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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 10: The Rose

EPISODE 10: The Rose

Scene: Vincent's house living room.

Vincent: You lying b1tch! I thought you were different! How can you do this to me! I worshiped you! Paolo's right, you just used me!

Cathy: P- Paolo?

Vincent: Yes, remember him, my b@stard of a brother that you f*cked!

Cathy: What? No, no, I didn't. Nothing happened between us! If he told you that, he's lying!

Vincent: You're the liar! You don't deserve the devotion I've given you!

Vincent pushes her down on the couch and starts kissing her roughly.

Vincent: Is this what you want? Huh? This? I heard you are giving it away

Cathy: No, No Vincent, please no!!

Cathy tries to fight him off but he's stronger than her. He continues to kiss and touch her all over while holding her down.

Cathy: (panicking) Stop! Stop! Not like this.. not like this!

He rips her blouse open. Cathy starts crying loudly.

Cathy: (crying) Vincent, listen to me! Please, please let me go...

Vincent doesn't listen and continues to pull down her clothes.

Cathy: (sobbing loudly) Please don't do this! You are not this person!

Vincent gets a glimpse at Cathy's terrified face. He sees the tears streaming down her cheeks and the fear in her eyes. Vincent stops and gets off her.

Vincent: Cathy.. Oh my God, oh my God, what am I doing.. Cathy...

Cathy gets up and runs out of the house as fast as she can. Vincent sits on the floor in a heavy thud. The reality of what he almost did hits him like a ton of bricks. He puts his head on both hands and sobs.

Vincent stands up and sees himself in a large mirror.

Vincent: What the you crying about? Your nothing but a monster! You don't deserve to live!

He throws a heavy candlestick at the mirror and it shatters. The vision of Cathy's eyes full of fear will haunt his thoughts for a long time.

Several days later...

Scene: Cathy's offices.

From the TV, there's a rerun of the report they just filed.

TV: Scene is Outside LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals. Cathy is holding a microphone reporting from just outside the front doors as the police and other government agencies are conducting their raid.

Cathy on TV: This is an exclusive report from outside LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals, part of the Monticelli Industries. In the biggest business scandal that has ever rocked the nation....

Cathy and Susie are in the office.

Susie: Any more news about Paolo? Is he still at large?

Cathy: Yes, according to the the last report, he's still nowhere to be found. The others who colluded with him have all been arrested. Theo promised that as soon as they have any ideas, he will call me so that we can get exclusive access again.

Susie: Awesome! You were right-on in your instincts to follow this story, Cathy. Oh my goodness, have you see these ratings? We totally kicked ta$s!

Cathy: I hope that gets the network off our backs.

Susie: For now at least (rolls eyes) ha ha ha. The other channels still couldn't figure out how we got to the scenes so much faster than they did and how we got all that exclusive footage and interviews. They have no clue we've been working on this for a long time.

Cathy was silent. Susie follows her gaze and sees that she's looking out the window.

Susie: Cathy, are you okay?

Cathy: (looking sad) I'm fine, Susie. Don't worry about me.

Susie: I notice you've been quiet the last couple of days... Did you lose your stalk... I mean, your admirer? Your flower vase has been empty...

Cathy looks like she's about to cry. Cathy's phone buzzes. She just got a text. She reads it and immediately stands up.

Cathy: They know where Paolo is.

Susie stands up abruptly too.

Susie: Huh? I'll get the camera man!

Cathy: Just follow me. (scribbling on a piece of paper) Here. I have to go now. I have to hurry!
Cathy runs out the door.

Scene: Outside the Monticelli Mansion

The news van just pulled up. Susie, the cameraman and other staffers alight from the van. The house
looks abandoned. They look for Cathy.

Susie shows them the piece of paper that Cathy gave her.

Susie: I don't understand. She told me to meet her here. Let me call her.

Susie calls Cathy on her cell phone.

