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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 9 - Revelations

Scenario (Hospital)

(Claudine sees Mark sitting in the hospital lobby. He looks troubled. She joins him)

Claudine : Mark, are you okay?

(Mark stares intently at Claudine)

Mark : Yeah. I’m okay.

Claudine : You look so sad. Is there something wrong?

Mark : Dine, can you go with me?

Claudine : Where are we going?

(Mark takes Claudine’s hands and they walk away)

Scenario (Hospital rooftop)

Claudine : Do you come here often?

Mark : I’m here whenever I want to think and whenever I have a problem.

Claudine : Which means, you have a problem to think about right now?

Mark : Dine, I haven’t seen you in 7 years. I looked all over for you! All over! I looked for you for two years. My life was a mess.
I met Heart and she helped me get back on my feet. She encouraged me to go back to school to be a
doctor. Four years later, we got married. We’ve been married a year now.

Claudine : I’m happy that your dreams of becoming a doctor came true.

Mark : I’m just a resident. I won’t be a surgeon for another 4 years.

Claudine : You can do it, Mark. I know you can.

(Mark faces Claudine, with tears in his eyes)

Mark : This was our dream, Dine.

Claudine : Mark, I’m happy for you.

(Mark embraces Claudine tightly)

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(A car goes through a gate, stops and parks)

(Mark gets out of the car and goes inside the house)

(Heart is sitting on the couch. Mark sits next to Heart and tries to give Heart a kiss. Heart avoids his kiss)

Mark: Heart, can we talk?

Heart: Why did you lie to me, Mark? Why didn’t you tell me Claudine is Dine? Was it intentional? Did you do it on purpose?

Mark : Heart, No! I didn’t mean to.

Heart : (yelling now) Then why did you not tell me that Claudine is your ex girlfriend?

(Mark turns away. He can’t meet her gaze)

Mark : I don’t know.

(Heart tries to meet his eyes, but Mark keeps looking away)

Heart : Mark, look at me! What do you mean, ‘ I don’t know’.

(Mark still can’t meet Heart’s eyes, especially because she’s crying)

Mark : I'm so sorry Heart.

(Now Heart turns away weeping, Mark still can’t look at her)

Heart : Ever since we’ve met, you never told me ‘I love you’. I never heard those words from you. Mark, is it that hard for you to say it?

(Mark faces Heart, angry look on his face)

Mark : (loudly) It’s not just me! You never said,’I love you’ to me neither!

Heart : (crying) You know why? You really want to know why?? Because I’m afraid!! I’m afraid that if I tell you that I love you, you won’t say it back.

(Mark puts his hands on Heart’s shoulders, he’s tearing up too)

Mark : I’m sorry, Heart.

(Heart’s eyes are full of tears)

Heart: Do you have any idea how much this hurts, Mark? All I ever wished for, is that, one day you can say those words to me.

Heart: All I ever want is to hear you say 'I love you Heart'

(Mark can’t keep from crying at what Heart said)

Mark : I didn't know. I'm so sorry Heart.

(Mark and Heart hold each other. They keep each other close with a tight embace until they find the familiar comfort they yearn from each other's arms)

Scenario (At a Restaurant)

(Heart is sitting, waiting for someone. Claudine enters the restaurant and sits with Heart)

Heart : I know you don’t want to leave your son’s bed, not even for a minute.

Claudine : My friend is watching Marky now.

Heart : I didn’t know my husband knew you.

Claudine : Yes, I knew him.

Heart : He used to be your boyfriend?

Claudine : Yes, but that was a long time ago.

Heart : Do you still love him? Do you still love my husband?

Claudine : Why are you asking me this?

Heart : I just want to know if you still love Mark.

Claudine : I can’t answer that question.

Heart : Why not Claudine? Is it because you still love him?

Claudine : We’re not doing anything wrong.

Heart : Why is it so hard to answer my question?

Claudine : He’s your husband now. That was a long time ago.

Heart: (crying) I love him so much. But I know you’re still in his heart.

Claudine : What are you talking about?

Heart : He still loves you.

(Claudine is very surprised to hear it from Heart.)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is leaving the operating room and walking towards the ICU)

(Claudine sees Mark)

Claudine : Mark!

(Mark looks back and sees Claudine)

Claudine : Mark, can we talk?

