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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inamorata - EPISODE 1 : New Years Eve

EPISODE 1 : New Years Eve

Few months after …

Scene: Cathy's office at a TV production company.

Cathy is all by herself in the office. The TV is on and playing a show that is counting down the New Years.

From the TV: 10.. 9... 8.. 7... 6.. 5.. 4.. 3...2.. 1.. Happy New Year everybody!! Welcome to 2011!! Wooooh!! (music and sounds of people having a good time) Happy New Year!!!

Cathy looks up from the work she is doing.

Cathy: (thinking) Wow! I didn't even realize it's midnight.

She take a bottle of champagne that was on her desk and pours a little bit in a glass and takes a sip.

Her cell phone rings. She looks at who's calling and answers it. It's her assistant Susie.

Cathy: Hi Susie. Happy New Year!

Cathy can hear sounds of a party on the other line.

Susie: Happy New Year! Are you still in the office?

Cathy: Yes.

Susie: I knew it! (telling someone else ) I told you guys, she’s still at work!

Cathy: I didn't realize the time, but I'm almost done.

Susie: Hurry up and come here! It's not too late. This party is epic!

Cathy: I just have a few more things to do.

Susie: The work will be there tomorrow, it's not going anywhere but New Years only comes once a year!

Cathy: All right! I'll hurry up.

Susie: There are so many yummy guys here, you are so missing out. Oh hang on..

Susie: (talking to someone at the party) Yes, yes I'm calling Cathy now (pause) What else, of course she's still at the office. (pause) Yes, the Cathy Villanueva from TV. I work with her you know.(pause) Yeah, she's single and ready to mingle! Ha ha ha!

Susie: (back to Cathy) Get your a$s in here quick! We need to let our freak flag fly!

Cathy: Okay, okay! Leave some for me. Ha ha

Cathy hangs up smiling. She stands up and looks at her pile of work and for a second considers leaving without finishing. But she sits back down and types on the computer keyboard. Cathy takes a sip of champagne from her glass and continues working.

Later, Cathy wakes up realizing she'd fallen asleep at her desk. She looks at the wall clock. The room is pretty dark.

Cathy: (thinking) Oh no, do we have a brown out? What time is it! I can't believe I fell asleep! Susie's going to be mad at me.. maybe I can still catch up to the party.

She stands up to go but pauses. She feels that someone else is in the room with her.

Cathy: Hello?

From the shadows a man slowly emerges. Behind the man, there's a faint light coming from the windows so she can really only see his shape framed against the moonlight. She can't see his face at all. Somehow, Cathy doesn't feel scared. Something about this man is familiar to her, as if she's expecting him.

He lifts one arm and reaches out to her. Cathy takes his hand. He envelopes her in an embrace that melds their bodies together. Cathy is hyper aware of every inch of her that is pressed against him. A moment later, the man broke their embrace, leaving Cathy feeling disappointed for only a moment, until she realizes that he did that so he can kiss her. As his head inches closer to her, he's still in the shadows and she still can't see his whole face but she caught a glimpse of his eyes, the sad eyes that are familiar to her. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, they kiss.

Loud Voice: Hello! Miss Villanueva! Are you asleep?! It's security, just doing our rounds!

Cathy wakes up abruptly. It takes her a couple of seconds to realize where she is and that it was all just a dream.

Cathy: (guiltily) Oh, sorry. I'm awake! I was just getting ready to go!

Cathy stands up and gathers her things together. She looks at the wall clock.

Cathy: (thinking) Yup, it's too late. I might as well just go home. Geez, what was that dream about? I think I need to find a boyfriend.

Several hours after midnight, Cathy walks out of the offices and to her parked car. She starts her car.
Cathy waves to the security guard as she passes him.

Cathy: Happy New Year!

Guard: Happy New Year!

Cathy drives away. A moment later, another car starts up and follows her car.

Scene: Journalism Awards banquet at a fancy hotel ballroom.

Cathy looks beautiful in a purple shimmery evening gown. Susie is wearing tight bright red form fitting gown. It looks like her boobs her falling out. They have a chance to talk before the others in their group arrive.

Susie: Cathy, what happened to you last night? You said you were coming to Gina's birthday bash.

Cathy: Sorry Susie, I just have so much work to do.

Susie: Ugh! Just like at the New Years Eve party. You said you were coming but you left me hanging
again. I'm getting tired of getting stood up by you!

Cathy: I'm really sorry. You know I'm not a good party friend.

Susie: That's the understatement of the year.

Cathy: I was just doing a little rewrite for a segment that is airing next week, I have to finish it.

Susie: Why don't you let the writers take care of that, geez! That's what they are there for.

Cathy: I know they won't be able to finish because of the holidays. Sometimes I have to be the writer.

Susie: Yes, and you're also sometimes the producer, editor, host, cameraman, sound man, make-up artist. I think I saw you tinker with the lighting one day too.

Cathy: Ha ha, You're exaggerating! I'm just helping. It's my name on the show and I want it to be the best it can be.

Susie: Yes, but at what cost to you? All you do is work. You don't have a life outside of work, do you?

Cathy: I suppose my career is my life.

Susie: You didn't even see your family during Christmas.

