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Monday, March 12, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode 1

Episode One

Scene: A waiting room.

Mona, a little girl who is about 7 years old, is waiting to be called. She looks nervous.

Receptionist: Mona? Is Angel Mona here?

Mona: Yes, ma'am that's me.

Receptionist: He's ready for you, dear.

We see that this waiting room is out of the ordinary. There's a receptionist desk and several benches and tables. But the place is all white and very bright. It looks as if everything - the furniture, magazines, plants, decorations - is illuminated from within with unearthly light. Because it's so bright, you can't tell where are the walls, ceilings and floors meet. The other unusual thing about this waiting room is who are in it. The waiting room is filled with angels of varied color and sizes, but mostly children. Their wings are also varied. Some are small, some are large, some have wings and some don't. All of them wear a white robe. Some robes sparkle with stars. It's as if you are looking up in the heavens on a cloudless night sky except the background is white. Some have many stars, some only a few.

Mona stands up and we see that her robe has no stars. Not a single one. She walks dejectedly in the direction of the offices. She's got only one small wing instead of a pair.

Scene: Head Angel Manny's office.

Just like the waiting room, the office is white and bright. There's a large white office desk and Head Angel Manny is sitting on a white executive chair. He wears a robe that has so many stars, it looks like he's got several whole galaxies contained on his robe. His kind face is looking seriously around his office.

Head Angel Manny: Hello Mona, have a seat.

Mona sits down across him still looking apprehensive. The Head Angel seems distracted.

Head Angel Manny: Mona, I've been thinking of redecorating my office. I think it's time for a little color change..

Head Angel Manny snaps his fingers and the room changed from bright white to slightly more shimmery white.

Head Angel Manny: Hmm, what do you think, Mona? Should I change to this color? Hmm, maybe it's too different..

Mona: Uhhh, aren't they exactly the same? Aren't they both.... white?

Head Angel Manny: Of course they are both white but completely different! , One is cloud white, one is pearl white! Don't you see the little swirly cloud patterns?

Mona: Ohhh ... 'kay...

Head Angel Manny: Never mind that. You can't see the difference. (pause) (serious now) So here we are again Mona. Weren't you just here in my office?

Mona: (head bowed) Yes sir, I was.

The Head Angel looks at the air in front of him and there appears images of an older lady tripping and almost falling down the stairs. Another angel came to her rescue. Manny shakes his head.

Head Angel Manny: You should have been watching her my dear. You shouldn't have left her side. You know how important rules are over here, don't you?

Mona nods.

Head Angel Manny: (sigh) I'm not sure that you do because here we are, having this conversation again

He pauses to get ready to talk about one of his favorite lectures.

Head Angel Manny: Here in the Angel Department, we have a simple sequence of operations.

Head Angel Manny waves his hands and images appear of a diagram consisting of various shapes connected by arrows that start from the top left of the screen to the bottom right. The diagram looks quite complicated but Mona knows that all the actions in the diagram can happen in a blink of an eye.

Head Angel Manny: There are many procedures here in heaven that.. ahem.. I helped design. I am quite proud of this particular one.... Here we see that the Angel Department gets assignments from different procedures but the Soul Retrieval and the Prayer Procedure are by far the most popular. Perhaps we should review the "Prayer Procedure" once again.

Mona nods. She's heard this spiel before.

Head Angel Manny continues enthusiastically, pointing to the different shapes as he talks about them.

Head Angel Manny: We begin when a prayer is heard and entered into the system. It goes through a set of approvals. Since every prayers is unique, we research each one for whatever is appropriate for each case, Then after it is given the final verdict -- approve or reject -- it is assigned for action. The Angel Department is just one of the many departments that can get the assignment to act on that prayer. It's very important that the angels, us, follow our part of the procedure, Mona. Do you know that?

Mona: Yes, Sir.

Head Angel Manny: You also know that we have a Punishment Procedure that applies to men on Earth and also to all of us here in Heaven.

Mona nods.

Head Angel Manny: Man receives many contradictory information, but for us in Heaven the rules are clearer. We have no excuse not to abide by it.

Mona nods again, looking even more sorry.

Head Angel Manny: Then you know what you did and you know what I need to do.

Mona starts to sniffle.

Head Angel Manny: I don't want to do this either, my dear. I'm sorry to have to take your remaining wing.

