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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 8 - Mark is Torn Between Heart And Claudine

Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is walking towards the ICU)

(Mark opens the door to the ICU and sees Claudine holding her son’s hand and reading a book)

(Mark doesn’t disturb them, he quietly closes the door and leaves)

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(A car enters through the gate and parks. Mark exits the car)

(Mark goes inside the house and walks towards their bedroom. He sees Heart sleeping on their bed. He sits on the bed next to her)

(Heart wakes up and holds Mark tightly, crying)

Heart : I'm sorry Mark.

Mark : Heart, why are you saying sorry?

Heart : I’m saying sorry to you because I didn't trust you.

Mark : Let’s not talk about it anymore. Go back to sleep.

(Heart pulls Mark close, Mark responds with a kiss
and at that moment it was enough to calm her fears )

Scenario (Hospital)

Mark : Hello?

Heart : Hello Mark? It’s me. Are you free later?

Mark : Why do you ask??

Heart: It’s my boss's birthday. Can you go with me?

Mark: Sure, but first I have to check if I’m free.

Heart: Okay, pick me up from the office later.

Mark : Sounds good.

Heart : Bye.

Mark : Bye.

Scenario (Hospital ICU)

(Mark enters and sees Claudine’s friend)

Friend : Good morning Doc.

Mark : Aren’t you Claudine’s friend ?

Friend : Yes, that was me. From the coffee shop?

Mark : Oh yeah. I remember. Where’s Claudine?

Friend : Paolo’s parents were here. They picked her up to go to the police station.

Mark : Police Station?

Friend : Yes. They wanted to ask about the accident. They wanted to see if the police have any new leads.

Mark : I see.

Friend : They’ll be back soon.

Mark : (nods) I’ll check on Marky now.

(Mark checks on Marky)

Scenario (outside the Hospital)

(Mark is leaving the hospital, looks up and sees Claudine sitting on a bench under a tree)

(Mark approaches Claudine and sees that she’s crying)

Mark: Dine, are you okay? I saw your friend at the ICU, she said you went to the Police station.

(Claudine cries even harder. Mark holds her)

Mark : What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Claudine : The police said there were no witnesses to the accident. No one saw a darn thing.

Mark: Have faith, Dine. It will be okay. They’ll find who did this to your son.

Claudine : (crying) I miss my son so much.

(Mark holds Claudine even tighter)


Scenario (Church)

(Mark and Claudine getting out of their car)

(Claudine kneels down to pray. Mark is watching Claudine intently. Claudine is crying, Mark is feeling her pain)

Scenario (Outside the church)

(Mark and Claudine are leaving the church)

Claudine: Thanks for coming with me, Mark.

Mark: Don't thank me, Dine. I’ll always be here for you.

(They embrace)


Scenario (Heart’s office)

(Heart is waiting for Mark)

Officemate 1 : Heart, you want to go with us? What if Mark doesn’t make it?

Officemate 2 : Why don’t you call him. Just tell him to meet us at the party.

Heart : Go on without me, guys. I’ll wait for Mark. He probably just had to see a patient.

Officemate 1 : Just call him!

Officemate 2 : Okay, if you are going to wait for Mark, we’ll wait with you.

(Heart is calling Mark)

Scenario (outside the church)

(Mark’s cell phone rings)

Claudine : Aren’t you going to answer your phone? It’s been ringing for a while, it might be important.

Mark : Your’e right. Excuse me, while I get this call.

(Mark steps away and starts talking to Heart. Claudine watches him.)

(Mark finishes his call and walks back to Claudine)

Claudine : Was that Heart?

Mark : (he lies) No, it wasn’t. But I do have to go back to hospital

(Mark and Claudine get in his car and leave.)

Scenario (Heart’s office)

Officemate 1 : What did he say?

Heart : (sad) He said he can’t make it. He has to see a patient.

Officemate 2 : There you go! Just come with us then.

Heart : You guys go ahead. I’ll meet him at the hospital. I want us to have dinner together.

Officemate 2 : All right then. If that’s what you want. See you later.

Heart : Enjoy the party.

(Heart’s officemates get in the car. Heart is by herself)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart is in a taxi and sees Mark’s car pulling into the parking lot. She is surprised to see Mark and Claudine get out of the car)

Heart : (thinking) Why are they together? Mark said he’s with a patient.

(Mark is getting out of the car, looks down and sees something. He calls Claudine)

Mark : (loudly) Dine! You left your purse!

(Heart is blown away by what she heard)

Heart : “Dine”? He called her Dine? She’s Dine?


Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(Heart is in the dining room, drinking by herself)

Heart : (crying) She’s Dine? How did this happen? Of all people, why did it have to be her?

(Heart is recalls how she met Mark)


Scenario (Heart’s car)

(Heart is driving and sees a man, obviously drunk, trying to walk across the street)
(Heart drives by the guy, but keeps an eye on him in the rear view mirror)

(She sees the man trip and fall. She stops the car and gets out)

(Heart approaches the man laying on the street)

Heart : Are you okay?

(Mark is very drunk, looks at Heart for a second, but can’t focus. He tries to stand up to leave but he trips again and Heart helps him up)

Mark: What are you doing?? Leave me alone!!

Heart: Geez! I’m just trying to help you.

Mark : Why? Did I ask you for help? Get out of my face!

Heart : (offended) If you don’t want me to help, then fine!

(Heart leaves Mark sitting on the sidewalk. She drives away but rain starts to pour down hard. She thinks of the man. She drives back to where Mark was sitting and sees him just drenched.)

(Heart helps Mark in to the car)

Scenario (Heart’s house)

(Heart helps Mark into her house and lays him on the couch)

Heart : Hmm, Drunky Brewster finally fell asleep.