Mark : Sure, is there a problem?

Claudine : I just want to talk to you.

Mark : What do you want to talk about?

Claudine : Heart and I had a talk. I want to ask you a favor.

(Mark interrupts)

Mark : I know what you are going to say.

(Mark takes Claudine’s hands and they walk quickly away)

Claudine : Where are we going?

Mark : You want to have a talk, right?

Claudine : Mark, please let go of me.

(Claudine tries to take her hands away)

Claudine : Listen to me Mark. Heart loves you so much.

(Mark ignores her and is half dragging Claudine. They keep walking)

Claudine : (loudly) Mark! Will you listen to me!

(Mark lets go of Claudine’s hand and stops walking)

Mark : I know what you are going to say, Dine.

Claudine : Mark, Heart is your wife. She loves you very much.

Mark : What about my love for you?

Claudine : What happened to us was just a physical joining of our bodies nothing more.

Mark : (yells) I don't believe you, Dine! I know you loved me as much as i love you.

Claudine : (starts to cry) Mark, Heart loves you very much.

Mark : I looked all over for you. Now that I found you, I don't want to lose you.

Claudine : Mark, listen to yourself? So much has happened to us. We’re not the same people. Don’t you get it?

Mark : That didn’t change for me. I still love you very much.

Claudine : (loudly) Listen to me Mark! It’s too late. Someone is going to get hurt! You don’t realize how much your wife loves you

Mark : My only dream was to be with you, Dine.

Claudine : (crying ) Sometimes, we have to give up our dreams

Mark : Dine, please don’t do this.

Claudine : We have to, Mark

(Mark starts to cry and holds Claudine tightly)


Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(Mark and Heart sitting together outside the house)

Heart : I saw Claudine today.

Mark : I know, she told me.

Heart : I told her you still loved her.

Mark : She said she’ll be avoiding me from now on.

Heart: Isn’t fate funny? I was the one who asked you to help her. Who knew she would turn out to be the woman you were looking for, the woman you still loved.
It’s my fault you found each other.

Mark : Please don’t blame yourself, Heart

Heart : Do you know how painful this is for me, Mark? But I can’t get angry. And I won’t give up on you, Mark, because I love you so much.

(Heart is weeping, Mark tries to hold her but Heart avoids his touch. Heart leaves)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart is walking towards ICU)

(Heart notices nurses and doctors running towards ICU)

(Heart sees Mark trying to revive Marky . Claudine is next to the bed, hysterical.)

Claudine : (screaming) Marky! Marky! Oh my God! Marky!

(Mark and nurses continue to do their best to save Marky)

Mark : Dine, it would be better if you leave. We’ll take care of Marky.

Claudine : (still hysterical) No! I won’t leave my son!

Mark : Please Dine.

Claudine : No! there’s no way I’m leaving my son.

(Heart watching this, feels horrible and guilty)

Heart: (thinking) Oh my God! This is all my fault (crying)

(Marky has a seizure. There is a flurry of activity )

Claudine : (screams) Nooooo! Marky!

Claudine : (crying) Mark! Please help Marky! Please help your son!

Mark : Dine, we're doing our best.

(Marky is getting worse, his vital signs are going down)

Claudine : Mark! What’s happening? What’s happening to my son?

Mark : I'm sorry. We’re doing everything we can.

Claudine: Mark, help him! Help OUR son!

(What Claudine said finally sinks in Mark’s mind. He puts his hands on Claudine’s shoulders)

Mark : What? What did you say?

(Heart hears this, she’s flabbergasted)

Heart : Mark’s son? I ran over Mark’s son?

(Claudine can’t look at Mark)

Mark : Dine, what did you say?

Claudine : (weeping) He’s your son. Marky is OUR son.

(Marky’s heart beat starts to get stronger)

Nurse : Doc! He’s getting better. His vital signs are improving.

(Marky wakes up from his coma)

Nurse : Doc! Our patient is awake!

(Mark slowly looks down, tears in his eyes, embraces Marky. He still couldn’t believe this)

Mark : Marky!

Mark : (very emotional, to Claudine) He’s my son?

Claudine : Yes, Marky is your son.

(Heart is still outside the door, watching all of this. She can’t take it anymore, she walks away)

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(Mark enters the house and sees Heart sitting on the couch)

(Mark gives Heart a peck on her cheek)

Heart : I want that annulment

Mark : Heart.

