathy: (Sigh) He said to call him 'Estraneo', which is 'stranger' in Italian. He won't even tell me his real name. I'm guessing because he's connected to LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals and he doesn't want to lose his job.

Susie: What's he like?

Cathy: Well, he's the silent type. Talking to him is like pulling teeth. He seems… sad. He’s a bit... strange, maybe.

Cathy is picturing the man's sad eyes again. She can't seem to stop thinking about those eyes.

Susie: “Strange” as in enigmatic and exciting or “strange” as in creepy?

Cathy: I don't know yet... There's something about him...He's definitely an enigma...

Susie:.. wrapped in a riddle, with a special secret sauce on top?

Cathy: Ha ha ha, something like that.

Susie: (looking at Cathy suspiciously) Interesting...

Cathy: What?

Susie: (shrugs shoulders) Nothing! Do you have any idea how he's able to get all these documents?

Cathy: He said they were to be shredded and he found them. I should have verified. Ugh, I really slipped up on this one.

Susie: Why don't you just ask him!

Cathy: I would, but the problem is, I don't know how to get in touch with him.

Susie: You don't? I thought you said he took you to his house?

Cathy: Yes, and from his house, the taxi took me to my parked car. It was dark and his home seems to be in a remote area. The road was quite twisty. I am kicking myself for not paying attention. I didn't even ask what his last name was! I was so excited to get all the documents, I wasn't thinking straight.

Susie: I've never seen you get forgetful like this. You're the most organized person I know.

Cathy: I know! I don't know what happened. I got frazzled! Hey, at least we have a lead now. Let's try to get an interview with someone from the company.

Scene: TV Production offices.

Susie is catching Cathy who is walking down the hallway. They start to walk together to Cathy's office.

Susie: Cathy, you are going to love me!

Cathy: But I love you already!

Susie: You are going to love me more! Guess who I got you an interview with?

Cathy: Umm.. Deep Throat? Bob Ong?

Susie: Even better! Paolo Monticelli himself!

They reach the office and go inside.

Cathy: Really? We've been trying to land an interview with him for a long time!

Susie: I was surprised too. I spent all day yesterday trying to find someone from LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals to interview and couldn't get anywhere. Then this landed in my lap.

Cathy: That sounds a bit suspicious, don't you think?

Susie: Absolutely! Why would the CEO of Monticelli Industries himself talk to us about one of his small subsidiary companies? That's why you really need to talk to him!

Cathy: Of course, I can't pass this up. When is the interview?

Susie: Tomorrow at 2 PM in his office. Sorry, it's short notice but it's either tomorrow or 3 weeks from now.

Cathy: That's fine. Please gather up the research team for an emergency meeting. I need to prepare for this interview.

Scene: TV Production Conference Room.

In addition to Cathy and Susie, 2 other staff members are sitting around a large conference room table.

Cathy: Thank you for dropping what you are doing to get me this research. Please tell me what you found out about Paolo Monticelli and Monticelli Industries.

Coworker 1: With such short notice, we weren't able to dredge up much more than what's already common knowledge.

She hands Cathy a piece of paper.

Cathy: That's okay. I need a refresher anyway.

Coworker 2: As we all know, he's the CEO of Monticelli Industries, one of the largest corporation in the country. Their business is mostly in banking, real estate and land development. There are so many companies under the parent company that we couldn't even get a list together quickly.

Cathy: Hmm, what about Paolo, the person I'm about to interview?

Coworker 1: Well, his parents died in a plane accident ten years ago and Paolo took over as CEO. Since then, the company has grown double in size and in revenue. He’s listed as one of the top 5 richest men in the country.

Coworker 2: Many people question some of his techniques and business dealings. They say he is very charming but has a reputation for being ruthless. He doesn't let anyone get in his way and when he sees something he wants, he's relentless in pursuing it.

Cathy: I imagine you have to be that way to become that successful.

Susie: I suppose. What do you think is your best approach? A direct confrontation to see what his reaction would be? Or the opposite?

Cathy: I don't know yet. I’ll play it by ear.

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