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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 10 - The Ending

Scenario (At the home of Heart's friend)

(Heart and her friend are talking outside )

Friend: Are you not going to call Mark?

(Heart didn't respond to her friend's question, she seems deep in thought)

Friend: Are you listening to me?

Heart (startled) What? Are you saying something?

Friend: I said, are you not going to call Mark?

Heart: I don't want to call him.

Friend: He might be worried about you, you know. You left the house days ago. You should at least call him.

Heart: What for? He knows I left the house.

Friend: Yes, he knows that, but he didn't know where you've been. He is surely worried by now.

(Heart didn't reply. She quietly leaves her friend's side)

Scenario (Heart is in her friend's room)

(She is once again having a nightmare of what happened).

She gets out of the car, frightened of what
she might see.

Heart: Oh my God! This is not happening!

Heart sees a man sprawled on the ground, fresh blood oozing out of him.

A little boy, looking angelic and helpless lying beside him, unconscious, wearing his blood splattered school uniform.

The scene is too much to take. She is paralyzed with fear

but she needs to get away fast.

She drives away, leaving her victims

abandoned in the middle of the road.


Heart in her friend's room.

(Heart is screaming, her friend wakes up)

Friend: Heart! Heart! Wake up!

(Heart wakes up crying)

Friend: Heart! Wake up! What's the matter?

(Heart is sweating and can hardly breathe)

Friend: Heart! Are you okay?

Heart: I'm okay

Friend: Looks like you had a really bad dream

Heart: (thinking) I can't take it anymore. I can no longer keep this a secret. This is too much to bear.

Friend: Heart, what is wrong, why are you crying?

Heart: Nothing.

Friend: What do you mean nothing?

(Heart lays down and turns her back to her friend, hidng her tears)

Scenario (hospital)

(Claudine and Marky are coming out of the hospital)

(Mark sees them as they are going out)

(Mark runs after them, calling Claudine's name)

Mark: Dine!

Claudine: Mark.

Mark: Are you leaving?

Claudine: Yes

(Claudine looks at her son and signals him to approach Mark)

Claudine: Baby, say goodbye to Dr. Mark.

Marky: (waves) Bye Dr. Mark

(Mark hugs Marky tight)

Mark: Marky, be good to your mommy. Take care of her.

Marky: Yes Dr. Mark

(Mark looks at Marky again, and hugs him tight again)

(Claudine is looking at Mark and Marky while the two are saying their goodbyes)

Claudine: Marky, come on baby, go ahead and get in the car.

Mark: Hold on Marky.

(Mark hands out the watch that Claudine left him years ago)

(Claudine was surprised to see the watch)

Claudine: Mark, Is that the watch that I left you years ago?

Mark: Dine, there is not an hour nor a minute that passes by that I don't think of you. Every moment, you're in my thoughts. Dreaming, that someday I'll be able to see and hold you again. I want Marky to have this so he will feel that every hour of my life, I'll be thinking of him.

(Claudine feels the tears welling up, she tries to hide them before they fall)

Claudine: Marky, say thank you Dr. Mark

Marky: Thank you Dr. Mark!

(Mark sheds tears as he watches his son walk away to get to the car)

Claudine: Someday, Marky will know everything about you. For now I'd rather not tell him. He might get confused. He is still too young to understand.

Mark (crying): I understand Dine.

Claudine: In time, Mark, he will know who you are.

Caludine: We have to go.

Mark: Do you have to do this Dine?

Claudine: I already made a decision. We will be living in the US for the meantime while Marky recuperates. We will leave tommorow.

Mark: (cries) Dine, please don't leave.

(Mark holds Claudine tight, tears falling down his cheeks)

Claudine: We have to go Mark.

Mark: Don't leave me again Dine

(Claudine lets go of Mark's arms, she turns her back to him. She walks to the car, crying)

Mark: (crying) Dine!

(Mark looks at the car leaving, his tears continue to fall)

Scenario (Claudine's coffee shop)

(Car parks in front of the coffee shop)

(A friend welcomes them)

Friend: Claudine!

(Claudine gives her friend a hug)

(The friend approaches Marky)

Friend: Marky how are you

(Marky just stares at Claudine's friend)

Friend: Don't you remember me?

Claudine: Please excuse him if he's a little quiet, he just came out of the hospital you know.

Friend: Claudine, are you sure you want to go?

Claudine: Yes, I already made up my mind. I want to go, my son needs to forget the incident that happened to him.

Friend: Hold on, I have something for you.

(Claudine's friend brings a small package and gives it to Claudine)

Friend: Paolo's mom came here. She said to give this to you. She forgot to give you this during the funeral.

Claudine: What is this?

Friend: I don't know. She said she found this in Paolo's pocket on the day of the accident.

(Claudine opens the box, she sees the ring)

(Claudine gets emotional when she reads a small note:
"Suprise! Claudine,will you marry me?")


(Paolo is behind Claudine, he covers her eyes)

Claudine: (surprised) Paolo?

Paolo: It's your birthday today sweetheart, I want to be the first and the last person to greet you a 'happy birthday'.

Claudine: You should've just called.