Mona: (sob) Sir, Sir, can you please give me one more chance? Please! Please do not take away my last wing! (sob) That means I won't be a guardian angel anymore. Please, I promise to do better! (sob)

Head Angel Manny: My dear Mona, I know that you believe what you are saying and that you have every intention of doing what you say. However, this is the third time you have failed in your duty resulting in having to send reinforcements. Each time, you failed because you were not where you were supposed to be and not doing what you were assigned to do.. You were distracted again by...

Mona: (sob) Yes, I know. (sob) I promise not to follow Kuya anymore, I promise I will do my job...I promise I won't be distracted anymore.

Head Angel Manny: Mona, maybe you are not meant to be a guardian angel. You're still on probation when you should already have earned several stars by now. (softening) There are many wonderful jobs besides being an angel that you can do! Ah! I know! We can always use someone in the storage room, have you seen St Peter's file room ? It's a disaster in there!

Mona cries even harder.

All of a sudden, an announcement is heard.

Voice: Ding! A code red prayer alert has been approved for your immediate action. Ding! A code red prayer alert has been approved for your immediate action. Ding! A code...

Head Angel Manny: Just a second...

An image appears again. It is of a terrified woman who's tied up in the back seat of a car. They hear her thoughts. She sounds as scared as she looks.

Woman:: Please God,.....(sob) (sob) Please God, please don't anything bad happen to me.. don't let him kill me, (sob) Oh my God....(sob) Please God, don't let me die. (sob) There's too many people who are depending on me,(sob) who's going to take care of them? (sob) Please God, please change this man's mind....(sob) Please save me .... God.. Jesus.. Mama Mary.. Saint..

Mona:.. . Is that.. Is that .. ? Sir Manny, I knew her! Oh no!. What happened?

They see who is driving the car. Mona gasps.

Mona: Oh no! Kuya Mark! What are you doing? Oh no! Please, please let me have this one! Please let me go down there! Give me this assignment, please!

Head Angel Manny looks at the image, as if reading something.

Head Angel Manny: It says here that this assignment has a high difficulty rating. He has made up his mind to kill her - 95%. The chances of him listening to you are very low (thinking and talking to himself) hmmmm, I'm not really sure who to send... We're so short staffed...

Mona: ME! Send me, please! If there's anyone who can make my Kuya Mark listen, it has to be me. I will not let him kill her!

Head Angel Manny: Perhaps I can give you one last chance. hmmmm...

He looks at Mona's pleading face.

Head Angel Manny: Okay, this is it Mona. This is a big job but I believe you might just be the best choice we have at the moment...

Mona: I can do it! You won't be sorry sir!

Head Angel Manny: Okay, you have the job, dear..

Mona: Thank you! Thank you! I'm going right now!

Head Angel Manny: But remember, all we can do is to guide them. People have the 'free will' and they often do not liste...

Mona had already jumped down and leaving the office before he can finish.

Scene: A narrow twisty provincial road going up a mountain.

A car is driving erratically. In the back seat of the car, the woman is tied up and struggling against the driver. She is dressed in a fancy designer clothing that has a large tear and dirt. It's only been a second since that scene Manny and Mona witnessed.

Mark: (angry) Get back!!! You're gonna make me crash this car!!!

Woman: (screaming against her gag) Mmmmmpppphh!!!!

The woman pushes Mark and the car swerves dangerously. Mark shoves her and she falls hard into the back seat, her legs up in the air. Next to Mark in the front seat is a large picture of the woman. Written on that picture is "Belle Godinez"

She continues to struggle against the ropes binding her hands in the back. The tires screech loudly as Mark tries to control the swerving car.

Mark: Dammit!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

He almost has the car under control when suddenly, She kicks Mark on the back of his head.

He hits his forehead on the steering wheel and loses consciousness. She jumps out as she manages to open her car door with her bound hands. She rolls on the ground away from the car that is quickly sliding to the edge of the cliff. She quickly gets up and runs away in her high heeled expensive shoes. Hands still tied behind her back. She is panic stricken.

Mark is still unconscious in the drivers seat. The car is heading towards the cliff.

Mona appears on the passenger seat next to the driver.

Mona: (urgently) Kuya! Kuya Mark! Kuya Mark! Wake up!!

Mark is starting to come to.

Mona: Kuya! Turn the wheel to the left !!!!

Mark: Huh...

Mona: Turn to your left! LEFT!!!

Mark quickly turns the steering to the left. The car skids loudly until it's right at the edge. An inch more and it would have fallen down the cliff. Mark is inside the car half-conscious. Both his hands are cradling his head that is hurting bad.

Thru his throbbing head, he squints at the passenger seat and sees a blurry form.

Mark: (small voice) Mona?

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