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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode Six

Scene: In the bathroom,

Carla finishes her business quickly. But takes some time to look around the bathroom for an escape path. The window is boarded up with plywood. It is completely dark with the door closed. There's no way out. She starts looking around the cabinets for anything she might be able to use and finds nothing. Carla's hopes are dashed.

Carla: (dismayed) Oh Lord, please, please help me... What am I going to do?

Carla takes a deep breath and exits the bathroom, holding the candle carefully.

Carla: (thinking) maybe I can shove this candle on his face...

She starts to turn the doorknob and push the door and is startled by Mark who is standing by it. He takes the candle from her quickly before she can do anything. Mona is standing next to them.

Mona: Talk to Kuya. Tell him who you are..

Carla: Umm... Can.. can we talk, please ? ….

The bedroom is in darkness except for the candle and the occasional flashes of light from the lightning between the wood on the window.

Mark doesn't answer.

Carla: If you contact my parents, they will be most grateful. Whatever Tito Bernie is paying you, we'll double it, or more! I promise you I won't tell the police you kidnapped me.. Just.. just help me out.. I know Tito Bernie's other goons, uh no offense, are trying to kill me too. My family is not a rich as Tito Bernie's but we can pay you.. How much do you want?

Mark: I don't want your money..

Mark tries to leave again but Carla stops him again.

Carla: Okay, okay, so maybe you don't care about money. Can you just hear me out? (speaking in a rush) Do you know that your boss is a criminal? He's the bad guy here. You're working for the wrong side!

Carla pauses to see if Mark is affected. He isn't. She continues..

Carla: He doesn't want me to testify against him and I have to even if I really really don't want to .. we've known his family for a long time...... I- I was engaged to his son... Did you know Andy?

Mark again doesn't answer but he knows who Andy Beltran is.

Carla: I found out that Tito Bernie's many legitimate businesses are fronts for illegal businesses. I accidentally found out about their dealings with international drug cartels. They are starting to distribute a massive amount of meth in our country ! I saw the warehouse where they had these big neatly stacked boxes... I kept thinking about how each one of those boxes contained many many doses of poison,... just waiting.. waiting for a human being to destroy...I can't ..just do nothing.

Carla again looked at Mark's face for a reaction and finds none.

Mona: Kuya, listen.. Open your heart.. don't close off.

Carla: Y - you see, my close friend died of a drug overdose. H-have you seen someone die like that? It was horrible... I can.. I can still see her face. I don't know what's worse, her death or what those horrible drugs did to her and her family when she was still alive... I just couldn't turn away and pretend I didn't see anything.. like it's nothing.. . Am I making sense?

Mark looks like he's about to say something then his cell phone rings again. Mark sees who's calling and answers.

Mona: Oh Kuya.. don't answer that..

Mark answers the phone, the previous expression on his face is gone and back to blank again.

Mark: Yes Boss, I still have her, I was waiting for your call...... Ok, I understand. I won't do anything until l see you tomorrow..

Carla: (distraught) What? What did he say? What about tomorrow?

Mark: It doesn't matter.

Carla: "IT" doesn't matter?! "IT" ??? (angry) Let me tell you that I may not matter to you but I matter to my family!

Mark: It's not personal, lady.

Carla: What?! Not personal? You're planning to kill me! How can I not take it personally!

Mark: (ignoring her outburst) You can sleep here. Here's a flashlight.

Mark hands her a flashlight as if she didn't say anything and turns around holding the candle,

Carla starts to cry.

Mark: I don't know how much life the battery has so if I were you, I'd use it wisely.

Mona: Kuya.. don't go.. Ate Carla, keep talking.. He's not a bad man.

Mark tries to leave but Carla stops him.

Carla: Wait! Can't you at least face me?! I feel that you are a not bad man. I feel there's goodness inside you. I feel you are different than Tito Bernie's other men, am I right?

Mark: (shaking his head and starting to laugh) "not a bad man" ? You can not be more wrong. You don't know me.

Mona: Kuya, please listen.. She's giving you a way out, you can still change your course.. Kuya, please..

