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Rivalry - Episode 3 ******NEW******

Happy Together Episode 4
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Somewhere In Time - Episode 5
Somewhere In Time - Episode 6

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode 4

Mark: (shaking his head ) It's too late. 

Mark is in front of Carla pointing the gun at her, clenching and unclenching his hands. 

Carla closes her eyes, waiting to be shot. She can't move from being tied up. 

Carla: (praying) Oh my God, Oh my God... help, please... 

Mona: (screaming) KUYA! STOP!! ... Kuya...don't... !! 

Suddenly, his cell phone rings. He sees who calls and without taking his eyes off Carla's face, takes a deep breath and answers the phone. .

Mark: Boss, (relieved)… yes, I have her. 

After a short pause, Mark takes a picture of Carla and sends on his phone. He walks away, still talking to Mr Beltran.. 

Mark: .. okay boss... sure, no problem....

Carla is trying to listen but can't hear the rest of what Mark is saying. The sound of the ocean waves are getting louder and louder.

Later, Mark comes back to the room.

Carla looks at his poker face and the gun in his hand.

Carla: W-w-what are you going to do? Are you going to kill me? 

Mark: ...yes... 

Somewhere In Time- Episode 3

Scene: Back to the present. Mark is regaining consciousness in the car. 

Mark: (small voice) Mona? 

Mark is closes his eyes and holds his throbbing head. He doesn't see anybody in the passenger seat next to him.

Mark: Nooo! I'm hallucinating! Dammit! Get it together! You can't screw up again! 

Mark gets out of the car and almost falls down the cliff. He is completely surprised at the position of the car. He pushes the car manually for a couple of feet and then gets in. He drives away.

Mark has a determined look on his face. Mona is next to him in the car but he can't see or hear her. She looks very worried.

Mark: (thinking) Where did she go? I have to find her first. I need to do what I came here to do..

Mona: Kuya Mark, please stop. Please change your mind. Think about what you are doing..

Mark is driving fast and recklessly. He passes several cars and swerves around them.

Mark: (thinking) Dont... Don't freak out... Keep cool... Don't second guess yourself. can do this..

Mona: No you can't Kuya Mark, You can't kill anyone.. That's not you...(crying) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Complete Me - Episode 5 Ang Pagdududa

Sa lakas ng boses ni Mark dinig na dinig hanggang labas ng conference room ang pagpapalayas niya kay Regine. Ikinagulat ito nina Tiffany at Giselle dahil hindi nila inasahan ganito ang mangyayari.

Scenario - Conference room

Pagka bigla ang reaksyon ng mga managers sa inasal ni Mark. Ito ang kauna unahang pagkakataon nakita nila kung paano magalit ang bagong Presidente ng kanilang kumpanya.

Papalabas na ng conference room sina Sam at Regine nang biglang tumayo si Mark sa kanyang kinauupuan at pinigilan sila. 

Mark: (pasigaw) I'm not done with you!

Galit na nilapitan ni Mark si Regine.

Tahimik ang mga managers. Nakatingin kay Mark habang naglalakad papunta kay Regine. Naghihintay sa susunod na mangyayari.

Hinarap ni Mark si Regine na galit na galit.

Mark: Who are you? Who sent you here? Are you spying on us?
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