Susie: (panicking) No answer... what are we going to do?

Scene: Paolo's driving in his car. He's pulling in to a parking spot in the Marina. Cathy is in the passenger seat next to him. Paolo is pointing a gun at Cathy.

Paolo: Now, we're going to get out of the car. You will not make a scene, if you don't want me to blow your brains out right here.

Cathy: (scared) Okay, I won't. I don't believe I fell for your ruse so easily. But what in the world are you planning, Paolo?

Paolo: Since you are so curious about the yacht, I thought I'd take you there.

Cathy: You are just making things worse for yourself. The police are looking all over for you.

Paolo: (angry) You think I'm an idiot! I know that I'm wanted man! So you see, I have nothing to lose. Get out of the car. Easy...

Paolo and Cathy get out of the car. Paolo immediately walks very close to Cathy.

Paolo: Remember, one false move and I will blow your brains out right here.

They walk to a yacht parked in the marina. Paolo guides Cathy inside.

Scene: Inside the boat. Theo and Vincent just got there a few minutes ago and are looking for Paolo

Paolo: (crazy smile) Good, good, we're all here. I see you got my message. We're gonna have ourselves a little family reunion.

Vincent sees Paolo coming in with Cathy at gunpoint. He's immediately livid.

Vincent: Cathy.. are you okay?

Cathy nods, walking forward when Paolo nudges her with his gun.

Vincent: Did he hurt you?

Cathy: (shaking her head) I'm fine, Vincent.

Vincent: (angry, to Paolo) You f*cking a$shole! Let her go! This is between us. Cathy doesn't have anything to do with this.

Paolo: Oh but she does. She's very much involved! Besides, this (nudging Cathy forward not very gently) is what we in the business world call 'leverage.' This..

Paolo shows them a radio/remote control looking device.

Paolo: .. is what's called an 'insurance policy'. (smiling smugly)

Theo, Vincent and Cathy gasps.

Theo: What the f*ck!

Paolo: Yes, it's a bomb detonator. This boat is rigged with explosives! See that, this is what you sh1theads have reduced me to! You've turned me into some f*cking James Bond villain cliche!

Vincent: What, you're planning on killing us all?

Cathy: Oh my God!

Theo: If you think, we're gonna sit here and let you do this..

Paolo: SHUT UP!! Don't you know better than to piss off the person with the gun and the f*cking detonator!! (pause) Now, let me tell you what we're going to do. We're going on a little boat ride. Sit down, get comfortable. Don't do anything stupid or my itchy trigger finger will send us all to kingdom come!

Theo: You are demented!

Paolo: It runs in the family! Now go! Unless you want someone to get shot now. I don't care who! (pointing the gun at Cathy)

Vincent: (not taking his eyes off Cathy) Just do as he says, Theo.

On gunpoint, Paolo had Theo tie up Cathy and Vincent and he then tied up Theo. Paolo drives the boat.

Later, they are in the middle of the ocean. Vincent and Cathy are talking softly.

Vincent: Cathy, I'm so sorry you got involved in this.

Cathy: Well, I'm not exactly the innocent party here. I was chasing the story after all.

Vincent: I have a confession to make, it is my fault you are involved...

Cathy: What do you mean?

Vincent: I.. I steered you towards the story. Theo first came to me with his suspicions and we started investigating. I've seen you on TV and .... I .... admired you. I started giving you subtle clues. I thought this is the chance for us to meet.

Cathy: So you were the one giving me tips?

Vincent: Yes, I'm so sorry.

Cathy: Don't be! I should thank you. Wait, are you 'Mohawk' who I was supposed to meet at the alley?

Vincent: No, that wasn't me. I admit that I was following you that night but I was late. By the time I found you, you were already bleeding. (closes eyes) I'm sorry I wasn't there for you that night. If I was, you wouldn't have been hurt. I wasn't able to protect you!

Cathy: Like you always do?

