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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode Six

Scene: In the bathroom,

Carla finishes her business quickly. But takes some time to look around the bathroom for an escape path. The window is boarded up with plywood. It is completely dark with the door closed. There's no way out. She starts looking around the cabinets for anything she might be able to use and finds nothing. Carla's hopes are dashed.

Carla: (dismayed) Oh Lord, please, please help me... What am I going to do?

Carla takes a deep breath and exits the bathroom, holding the candle carefully.

Carla: (thinking) maybe I can shove this candle on his face...

She starts to turn the doorknob and push the door and is startled by Mark who is standing by it. He takes the candle from her quickly before she can do anything. Mona is standing next to them.

Mona: Talk to Kuya. Tell him who you are..

Carla: Umm... Can.. can we talk, please ? ….

The bedroom is in darkness except for the candle and the occasional flashes of light from the lightning between the wood on the window.

Somewhere In Time - Episode Five

Scene: Beach house. Night time.

Carla is still tied up, sitting on the couch in the dark. She is praying. Mona is sitting next to her.

Mark walks in carrying a candle and a plate with a sandwich, his expression unreadable. Mark sets the candle and plate.

Carla: W-why bother to feed me if you're going to kill me anyway?

Mark turns around and starts to walk away, carrying the plate with him..

Carla: Wait... wait... s-sorry...

Mark: Do you want to eat or not?

Carla's stomach starts to grumble.

Carla: I do, I'm very hungry...uh... how do I … uh.. can you untie me?

Mark looks at her suspiciously.

Carla: Please... my wrists are very sore...they hurt...

Mona: Kuya, please untie her. Look at how red her wrists are... Please...

Mark unties Carla's hands after staring at her intently for several seconds. He opens a water bottle and sets it down too. He sits on the chair opposite her.

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