Carla: Whatever you have done in the past, maybe.. maybe this is your sign to change your course... I can help you...

Mark: No one can help me... It's too late.

Mona: No, Kuya, it's not too late! Why do you have to do everything that your boss says?

Carla: Do you have to do everything that your boss says?? I mean.. if you're afraid of him, don't worry, my dad and the police will protect you... I was the dummy who escaped from my protection. I just never thought Tito Bernie could do this to me. Boy, was I wrong. Mom and Dad are right again. I can't imagine how they must have felt when they found out I'm missing.. You know, I used to be a sickly child. I mean, I wasn't supposed to make it adulthood until....

Mark turns around rudely and tries to leave again but Carla stops him again.

Carla: Wait! Sorry, I know I'm babbling...

Mona: Kuya, stop.. listen, please...

Carla: I.. I saw you hesitating with the gun earlier....

Mark is indignant and defensive.

Mona: Kuya, I know there is goodness left in you.

Carla: I know there is goodness left in you.

Mark stops all of a sudden so they are standing mere inches apart.

Mark: (yelling) You are wrong!! You don't know anything about me!....

Carla is startled at his first show of real emotion. She can't look away from his eyes.

Mona: Can you really kill someone, Kuya? You can't take that back.

Carla: (softly) Can you really kill a human being, can.. .....

Mark moves his face even closer

Mark: How do you know that I haven't huh? Here's some news, lady.. I ALREADY HAVE !

Carla: (stunned, crying in anger) You know, I always wondered how does it feel to be a MURDERER !?

Mona: Kuya, what are you talking about ?! . You've never killed anyone.. Wait.. are you talking about me and Mama? You didn't kill us, that was an accident, the fire...

Mark suddenly leaves and slams the door shut plunging the room in total darkness.

Carla collapses on the floor on a heap.

Scene: Dark living room. Mark is drinking alcohol. Mona sits next to him.

Mona: Kuya, if we leave now, your boss can't catch up. Why do you keep doing what he says when you know that it's wrong.

His phone rings. Mark answers

Mark: Yes Boss

Mona looks dismayed.

Mr Bernal: I had this thought that our 'guest' might try to talk you into betraying me.

Mark didn't answer.

Mr Bernal: Hahaha, I was right. he's always puts her nose where it doesn't belong! Whatever she said to you, whatever amount of money she offers you, let me remind you what is at stake. Mark, I haven't forgotten that what you really want is to be a boxing champion. Isn't that right?

Mark: Yes, sir

Mr Bernal: Here's what I can do for you. I will back you up myself. I will put up the money to build you up and make you a champion. I will pull Mr Jerry out of retirement to work with you.

Mark: Mr Jerry, sir? Really..

Mr Bernal: I'm sure you know what it means for a boxer to have the right trainer and backer.. If you do what I tell you and you do not disappoint me, I will give something that no amount of her money can ever buy.

Mark: Sir, thank you! You don't know what this means to me..

Mr Bernal: I know.. I know.. But if you betray me, I assure you, that will be your last mistake. You know what I am capable of. You know how far my connections go. Besides you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to your cousin Vinny do you?

Mark: (concerned) Vinny, sir? He doesn't have anything to do with this... Is he okay...

Mr Bernal: Oh, Vinny's fine. He has no idea what's going on as usual. I'm just reminding you what can happen.

Mark: There's no need to remind me, sir, I understand completely

Mr Bernal: Good, good. …. Mark, you know, I see myself in you at your age except for what I call the "killer instinct." The heart of a lion. Do you have it in you? It's the same instinct you need when you're in the boxing ring. That's what champions have. Do you have it?

Mark: Yes sir, I do

Mr. Bernal: Are you sure?

Mark: (firmer) Yes sir.

Mr Bernal: You know, I wouldn't even remember the faces or the people who work for me, let alone their names, unless they are several rungs above you in my organization. But you, Mark, you, I remember very well. You are not just anybody to me. You proved to me before that I can trust you. Now prove to me that you have the heart and guts of a champion and I will make you a champion!.

Begin Flashback:

Scene: Broad daylight. A big camouflage print tent in the middle of nowhere.

