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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode Five

Scene: Beach house. Night time.

Carla is still tied up, sitting on the couch in the dark. She is praying. Mona is sitting next to her.

Mark walks in carrying a candle and a plate with a sandwich, his expression unreadable. Mark sets the candle and plate.

Carla: W-why bother to feed me if you're going to kill me anyway?

Mark turns around and starts to walk away, carrying the plate with him..

Carla: Wait... wait... s-sorry...

Mark: Do you want to eat or not?

Carla's stomach starts to grumble.

Carla: I do, I'm very hungry...uh... how do I … uh.. can you untie me?

Mark looks at her suspiciously.

Carla: Please... my wrists are very sore...they hurt...

Mona: Kuya, please untie her. Look at how red her wrists are... Please...

Mark unties Carla's hands after staring at her intently for several seconds. He opens a water bottle and sets it down too. He sits on the chair opposite her.

Carla rubs her wrists then grabs the sandwich and starts to eat ravenously. After several bites she looks up at Mark who is still staring at her.

Carla: umm... where are we?

Mark doesn't answer.

Carla: I-I hear waves, so we must be close to the ocean.. Are we?

Mark: Yes

After several moments of silence..

Carla: Uh, what's your name?

Mark doesn't answer.

Carla: You don't want to tell me, huh? Do you even know my name?

Carla: I won't tell you mine either, hmmph.

Mark: (shrugging his shoulders but thinking) You look familiar but it's better not to know.

Mona: Kuya, this is Carla, our friend! Don't you remember her?

It's silent again as Carla eats her sandwich quickly and drinks the water.

Carla: Uh... I need to ah... use the bathroom.

Mark seems annoyed, but gets up and gets close to Carla, startling and scaring her. But he just cut the ropes around her legs. She rubs her ankles. He motions to her to get up and walk. He takes the candle and guides her through the rundown shack to a bedroom. Carla walks nervously.

Inside, the bedroom is very dark. Slivers of lightning flashes, rain and wind come thru between the pieces of wood that is covering the broken window. The room is cleaned up with a made up bed with sheets and pillows. Mark motions for Carla to get in. She looks at him suspiciously.

Mark: (ignoring her look) The only working bathroom is in there. Here, take the candle.

Carla grabs the candle and hurriedly makes a beeline to the door that Mark points to.

Mona sits next to Mark, the worried look never leaving her face.

Begin Flashback:

Scene: Mark's Uncle Doug's house. Months later after the fire. Uncle Doug is showing Mark to his room.

Uncle Doug: Here's where you'll sleep. You'll be sharing this room with your cousin Vinny.

There's a bunk bed in the room and Vinny, Mark's cousin who is smaller but a couple of years older than Mark is laying on the upper bed, playing with a handheld game. Vinny nods at Mark. Mark nods back.

Uncle Doug: Vinny, did you make room in the closet for your cousin's stuff?

Vinny: (without looking up from his game) Yeah, Dad.

Uncle Doug: Good. Make your cousin welcome, okay? You remember your cousin Mark, don't you? He came here for visit with your Aunt Elena....... (suddenly remembering what he's saying after seeing Mark's face) ..cough.. cough..

Vinny: (without looking up from his game) Yeah, sure.

Uncle Doug: You're already enrolled at the same school so Vinny will go with you tomorrow. He'll show you around.

Doug leaves Vinny and Mark alone in the room. Mark silently puts his stuff away. Vinny only glances at him once. Afterwards, Mark sits on the lower bed, not knowing what to do.

Not long after, Rick, a boy Vinnie's age comes inside the room.

Rick: Hey Vinny

Vinny: Hey Rick... This is Mark, my cousin. He'll be living with us from now on.

Rick: This is the cousin whose whole family died ?

Vinny: (still not looking up from his game)Yeah

Rick: Ah.. tough break, man..

Mark nods.

Rick looks questioningly at Vinny, motioning at Mark.

Vinny: Don't worry, he's cool..