Heart : You have been wanting to file for annulment. I think it’s best that we go our separate ways.

(Heart stands up and leaves Mark alone)


Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark and Claudine are sitting on a bench under a tree)

Mark: Why didn’t you tell me we had a child? Why did you leave? I don’t understand? What did I do wrong? I still can’t figure it out..

Claudine : Your dad spoke with me.

Mark : My dad? He’s been dead for years, Dine.

(Claudine catches his eye)

Mark : Ok, I’m listening…

( Claudine’s tears starting to flow)

Flashback . 7 years ago...

(Mark’s home)

(Mark’s college graduation party. There were lots of guests, including Claudine who was Mark’s girlfriend at that time.)

(Mark’s dad and guest are talking)

Guest 1 : Congratulations Mr. Fernandez! your son graduated Magna Cum Laude. I’m sure it wasn't a surprise.

Mark's Father : No, no, it wasn’t a surprise at all. He’s been brilliant since grade school. He’s always at the top of his class.

Guest 1 : Is he going to continue med school?

Mark's Father : Absolutely! No less than a degree from a top medical school in the US. It’s been Mark’s dream and I have no doubts that that dream will come true. He’s going to be a surgeon!

(Mark signs for the guests to be quiet. He’s holding Claudine’s hand)

Mark : May I have your attention Ladies and Gentlemen. Just for a sec!

Guests : ssshhhh, Listen everyone!

(Guests are quiet, anticipating Mark’s announcement)

Mark : I have an announcement!

(Mark looks at Claudine, then at his father)

Mark: Dad, I’m very thankful for all the support you and Mom gave me. I really worked hard to finish my degree so you’ll be proud of me.
I’m very proud of my achievements as well. But tonight...
(looks at Claudine) I want to thank the woman who has been my inspiration. The woman that I love more than anything.
The woman I will love for the rest of my life.

(Guests started to clap and cheer)

(In the crowd, Mark’s dad’s face is very serious)

Mark : (still looking at Claudine) I found the woman of my dreams. In front of all of you, I want to ask her…

(Mark gets on one knee in front of Claudine)

(Guests are going crazy, clapping and cheering)

(Mark puts his hands up so people can be quiet)

Claudine: (somewhat ashamed) Mark! What are you doing? Oh, this is so embarrassing…

Mark : (serious, earnest) Will you marry me??

(Suddenly, there’s a commotion where Mark’s dad is)

Guest 2 : Mark! Your Dad collapsed!

Guest 3 : Oh my God! Someone call an ambulance, quick!!

Mark : (rushing over to his Dad) Daddy! Dad!

(Mark gives his Dad first aid)

Mark : Get the car ready, we need to take him to the hospital!

Mark's Father : Mark, I’m fine. Just take me to my room.

Mark : No Dad! We need to take you to the hospital!

Mark's Father : Just get my doctor. Bring him here. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.

Claudine : Go ahead Mark, get his doctor. I’ll be here. I’ll take care of your dad. Go!!

Mark : Dad, are you sure? I will get Dr. Santos. Dine, please watch over him. You know how stubborn he is.

Mark's Father : I’m fine! Tell the guests not to worry

Mark : Okay, I’m going. I’ll be right back!

Scenario (Mark’s dad’s room)

(Claudine is sitting with Mark’s dad while he’s resting)

Claudine : How are you, Tito?

Mark's Father : Claudine, I'm glad you're here. I have a confession. My family doesn’t know and you’re the only one I’m telling this to.

Claudine : What is it, Tito?

Mark's Father : I’m very sick, Claudine. My days are numbered. I didn’t tell my family, especially Mark. I just don’t want them to worry about me.

Claudine : (surprised at this) What? Oh my God!

Mark's Father : I’ve accepted my fate. I have my reasons for not telling them. But I wanted you to know.

Claudine : What can I do to help? I’ll do anything to help you and Mark.

Mark's Father : Claudine, all I wanted is for Mark become a doctor like he always dreamt of. I know he loves you very much.
But what about tomorrow, how about in the future? Love can be fickle. But an education, a career, that’s security.
That’s what I want my legacy to my son to be. A secure future. Do you understand me?

