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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 8 : The Kiss

EPISODE 8 : The Kiss

Scene: Outside LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals. Nightime.

Cathy and Susie are in a car about a block from the facility.

Susie: (nervous) Cathy, I'm getting scared. Are you sure about this?
Cathy: Nothing to be scared of!

Susie: Easy for you to say..

Cathy: Susie, come on. It will be fine.

Susie: Do we really have to do this?

Cathy: Yes we do! Our investigation is going nowhere. There's something going on in there, I feel it.

Susie: Okay! Okay! Tell me again what do we do.

Cathy: We sneak in..

Susie: How do we do that!

Cathy: I scoped this out earlier. We can go in through that side door there. I bribed someone to leave the door unlocked for us. She's also going to disable some of the security cameras. She told me which ones. We sneak past the guards, pick a lock, whatever. It's simple! I told you I've done this lots of times

Susie: Oh yes, please don't remind me that we might meet someone who's feeling a bit 'stabby'.

Cathy: Susie..

Susie: Ohh, my stomach...I think I'm going to throw up.

Cathy: Susie, if you are that scared, I'll just go by myself

Susie: (relief in her face and voice) Yes! That's the best idea I've heard all day. I'll stay right here and be your lookout!

Cathy: (smiling) Okay. Text me if you see anything.

Cathy gets out of the car and walks casually over to LifeTekk. She sneaks past the guards and into the facility. She looks around the place, entering offices, looking through piles of papers.

Cathy: (thinking) Hmm, last time I was here, it was so neat. Now it looks like a huge mess here. What's all these boxes.

She took pictures of what she saw.

Cathy: (thinking) I bet if anyone has useful information, it would be the managers or their secretaries.

She finds a directory listing of who is in what office and what positions they are.

Cathy: (thinking) Upstairs, I have to go upstairs to the executive offices.

She makes her way up the stairs as quickly and as quietly as she can. The top floor looks different than the lower floors. It is more luxurious and the offices are bigger. She finds the office of the Chief Technology Officer and goes inside quietly.

Cathy uses her flashlight to look through some papers. She takes some pictures.

She's back outside the hallway when she notices some security guards coming her way. She can't find a place to hide.

Cathy: (heart pounding rapidly) Uh oh, they're gonna see me any second now...

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms grabs her and pulls her into a small closet where maintenance supplies are kept. Cathy almost screamed but her mouth was covered. She realizes it's Vincent whose got her. She's not sure if she should be relieved or not. Vincent uncovers her mouth when he sees in her eyes that she recognizes him. There's not much room in the cramped closet with all the supplies and the two of them. They are standing against a wall with their whole bodies pressed together. Outside the room, Cathy can hear the security guards walking through. The guards open some of the office doors randomly.

Cathy: (thinking) My gosh, is this one of my dreams? It's dark, Vincent appeared out of nowhere...If I was dreaming, he would be kissing me by now...

Cathy looked at Vincent's face hopefully. In the dark she can see that he's got his eyes closed. He looks like he's meditating or something. A few moments later, the security guards seem far away.

Cathy: (whisper) I think we are safe...

Vincent opens his eyes slowly, looks deep in her eyes and nods.

Vincent opens the door and peers outside the hallway. When he sees that it is empty, he leads them both out. Vincent seems to know his way around the building so they were able to get out quickly.

Vincent: I'll walk you to your car.

Cathy: Thanks again... V-Vincent. You seem to be always rescuing me.

Vincent answers with a nod.

Cathy: I have so many questions for you. ..what are you doing in there tonight?

Cathy really wants to ask him about the letter but uncharacteristically, got shy.

Vincent: I have my own reasons for being there.

Cathy's car is close by. They can see it.

Cathy: Okay, I won't force you to tell me but I hope you know you can trust me. You can tell me anything. I want to know the whole story. Can we have a chance to talk? Please...

Vincent looks hesitant but he looks like he's about to speak when they hear some people coming.

Vincent guides her behind a large tree where they silently hide as the people pass by. They are pressed against each other again. He and Cathy stare into each others eyes. Vincent brings his face down and kisses Cathy. Cathy once again has a flashback to her vivid dreams. It felt natural to her to kiss him back.

They are brought back to reality at about the same time. Cathy doesn't know if the kiss lasted just one second or several minutes but all she knows is that it ended too soon.

Vincent: I'm sorry....

Cathy turns around and Vincent isn't next to her anymore. He disappeared.

Cathy gets inside the car.

Susie: Oh, thank God! I've been worried sick. Are you okay? You didn't get caught?

Cathy: Let's go! Let's get out of here.

They drive away.

Cathy: Yes, I'm okay. Thanks to Vincent.