Vincent: (nodding) But.. But who's going to protect you from me, huh? (anguished) Cathy, I can't apologize enough for what I did.. at my house.... Even if what Paolo said to me is true, I have no excuse. Please say that you forgive me...

Cathy: (hesitant) I...

Vincent: (closes his eyes in pain) Cathy, (intensely) ... I lo...

They hear Paolo yelling at Theo about something.

Cathy: Vincent, lets clear the air. What exactly did Paolo say that I did?

Vincent: That you slept with him ..

Cathy: I did not! He lied to you! Believe me, I have no interest in your brother. If I wasn't trying to get a story from him, I wouldn't give him the time of day!

Vincent: I should have listened to you.. My temper gets the best of me.

They look up to see Paolo coming.

Vincent: Cathy.. this may be my last chance so please let me tell you in person ... I love you. I will gladly give my life if there's a chance to save yours...

Cathy: Don't say that, Vincent. Let's concentrate on our situation now and how we're all going to get our of here.

Paolo sees them whispering.

Paolo: Awwww! So sweet. Almost melts my heart. I have to say Vincent, you really know how to pick 'em.

Cathy: You liar! Nothing happened between us!

Paolo: Yup, ha ha ha, you got me there. Nothing happened between me and Ileanna either. Baby brother, you are so much fun to f*ck with. You are so gullible! Ha ha ha! Remember how you went apesh1t screaming at Ileanna, calling her names, accusing her of sleeping with me?

Vincent: (struggling against the ropes he was tied with) AAAAaaaaaaaaaHHHH!!!!! I'm gonna KILL yooouuuu!!!

Paolo cackles even more.

Paolo: Scary!!! Your hideous scars look like they're gonna pop out of your face! Ha ha ha

Theo: Don't let him get to you, Vincent.

Paolo: Oh, oh really Theo? By the way, my resurrected brother, you haven't thanked me for deflecting Vincent's anger from you all this time. While I'm just talking about f*cking your fiance Vincent, Theo here is doing it for real. Now, I'd say that's a bigger offense, don't you?

Vincent gives them both a dirty look. Paolo laughs even more.

Paolo: And speaking of gratitude, have I thanked you a$swipes for all this yet? Huh? I've been breaking my back working since Mom and Dad died and this is how you repay me?! You had the nerve to bring down the company? You ungrateful twats!

Theo: You think you're such a genius but you still don't get it, do you? The FDA was already investigating you and the company! You're the one who's running it into the ground with your greed and your bad decisions! You're the one who's destroying what our parents worked hard for!

Paolo: Destroying??!!! I expanded our company! I brought it to the next level! I built up our business! Something either of you, my useless brothers, would know nothing about!

Paolo is so furious, he starts pacing.

Theo: Admit it! You f*cked up! You borrowed too much and couldn't pay it back. You could have downsized the company but your blasted ego won't let you admit it!

Paolo: Are you lecturing me on how to run a business? You don't know sh1t! Aaaaahhhh!! Enough chit chat! You make me angry like no other people on Earth can! It's time to get this show on the road. Start saying your prayers now!

Vincent: (whispers to Cathy) Keep him talking.

Cathy: Where are we going Paolo? What's your grand master plan? Are you really planning on killing us all?

Paolo: Oh no, no, no. Not all of us! You think I'm stupid? I'm gonna take a page out of Theo's book. It's the only good idea he's ever had in his entire miserable life! This boat IS going to explode, people are gonna think we're dead, but I'm not going to be. But you poor f*cks on the other hand, will really die in this tragic explosion. Ha ha ha.

Vincent: I know you are the king of the a$sholes but I never thought you're a murderer too. Why do you have to include Cathy? You can kill me all you want, just let them go.

Paolo: Awww, ain't he sweet. Sorry bro, it's too late! The time for negotiations is over. We're all in, baby!

Cathy: Paolo, are you really willing to murder your own brothers? What would your parents say?