Claudine : No, I don’t. What do you mean?

Mark's Father : (crying now) I’m begging you, Claudine. Please, please let Mark become a doctor. He’s giving up on his dream to be a doctor because of you.

Claudine : (crying too, devastated) Tito, I really don’t understand why you are saying this. I love Mark so much and I’m not keeping him from being a doctor.

Mark's Father : But you are! He has a scholarship in America to continue his education to be a doctor. But he’s choosing not to take that so he can marry you!

Claudine : What? I didn’t know this.

Mark's Father : Mark didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to know. He’s turning the scholarship down! Claudine, I’m begging you.
This is my dying wish. Please Claudine, if you don’t leave Mark, he will never become a doctor. You’re keeping him from his dreams!

(The door suddenly opens)

Mark: Dr. Santos is here. How are you feeling, Dad?

Claudine: Excuse me...

(Claudine quickly leaves the room)

Mark: Dine!! Are you okay??

Scenario (Mark and Claudine walking at the beach)

Mark: Dine, you haven’t answered my question. The one I asked at the party?

(Claudine is deep in thought, staring intently at Mark)

Mark: Dine, will you marry me?

(Claudine starts to tear up, while looking at Mark)

Claudine : Mark, I love you too.

Mark: (happy) Dine, let’s get married. I’ve got everything all planned out! You know my friend Tony? He referred me to a job at his company. I’ve already applied. I already have a degree in exactly what they are looking for. I don’t have to go back to school.

Claudine: Mark, I thought you said you wanted to become a doctor. Maybe you should do that first? Isn’t that your dream? What’s the hurry? I’m not going anywhere..

(Mark interrupts)

Mark: I’ve changed my mind about my dream, Claudine. You are my dream now. My dream is to be with you, to get married and start a family with you. Dine, let’s get married.

(Claudine looks intently at Mark’s eyes, she’s remembering his words)


Mark's Father : Mark didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to know. He’s turning the scholarship down! Claudine, I’m begging you.

This is my dying wish. Please Claudine, if you don’t leave Mark, he will never become a doctor. You’re keeping him from his dreams!

(Claudine is devastated by Mark’s dad’s words)

Mark : Dine, I have a scholarship to study medicine in the States. I didn't tell you because I don't plan to go. I can’t bear to be away from you. Especially as much time as it will take to finish. I’m happy to be with you.

(Claudine hugs Mark tightly)

Claudine : (thinking) Me too, Mark. I’m happy just to be with you. I can’t bear to be away from you. I hope your dad can forgive me because I can’t do what he’s asking of me. I love you so much Mark.

Scenario (At the Beach House, Claudine and Mark are together)

Mark : I love you so much, Dine!

Claudine : I love you too, Mark

(Mark kisses Claudine’s hair, they hold each other tight, they stare
into each other’s eyes. Mark kisses Claudine full on the mouth. They fall on the bed. Outside, the waves crash against the beach in rhythm with their love. Mark is ecstatic that he’s finally able to possess the woman he loves above all, Claudine)

Mark: I’ll never ever leave you, Dine. I love you so much

Scenario (beach house)

(Someone is knocking on their bedroom door)

(Claudine wakes up, Mark is still fast asleep. She gets up and opens the door. It’s Mark’s dad)

(Mark’s dad motions her to follow him outside to speak. She follows him with her head bowed down)

Claudine: Good morning, Tito.

(She starts to give him a peck on his cheek like she always does, he avoids it)

Mark's Father : (angry) Look, I’ll get to the point!

Claudine : (nervous) How did you know where we were?

Mark's Father : Someone saw you.

Mark's Father : (angry sigh) I can’t believe you didn’t honor my dying wish. Do you know how lucky Mark is to get that scholarship?
It’s very special and rare opportunity. He’s so close to his dream, my dream for him! It’s your fault! I will not let you do this to him!

(Mark’s father is staring Claudine down.)

Mark's Father : (livid now) Don’t you understand what I’m saying to you? I’m dying, Claudine! I begged you! If you really love my son, you’ll leave him.
You’ll leave him so he can become a doctor. If you really love him, you won’t hold him back! You won’t ruin his life!

(Claudine is very upset. She can’t speak)

Mark’s Father: I’m going. Tell my son that if he doesn’t take that scholarship, he can forget about me. I’ll disown him!