Susie: Vincent! He was in there with you?

Cathy: Yes, I almost got busted then he saved me once again.

Susie; What was he doing there?

Cathy; I don't know, he won't tell me.

Susie looks horrified.

Susie: Please don't tell me you forgot about what Madame A said. He's gonna rape and kill you!

Cathy: You really don't expect me to believe all that prophecy stuff do you?

Susie: Cathy! Are you nuts? Don't you see! He's following you around, that means he's following us around... He's following us right now! Oh my God!

Cathy: Please calm down. He's not gonna hurt us. He could have done something to me many times before and he never does.

Susie: Are you falling for him? For Vincent? You are, aren't you? You are falling for the wrong Monticelli brother! Don't you have a date with Paolo?

Cathy: Oh yeah, I forgot I agreed to have dinner with him.

Scene: Paolo's house.

Paolo and Cathy just had a very sumptuous dinner. The setting is very romantic with candlelight and lots of flowers and someone playing the violin. They are now in the music room, overlooking the gardens.

Paolo: Have a seat. I'll fix us some drinks.

Paolo goes and makes a couple of cocktails at the bar. He hands one to Cathy.

Cathy: Have you thought any more about letting me do a feature on you in my TV show. I promise it will be a dignified, honest personal profile.

Paolo: Alright, I'll agree to it. Only because I like you.

Cathy: Thank you so much! You won't regret it. We'll do a great job, you'll see.

Paolo: You're welcome Cathy and I'm so glad you agreed to come to my home tonight.

Cathy: Well, I was a bit surprised at all this, I thought we were just having dinner.

Paolo: I wanted it to be special, because you are special to me.

Cathy is feeling uncomfortable.

Cathy: I admit I'm really flattered. But...But, I have to be honest with you... If you are interested in me.. I should tell you right now that I don't see you that way...

Paolo: (looking amused) Hmm, every woman sees me that way. Are you trying to play hard to get so I'd be more interested in you? I assure you it's not necessary. I already am.

Cathy: Paolo, I'm really here tonight because you said you'll tell me the whole story about the accident, about Vincent..

Paolo: Ah Vincent.. Don't tell me thats who you are interested in? I didn't know you like charity cases.

Cathy: He's not a charity case.

Paolo: No? How about a hopeless case. Because that's what Vincent is. You want to know about the accident? I'll tell you! Look, I'm not proud of my role in it but I want to be completely honest with you.

Paolo gives his most sincere look to Cathy.

Paolo: The truth is Ileanna fell in love with me.

Cathy: (surprise) Oh

Paolo: Let me tell you that ever since were were kids, Vincent has been jealous of me. He's always trying to compete with me, trying to take what belongs to me. You know, our mom loved him the best. She never had the time of day for me because all she cared about is her Vincent and their music...

Paolo seemed to remember what he's supposed to be talking about. Paolo gets up and starts pacing.

Paolo: The night of the accident, we were out on the yacht for Vincent's birthday. Just a small group of people. Vincent and I had a fight! He accused me of stealing Ileanna from him! I tried to discourage her I swear! She kept throwing herself at me! I tried to explain to Vincent that I would never do that to my own brother! He wouldn't believe me! Vincent got violent and attacked me! He tried to kill me!Vincent attacked me, our brother Theo got in the way. Somehow a fire got started in the boat that triggered an explosion. Poor Theo, all he wanted to do was help. It's all Vincent' fault. Because of him, Ileanna and Theo died that night! They didn't deserve that. I think it's justice that Vincent ended up scarred for life and I hardly have a scratch.

Cathy is quietly trying to digest this story. Paolo goes near her and takes her hands in his.

Paolo: Cathy, I can't emphasize to you enough that you have to careful of Vincent. I didn't want to have to say this because I don't want to scare you but I think you should know. I called his former nurse and found out that when he was confined at the psych ward, he watched you on TV constantly. He would record your shows to watch over and over.

Cathy: What?

Paolo: Don't you see? You are his obsession Cathy. I'm afraid of what he might do to you. But you know what, I'll never let him touch you. I will protect you!

Paolo embraces and kisses her. Cathy did not expect it at all and wasn't able to react for a couple of seconds.

Outside, a pair of eyes watching them in binoculars, disgustedly turns away and leaves.

Cathy tried to push back but Paolo was holding her so tightly it took her a while before she was able to.

Paolo: I'm sorry.. I thought you wanted me to kiss you.

Cathy: I think you are getting the wrong idea here. I better go.

Paolo still seemed to have a hard time believing that he is being turned down.

Paolo: Okay, I understand this is a shock to you. I'll give you some time to digest all this. Next time, we'll start back where we left off.

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