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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode 2

Mark is still unconscious in the drivers seat. The car is heading towards the cliff. 

Mona appears on the passenger seat next to the driver.

Mona: (urgently) Kuya! Kuya Mark! Kuya Mark! Wake up!! 

Mark is starting to come to.

Mona: Kuya! Turn the wheel to the left !!!! 

Mark: Huh...

Mona: Turn to your left! LEFT!!!

Mark quickly turns the steering to the left. The car skids loudly until it's right at the edge. An inch more and it would have fallen down the cliff. Mark is inside the car half-conscious. Both his hands are cradling his head that is hurting bad. 

Thru his throbbing head, he squints at the passenger seat and sees a blurry form.

Mark: (small voice) Mona?

Begin Flashback:

Scene: An old fashioned two story home in the province.

An 9 year old boy is in the living room by himself playing with a few toy cars on the old wooden floor. He hears some footsteps.

Mark: Mama is here!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode 1

Episode One

Scene: A waiting room.

Mona, a little girl who is about 7 years old, is waiting to be called. She looks nervous.

Receptionist: Mona? Is Angel Mona here?

Mona: Yes, ma'am that's me.

Receptionist: He's ready for you, dear.

We see that this waiting room is out of the ordinary. There's a receptionist desk and several benches and tables. But the place is all white and very bright. It looks as if everything - the furniture, magazines, plants, decorations - is illuminated from within with unearthly light. Because it's so bright, you can't tell where are the walls, ceilings and floors meet. The other unusual thing about this waiting room is who are in it. The waiting room is filled with angels of varied color and sizes, but mostly children. Their wings are also varied. Some are small, some are large, some have wings and some don't. All of them wear a white robe. Some robes sparkle with stars. It's as if you are looking up in the heavens on a cloudless night sky except the background is white. Some have many stars, some only a few.

Mona stands up and we see that her robe has no stars. Not a single one. She walks dejectedly in the direction of the offices. She's got only one small wing instead of a pair.

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