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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rivalry - Episode 2

RIVALRY - Episode 2

Scenario - Opisina ng Chairman ng SBS Network

Labis ang pag aalala nina Chairman Rivera at Mr. Santos (President) ng SBS Network dahil sa resulta ng kanilang pelikula.

Chairman Rivera: What went wrong? How can this happen? I thought we had a good story and bankable stars. Nagkulang ba talaga tayo sa marketing and promotions?

Mr. Santos (president): Next week na ang stockholder's meeting and we have a lot of explaining to do. I believe it has nothing to do with promotions. No amount of marketing genius can be effective with limited cinemas. So what do you expect? ganon lang talaga ang box office returns ng movie. All we need right now is political power.

Chairman Rivera: What do you mean, political power.

Mr. Santos (president): Stronger political power or connections.

Chairman Rivera: May political connections naman tayo ah. We are friends with some high ranking politicians. We can count on them anytime kung kinakailangan natin ng tulong.

Mr. Santos (president): But that is not enough. The company needs someone whom we can trust and will never waver in loyalty.

Chairman Rivera: How can we do that?
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