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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Somewhere In Time - Episode 2

Mark is still unconscious in the drivers seat. The car is heading towards the cliff. 

Mona appears on the passenger seat next to the driver.

Mona: (urgently) Kuya! Kuya Mark! Kuya Mark! Wake up!! 

Mark is starting to come to.

Mona: Kuya! Turn the wheel to the left !!!! 

Mark: Huh...

Mona: Turn to your left! LEFT!!!

Mark quickly turns the steering to the left. The car skids loudly until it's right at the edge. An inch more and it would have fallen down the cliff. Mark is inside the car half-conscious. Both his hands are cradling his head that is hurting bad. 

Thru his throbbing head, he squints at the passenger seat and sees a blurry form.

Mark: (small voice) Mona?

Begin Flashback:

Scene: An old fashioned two story home in the province.

An 9 year old boy is in the living room by himself playing with a few toy cars on the old wooden floor. He hears some footsteps.

Mark: Mama is here!

He stands up quickly to greet his mother, Elena, but stops when he sees that his mother is not alone. With him is a man and a little girl. .

Elena: Mark come here son, there's someone I want you to meet.

Mark warily walks over to them.

Elena: Mark, I want you to meet Guillermo. He's going to be your new Papa.

Mark: Papa? You mean...

Elena: Yes! We are getting married soon. hahaha! Isn't this great news? We're going to be a family!

Guillermo: Hello Mark. You can call me Papa from now on.

Guillermo holds out his hands and gives Mark a firm handshake. Next to his new Papa, he sees the little girl look at him with challenge in her eyes. He's the only one who sees it. She makes a face and sticks her tongue out at him. Elena lets go of Mark but keeps her arms on his shoulders.

Guillermo: Mark, this is Mona, my daughter. Mona, say Hi to Mark. He's going to be your big brother.

Mona immediately gives Mark an innocent smile, as if she never made a face at him. 

Mona: (sweetly) Hi Kuya Mark.

Mark doesn't answer. 

Mom: Mark, say hello to Mona.

Mark eyes her suspiciously. Mona's face crumples.

Mona: (dramatic) Papa, he doesn't like me. Waaaaah! I told you he won't like me ! Waaaaaahhh!!!

Elena: Mark! You're only 3 years older than Mona yet you're acting like a baby!

Guillermo: It's okay, Elena. They are just not used to each other yet.

Elena: That is no excuse...

Mona naughtily sticks her tongue out at Mark again, at his surprised look. She smiles widely and smugly just for him to see

Scene: Their house. Months later. They are in the living room of the old house.

Mark is gluing a small piece of wood to a rough wooden doll house

Mona: Now put that chair there.. I'll put this here... There! We're done! Isn't it pretty? Isn't it the best lil' dollhouse ever?

Mark: Yes, whatever, it's the best. Now can we play soccer?

Mona: No! We're not done playing house yet. 

Mark: You just said we're done.

Mona: We're done making the house. But we haven't played with it yet.

Mark: What?! I'm not gonna play with your dolls with you ...

Mona: You promised we will play whatever I want first, then we'll play whatever you want.

Mark: (sigh) All right. Fine! Let's get this over with while there's still sunlight ...

Mona hands Mark a Ken doll. She's holding a Barbie doll. 

Mona: Yey! Okay, this is you. You're the Dad. This is me. I'm the mom. Pretend you are coming home from work. Just like Mom and Dad.

Mark: (sigh) What do I do ?

Mona: (bigger sigh) Don't you know anything? Say "honey I'm home" and go through the front door. 

Mark: Okay, okay... honey … I'm home.... (bit uncomfortable)

Mona: (holding her Barbie and shaking it slightly as if it is talking) Oh, Hi honey, welcome home (full on acting) !Did you have a good day at work? (whispering and widening her eyes at Mark) Hold it up. 

Mark: (holding up the doll) Uh yes?

Mona takes her doll and gently taps it against Mark's doll to kiss it, surprising Mark.

Mona: Mwah!!! Glad you had a good day hon, I made you a delicious dinner.

Mona bounces the doll as if its walking. 

Mona: Kids, your Dad is home! Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. Everybody wash up! Mark Junior, get your Dad's slippers! Oh honey, You won't believe what Clementine did today.!

Mark: Huh? Who's Clementine?

Mona: Ugh, Clementine, our daughter silly.

Mark: What are you talking about?

Mona: Oh honey, you must have had such a tiring day.. You don't remember our kids names? There's Mark Jr, Clementine, Justin, Selena, Taylor, ....

Mark: Wait, how many kids do we have?

Mona: We have ten kids! 

Mark: TEN !? What?!

Mona: You're the one that wanted a big family. I just wanted 2 kids! By the way, did you talk to your boss about getting a raise? I need some money to buy them some new shoes. We also need new sofa...

Mark: Wait, wait, wait. You're giving me a headache.