A car is coming fast, swerving, tires screeching loudly suddenly stops in front.

Mark exits out of the drivers seat, he's holding his bleeding leg. He hurries to the passenger side and opens the door. Mr Bernal is slumped on the seat very badly hurt. He's got gunshot wounds

Mark: Boss.. Boss, we're here.

With great effort, Mark pulls Mr Bernal out of the car and carries him to the entrance. Several people in scrubs scramble to take Mr Bernal from Mark. They put him in a gurney and rushes him inside. No one pays any attention to Mark who is bleeding too and can barely stand. All attention is on the boss.

Mark follows them, walking slowly inside, holding his injured leg. He looks around in surprise at the modern looking equipment. No one would suspect from the outside that this is a portable high tech mini hospital. He sees Mr Bernal already in a plastic sheeting partitioned operating room surrounded by several people working frantically.

Mark sees a box with some medical supplies and starts to treat his injury. A nurse walks by and sees Mark struggling and starts to help him.

Nurse: (little flirty) You're lucky, the bullet went through cleanly and the wound is shallow.

Mark: Thank you for helping me..

Nurse: You're welcome.

Mark: What is this place?

Nurse: (smile) What does it look like? It's a hospital for special people of course.

They hear a commotion

Another nurse: He's losing blood fast. We need more of Mr Bernal's blood ! STAT!

Mark: Is he gonna be okay? Where are you going to find his blood out here?

The nurse continue to treat Mark's injury.

Nurse: No problem. We have Mr Bernal's blood type stocked just for this type of emergency.

Another nurse: Hey Beth, why are you helping that guy? Stop flirting and come with me! We need you in there! You're getting paid to help the boss not his driver!

Nurse: Sorry! I thought I was supposed to help him since he came with the boss.

The Nurse helping mark immediately stands up without finishing the bandage. The nurses run to the operating room as Mark finished the bandage.

Scene: Much later, still in the hospital tent. Mr Bernal is laying down recovering.

Outside the room, Andy, Mr Beltran's son just arrived and was looking for his father.

Doctor: Mr Beltran is in there. You can talk to him for a few minutes.

Andy enters.

Andy: Dad! Jesus! Mr Johns told us about the ambush! They are gonna pay for what this! I'm gonna ...

Mr Beltran: Shhhhh (gesturing painfully)

Mr Beltran: You know it'll take more than a few bullets to kill your old man. How many casualties?

Andy: You're such a lucky sonnafab1tch. It's a damn massacre! You're the only survivor.

Mr Beltran: No, I'm not the only one. There's the kid who drove me here, Mark.

Andy: That driver? We have to dispatch him!

Mr Beltran: No,! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. His quick thinking saved us both.

Andy: But Dad, he knows too much now.

Mr Beltran: Don't worry. I have a good feeling about this kid.

Andy: How do you know? He's that blockhead Vinny's cousin isn't he? .

Mr Beltran: His cousin is an idiot but Mark isn't. He has potential. I know how handle him. We could always use good soldiers. You said yourself we lost several today.

Andy: Just make sure you don't trust the wrong person again.

Mr Beltran: Don't worry son, anyone who even thinks of betraying me is dead.

Scene: Months later. Boxing gym

Mark is a sparring partner for a boxer. Mr Beltran is in a walking in with several bodyguards. He's using a cane. He watches the boxing ring for a few seconds then whispers to the person next to him while looking at Mark. He goes inside his office to watch.

Later: Manager's office inside the boxing gym.

Mark is knocking on the door.

Mr Bernal: Come in.. Shut the door.

Mark closes the door.

Mr. Bernal: Would you like a drink, help yourself in the mini fridge.

Mark: No, thank your sir. I'm good.

Mr Bernal: Suit yourself. Have a seat.

Mark takes a seat.

Mr Bernal: I haven't personally thanked you for a few weeks ago.

Mr Bernal hands Mark a fat envelope. Mark accepts it.

Mark: Thank you sir! I hope that I proved myself even if I was just a last minute substitute that night.

