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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 7 : The Prophecy

EPISODE 7 : The Prophecy

Scene: At a dark hallway
Cathy is in her nightgown, walking slowly in the darkness, feeling her way. She sees a faint light coming from one of the rooms and walks towards it. Inside the room, she sees some papers strewn about all over. She wants to see those papers, maybe they are leads, she thought.

She feels someone behind her. She turns around and sees Vincent. Like in her previous dream, the room was dim and he was in front of the light source, just a few candles. She couldn't see him well but she knows it's Vincent. He was also in his nightclothes, a pair of pajamas, with the top unbuttoned.

Vincent approaches her slowly, it seemed to Cathy, it was taking him a long time to get to her. He lifts up his hand to caress her face, she kisses the hand that was close to her lips. She lifts up her hand to caress his face, she touches his scars, feeling the uneven texture. He kisses her hand just like she did. She moves her hands down his neck where there are more scars. They embrace for a few seconds, then they kiss. Slowly at first, gently, his hand on the back of her head and her hands on his back. Then it becomes more passionate.

Later, they are laying in bed. Cathy closed her eyes. She felt the little hairs on his legs against her own legs. She felt his lips and hands on her neck, breast, stomach. She savored the feel of his weight on top of her. She enjoyed the feel of his body that she is touching with her hands ..

Alarm Clock: Beeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeeeep!

Cathy is jolted awake, gasping and panting. She looks at Vincent's letter which is at the side table next to her bed.

Scene: At a busy downtown street.

Cathy is with their coworker Tina and Susie.

Cathy: We have everything we need for the feature. We actually finished ahead of schedule. Thanks for your hard work guys!

Tina and Susie: You're welcome.

Tina: Hey, if we have some extra time, my aunt, the fortune teller I was telling you guys about, lives close by. Let's go see her.

Susie: Oooo, can we? You said she's fantastic, right?

Tina: Oh yes, everything she's told me has come true! One time she told my cousin that she will meet a guy with long hair that she will marry.. and she did!

Susie: Really?? I want to find out when I'm going to meet the man of my dreams.

Cathy: You guys go ahead, I don't really believe in that stuff.

Susie: Oh come on! Just go with us. Haven't you ever had your fortunes read?

Cathy: Nope, never. I think it's all a bunch of hooey.

Tina: (looking offended) I beg your pardon! My aunt is the real deal! She's no fake!

Cathy: (feeling defensive) Oh, I don't mean your aunt is a fake...

Tina: Then come with us. Maybe she'll change your mind.

Scene: Home of Madame A (Tina's aunt).

Madame A: (letting them in through the front door) Hello, welcome to my humble home. I'm glad my niece brought you here.

Tina: Hi Auntie. This is Cathy and Susie. This is my Auntie. Call her 'Madame A'

Madame A: Hmm... I sense.. I sense... a skeptic here. I hope there's not too much negative energy...

Susie gives Cathy a look

Susie: (pointing at Cathy) She's the skeptic!

Cathy makes a face.

Madame A: As soon as you came in here, I can tell you're going to be a challenge, but that's okay. Have a seat, ladies.

Madame A shows them to a round table. They all sit down.

Susie: What do you use for your predictions?

Madame A: I know several techniques. Tarot cards, palmistry, astrology. What I use depends on what I feel is calling me at that moment. Today I feel like having some tea.

Madame A gets a kettle and puts in some tea leaves. She fills the kettle with hot water. They chit chat as they wait for the tea to steep for a bit. Madame pours them some tea and they all drink while chatting.

Madame A: Now give me your cups and I'm going to read the tea leaves. Who wants to go first.

Susie: Me! Me! I want to go first.

Susie gives Madame A her tea cup. She shakes the cup and pours extra liquid into the saucer.

Madame A: (looking at the tea cup) You are wondering when you will find your soulmate.

Susie: (eyes big) That's right! Oh my gosh, you are as good as Tina says!

Tina: Didn't I tell you!

Susie: Madame A, please tell me! Do you see him? Do you?

Madame A: I see... I see a horse, a stallion.. He's coming towards you...You're giving him an apple. You're taming him. He's eating from your hand...

Susie: Eeeeeeee! My soulmate is a stallion! You're all invited to the wedding! Cathy, you are next, come on! Go!

Cathy: Okay, okay. What do I do?

Tina: Just give her your cup.

Cathy hands her cup to Madame A and Madame A takes some time to look at it. Madame A looks troubled.

Madame A: (concerned voice) Cathy, would you like me to be straight with you?

Cathy: Why yes, of course. Why wouldn't I?

Madame A: Well, most people just want to hear the good fortune. They get scared when I tell them about ... something bad.

Tina and Susie's eyes are as big as saucers.

Susie: Cathy! Oh no! I told you I had a bad feeling about that Vincent. He's stalking you!!

Cathy: Susie...

