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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 6 - Complication

Scenario (Heart's Office)

Officemate 1: Heart, are you sure you want to quit your job?

Officemate 2: I am going to ask the same girlfriend.. are you sure about this? You might regret this decision. A good job is hard to come by.

Heart: Yes , I am sure. I want to start a family. I told Mark, I'm ready to be a mom. I'm actually excited to stay home and take care of my husband.

Officemate 1: Is this Mark's idea? Did Mark ask you to quit your job?

Heart: Mark has nothing to do with this. He was even surprised when I told him I'm resigning from work and I wasn't joking. He can't believe that Im actually doing it.

Officemate 2: I can't imagine his surprise. You are such a workaholic.

Heart: I just realized our relationship should be my priority. I just feel I need to focus on my marriage right now.

Officemate 2: Well. if you have already thought things through, I guess we're just going to wish you good luck.

Officemate 1: We will miss you Heart..

Officemate 2: Yes, we will surely miss you dear

Heart: You guys sound like we are not going to see each other anymore. I'll be around.

I will drop by here in the office if I get bored at home.. (smiles)

Officemate 2: We sure hope you're going to keep in touch and visit us here.

Heart: Im not going to leave you just yet. I still have 3 months to train my replacement. You guys are being so dramatic. (laughs)

(Heart and her officemates hugged each other)

Scenario (Claudine's coffeeshop)

(Mark and Claudine are talking privately when Mark's cell phone rings)

(Mark excuses himself, he stands up and talks on the phone)

(Claudine stares at Mark as he was talking on the phone)

(Mark walks back to the table and sat in front of Claudine)

(Claudine tries to avoid looking at Mark)

Mark: That was Heart.

Claudine: Your wife is really nice.

Mark: How did the two of you meet?

Claudine: I just met her in the hospital.

Mark : Really? I thought you were old friends.

Claudine: I think your wife loves you very much.

(Mark stares at Claudine's face.)

Claudine (stands up) You have to excuse me. I have to attend to my coffee shop needs so I can go back to the hospital.

Mark: I'll wait for you so we can go back to the hospital together.

Claudine: No, don't bother. I will just ask my driver to bring me to the hospital. I think you should go ahead, your patients might be looking for you. Thanks for the offer anyway.

Mark: Uh okay. Alright. I'll be going now.

Claudine: Okay, bye. Thanks for driving me here. I really appreciate it.

(Mark nods and smiles. He got in the car and drove away)

(Claudine, watching Mark as he drives away)

Scenario ( Mark and Heart's home)

(Mark is standing outside alone )

(Heart sees Mark who was in deep thought)

(Heart runs to give Mark a hug from behind)

Heart (whispers) What are you doing here?

Mark: (surprised) Nothing... Just getting some fresh air.

Heart: Can I keep you company?

Mark: Sure!

(Mark and Heart walks hand in hand toward the the lanai and sit beside each other)

(Heart rests her head on Mark's chest)

Heart: What are you thinking?

Mark: Nothing. Nothing important.

Heart: You seem lost in thought. Is there something wrong?

Mark: Nothing.

Heart: What is it?

Mark: I told you there was nothing wrong.

Heart : Okay, if you don't want to tell me its fine, I'm not gonna twist your arm.

(Mark holds her close and they hugged tight)


Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is in a hurry. He is walking to the ICU)

( Mark goes inside the room, walks slowly toward Marky's bed. He stares at the little boy)

(Mark holds the boy's hand)

Mark: (thinking) Why do I feel like I've known you forever? I don't know you, yet you're so familiar.



Scenario (Mark and Claudine in a Park)

(Mark is looking at the children playing)

Mark: Look at them. They are so happy, not a care in the world!

Claudine: Do you like kids?

Mark: As a matter of fact , I do! I love kids! When we get married, I want to have lots of kids!

Claudine: (her eyes widened) Lots of kids? That's what you want?

Mark: Yes! A whole basketball team!

Claudine: Are you nuts?

Mark: And I want my first born son to be named Marky.

Claudine: (playfully sarcastic) Marky? Sounds like you really like your name. Mark and Marky, how creative!

Mark: Yes I want our son to be called Marky

Claudine: Why Marky?

Mark: So that everytime his mom says his name, she will be reminded of how much Marky's dad love her.

Marky will remind you of how much I love you... of how much we love each other.

Flash Forward (Present time)

(In the ICU)

(Mark touching Marky's cheeks)

Mark: We have the same name kiddo. I hope we'll be friends when you wake up...

Scenario ( In the hospital lobby)

(Mark sees Claudine while doing his rounds. Claudine is alone by herself, looking pensive)

(Mark approaches Claudine)

Mark: What are you doing here?

Claudine: (surprised) Oh.. Its you.

(Mark grabs Claudine's hand)

Mark: Come on. Go with me.

Claudine: Wait! Where are we going?

(Mark is not saying a word. He is taking the lead while firmly holding Claudine's hand)

Claudine: Wait! Where are you going to take me.. hey!

(Mark brings Claudine on the rooftop of the hospital)

Mark: This is where I go when I need to let it all go and scream the place down.

Mark: Go on.

Claudine: What?

Mark: Go on and scream! Shout at the top of your lungs. Just scream as loud as you can!

(Claudine walks slowly to the edge of the rooftop and lets out an intense scream. She did it over again as she cries until she felt a comforting reprieve from her pain.)

(Claudine turns around to face Mark)

Mark: How do you feel now?

Claudine: I feel so much better.