Paolo: I want to greet you personally because I might not be able to do that later.

Claudine: And why not?

Paolo: Because.. It's a surprise.

Claudine: What is it? Just tell me!

Paolo: I don't have to tell you now because its a surprise! I have something to tell you though. I will ask a very important question later. I need to ask you that question, because I may no longer have another chance to do that ever again.

Claudine: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Paolo: Just wait for your suprise later, okay? I'll go back to work now. See you later!

Claudine: That is so not fair!


Back to Present

(Claudine's friend stands up and give Claudine a hug)

Friend: I'm so sorry

Claudine: (cries) So this is the question he wants to ask me.

Friend: I'm so sorry Claudine

(Claudine breaks down)

(Claudine is sitting, facing her friend)

Friend: Are you and Marky scheduled to leave tommorow?

Claudine: Yes

Friend: I'm going to miss you Claudine.

Claudine: Please take care of the coffee shop.

Friend: Don't worry I'll take care of everything while you're gone.

(Claudine looks around her coffee shop, taking everything in)


Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is in the rooftop of the hospital building

(He is looking somewhere far, remembering his son Marky)


Marky: Bye, Dr. Mark

(Mark gives Marky a tight hug)

Mark: Marky be good to your mom, take care of her ok?

Mark: Yes Dr. Mark.

(Mark looks at Marky's face, he hugs his son again)


Back to Present

(Mark sheds tears as he remembers his son)

Scenario (Memorial Park, Paolo's grave)

(Claudine is looking at Paolo's grave stone)

Claudine: You've been good to me Paolo. You've known that I love someone else but you still remained by my side. Do you know that Marky didn't even know that you're already gone? I kept it from him because I know that it will break his heart if he learns that you already left us.


(Paolo's funeral)

(Claudine is crying by Paolo's casket)

Claudine: (weeping) Paolo thank you so much for everything, I will miss you.

(Claudine gets near Paolo's mother who was grieving)

Claudine: I'm so sorry, Mrs Avenlino..

Paolo's mom: My son loves you so much Claudine. I'm sorry about your son.

(Claudine holds Paolo's mother)

Scenario (Paolo's burial)

(Claudine is inconsolable while Paolo's casket is being lowered into the grave )

Claudine (thinking) I will miss you Paolo (crying)


Back to Present

Claudine (sobs) Why do you have to leave? Why did you leave me and Marky?


(House of Heart's friend)

(Heart opens the door and sees Mark)

Heart: What are you doing here?

Mark: We need to talk.

(Heart tries to avoid Mark, Mark persists)

Mark: Heart I'm sorry. Please forgive me I know I have hurt you so much. Please come home.

Heart: What about Claudine?

Mark: Dine is leaving. They are going to the US.

Heart: Leaving? With your son?

(Mark was astounded to hear what Heart said)

Mark: How did you know that he is my son?

Heart: I was there by Marky's room when he was on the brink of death. She exclaimed that you are Marky's father while he was fighting for his life. I heard everything.

(Heart turns her back to Mark)

Heart: (sobs) Mark, Claudine needs you more. Your son needs his father, you need to be with them.

Mark: They will be leaving tommorow. Claudine has made up her mind. She and Marky will stay in the US while he is recovering.

Heart: Mark, you have to be with them there.

(Heart walks away)

(Mark follows her, he grabs her shoulders and gently forces her to face him)

(Heart tries to turn away)

Mark: I'm sorry if I have hurt you, I want you back!

Heart: What about Claudine and your son.

Mark: Heart let's start over again.

Heart: I don’t know, Mark.

Mark: I know I have hurt you a lot. I want to make up for my shortcomings. Please Heart give me another chance.

(Heart cries as Mark holds her)


Scenario (Airport)

(A car parks in front of the airport. Claudine, Marky and a friend get out the car)

Friend: Claudine, I'm going to miss you.

Claudine: Same here, I'll keep in touch.

Friend: Take care, you two. Don't forget to keep us posted about your life there.

Claudine: Marky, say bye to your tita.

Marky: ( waves). Bye tita.

Claudine: We already have to go inside.

Friend: Okay, take care. Bye! Bye Marky!

Marky: Bye tita!

(Claudine hugs her friend. Claudine and Marky go inside)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is in the rooftop of the hospital building. He is looking up in the sky)

Mark: (thinking) They are leaving today.

(A passing airplane captured his attention)

(Tears fall from his eyes while he looks up at the passing airplane)

Scenario (Mark and Heart's house)

(Mark is sitting outside, Heart walks toward Mark
He put his arm on her shoulders)

Heart: What are you thinking?

Mark: Nothing. Nothing important.

(Mark looks at Heart)

Mark: I'm sorry Heart, I never meant to hurt you.

Heart: You don't need to say sorry. I understand.

(Mark holds Heart tight)

Scenario ( Mark and Heart's house)

(Heart and Mark are preparing to leave for a vacation)

Heart: Mark, you don't need to bring the toiletries. We can buy it there.

Mark: Okay, let's go.