Madame A: I see.. I see a man, a man following you... watching you... I urge you to be cautious. There's a man with bad intentions towards you. I see.. I see him forcing himself on you!

Susie and Tina gasp loudly.

Madame A: I also see.. I see water, strong waves, a's you...she's... drowning...

Cathy: Are you sure about this?

Madame A: You want me to tell you what I see truthfully. That's what I'm doing. You seem to still be questioning me. That's fine if you don't believe me but I do urge you to watch out for this person. Don't trust him.

Cathy is looking at Susie and Tina's horrified faces. She can't help but to start to feel uneasy too.

Scene: Vincent's Gardens.

Vincent is engrossed with working in his rose garden. He didn't notice that his brother Paolo has just

Paolo: Vincent. I've been knocking on your front door for a while. You didn't answer so I came over here.

Vincent doesn't acknowledge his brother, but he pauses from his work for a second before continuing.

Paolo: I have to admit, it's a beautiful garden. You really have a talent for this artistic crap.

Vincent: What do you want, Paolo?

Paolo: That's not exactly the warm welcome I was expecting. Can't I visit my baby brother?

Vincent: I'm busy. I know this isn't a social call. Say what you want to say so you can leave.

Paolo: You haven't changed, Vincent. Still as antagonistic as ever. We're the only ones left in our family now. I'm being sincere here, I think we should. ...

Vincent: Do I look like someone who gives a sh1t about what you think?

Paolo: Dammit, I'm your older brother, you better give a shit!

Vincent: Well I don't! Why don't you do humanity a favor and drop dead. Right now would be ideal.

Paolo: Fuck You! You piss me off so much! Do you know that you've been a pain in my ass ever since you' been born!

Vincent: If you hate me so much why are you here then? You can't find anyone you can pay to listen to you? You're being sincere? Well, I mean this sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, Fuck You!

Paolo starts laughing

Paolo: Awww, look at us. Ha ha ha. Just like old times. You're making me nostalgic, bro. Ha ha ha. I'm also here because I thought you might want to congratulate me.

Vincent: Okay, you win. The top 3 shittiest people in the universe is you, you and you. Congratulations! Now get out of my face!

Paolo: Ha ha ha. Oh come on bro, can't we just get along?

Vincent: If you want us to get along, then stay away from Cathy.

Paolo: Cathy? Ah yes Cathy. Interesting... I can't help but notice that she bears a remarkable resemblance to Ileanna. You remember Ileanna don't you?

Vincent: (angry) Shut up Paolo!

Paolo: (laughing) Like I said, you haven't changed. Still as emotional as ever. You still don't have a poker face. You wouldn't last in the world of business Vincent. It's so easy to push your buttons.. ha ha.

Vincent: And you still enjoy being a bully like always. Why do you take pride in immediately being a prick?

Paolo: Yes! Ha ha, you make it so much fun but I wish you wouldn't make it too easy.

Vincent goes to another area in the garden and continues working, ignoring Paolo. Paolo follows him.

Paolo: You know what else cracks my shit up? That you actually think you have a chance with Cathy! She's so out of your league, man. Look at you! Ha ha. You might have had a small chance before your face got fucked up.

Vincent is trying his best to ignore his brother.

Paolo: (enjoying the sound of his own voice) But then even with your looks before you weren't able to hold on to Ileanna. What in the world makes you think Cathy would give you the time of day. She's beautiful, smart, successful... Speaking of Cathy. That's the reason you should congratulate me. She and I have a date at the house. I'm having our chef make a romantic dinner. I'm going to seal the deal tonight, bro! She's going to be mine. I think she might actually be the one, she might become your sister-in-law...

Vincent: She'll see through you. She's too smart to fall for you.

Paolo: Oh yeah? And who would she fall for? You? Have you looked at a mirror lately? You are hideous! Revolting! But then at least you are mental stable.. Oh wait, you are not! Ha ha ha! Look at you, you fucking psycho, you are ready to come unhinged anytime! Ha ha ha

Vincent can't take it anymore. He's still holding a large trowel and he faces Paolo angrily. He starts to lift his arm.

Vincent: I said, shut the fuck up about Cathy!

Paolo: Or what? Huh? What are you going to do if I don't stop talking?

Vincent and Paolo stare at each other.

Paolo: That's what I thought, nothing! Like I said, you haven't changed. You're still the same delicate flower. Ha ha ha . What a pussy! Ha ha ha

Vincent: Get out of my house!

Paolo starts to walk backwards towards the gate.

Paolo: Alright, alright, I'm leaving. Ha ha. Do me a favor Vincent, next time, give me a little bit more challenge. Taking Cathy from you is even easier than taking Ileanna from you. Ha ha ha ha

Vincent runs after Paolo but Paolo gets away, slamming the gate on his way out, still laughing like a hyena.

Not too far away, a pair of eyes are watching them.

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