Cathy: We spoke on the phone. My parents understand that I can't travel when we have so many deadlines.

Susie: They don't mind?

Cathy: I don’t think so. They never said they do.

Susie: You're their only child and they don't mind that they don't see you very much?

Cathy: They have lots of friends in the retirement community in Florida. Besides when I was growing up, they were career driven too. If anyone could understand commitment to work, it would be them.

Susie: All I know is that you need some fun.

Cathy: You're probably right. I've been having these strange dreams...

Susie: Really? Do tell...

Just then, other members of their TV show team arrive and they sit on the table designated for them. They are all dressed to the nines too.

Coworker 1: I'm so excited. I think we have a great chance of winning.

Coworker 2: I am sure we are going to win! My aunt, who's a fortune teller, told me.

Cathy: I'm just thrilled we were nominated.

Susie: The nomination is nice, but I'd be pissed if we don't win. We deserve it.

Cathy: I think we deserve it too but this is just our first year on the air. It's already quite an accomplishment that we got this recognition.

Coworker 3: Well, some say you (nodding at Cathy) are a sure bet for Outstanding Host.

Coworker 1: No one deserves it more. You're the only one who put yourself in danger and got hurt
going after a story!

Susie: Our network really squeezed every amount of sympathy and publicity from that, didn’t they?

Coworker 1: Cathy, we didn't expect you back at work so soon after. Are you sure you are okay?

Cathy: I'm really fine. Sitting at that hospital with nothing to do was driving me nuts!

Coworker 4: That really was a dangerous! Meeting someone alone!

Coworker 5: You could have been killed or worse!

Coworker 1: I just started working with you guys. Is it true that you have put yourself in risky situations several times?

Susie: You guys have no idea. We always said Cathy has some kind of a guardian angel that protects her.

Cathy: This is the first time something bad has actually happened.

Susie: Maybe your guardian angel was busy.

Cathy: Ha ha, maybe. But I did have a real life guardian angel who saved my life.

Susie: The guy who took you to the hospital?

Cathy: Yes.

Coworker 2: Did you ever find out who he is?

Cathy: No, and I want to. He couldn't have disappeared into thin air.

The ceremony starts.

Finally, it came to their category.

Presenter: ..And the winner for Outstanding Host of a News Magazine Television Program is... Cathy Villanueva of “Under Scrutiny by Cathy Villanueva.”

Audience claps. Largest claps and hoots from Cathy's table.

Cathy stands up and walks to the podium. She's got a giant smile on her face.

Cathy: Thank you, thank you so much. I'd like to thank our wonderful team who makes me look good....

From the shadows in the large ballroom, a pair of bespectacled eyes are watching Cathy as she gives her speech. A rare smile slowly appeared below those eyes.

Scene: Outside the venue, at the end of that night.

Cathy's TV show team are in very high spirits.

Coworker 3: Yes!! Yes!! We bagged the biggest awards Best News Magazine Show and Best Host!

Coworker 2: Didn't I tell you guys!! My aunt was right, we were going to win. Her fortune telling was right on!

Coworker 1: Maybe I should go see your aunt to get my fortunes read too.

Coworker 5: Hmmph! I think it has less to do with your aunt than with Cathy's efforts.

Cathy: It's due to ALL our efforts, guys! We are a team and we won this together. I'm so proud of all of us!

Coworker 1: I think it's time to celebrate!

Cathy: Of course! Let's go to our network's party, it's at this hotel, down this way. Let's go!

The group walks to the direction of the club with Cathy walking behind them. Cathy gets the feeling someone is watching them and looks back, but she sees no one. She turns and catches up to her group.

Happy New Year my Inamorata. I worry that you are not giving yourself enough time to rest. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right? My dearest, you work too hard. You missed another party with your friends. I'm concerned but at the same time, I feel relief that you didn't go out with your friends. I am tortured by the thought that you may meet someone before I get a chance with you. The men in this planet must be fools. Why would someone as amazing as you remain free for so long. I am often bewildered why no one has not claimed you for himself. That is certainly what I want to do.

Congratulations my sweet, no one is more deserving of that win than you. Do you feel me pulling for you? I rejoice in your triumph. I'm also celebrating with you. You are not only beautiful but also smart. My admiration for you grows daily.

You look so stunning tonight. Purple suits you like no other color. You are beautiful, flawless, luminous. Your face, your eyes, your lips, your body, everything about you is perfection. Surely there is no one more gorgeous than you.

I'm right here, my love. I'm waiting for you. Today you turned around as if you can see me, as if you are looking for me. Can you? I'm right here my Inamorata, can you feel me? Can you feel me yearning for you with every fiber of my being? Why can't I have the guts to come up to you, introduce myself, to tell you how I feel. Why am I such a coward! I hate myself! All I can do is worship you from afar.

Good night, my Inamorata. I hope you sleep well better than I do. I hope slumber doesn't elude me again tonight. I'll think of the gentle sway of your hips as I lay in bed, while wishing you were next to me.

My heart, I dream of holding you in my arms, kissing you. I often fantasize of walking up to you, and your heart instantly recognizes my heart and no words need to be uttered between us. My love, one day I will have the courage to talk to you. You will accept me. We will be together. I will do everything, anything to make that happen. I love you to the point of madness...

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