Paolo: Since they are both dead, probably nothing.

Cathy: I can't believe your conscience wouldn't bother you.

Paolo: Hmm, let me think. On one hand, I'll have a clear conscience in jail. On the other hand, I'll have slight remorse in Hawaii. Hmm, not too tough of a choice, actually.

Cathy shakes her head, obvious contempt in her face.

Paolo: Tsk, tsk. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy. What a waste... I really liked you. You and I, we could have been a power couple. I told Vincent here, you could have been the one...

Paolo comes near Cathy and touches her face. She tries to move her head away in disgust.

Vincent: Don't ...touch ...her!

Paolo: Or what! Huh? What will you do besides cry like a little girl?

Vincent: THIS!

Vincent grabs Paolo with his untied hands and they struggle. Vincent tries to get the detonator from Paolo. They roll around the floor, knocking and banging against furniture, punching and kicking.

Paolo: You pick the wrong time to grow a pair!

Vincent: Go to hell!

Vincent hits Paolo hard and knocks him out. He ties Paolo up, gets the detonator and gun and runs to Theo and Cathy. Vincent unties them. Cathy hugs Vincent tightly as soon as she is free.

Cathy: (crying) Are you okay, Vincent? Did he hurt you?

Vincent: I'm fine. (wince) Theo, can you drive us back to the marina?

Theo: Yes. I'll do that.

A bit later, Theo is driving the boat back. Paolo is is awake now, seething, struggling against the ropes tying his hands and feet .

Cathy: I just talked to the police. They are waiting for us. Thank God this is over.

Cathy is holding on to Vincent tightly.

Paolo: (thinking) You f*ckers actually think you can ever get the better of me. I'll never go to to jail!

With difficulty, surreptitiously, with his tied hands, he pulls out a small remote control. Theo notices what Paolo is doing.

Theo: Hey!

Paolo: Change of plans! I'm taking you all to hell with me!

Paolo pushes the remote control. Immediately, several explosions can be heard throughout the boat.

Cathy screams. Vincent, Cathy and Paolo spring into action, running towards the side of the boat as it sways back and forth. Vincent and Theo try to protect Cathy as much as they can from falling objects.

Finally, they are close to the side. They can see the water but their way is blocked by burning debris.

Cathy: Oh God! Oh no! How are we...

Vincent lets go of Cathy's hands and rushes to the fire.

Theo and Cathy: Nooooo! Vincent!!! Noooooo!!!

Vincent moves the debris with his bare hands.

Vincent: Theo, take care of her!!! Gooooo!

Cathy: Vinceeeeeennnnttt!!!!!

Cathy and Theo are horrified as Vincent is engulfed in angry flames. Theo pulls the hysterical Cathy through to the side of the boat. Theo pushes Cathy to jump into the ocean as she kept looking back at where Vincent was. A few moments after Cathy and Theo land in the water, the boat explodes. Theo and Cathy wade in the water until they are rescued by the coast guard.

One year later

Scene: Outside Vincent's House

Cathy is outside the gates. She is walking around the fence, looking in. She's holding a rose in her hand. She hears a voice behind her and looks back smiling.

Theo: Cathy?

Cathy: Oh, Hi Theo.

Theo: Hi Cathy, here let me open the door for you.

Cathy: Thanks.

Theo opens the gate and they both walk inside. They chat while walking.

Theo: Cathy, I heard that you and your show won several awards recently. Congratulations!

Cathy: Thank you. My career is as strong as ever. I have no complaint in that department. And you Theo, I read about you in the business section today. You're doing quite well too.

Theo: I'm doing okay. I've always been interested in business but our Dad only always encouraged Paolo. Oh, I heard the police found who stabbed you in the alley.

Cathy: Oh yes! I seemed like such a long time ago now, ha ha. But it turned out to be someone from the Spongebob Gang that I helped the police capture. They just wanted to get back at me.