Rick takes out some cigarettes and a lighter. Mark's eyes widen in surprise as Rick lights one and starts to smoke. He offers the cigarette to Mark.

Mark: I'm only 10, I don't know how to smoke..

Vinny: Haha, ain't nothing to it! I started smoking when I was about your age.

Mark: Aren't you only a year older than me?

Vinny takes a cigarette and lights it with a smile on his face.

Mark: (coughing at the smoke) Won't Uncle Doug smell the cigarette smoke?

Vinny: Dad doesn't care. hahaha, he smokes so much weed himself. He's probably high out of his mind by now. He doesn't pay attention.

Vinny laughs at Mark's shocked expression.

Vinny: You'll like it here, cousin. You can do whatever you want, there's no one here to tell you what to do. hahaha

Scene: Street corner, night time. Months later.

Mark is standing nervously, looking around and waiting. All of sudden, he sees Vinny and Rick half a block away, they are running his direction. Vinny throws something at him.

Mark looks at the woman's handbag his cousin had thrown at him, not knowing what to do.

Vinny: Run! Idiot! Run!

Mark sees a lady and a man chasing the two.

Lady: Thief!!! Thief!!! Come back here, you punks ! Give me back my bag!!!

Mark runs as fast as he can without looking back, scared to death.

Scene: Years later. Mark, Vinny and Rick are sneaking back at the house. They are now teenagers. Uncle Doug is sleeping on the living room floor. Empty beer bottles around him. The TV on and no one is watching.

Vinny goes to the kitchen to get some beers. They walk around Uncle Doug to go upstairs to their bedroom.

Vinny gives Rick and Mark some money from an expensive looking ladies handbag.

Vinny: You're alright, Mark. I've never seen anyone run that fast, hahahaha!

Mark: That was too easy. Next time give me a harder challenge.

The three of them are drinking and smoking.

Vinny: hahaha, okay dude, you're the man. hahaha yup, you've got brass balls. I can't believe you knocked that security guard down.

Rick: (serious) That was a chance you didn't have to take, Mark. You still have a lot to learn.

Mark: Oh yeah, maybe I'm the one who you can learn from!

Rick: You act like you know everything now. You almost pissed your pants the first time!

Vinny: In fairness, my cousin here is a natural, don't you think. hahaha, He picked up every bad habit we have and does it better than us. You've made me a proud mentor, hahaha

Rick: We're just stealing small time money but you want to take big chances. I don't know what you are trying to prove, man. All I'm saying is if you have a death wish don't pull others down with you!

Mark: Hahaha, who's pissing their pants now? If you're scared maybe you should get the hell out of here! hahaha! Wuss!

Rick: F this! Know what? I'm out of here! You cousins can get yourself jailed or killed !!

Mark: Ow c'mon dude..

Rick leaves and Mark was going to go after him but Vinny stops him.

Vinny: Mark, let him go. We don't need him. He's just bringing us down. Without him whining like a little girl, we can do more..

Mark: What do you mean?

Vinny: I don't know bout you but I'm ready to make some serious money.

Scene: Years later. Packed boxing arena. Audience is cheering. Mark is now a grown man and is in a boxing match.

Mark is punching his opponent over and over with wicked combinations, leaving the man a bloody mess. His opponent looks like he can barely stand when the bell rings. The audience is cheering even louder for Mark. His opponent staggers to his side. Mark walks over to his side too.

Audience: Who is this guy? He can fight!

Audience: How come we've never heard of him before!

Mark is sitting on the stool during the break. His trainer, Vinny is wiping his face and giving him a drink. He looks calm but he's very angry as he whispers to Mark.

Vinny: Are you out of your mind? What the hell are you doing? Have you forgotten what you're supposed to do? Do you want both of us to get killed!

Mark is silent.

Vinny: Do you want to make it home on your two legs or stuffed inside a body bag? Huh? You better do what Mr Beltran wants! He's right there watching! Don't be an idiot!

Vinny wipes Mark's face roughly, hurting Mark as the bell rings again.

