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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 9 : The Secret

EPISODE 9 : The Secret

Scene: Cathy's workplace conference room. Cathy and her team are gathered for a meeting.

Cathy: Let's go through everything that we have with a fine tooth comb, and then go through it again, especially the pictures I got from LifeTekk the other night. I feel we are really close.

Coworkers: Yes!

Cathy: We all have our assignments. Everyone understands what they are supposed to do?

Coworkers: Yes!

Cathy: That's all. Thanks everyone. Please come to me right away if you feel you have something, anything!

The staff leaves the conference room except for Susie.

Cathy: Susie, I have to leave for a bit. Please cover for me while I'm gone.

Susie: Sure, no problem. Where are you going?

Cathy: (hesitating a bit) Just some errands.

Susie: Okay, be careful. Watch out for your stalker. Check in with me later so I know you are okay.

Cathy: I'll be fine! If Mrs. Gorospe looks for me, tell her I'm working on the story she wants.

Susie: Are you?

Cathy: Not ... exactly. I still can't bring myself to air Vincent's story but if I tell Mrs. Gorospe that, she'll give the story to someone else.

Susie: How long do you think you can keep that up?

Cathy: My hope is that if we can break a better story, she will drop it.

One of the staffers knock on the door.

Coworker: Excuse me, Cathy. I may have something here...

Scene: Outside Vincent's house.

Cathy is parking her car and getting out. She's looking wide eyed at the large home and gardens.

Cathy: (thinking) Is this it? I don't remember it being this large. But this is the right address.

Cathy walks to the front door and rings the doorbell. There's no answer. After a few minutes of waiting, she goes out to the back.

Cathy: (thinking) I think I can climb that gate.

Cathy climbs over the gate and makes her way inside and walks through the gardens. She sees several rose bushes with blooming purple and white roses.

Cathy: (thinking) Now I know I'm in the right house. Wow, this garden is amazing. It smells so good.

Cathy walks to the house and tries the door knob on the glass doors. It opened. She goes inside the house looking around for anyone but she doesn't see anyone.

Cathy: Vincent? Vincent?

Suddenly, someone grabs her from behind.

Scene: Vincent in his car driving. The phone rings and he picks it up.

Vincent: Hello.

Other line: Hey, how's my favorite living brother? Ha ha.

Vincent: What do you want, Paolo?

Scene: Back in Vincent's house.

A man is holding Cathy.

Man: Who are you? Why are you trespassing?!!!

Cathy: You're not Vincent!

Cathy gets a good look at the man and recognizes him from the pictures she's seen.

Cathy: Theo? Oh my goodness! I'm Cathy, a friend of Vincent's.

Theo recognizes her too and lets her go.

Theo: I know who you are..

Cathy: I'm looking for Vincent.

Theo: He'll be home soon.

Cathy: What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be...

Theo: Dead. Yup, but obviously I'm not. Vincent shouldn't have gotten you mixed up in this.

Cathy: What? What are you talking about? Mixed up in what?

Theo: You really should ask Vincent.

Cathy: I've been trying to ask but he won't tell me anything. He's not exactly Mr Talkative. Can you tell me? Please..

Theo: Okay, I suppose you deserve some answers. Too bad for you you got involved in this F'd up family.

Cathy: How are you here when you are supposed to be dead?

Theo: Where do I even start? The accident wasn't an accident.

Cathy: Huh?

Theo looks pained as he is telling the story.

Theo: Ileanna and I planned it. We were going to run away together.

Cathy: You and Ileanna? I thought she was in love with your brother Paolo.

Theo: Hah! That's what Paolo told you? That a$$hole. He would say that. He's part of the reason we had to make that desperate plan! When Vincent brought Ileanna to meet us, Paolo went after her almost immediately. Paolo always wants what Vincent has. Ever since were were kids, those two constantly fought. Paolo is competitive with everyone but most especially with Vincent.

Cathy: And you were stuck in the middle?

Theo: Yeah, something like that...With Vincent and Paolo fighting, she turned to me more and more...

Theo has a far away look in his eyes.

Theo: She is so beautiful. I couldn't help but fall for her. She wanted to come clean and confess to Vincent the truth about us. We also talked about running off and telling them after we're already married. But I came up with this terrible plan instead.

Cathy: Why?