Mr Bernal: You did, you did. Do you know that many have ability, but lacking in what I prize most. That is loyalty. Above all, I want a person I can trust. You heard and saw many things that night. Things that only the closest to me are privy to.

Mark: I haven't said a word to anyone.

Mr Bernal: I know. If you did, you wouldn't be sitting there right now.

Mark: Uh.. you had me watched, sir?

Mr Bernal: Of course. We didn't know you very well. All we know is your are Vinny's boxer cousin who takes "odd jobs." You didn't seem interested to join my organization permanently.

Mark: I'm a boxer..

Mr Bernal: Very well. That is your choice.

Scene: Several minutes later at the same boxing gym. Mr Bernal and one of the trainers are watching Mark and other boxers.

Mr Bernal: So what do you think of Mark, there.

Trainer: He's definitely got potential. But he needs focus and guidance.

Mr Bernal: hmmm

Trainer: Do you want us to develop him, sir? To help him out?

Mr Bernal: hahaha, help him? No. Not at all.

End Flashback

Mona is still sitting next to Mark who is drinking. She's talking to him but there's no reaction from him.
He's starting to doze off. The time Mark's watch is 10:03 PM

Mona: (shaking her head) What can I do to make you listen to me?

Mona goes to check on Carla.

Carla is still awake and trying to find a way out. She's crying and praying.

Carla: (crying) Oh my God.... Why? Why? Why didn't I just listened and stayed home. Mom and Dad, from the day I was born I've brought you nothing but pain Always sick, always in the hospital... (crying) I'm so sorry.. After everything.. I'm just gonna die here …(crying)

Mona: No, Ate Carla, No. Don't give up.

Carla continues to cry as Mona holds her..

Mona: Ate, stop crying..

Carla seems to calm down a bit.

Mona: Ate..I'll get extra help. Get some rest..

Scene: Head Angel Manny's office

Manny: Mona! Have a seat. Look at this, I still haven't decided what color to choose for my office . I've narrowed it down to these two. Tell me what you think? (snap) Lily white or (snap) Snow White.

Mona is shuffling impatiently

Manny: Oh well, you still can't see the difference in these colors, can you?

Mona: Uhhh... I don't have a lot of time..

Manny: "Time"? ahahaha, you know there is no such thing as "time" here, my impatient child!

Mona: Uh.. sir..

Manny: Very well, what is so urgent that you requested an unscheduled meeting?

Mona: Head Angel Manny, I've put in a request for an Action D8317. Please help me get the approvals.

Manny: A D8317? This is drastic! What you are asking for requires 10 special approvals.

Mona: I know sir, but I noticed that having your approval first will make the others easier. Everyone listens to you.

Manny: (smiling) Well, that is true.. Let me review this request..

Head Angel Manny looks intently at white laptop. His head is shaking.

Mona: Kuya just needs a little push, a little reminder. He'll change his course, I know it !

Manny: (softening) Mona, don't forget that man has "free will". They may still not do the right thing, no matter how much we want them to and how much we try. When a man's mind and heart is closed, this can backfire.

Mona: It won't! I will make Kuya listen.

Manny: The harder man's heart, the more blind are his eyes, and the more deaf are his ears.

Mona: I understand. I have to get to his heart. I will not give up.

Manny: Very well, I shall approve this request. Let's see if it will get the rest of the approvals (pause) Okay, this special request is now fully approved but …

Mona: Oh thank you! Thank you!

Manny: Child, you didn't let me finish.. BUT it has been downgraded to D8305.

Mona: D8305? But that means...

Manny: You cannot say anything directly. He still has to think things through and come to his own decision.

Mona: Oh.. But.. Oh..

Manny: That's okay child. That just means, we believe Mark is capable. And this also means we believe you are capable..

Mona: Oh.. Oh... Thank you.. (still hesitant)

Manny: You're welcome, dear. But you know who to thank.

Mona: Oh yes.

Mona says a quick prayer as she runs out of the office as Manny shakes his head smiling

Scene: Back at the beach house. Mona is still sitting next to Mark who is asleep at the couch. The time Mark's watch is still 10:03 PM. All that happened in a blink of an eye.

Mona: Everything will be fine, Kuya.

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