They see a nurse coming their way.

Nurse: Good morning sir, Miss Villanueva.

Cathy: Good morning.

Nurse: He just went in his bedroom, he said he's going to watch some TV.

Cathy: How is he doing?

Nurse: No change from the last time you were here.

They walk to one of the room downstairs that has been converted to Vincent's bedroom, Cathy spots Vincent in his wheelchair. He's got even more burn scars than before. He's looking out the window that faces their gardens. He didn't notice them Cathy until she spoke.

Cathy: (cheerfully) Hi Vincent. Good morning.

Vincent doesn't respond. Cathy repeats her greeting.

Cathy: Good morning Vincent.

Vincent: (barely looking up) Good morning.

Cathy gives Vincent a hug and kiss.

Cathy: Here. I brought you a rose. Oh, it's harder and harder to find these purple and white ones like you use to give me. Remember?

Cathy gets a vase and puts some water and the flower in it. She sets it to the table and then pulls a chair to sit next to Vincent in front of the windows overlooking the gardens.

Cathy: The doctors say you'll be able to have surgery to repair some of your skin and more importantly, you'll be able to walk. You'll have full mobility again! I'm sure once you are able to move freely, you can restore the gardens. It will look as good as it used to. I'd love to see it with all the roses again. The new gardeners just can't take care of it like you can.

Theo: Hi Vince. I'll leave you guys so you can spend time by yourselves. I'll be out there if you need me.

Cathy: (smiling) Thanks Theo.

Theo leaves them. Closing the door behind them.

Later, the nurse knocks on the door, then open it.

Cathy and Vincent are still in the same spot. Him in his wheelchair and her in the chair she pulled up next to him in front of the window.

Nurse: Pardon me, but Vincent needs to take his medicine, and he also needs to rest.

Cathy stands up and gives Vincent a lingering hug and a kiss.

Cathy: Bye Vincent. I'll come visit you again soon. I love you.

Cathy leaves the room almost teary eyed. She joins Theo in the living room.

Theo: Are you okay, Cathy?

Cathy: (giving in to her tears) I don't know what else to do, Theo. He still won't respond. He's so cold to me.

Theo: Cathy, I hate to say this but maybe .. maybe for your sake, it's time for you to give up.

Cathy: (crying) I can't do that! This past year, I realized more and more how much I love him. He said he loved me. That's what I'm holding on to...

Theo: I'm just concerned about you, Cathy.

Cathy: Don't mind me, Theo. The psychiatrist said not to force him. He's been through so much trauma. I don't want him to end up in the psych ward again. I'm going to be strong for Vincent. I won't give up on him....Anyway, I better go, I have a meeting in the office.

Theo walks Cathy out the door to the gate. Then he walks back in and makes his way to Vincent's room.

Theo: Cathy's gone.

Vincent: Okay.

Theo: Vincent, you know I don't want to get in your business, but what is really with you and Cathy?

Vincent: Cathy? What about her?

Theo: She left here crying her eyes out! She loves you and you're hurting her!

Vincent turns on the TV and starts flipping through channels.

Vincent: Hurting her? How am I doing that?

Theo: Never mind. (deep sigh) I just came by to see how you are doing. I have to go back to the office soon. Just call me or have the nurse call if you need anything.

Theo leaves the room. Vincent doesn't take his eyes off the TV. He's flipping channels.

Vincent: Okay, bye.

Vincent stops changing channels. On the screen is a woman in a dramatic scene.

Vincent: (rapt attention) There you are...

Woman on TV: Avon again! It's always Avon! Why do you keep looking for Avon! What about me? ... I've never felt that you needed me! I've never felt that you were looking for me! What am I here? Am I a just piece of furniture? Am I a piece of ... nothing? You hurt me so bad! You cut me deep!. Hu hu hu hu hu

Vincent gets a brand new leather bound journal. He opens to a blank page and starts writing..

My Lovely Paramour...

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