(Mark’s father gets in his car and leaves, Claudine is left crying)

Scenario (beach house bedroom)

(Mark wakes up and sees Claudine watching the ocean on the veranda)

Mark : Good morning, baby!

(Claudine turns around and looks at Mark, smiles)

Mark : Sorry, I woke up late.

(Claudine turns around and looks at the waves again)

(Mark gets up and hugs Claudine from behind. They both watch the ocean)

Mark : (whispers in her ears) Is everything okay?

Claudine : I’m just hungry. It’s late.

Mark : That’s it? Stay right here and your prince charming will bring you a feast!!

(Mark quickly gets dressed, gives Claudine a quick kiss and leaves the room)

Mark: I’ll be right back! I love you!

(Mark leaves the room, then comes right back in to give Claudine a quick kiss on her forehead)

Scenario (Outside the Beach house)

(Mark is buying some food, flowers, a stuffed toy for Claudine)

Scenario: (Beach house)

(Mark is happy, he’s walking back to their room)

Mark : Dine! Baby! I’ve surprises for you! Let’s eat first, then go swimming!

(Mark looks for Claudine in the room but can’t find her)

Mark : Dine, where are you?

(Mark finds a letter on top of the table. He picks up the letter and starts to read )


What happened last night was just a physical joining of our bodies. My mind, heart and soul still have no courage to merge my future and dreams with yours. I can’t give you what you are asking of me. I have a good reason for doing this but that’s not important. I know this won’t make any sense to you now, but one day you’ll thank me.
I’m truly sorry for doing this.


Mark: What does this mean? No, No! This isn’t happening!

(Mark runs out of the beach house, hoping to still catch Claudine)

Mark : (very loudy) Dine! Dine!!


Back to present.

Claudine : I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t want to tell you because I knew for sure then you wouldn’t take that scholarship. I decided to leave and have our baby.

Mark : I looked all over for you. My life fell apart when you left me.

Claudine : I'm so sorry, Mark.

Mark : Why didn’t you tell me right away that Marky is my son?

Claudine : Because I met Heart and found out she was your wife. I didn’t want to ruin your marriage.

Mark : But Dine, he’s my son. Don’t you think I have the right to know?

Claudine : Please forgive me, Mark

Mark : It’s not your fault, Dine.

(Mark and Claudine are very emotional, they hug each other tight)


Scenario (church)

(Heart is kneeling and praying)

Heart : (weeping) God, why? Why is it Mark’s son that I ran over? Please forgive me. You know I never meant for any of this to happen.

Scenario (Mark at Heart’s house)

(Heart is waiting for Mark, her suitcases are packed. Mark sees it. )

Mark : What’s going on?

Heart : I’m just waiting for you to say good bye .

Mark : Good bye?

Heart : I'm leaving, Mark.

Mark : Why do you have to do this, Heart?

Heart : You need to go back to Claudine. She needs you now.

Mark : Heart, don't do this.

Heart : (crying) I’m letting you go.

Mark : Heart, please.

Heart : Mark,I'm doing this for myself too. I have to go.

(Heart leaves the house)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark enters the hospital and a nurse sees him)

Nurse: Doc, did you see your wife yesterday, she was at the ICU.

Mark : Heart was here yesterday?

Nurse : Yes, she was, Doc. But she left when we had that emergency with the young boy at the ICU

(Mark was surprised at this information)

Mark : (thinking) This means, Heart knows about Marky.

(Mark tries to call Heart, but she’s not picking up her cell phone)

Scenario (hospital ICU)

(Mark enters and sees Marky sitting up on his bed)

Mark : Hi Marky! How are you feeling?

Marky : I feel good.

(Mark can’t help himself. He holds Marky, he’s tearing up)

Marky : Doc, why are you crying?

Mark : Nothing, nothing, I’m just happy you woke up.

(Claudine is standing back, watching the emotional scene of the first time the father and son speak. Mark notices Claudine.)

Mark : So you named our son Marky, huh?

Claudine: I remembered you said the name “Marky” is important to you.

(Mark still has a hard time believing all of this, he touches Claudine’s face)

Mark: (very happy) He’s really my son, Dine? He’s our son?

Claudine : Yes Mark, he’s our son.

(The three hold each other)

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