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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 5 - The Love That Never Was

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(A car enters the gate and parks. Mark gets out of the car)

(Heart greets Mark outside the front door)

Heart : Hi! You’re home early.

Mark : Yeah, I left work early.

Heart : That’s great. Go have your shower. I’ll cook you some dinner.

Mark : No, that’s okay. I’m really not hungry. I just want to rest.

Heart : Oh okay. Maybe you want some coffee, or hot tea?

Mark : Coffee sounds good.

Heart : Ok, I’ll make you some coffee. Go hit the shower.

(Mark gives Heart a kiss and goes to their room)

Scenario (Mark in the shower)

(Mark is thinking about Claudine)


(Mark hold the boy's hand. He feels he knows this little boy. Does he know him from somewhere?)

Claudine : Doc?

(Mark turns around and sees Claudine. They stare at each other)

Claudine : Are you the doctor that saved my son’s life?

Mark : This child is your son?

Claudine : Yes, Marky is my son.

Mark : Your son’s name is Marky?

Claudine : Yes, his name is Marky.

Mark : How are you? How have you been?

(Mark is still in the shower deep in thought. He lets water hit his face )

Flash Back

Mark : Claudine, I have to ask you? What happened? You just disappeared. I looked all over for you.

Claudine : Mark, please, let’s not talk about the past anymore.

Mark : I have so many questions for you.

Claudine : We really have nothing to talk about.

Mark : No. No Claudine. I have to know why you left me.

Claudine : Please, Mark. This is not the time to talk about the past.

Mark : You made a promise. We had dreams. We promised to always be with each other. Why did you leave me??

Claudine : But your dream to be a doctor did come true, didn’t it?

(Mark holds Claudine tightly)

Scenario (Mark in the shower)

Mark: Claudine, I missed you so much!


Scenario (Mark and Heart’s lanai)

Heart : Here's your coffee.

Mark : Thank you.

(Mark is staring at Heart)

Heart : (wondering) Is there something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?

Mark : Like what?

Heart : Just like that! Why are you starting at me?

Mark : No I'm not.

Heart : Yes, you are. I’ve noticed something is wrong since you’ve been home. Are you okay?

Mark : Yeah. I'm okay.

Heart : Mark, I’ve been thinking about quitting my job. We've been married for a year now. I’m thinking it’s about time to start a family.
I want us to try to have children.

Mark : Are you sure?

Heart : Yes I'm sure. Actually, I told my work about it.

Mark : They said it’s okay for you to quit?

Heart : Yes. They just want me to train my replacement before I leave.

Mark : If that's really what you want. It’s up to you.

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s bedroom)

(Heart is dreaming about the accident. She screams)

Mark : (waking up) Heart! Heart! Wake up!

(Heart wakes up terrified. Mark holds her)

Mark : (still holding Heart) Night terrors again?

(Heart nods, trembling)

Mark : It's okay. I'm here.

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart is outside the ICU room and is looking for Claudine’s son)

(Heart sees Claudine in the room with her son weeping)

Heart : (thinking) Oh my God! What have I done? What have I done to this poor woman? I killed the man she loves, her son, now in critical condition. Her life is destroyed because of me!

(Heart leaves, crying. She feels extreme anguish for what she has done.)

Scenario (church)

(Heart enters the church, kneels and prays)

Heart: Lord, please forgive me. I am tormented by guilt and remorse. How can I atone for this terrible thing I caused Claudine?

Heart: I didn't mean for this to happen but I am a coward. I don't have the strength to confess what happened to my husband or Claudine. (crying). I wish I was the one who got hurt. That poor boy. Please save his life Lord. Please save his life.

Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

(They are having dinner)

Mark : My secretary told me you were at the clinic today. You’ve been coming in to the hospital more often these days.

Heart : Yes I was. I was visiting my friend’s son.

Mark : (surprised) Your friend’s son? You must really care for your friend to take this much time from work to visit.

Heart : I feel so bad for her child.

Mark : What happened to her child?

Heart : Her boy was in an accident. I want to ask you a favor.

Mark : What is it?