Mona: Ugh, I'm giving you a headache? How dare you?! I should be the one having a headache. Don't you know I could have been a fashion model ! I could have gone to Paris! But you didn't want me to work, you wanted me to stay home. I gave up my career for you! (big sigh) All I do is cook and clean all day and take care of your kids! (big sigh) I'm soooo tired. You should give me a foot massage ! That's the least you could do! Hmmph!

Mona is having the Barbie bounce around in a dramatic way. Mark rolls his eyes at her but smiles. and plays along 

Scene: A beach resort. It's a beautiful day. Perfect for a family outing. 

Elena: Mark! Mona! Come on back! It's time for lunch!

Mark and Mona are running around the beach. Their parents, Guillermo and Elena are watching them from a blanket with an umbrella not too far from the water. Food is laid out on the blanket.

Guillermo: I think you better go and get them. Maybe they can't hear me.

Elena: Hmm, they can't hear you or they choose not to. hahaha, you know those two, when they are playing, they don't want to stop.

Guillermo: That's true. They are thick as thieves. I'm so glad they get along very well.

Elena: Me too hon. I was worried about Mark because I know he's shy and very serious. I'm glad Mona is able to bring out his playful side. It's good to see him act like a kid.

Mark and Mona are running their way.

Mona: Mom! Dad! Kuya is so gross!

Mark: What 'gross'? I'm just telling the truth! I read that's what you're supposed to do with a jellyfish sting. 

Mona: Ewwww! 

Mark: I'm just sayin...

Elena: Okay kids, enough! Sit down so we can have our lunch. Guillermo, please say our graces.

Mark and Mona make faces to each other but take a seat.. 

Later, the kids are walking around the resort. Mona is following Mark.

Mona: Where are we going again?

Mark: We're going to see if my friend is here, The one I met last summer.

They continue to walk..

Mark: Oh there she is! Carla! Carla! Hey!

They are in front of the biggest resort unit that is about 5 times bigger than the one they are staying at. Mark is waving at a prim little girl who is sitting in the chair in the large balcony in front. 

Carla, who's the same age as Mark, smiles big and waves back weakly but enthusiastically. Mark runs over to the balcony with Mona following. Eyeing them suspiciously.

Later, the three kids are inside the large resort home, playing with Legos.

Carla: hahahaha, see now it's lion and a tiger. A liger.

Mark: That's cool! Look at this, it's a sharktopus!! 

Carla and Mark laugh.

Mona is making something that doesn't look like anything she's frustrated.

Mona: (dropping the Legos) This is boring! Let's go to the beach!

Mark and Carla don't answer.

Mona: C'mon! Why can't we go to the beach? Isn't that why we are here? Why are we inside all day!? 

Mark: We told you, Carla is not allowed to go outside because she gets sick very easily!

Carla: Sorry Mona. I have a weak heart. I am not allowed to get tired. I have very poor immune system.

Mona: (ignoring Carla) Kuyaaaa, let's goooo!! (exasperated)

Mark: No. I want to play with these Legos. We don't have any at home.

Mona: I'm bored to death in here! I want to go to the beach!!!

Mark: Then go ! No one is stopping you.

Mona stands up but sees Mark isn't paying attention. She stomps her feet but sits down.

Carla: (cheerfully) Mona, would you like to watch a movie? We got lots of DVDs ?

Mona: (sigh) Fine! Okay. 

Later, Mona and Mark are walking back.

Mona: We spent all day inside. Let's go to the beach tomorrow so we can make it up..

Mark: Um, let's see what Carla wants to do okay?

Mona: Why? She's such a drag.! She can't do anything. 

Mark: She's not a drag. She just can't play outside much. Besides, I haven't seen her in a long time.

Mona: Hmph, and when you're with your friend, you ignore me.

Mark: I do not.

Mona: Yes you do.

Mark Do not

Mona: YES YOU DO ! You know what, You go play with "Prissy Chrissy" (mocking tone) all day! I'm going shopping with Mom and Dad tomorrow! I'll ask Dad to buy me something awesome and not you! 

Mona runs back to their unit.

Scene: Carla's living room. Following day, late afternoon.

Mona is at the doorway, the maid is letting her in. Mona is carrying a big box of Legos.

Maid: Come in, they are in the balcony where you were yesterday.

Mona: Thank you. I remember where it is. Hmph, wait till you see what Dad and Mom bought me!

Mona walks to the balcony and but stops as she hears what Mark and Carla. They are playing with Barbie toys in front of a big beautiful doll house. 

Mark: But I had such a hard day at work. Can't you get me my slippers and get my dinner first?

Carla: How am I going to make your dinner? I told you the oven is broken. I had to go to work too you know..

Mark: I told you to stay home and not work anymore.

Carla: What about my career?

Mark: What about our kids? What about Mark Junior?

Mona heard enough and runs away, almost running into the maid who was carrying a tray of snacks.

End Flashback

Scene: Back to the present. Mark is regaining consciousness in the car.

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