Theo: (almost crying) For purely selfish reasons. I couldn't face Vincent. I kept picturing his reaction once he finds out that I took his fiance from him. Then there's Paolo. He would never let us be once he finds out. I didn't want to be his target, like Vincent always has been. He's unrelenting, vindictive. I got it in my head that it would be better for everyone if they thought we were dead. I think I watched too many movies...

Cathy: Ileanna went along with it?

Theo: Yeah, she hates her family and she doesn't want to be an opera singer anymore. She had her own reasons to want to disappear. Myself, I will miss my brother Vincent and I know he would miss me but I thought that I would rather he think I'm dead than he find out that I betrayed him. Besides, the plan seemed so simple. We have a small explosion in the yacht, have a small fire and Ileanna and I will jump in the water where we had a spare boat waiting. We spent a long time planning our getaway, the boat, extra clothes, we put money away in hidden accounts that we can access after we disappear. We even bribed some people to report seeing sharks in the area so it would be assumed that's what happened to our bodies.

Cathy: So what went wrong with the plan?

Theo: What didn't go wrong! It was doomed from the beginning! I found out later that Paolo found out about the plan and sabotaged it. The small explosion was a much larger explosion and it caused a much larger fire. Vincent wasn't supposed to get hurt, nobody was! Instead he got burned badly. (pauses to collect himself) The fire extinguishers weren't where they were supposed to be. Ileanna and I jumped in the water anyway as planned. We didn't count on the waves being stronger that night and the getaway boat wasn't where it was supposed to be. (crying) Ileanna drowned! I couldn't save her because I barely made it myself. (sobbing)

Cathy waited for Theo to calm down.

Cathy: Theo, does Vincent know?

Theo: (nodding) Yes. The irony is I first conceived of the plan so I wouldn't have to face him. But I realize I have to grow a backbone and be a man. Believe me it was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Cathy: And Vincent forgave you?

Theo: Yes he did ... eventually. He was furious with me at first and told me I should stay dead. He wouldn't talk to me. But I persisted until he forgave me. It took him a while. I think in the end, he's relieved that I'm not dead and that he can stop blaming himself for what happened to Ileanna.

Cathy: Oh my God, I can't imagine what Vincent must have gone through.

Theo: To the day I die, I will regret my part in it. I vow to spend the rest of my life making it up to him.

Cathy: Does Paolo know you are alive?

Theo: No! And I don't want him to know! Cathy, Vincent told me you are investigating our company and you are right to do so. Something is fishy and we will expose it. I can't stand that Paolo is destroying our parents legacy.

Cathy: How much have you uncovered? Maybe we can help each other. I just want exclusive access and interviews.

Theo: Sure. Actually Vincent said you may have something we need.

Cathy: What is it?

Theo: He said you took pictures at LifeTekk a few nights ago when you saw each other there? I want those pictures.

Cathy: Yes, I can give them to you. I actually have them with me because we think we have something.

Cathy gives Theo pictures and papers. Theo and Cathy look through them.

Theo: This is great! If we put together what you have and what I have, I think we are starting to get a clearer picture. Look at this. Financial reports that show that Monticelli Industries was severely affected with the real estate and banking collapse around the world. The company would have gone down if it wasn't for a large influx of capital.

Cathy: What does that have to do with LifeTekk Pharmaceuticals and the counterfeit drugs?

Theo: It appears that the extra money came from some shady investors who charged a ridiculously high interest rate. When Paolo couldn't pay, they had him manufacture the drugs as part of the payment.

Cathy: I thought it was just ingredients.

Theo: Sometimes just the ingredients and sometimes the whole thing. They make it so quickly with no quality control. Sometimes the drugs actually work, sometimes they don't. The drugs are sold through the internet without prescription.

Cathy: Wow!

Theo: These pictures show the boxes for shipment. I think it can be linked to what's in the market. I think this is what the investigator from Food And Drug Administration is looking for. I'm working with them.

Cathy: Theo, I'm sure you realize that when this all gets exposed, it's your family's company and name that will be dragged through the mud.