Heart : I was wondering if you can help her.

Mark : How can I help her?

Heart : Can you talk to her? Help her with what she’s going through emotionally?

Mark : You are really worried about your friend.

Heart : I am. I feel terrible for her. Please Mark, can you do that for me? Please!!

Mark : I don't know Heart.

Heart : Please Mark, I'm begging you to help her. Please!

Mark : Is your friend that important for you to ask me like this?

Heart : If I have to beg you then I will. This is extremely important to me.

Mark : (smiling) Okay, if it is that important to you, then I will.

(Heart gets up and gives Mark a kiss)

Heart : Thank you so much.

(Heart gives Mark a hug)


Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark and Heart getting out of the car and walking to the hospital)

(Claudine is in a hurry, she’s walking towards ICU and passes by Mark and Heart)

(Heart sees Claudine)

Heart : Claudine!

(Claudine turns around and sees Mark with Heart)

(Mark and Claudine look at each other)

Heart : Claudine, i want you to meet my husband. He’s a doctor here.

(Claudine tries to avoid Mark and Heart)

Claudine : Hi! I have to go.

Heart : Oh, okay.

(Mark is very surprised that Heart and Claudine know each other)

(Claudine quickly walks to the ICU)

Heart : Hmm that was odd. Maybe you intimidate her.

Heart : Mark, Claudine is the friend I was telling you about. Please help her son in the ICU. He’s comatose right now.

(Mark is surprised by what Heart told him)

Heart : Mark are you okay?

Mark : Ha? Yeah, I'm okay. She is your friend?

Heart : Yes, she is. I hope you can help her. She really needs your help. She is all alone because her boyfriend also died in that accident.

Mark : Her boyfriend?

Heart : Yes, her boyfriend was with her son when they got in that accident. But she told me that her boyfriend is not the father of her child.

(Mark is even more surprised)

( Heart’s cell phone rings)

Heart : Hello? Oh. I’ll be right there. Mark I have to go back to the office.

Mark : Okay, take care.

Heart : Bye!

(Heart gives Mark a kiss and leaves)

(Mark hurriedly makes his way to the ICU)

(Mark goes in the ICU and sees Claudine next to her child crying)

(Mark tries to go near Claudine, but she quickly stands up to avoid him)

(Mark takes her in his arms and holds her tight)

(Claudine hugs him back and sobs on Mark’s shoulder)

Claudine : (still crying) I don’t know how long I can stand seeing him like this.

Mark : Don’t lose hope. Put your faith in God.

Claudine : I don’t think I can take it anymore.

Mark : I’m here for you.

(Mark tightens his hold on Claudine)


Scenario (Claudine’s coffee shop)

(Mark and Claudine gets out of a car that parks in front of the shop)

(Claudine’s friend sees Mark and Claudine going in the shop)

Friend : Claudine!

Claudine : This is Mark. Mark, this is my friend.

Friend : Hi! Mark!

Mark : Hi!

Claudine : He’s Marky’s doctor. He’s the doctor that saved my son’s life.

Friend : He’s a doctor?

Claudine : Yes, he is.

Kaibigan : Wow! I didn’t know doctors could be this good looking.

Claudine : Mark, would you like some coffee?

Mark : Sure, please.

(Claudine pushes her friend, who’s still ogling Mark, out the room)

Claudine : Don’t you have something to do in the kitchen?

Friend: Oh yes! I do have stuff to do in the kitchen. I’ll see you later. Enjoy your coffee.

(Friend leaves the room)

(Mark and Claudine are amused at the friend’s antics)

Mark : It's nice to see you smile again.

(Claudine’s a bit embarassed)

Mark : This is your coffee shop?

Claudine : Yes it is.

(Mark sips his coffee)

Mark : Do you know anything about who hit your son?

Claudine: The police told me that there were no witnesses. They have no leads or clues.

Mark : So that was your boyfriend that was with Marky?

Claudine : Yes, that was Paolo with Marky . (Claudine starts to cry) They just picked something up for me at the jewelry shop right before they got hit by a car

(Mark holds Claudine tight as she cries on his shoulder)

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