(Heart changes Mark’s wet clothes. She notices Mark looks like he’s been crying)

Heart : What could his problem be that he’s crying like this.

(Mark suddenly wakes up, he grabs Heart)

Mark : (sobbing) Dine, I love you so much. Why did you leave me?

(Heart is startled. Mark holds her even tighter)

Mark : (still crying) Dine, I love you so much.

Heart : (thinking) I’ve never seen a man cry like this. He must be so hurt.

(Heart felt bad for Mark and hugs him back)

(Mark falls asleep again while in Heart’s arms. Heart slowly lays him down. She can’t keep her eyes off the sad look on Mark’s face)

Heart : I wonder who’s ‘Dine’?

Scenario (outside Heart’s home)

(Heart is playing with her dogs. Mark wakes up and sees Heart and the dogs. Heart turns and sees Mark)

Heart : Oh good, you’re awake. I made some breakfast. It’s in the kitchen, help yourself.

(Mark walks through the gate, leaves without saying a word. Heart watches him go)

Heart : Ha, the nerve! He didn’t even say thank you.

Scenario (At a Bar)

(Heart is with friends, they go inside the bar)

(Heart sees Mark drinking by himself, very drunk)

Heart : (to friend) Just a sec..

Friend 1 : Where are you going?

Heart : I need to go to the ladies room.

Friend 2 : Hurry up girlfriend! It’s party time!

(Heart goes to Mark)

Heart : Are you really trying to kill yourself?

(Mark ignores Heart)

Heart: You know alcohol is not going to solve your problem with Dine.

(Mark gives her an angry look)

Mark: What the hell do you know about my problems?

Heart: I know you love her very much because you’re trying to kill yourself over her. She doesn’t know how lucky she is that someone is doing this for her.

(Mark gets up and leaves. Heart follows him out the bar)

Heart: Look, I know you want to kill yourself, but killing yourself by drinking is the hard way. If you lay down on the street, you’ll get run over. Bam! It’s quicker!

(Mark keeps ignoring her and walks away)

Scenario (Heart’s house)

(Mark is outside, ringing the door bell. Heart answers the door)

Heart : (surprised) You? Why are you here?

Mark : I just want to bring this back (holding some clothes). I also want to thank you for helping me.

Heart: Well, this is a side of you I haven’t seen. I didn’t know you could be nice and polite.

(Mark is a little embarrassed by what Heart said)

Heart : Listen, I’m sorry about what I said last night.

Mark : That’s okay. You’re right. I’m the one who should apologize.

Heart : Why don’t you come in.

Mark : No, that’s okay. I really just want to return these and to thank you. My name is Mark, by the way. Mark Fernandez.

Heart : I’m Heart. Heart Evangelista.

Mark : Thanks again, Heart.

Heart : You’re welcome.

(Mark leaves and gets in his car, drives away)

Scenario (At a restaurant)

(Mark and Heart are having a romantic dinner)

Mark: Thanks for going out to dinner with me.

Heart: You know, this doesn’t make up for your stinky attitude. (half joking)

Mark : I'm sorry about all that I’ve said before

Heart : I do understand, you know.

Mark : Thanks.

Heart : By the way, do you work?

Mark : No, I don't. I haven’t been working for a while.

Heart :Huh?

Mark : I was in med school. First year. But I stopped.

Heart : Financial problems?

Mark : Not really.

Heart : Oh I see, not “financial” problem, “heart” problems.

(They have a chuckle)



Back to Present

(Heart is very drunk and weeping)

(Mark enters the home and sees Heart taking a drink)

Mark : Heart? What are you doing? Are you drunk?

(Mark takes the wineglass and wine bottle from Heart)

Heart : Gimme that! That’s my wine!

Mark : What’s going on with you? Why are you doing this to yourself?

Heart : Mark, why didn’t you tell me? Why?

Mark : That’s enough! You’re drunk! Let’s go to the room.

Heart : Mark, tell me the truth. Is Claudine “Dine”? Is she your ex-girlfriend?

Mark : Let me help you up, you’re blitzed!

Heart : (sobbing) Tell me Mark! Is she “Dine”? Please tell me ! (screaming now) Tell me the truth! Is she Dine, the ex that broke your heart?

Mark : Yes! Claudine is Dine, my ex girlfriend.

Heart : (quietly) Do you still love her, Mark?

Mark : You’re drunk. Let’s go

Heart : (screaming) For God's sake! Why can’t you answer a simple question? Do you still love her??

Mark : I'm sorry, Heart.

Heart : You're sorry for what? For lying to me? For still loving her? Just tell me the truth, Mark! DO YOU STILL LOVE HER?!? Answer me!

Mark : Yes! i still love her. I still love Dine very much!

(Mark grabs Heart and embraces her)

Mark : I'm so sorry Heart.

Heart : Please leave me alone. Please go Mark. I want to be alone now.

Mark : Heart, I can't do that.

Heart : Just, just leave me alone. I need to think.

Mark : Heart, don't do this.

Heart : (screams) I said leave me alone!

(Mark finally leaves. Heart is left alone crying. She weeps bitterly as if to purge herself of all her pain and sadness.)

Heart : (sobbing) Why does it have to be Claudine? Why her?

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart is walking towards ICU)

Heart : (thinking, angry) How can you do this me, Claudine?

(Heart enters the ICU and hears Claudine crying)

Claudine : Marky, baby, mommy misses you so much. Please wake up. Please wake up for mommy.

(Heart is frozen. What she heard stopped her from confronting Claudine)

Heart: (thinking) What do I say to the person who I've hurt so much? Whose life I practically destroyed? How can I confront Claudine when I’m the reason she’s here.
The man who loves her is dead and her little boy is laying
there, still unconscious. All because of me. Because of me...

(Heart walks away, crying )

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