Theo: I know. But you know what, that's coming anyway. The FDA were already investigating. Some of the members of the board of directors disagree with what Paolo has been doing but just afraid to stand up to him. I've been in contact with them too. It's not too late, we can still save the company and restore its good name. Paolo is going to get what he deserves! Both Vincent and I blamed ourselves for Ileanna's death but it was really his fault. I hate that f*cking inflamed a$shole!! (looks at Cathy apologetically) Sorry for my language ...

Cathy: That's okay. I'll give you what our team has gathered. But don't forget my exclusive access

Theo: Of course not! You always have that in your mind, huh. (looking through the pictures) Vincent was supposed to take pictures that night because we knew the shipments were happening, but I guess he was distracted when he saw you. (smiling)

Cathy remembered that was the night Vincent kissed her for real and not in her dream. Theo is looking at Cathy intently.

Theo: You're resemblance to Ileanna is uncanny but the more time I spend with you, the more you seem very different. Cathy, please be good to Vincent. He's really a good person. I know the old Vincent is still in there. He's been through so much. I think you can be the person who will help him recover.

Theo gives Cathy a hug. Just then Vincent walks in the door.

Theo: Hey Vince, look who I just met.

Vincent does not look happy.

Vincent: (to Cathy) What are you doing here?

Theo: (awkwardly) Uh.. I'm going to meet some people now that we have some more evidence. I'll see you guys later...

Theo leaves the house.

Vincent: What do you want?

Cathy: I wanted to talk to you, Vincent.

Vincent doesn't answer.

Begin Flashback

Scene: Vincent in his car driving. His cell phone rings and he picks it up.

Vincent: Hello.

Other line: Hey, how's my favorite living brother? Ha ha.

Vincent: What do you want, Paolo?

Paolo: I have some bad news for you bro. About Cathy.

Vincent: (concern) Cathy, what happened to Cathy? Is she okay? Did she get hurt?

Paolo: She's not hurt. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it turns out she's playing both of us. She's just using us. A reliable source told me that she's working on a feature on her TV show about the accident, Ileanna, Theo, me, you..

Vincent: What? Why would anyone care about that!

Paolo: It's a sordid tale if you think about it. Lots of people would enjoy seeing our name dragged in the mud.

Vincent: I don't believe you! Cathy would never do that!

Paolo: As your older brother, let me give you some advice. Stop putting women in pedestals, bro. That's what you did to Ileanna too and she didn't deserve it either. Cathy is not as pure as driven snow like you seem to believe. Since you are useless, as usual, I'm going to have to be the one to clean up the mess. I will stop it from airing. Hey, at least I got back at Cathy. My date with her went great. Better than great! She's as delicious in the sack as Ileanna was, ha ha ha

Vincent hangs up the phone and throws it. He is enraged as he drives recklessly back to his home.

End Flashback

Cathy: And Theo! Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's actually alive! That's quite a tale he told me.. Things are much clearer now..

Vincent: I did notice that you seem quite friendly with him..

Cathy: Well yeah.. You wouldn't tell me anything so I had to ask whoever I can. (uneasy) Vincent, what's wrong?

Vincent: Is it true that you are working on a feature for your TV show about .. my accident?

Cathy: Huh? How did you hear about that..

Vincent is advancing and Cathy is backing up.

Vincent: Tell me the truth!

Cathy: Yes, technically. But let me explain ....

Vincent picks up a vase filled with flowers and throws it against the wall.

Vincent: Aaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Cathy: Vincent, calm down...Please, give me a chance...

Vincent continues to go nuts and Cathy is getting frightened. She tries to go the front door to leave.

Cathy: Let's talk when you have calmed down...

Vincent intercepts her.

Vincent: You lying b1tch! I thought you were different! How can you do this to me! I worshiped you! Paolo's right, you just used me!

Cathy: P- Paolo?

Vincent: Yes, remember him, my b@stard of a brother that you f*cked!

Cathy: What? No, no, I didn't. Nothing happened between us! If he told you that, he's lying!

Vincent: You're the liar! You don't deserve the devotion I've given you!

Vincent pushes her down on the couch and starts kissing her roughly.

Vincent: Is this what you want? Huh? This? I heard you are giving it away

Cathy: No, No Vincent, please no!!

Cathy tries to fight him off but he's stronger than her. He continues to kiss and touch her all over while holding her down.

Cathy: (panicking) Stop! Stop! Not like this.. not like this!

He rips her blouse open. Cathy starts crying loudly.

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