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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 3 - Heart's Guilt

(Mark walks along the hospital corridor, exhausted. He was called by a nurse)

Nurse: Dr. Fernandez! Doc you forgot this!

Mark: (stops to get his things from the nurse)

(Claudine walks toward her friend)

(Claudine passes by behind Mark while he was getting medical files from the nurse)

(Mark didn't see Claudine as she walks by)

Scenario (outside the operating room)

Friend: Claudine, they just got done with the surgery. The doctor said....

Claudine: What did the doctor say?

Friend: Claudine, don't be upset.. try to be calm. The doctor said Marky is in a coma.

Claudien: What do you mean?

Friend: They do not know when he is going to wake up. Im so sorry Claudine

Claudine: (cries) My God! Marky, my son..

Friend: Let's us go to the ICU, they said they will bring him there after the surgery.

Scenario (Mark's office)

Mark: (thinking) Why did I feel so anxious during the surgery? Why do this child feels so familiar? I felt an attachment for this patient that I never felt before.

(Mark searched for an answer in his mind, heart and gut, but he just felt more confused)

Mark: (thinking) Maybe I just feel sorry for the poor child.

Scenario (ICU hospital)

(Marky is laying down on the hosbital bed with an IV. He has a bandage on his head )

(Claudine is beside him, looking at his son)

Claudine: (crying) Baby, Mommy's here. Marky? Do you hear me? This is mommy. I love you baby. (cries)

(Friend enters the room)

Friend: (whispers) Claudine, Paolo's parents have claimed his body... They are preparing for his funeral.

Claudine: (Claudine remains quiet)

Friend: You need to go home Claudine.

Claudine: No! No, I can't leave my son. I don't want to leave him here. (crying)

Friend: Claudine I will be with Marky. Go home now. Just do as I say. You might need to come home to get some things for Marky.

Claudine: NO! I'm not going anywhere!

Friend: Come on Claudine. Just come back in a little while. I'll be right here.


Scenario (Claudine's house)

(Claudine enters the house. She sees the guests and the food for the surprise birthday party Paolo prepared for her earlier)

(A guest approached her)

Guest1: Claudine, we heard what happened. We've been here since this afternoon. We really waited for you. We're sorry for what happened.

Claudine: What is this?

Guest 2: Paolo and Marky prepared a surprise party... For your birthday.

Claudine: (weeps) My God! Why did this all happen today? God! Why did the accident have to happen on this day? Why?

Claudine: Why? My God?!

Guest 1: Nobody wants this to happen. It was an accident. Calm down please. Your friends are here for you Claudine. We're very sorry for your loss and for what happened to Marky

Claudine: (crying) It hurts so much! God! It hurts so much!!! Oh my God!!

Scenario (Mark and Heart's house)

Heart: (in the shower) Oh my God! Did I just ran over a man? A man and a helpless little boy? No! It was all an accident. Everything will be alright, I need to calm down. God, did I just kill them? Please Oh God! No!

(Heart shudders in fear)

Heart: (thinking) I want to know who they are. I need to know who they are.

(Heart is crying, her whole body trembling)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart asks a nurse at the information desk)

Heart: Nurse, I just want to inquire about a patient -- they were in an accident. A car ran over them?

Nurse: Who among them ma'am?

Heart: The man with a little boy?

Nurse: Oh yes. The man was pronounced dead on arrival. The boy needed an operation, it was performed by Dr Fernandez. The patient is now in the ICU.

Heart: (shocked) What!! The man is dead?

Nurse: Yes ma'am. How are you related to the patient?

Heart: A friend... I mean.. . Im a friend of the family.

(Heart is trembling, her knees weak as she walks to the ICU)

(Heart slowly peered inside the room. She caught a glimpse of the young boy .

( She felt so sorry for the child. Every bit of her being was wracked with guilt but she feels helpless about the situation)

(As Heart was going out of the hospital, she sees her husband Mark)

Mark: (surprised) Heart! What are you doing here?

(Mark approached Heart and gave her a peck)

Heart: Nothing. I just checked on someone. One of the patient's mom is a friend. Are you going home?

Mark: Yes, come on let's go home.

Mark: Heart, by the way ... About this morning. I'm sorry.

Heart : This morning? What about it?

(Heart looked worried and anxious)

Mark: Are you okay?

Heart: Yes I'm fine! Why?

Mark: You seemed preoccupied. Are you sure everything's okay?

Heart: Yeah I'm sure

Mark: I was talking about what happened this morning. I apologize for being rude to you on the phone, I'm sorry.

Heart: Oh that! Yeah, Im used to it by now. You get mad pretty quick then you ease off in no time.

