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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata PROLOGUE


Scene: A deserted dark alley at a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night.
A woman, Cathy Villanueva is walking alone. She is looking warily around her.

Cathy: (thinking) Why, oh why did I come here by myself. Maybe I should turn around and leave? No! No, this is a great tip. I can't give up. I've been in more dangerous situations than this. I'll just go a little bit further, if he's not there, then I'll leave...

She hears footsteps behind her. Cathy turns around.

Cathy: Hello? Mohawk ? Is that you?

She sees no one and continues walking. She walks a few more steps and hears the footsteps again. She looks back and sees no one again. She's getting nervous.

Suddenly, several huge, gross looking rats run in front of her across the alley, scaring her half to death.

Cathy: (thinking) Okay, That's my cue to leave. I'm outta here.

She turns around and starts to walk towards the direction of her parked car.

Suddenly, someone appears from the shadows and rushes over behind her. The stranger stabs her multiple times and runs away. Cathy was so surprised, she wasn't even able to scream or put up a fight. She falls on the ground in a bloody heap and loses consciousness.

Cathy wakes up. She feels excruciating pain on her back and sides. She feels movement and realizes she is being carried. She opens her eyes and looks right at a man's face. Her vision is hazy but she can see that he looks very serious.

Cathy: (moaning weakly) I've.. been... stabbed. Am ... I … dead?

Man: (soothing voice) Hang in there. I'm taking you to the hospital.

Cathy: (weakly) Who... are... you?

The man doesn't answer as he continues to walk quickly while carrying her. By now, they are both soaked in blood. Cathy tries to move and she manages to swing her arm and she knocks the man's eyeglasses off his face.

Man: Relax. Save your strength.

Cathy loses consciousness again but the last thought in her head was how sad the man's eyes had looked.

Scene: Hospital room.

Cathy is laying on the hospital bed watching TV. She's bandaged up and still has bruises.

There are several 'Get Well' flowers and balloons in the room, one of them is a large, beautiful arrangement of purple and white variegated roses.

From the TV: The death toll from counterfeit Viagra has risen to 55. A man from Sydney, Australia is the latest casualty. Consumers are urged to get their prescription medication only from reputable sources. In local news, Cathy Villanueva from the TV show “Under Scrutiny with Cathy Villanueva” was hospitalized last night with multiple stab wounds. Police are currently investigating and there are no suspects...

A doctor and nurse step inside the room to check on Cathy.

Doctor: How are you feeling, Miss Villanueva?

Cathy: I feel okay, considering what happened.

Doctor: You are a very lucky woman. If you had gotten to the hospital just a few minutes later, you
wouldn't have made it. You lost quite a lot of blood.

Cathy: I realize that now.

Doctor: How is the pain? Are you able to tolerate it?

Cathy: Yes, the pain medicine help a lot.

Doctor looks at her wounds, assisted by the nurse.

Doctor: You are recovering quite well. If things continue this way, I may discharge you soon.

Cathy: Thanks, Doctor. By the way, I want to ask about who brought me here?

Nurse: We don't know who. The man left right away.

Cathy: That's too bad. I really wanted to thank him.

Nurse: Actually, the police wanted to talk to him too.

Doctor: Speaking of the police, they are here and they want to know if they can talk to you. I told them that they can, but only for a few minutes.

Cathy: Okay.

The doctor and nurse leave the room. Two police detectives enter.

Detective 1: Good Afternoon, Miss Villanueva.

Cathy: Good Afternoon.

Detective 2: We promise not to take up too much of your time.

Detective 1: We just want to ask you a few questions.

Cathy: That's okay. I understand.

Detective 1: Tell us everything that you remember about that night. Start with what you were doing at that place.

Cathy: Well, I was at the office and I received a tip on a story. A person who has information called me and he said he'll meet me at that alley.

Detective 1: A telephone tip?

Cathy: Yes.

Detective 2: Who was it? Who called you?

Cathy: I don't know who he is. He said to call him 'Mohawk'. I didn't recognize his voice.

Detective 2: You didn't know who he was yet you went there by yourself?

Cathy: He said to come alone. He said he would leave if I bring anyone with me.

They two detectives were shaking their heads in disapproval.

Cathy: I know, I know, it wasn't wise. But this is my job. I'm an Investigative Journalist. This is not the first time I went to meet a prospective informant this way.

Detective 1: What was your story about?

Cathy: (hesitating) I'd like to cooperate with you. Can it be kept confidential? I don't want my competition to 'scoop' me.

Detective 2: We can't make promises like that, Miss Villanueva.

Detective 1: Ma'am, you are laying here with stab wounds. You are worried about getting 'scooped' ?

Cathy: Okay, okay. I'll tell you, but please keep it between us if possible. The tip is about a married politician who is having an affair with a movie star.

Detective 1: That's your story? That happens all the time. That's not much of a story any more.

Cathy: True. But it is still a big story if they are both married men and they are colluding to give large government contracts to their relatives.

Detective 2: Who are they ?

Cathy: I don't know! This 'Mohawk' said he would tell me when I meet him. He said he had some pictures to give me too.

Detective 1: Did you get a good look at the person who stabbed you?

Cathy: No. It was really dark and it happened very quickly. I heard footsteps behind me but didn't see anyone.

Detective 2: Did the assailant say anything?

Cathy: No, he or she just stabbed me. I didn't even hear the person approach.

Detective 1: Are you saying it could be a woman?

Cathy: I have no idea.

Detective 2: Do you know anyone at all who might want to harm you?

Cathy: Unfortunately, at my line of work, I've had my share of angry emails and death threats.

Detective 1: Can we get a list?

Cathy: Sure. The threats that looked serious have been reported to the police.

Detective 2: What else do you remember from that night?

Cathy: A man saved me.

Detective 1: Yes, we wanted to ask you about that too. Do you know who he was?

Cathy: No, I don't know who he is. I passed out and when I came to, he was carrying me.

Detective 1: Can you describe him?

Cathy: I only saw him for a moment. He's clean cut, wears glasses.

Detective 2: It was odd that he just disappeared after bringing you here.

Cathy: If you are thinking he was the one who stabbed me, you are mistaken. He didn't do it.

Detective 1: How can you be so sure?

Cathy: (having a difficult time explaining herself) He seemed like a ... friend, not an enemy. Besides, if he tried to kill me, why would he bring me here to the hospital.

At that moment, the nurse comes in the room.

Nurse: The doctor said only a few minutes. I think the patient should rest now.

Detective 2: Okay, we're leaving. Miss Villanueva, if you recall anything else about the attack, please contact us.

Cathy: Yes I will. And if you find out anything about the man brought me to the hospital, please let me know so I can thank him.

There's a lot of activity in the hospital hallway. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, patients, visitors are absorbed by their own world. A man is among them. He catches a sight of Cathy sleeping peacefully as the nurse leaves Cathy's room. He seems to blend in the background.

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