Vinny holds up one of his open palms to Mark and gives him a warning look.

Mark stands up and walks to the middle of the ring. His opponent meets him in the middle and gives him a determined intense look. He looks recharged and ready to kill.

After the referee gives them the go ahead to start boxing again, the other boxer immediately hits Mark on jaw stunning him for a second. Mark staggers back but recovers. Mark comes back with several powerful punches, snapping his opponent's head back. It's his opponent's turn to stagger away. The referee checks on him. During this few seconds, Mark sees Vinny on his peripheral vision with a dismayed, sick look on his face.

The referee continues the round. Once again Mark's opponent come at him immediately, landing a strong punch to Mark's gut. Mark doubles over and sees sees Mr Beltran sitting with the audience. His face is stone hard but his eyes shooting daggers at Mark. Mark doesn't move as his opponent continue to land punch after punch.

Scene: Few hours later. Hospital room.

Mark is being treated by the doctor and a nurse on the hospital bed. Mark is beat up pretty bad. Vinny is standing next to them looking nervous and angry.

Doctor: Okay, then.. here's the prescription for antibiotics. Make sure you take them so that you don't get infection. You're a lucky man, you could have been blinded if you got hit just one centimeter closer to your eye. I'm waiting for your x-rays too and we'll see if you have any fractures.

After checking Mark for a few more minutes, the doctor and nurse leaves.

Vinny: Dammit Mark, what were you thinking, I told you....

Before Vinny can say anymore, Mr Beltran, a well dressed older man, with a look and air of authority walks in the hospital room. A couple of tough looking thugs are following him. The thugs hang back while the boss walks next to Mark's bed.

Mr Beltran: hahaha, that was quite a show you gave us, Mark. hahaha, you're cousin here is right.. You're good. You impressed me and that doesn't happen often....

Vinny: Yup, boss. Told you my cousin will deliver! No one who watched that fight would ever think he purposely lost it. We gave a convincing show, hehehe.

Mr Beltran: Too convincing if you asked me.. for a while there, I thought your cousin here didn't know how to follow orders.

Vinny: Oh no sir! No.. hehehe, we know how to follow orders, Mark knows how to follow orders, right?

Mark is silent. Vinny bumps him to answer. Mark winces in pain.

Mark: (painful) Yes, boss

Mr Beltran takes out an envelope from his suit pocket and hands it to Vinny.

Mr Beltran: Here's what we agreed on.

Vinny takes the envelope and looking thru the contents

Vinny: Thank you Boss.. uhhhh... Sir, what about the hospital bills.. I-- I mean

Mr Beltran: What are you talking about? What are you saying?

Vinny: .. Mark got hurt pretty bad and we have to pay for ...

Mr Beltran: (interrupting) That's not my problem. I didn't tell your cousin to stand there and get the crap beat out of him. He was just supposed to fall down on the 5th round. There's a valuable lesson to be learned here..

Vinny: Yes sir.. of course, you're right sir... sorry sir...

Mr Beltran turns around to leave but looks back at Mark.

Mr Beltran: As soon you are better, come see me... who knows, I may have another job for you boys...

Vinny: Another fight, boss?

Mr Beltran: No.. not a fight.. a different job....

Vinny: Yes sir! We'll see you soon..

Mark is still laying on the hospital bed in pain with his eyes closed.

Vinny: Yes! We're in! I told you this is the way to get in the boss' organization. We're gonna be made men! Yes!

Mark: You're the one who wants that, not me.

Vinny: Are we gonna argue about this again? You have no future in boxing, man.

Mark closes his eyes. He's still in a great deal of pain.

Next to him is Mona who is crying and upset.

Mona: Kuya, what are you doing to yourself...

Another angel comes in.

Angel: Mona, there you are! We're supposed to be in Sydney! Let's go!

Mona: This is my kuya... I can't leave him!

Angel: You have to. You have no business being here! Come on! You know what Head Angel Manny will say...

Mona shakes her head and stays put as the other angel leaves.

End Flashback

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