(Mark and Claudine stare at each other)

(Mark moves to get closer, their faces an inch away from each other. Mark reached out for a kiss)

(Claudine averts her face )

Claudine: I have to go.

(Claudine leaves as Mark remains on the rooftop, alone)

Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

(Mark and Heart eating dinner together)

Heart: So when are we going to have that second honeymoon you mentioned last time? I'm eager to book a flight so everything will be set.

Mark: Whenever you like.

Heart: Whenever I like? How about you? Aren't you excited about our plans ? When would you want to schedule it?

Mark: I'll leave all the planning to you. Anywhere. Anytime. It's fine with me.

Heart: Okay

( Mark's cell phone rings)

Mark: Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Fernandez. Oh okay. I'll be there in a minute.

Heart: Who called?

Mark: The hospital called, we have an emergency. They need me to go there right now.

(Mark stands up)

Heart: You're not going to finish your dinner?

Mark: No, I have to leave right away.

Heart: I'll wait for you, we'll finish dinner together.

Mark: Don't bother waiting, It might take a long time before I come back.

(Mark kisses Heart)

Mark: I'll see you later.

(Mark gets in the car and leaves hastily)


Scenario (Emergency Room)

(Mark arrives and promptly goes to the emergency room)


(Mark and hospital staff are busy attending to the emergency patients)

(After a while, Mark comes out of the emergency room. He is now exhausted)
(He passes by the ICU. )

(He peers in the door to check on the little boy, Marky)

(Claudine is there sleeping by her son's bed)

(Mark, reaches out for a blanket to cover her)

Mark: (thinking) I still have feelings for you Claudine.. I still love you so much!

(Claudine suddenly wakes up)

Claudine: Mark! What are you doing here?

Mark: Just passing by, I attended to an emergency. I was just checking on Marky.. and you.

Claudine: Oh

Mark: Did I wake up you up?

Claudine: No, I just dozed off. Its okay.

Mark: Okay, see you later. I'll go now.

Claudine: Okay, bye.

(Mark leaves and heads off to his office)

(Mark is still thinking of Claudine)

(Mark hurries to go out of the hospital building)

(He bought a cup of coffee and doughnuts)

(He strides back to the ICU, bringing coffee and doughnuts to Claudine)

(Mark enters the room)

Mark (panting) Ah, Claudine!. Help yourself with a steaming cup of coffee and some doughnuts (smiling)

Claudine: Oh, thank you. How nice of you! You seem out of breath. Were you running?

Mark: What? No? Am I? (still out of breath) Im fine. (smiling)

(Claudine smiles back at Mark)

Mark: Im leaving now. You take care okay?

Claudine: Thank you again for bringing me breakfast.

(Mark goes out of the ICU with a smile on his face)


Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

(Heart is sleeping in their room. )

(Heart is having a nightmare of the accident)

( The tragedy vividly played out once again in her dreams)

(Dream sequence)

Heart is crying while driving fast. As if driving

wrecklessly can take away the hurt she feels after talking to her

husband on the phone.

She is driving like mad until a loud thud somewhere made her step on her breaks.


She immediately felt something is terribly wrong.

Heart: Oh my God!! Oh my God, what just happened??

Heart is still holding the steering wheel of the car. She is terrified to find out what happened.

She getst off and sees the man that she just ran over

He is sprawled on the road, bloodied. His arms flung out on his


Heart: This can't be happening! Oh my God!

Next to the man, laying unconscious is a little boy

He is about 6 years old, his small hands seem to speak of

his innocence and helplessness.

His school uniform, glistening with

wet, fresh blood.

Heart: Oh my God! What have I done?!

Her shock turns into panic.

She cannot stand the sight of her casualties.

She needs to go away, far away.

She gets inside the car and drives away as she tries to mute

the deafening murmurs of her conscience.

"This is not happening, this can't be real"

She repeatedly tells herself.

Until her conscience lets out a violent scream.


Scenario (Heart waking up, screaming and crying)

Heart (crying) I didn't mean to do it!! Im so sorry!! Im so sorry! I did'nt mean to do it!!

(Heart continues to weep, )

(She is guilty and remorseful)


Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

(Dining room)

(Mark is in a hurry to leave)

Heart: Mark, wait! Are you not going eat your breakfast?

Mark: No, I am really in a hurry. Im just going to eat at the hospital cafeteria.

Heart: Wait! Wait for me I want to go with you.

Mark: Why? Is there something wrong with your car?

Heart: Ha? No? My car is okay.

Mark: Then, why don't you just use your car?

Heart: I want to go with you to the hospital. Then I'll just take a taxi home.

Mark: Are you sure? You want to take a cab going home?

Heart: Yes! Its fine..

Mark: Alright .. let's go!

Scenario: (Mark and Heart in the car as he is driving down the road)

(Suddenly, a man and a boy cross the street. )

( They barely hit the crossing pedestrians)

(Heart screams in panic)

Heart: Aaaahhhhh! we are going to hit them!!!

(Mark steps on the breaks in time)

Heart: Ahhhhhhh!

Mark: Heart... It's fine! We didn't hit them.

Mark: Heart, are you okay?

(Heart is shivering in fear, pale and very distressed )

Mark: Heart what is going on? You look so pale and you're trembling.

Heart: I can't breathe!

Mark: I'll pull over!

(Mark pulls over on the side of the road)

Mark: Heart just relax. Calm down now. What's wrong? Tell me what you're feeling.

Mark: Come here.

(Heart holds Mark as she tries to calm herself. )

Mark: Calm down now. Everything's okay. I'm here. Calm down.

(Heart sobs as she holds Mark close. Mark hugs her tight)

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