Mark: (chuckles) I really am sorry. I was a jerk. I should have been more careful because you were driving. I should have not picked a fight while you're on the road.

Heart: I will accept your apologies if you treat me to dinner tonight.

Mark: Ok!

(Heart and Mark get in the car and leaves)


Scenario (Restaurant, Mark and Heart are having dinner together)

Mark: I was thinking... About the annulment.

Heart: (evades the topic) Can we just not talk about it now?

Mark: Hang on, just listen... I think you're right, we should give ourselves another chance.

Heart: What do you mean?

Mark: I thought about what you said, that we can work this out. I realize, you are right. So let's work things out.

Heart: Really? You are not going to ask for an annulment anymore?

Mark: Yes... I won't.

Heart: (brightens up ) Thank you so much!

(Heart stands up and reaches out to kiss Mark on the lips. They held each other tight.)

Mark: Wait! I have an idea! Why don't we take a trip somewhere? We both could use a vacation.. like a second honeymoon?

Heart: I like that!

(Heart and Mark continues to dine together, romantic music playing in the background)

(Later on, while walking out of the restaurant Mark gave Heart a kiss and they stopped to hold each other tight)

Scenario (Mark and Heart in the car, driving home)

Mark: I noticed you've been quiet the whole time. Heart, is something bothering you?

Heart : (caught offguard by the question ) What? yeah.. I'm okay. I'm just tired from the long drive

(Heart suddenly remembers the accident, and the child who was laying in the ICU)

Heart: I heard on the news about an accident. A man and a little boy were struck by a car. They were brought to your hospital.

Mark: Yes they were. The man died before he was brought to us. The little boy is now in a coma. They were both hit and thrown
roughly by an evil and dumb driver. I can't understand how anyone with a conscience can leave them just like that. Anyway, they both have serious injuries, but apparently, the paramedics said, the man took the direct hit as he was protecting the boy. Both could have died..

Heart: (agitated) What? The boy is in a coma?

Mark : Yeah. Heart are you okay? Is something wrong. You look so tense.

Heart: No. Im okay. Im just tired.

Mark: You seem so wound up.

Heart: No, really .Im fine.

Scenario ( Mark and Heart's house)


(Heart is having a nightmare)

Heart: Ahhhhh! aaahhh!

Mark: (wakes up) Heart! Heart! Wake up!

Heart: (screaming) AAAAHHHH!!!!

Mark: Heart! Wake up! Wake up!

(Heart wakes up screaming. She starts crying and looks very frightened)

Mark: (holding Heart) Calm down.. hush.. I'm right here.. Calm down..

Heart: (crying) Mark, don't leave me. I'm so scared!

Mark: (calming Heart, stroking her back) I'm right here. I am not going anywhere. It's just a bad dream. Hush now. Stay here. Im just going to get a glass of water.

Heart: (thinking) My God what have I done? That poor little child! (crying)

(Mark comes back with a glass of water)

Mark: Here, drink it. What did you dream about?

Heart: I.. . I can't remember.

Mark: Okay, go back to sleep.

(Mark cradles Heart in his arms, as they both go back to sleep)

Gap 3

Scenario (Hospital Chapel)

(Claudine enters the hospital chapel, kneels and prays)

Claudine: Lord! I wish it would have been me who got hit by that car! I wish it would have been me, not my son Lord! I would gladly take his place. My son is just a little child. He's so young and innocent to go through all this.


Scenario (outside the ICU)

(Heart is trying to take a look at the little boy in the ICU)

(Claudine is behind Heart, observing her)

Claudine: (puzzled) excuse me?

Heart (startled. She looks up behind her and sees Claudine)

Claudine: You need anything?

Heart: Oh nothing. I was just lost. I was looking for a patient I thought I'll find him here.

Are you related to the boy?

Claudine: Yes. He is my son.

Heart: I'm sorry.

(Claudine nodded)

Heart: By the way, I'm Heart.

Claudine: I'm Claudine

Heart: I'm so sorry about your son.

Claudine: (Claudine didn't know what to say)

Heart: Oh! I have to go. I'll just ask the help of the information desk to find my friend's hospital room.

Claudine: Okay

Heart: Nice meeting you.

Claudine: Nice meeting you too.

(Heart leaves. She proceeds to go to Mark's office.)

Scenario (Dr. Mark's office)

Heart: Is my husband in?

Seretary: Yes' ma'am.

(Heart knocks at the door to Mark's office)

Mark: (looks up) Hey, why are you here? This is a pleasant surprise.

(Mark stands up to give his wife a kiss)

Heart: I just want to invite you for lunch.

Mark: You're just in time. its my lunch break. I'll have my next surgery a little later.

Heart: Come on!

Mark: Okay!

(Mark and Heart go out to eat lunch together)

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