(Mark and Heart, hurriedly leave. They get in the car and drive away)

Scenario (In a beach resort)

(Mark and Heart are holding hands while walking along the beach)

Heart: I'm so happy we were able to have our second honeymoon.

Mark: I'm happy that I made you happy Heart

(Mark kisses Heart on the lips and hugs her tight)

Scenario (inside the room of the resort)

(Mark kisses Heart on her forehead, nose and lips)

(He lays her down gently as he continues to kiss her )

(They kiss with all the longing they

have for each other.)

(They make passionate love all night)

Scenario (at the beach)

(Mark is standing on the beach, watching the waves)

(Heart quietly approaches Mark)

Heart: What are you doing here?

(Mark was surprised to hear her voice)

Mark: You're awake.

Mark: I was just watching how these big waves kiss the shore. Look at how the waves wash the beach only to be pulled by the ocean.

Heart: What is on your mind?

Mark: You.

Heart: Me?

Mark: Yes, you. Like the waves that tirelessly kiss the shore, but the shore doesn't notice. You are like that to me. You are like a wave in the beach, that always rise to meet the shore.
You constantly move with the current of my life. You are with me through every ebb and flow, but I didn't even appreciate it.

Heart: I don't need you to appreciate it.

(Mark holds her tight)

Mark: Thank you Heart for always being there for me.

(Mark kisses Heart on the lips)


Scenario (Mark and Heart's house)

(Heart in her room peparing Mark's things )

(Mark suddenly comes in)

Mark: Heart, there is someone looking for you downstairs.

Heart: Looking for me? Who is it?

(Mark didn't respond. He quietly leaves the room. Heart follows him)

(In the living room, there are two men standing, waiting for Heart)

Policeman 1: Good morning! Are you Mrs. Heart Fernandez?

Heart: Yes, that's me. What can I do for you?

Policeman 2: Ma'am we have a warrant for your arrest.

(Mark is stunned. He can't believe what the policeman just said)

Mark: What do you mean you have a warrant for the arrest of my wife?

Policeman 1: I'm sorry sir we need to bring Mrs Fernandez in for questioning.

Mark: Wait a minute. Questioning for what?

Policeman 2: Sir this is about the hit and run accident that killed Paolo Avelino and seriously injured Marky Barreto. Your wife was allegedly driving the car that strucked them. A witness has come out and reported the whole incident.

(Mark felt weak. He was shaken by what he heard)

(Heart cannot look at Mark's eyes)

Mark: Heart what are they saying?

Heart (sobs) I'm so sorry Mark.

Mark: What do you mean?

(Heart cries inconsolably, she kneels down in despair)

(Mark cannot speak, he was looking at Heart, tears running down his cheeks)

(Heart get in the police car, leaving Mark alone)

(After a while, Mark runs outside. He gets in his car and follows Heart)

Scenario (Police Station)

(Mark arrives as Heart is going out of the police station.

Mark: Heart! Are you Okay?

(Heart weeps as she walks toward Mark, Mark holds her tight)

Heart: (crying) I'm so sorry Mark. I didn't tell you the truth right away. Please forgive me.

Mark: Heart, I understand you.

Heart: (crying) Mark it's my fault! What happened to your son is my fault. Please forgive me. It was my fault!

Mark: Listen Heart. It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it. It's not your fault.

(Mark pull her in his embrace, comforting her)

Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

(Heart goes out of the room, she packed her bags with her belongings)

(Mark sees Heart)

Mark: What are you doing? What does this mean?

(Mark walks toward Heart, Heart turns her back to him)

Heart: I feel ashamed that I didn't tell you about the accident.

Mark: Why did you pack your bags?

Heart: Mark I need to go away for now. I feel terrible about the accident. My conscience is bothering me. I nearly killed your son. Your son with Claudine.

(Mark looks at her intently, he places his hands on her shoulders)

Mark: Heart, look at me. It was an accident.

Heart: I know. But please let me go.

Mark: Why do you have to go? Why do you have to do this?

Heart: I'm doing this for myself. Despite the forgiveness of Paolo's parents, I still can't live with myself. I still can't find peace.

Mark: Why do you have to leave me?

Heart: I have to, Mark! Everytime I see you, everytime we're together I remember what I did.

Mark: Don't do this Heart! You don't have to take all the blame for what happened.

Heart: Mark, Please understand why I need to leave.

Mark: Please don't go. I will help you through this.

Heart: No Mark! I want to be able to forgive myself for what happened.

Mark: (starts crying) Heart, please don't do this!

(Heart faces Mark, she gently caresses his cheeks and looks at his eyes)

Heart: I will be okay. I don't want you to worry about me.

Mark: I love you Heart.

(Heart weeps upon hearing these words)

Heart: (crying) This is the first time you said these words to me.

(Heart reaches out to hold Mark)

Heart : (crying) I love you too Mark, I really really do love you.

(Heart holds Mark tightly against her)

(She is still crying as she slowly walks away from him)

Mark: (crying) Heart, please don't go.

(Heart didn't look back as she hurriedly leaves him behind)

Mark: Heart! Don't do this please!

(Mark watches Heart as she walks away from their home. His face wet with tears)

(Inside the car, while Mark is driving)

(He is driving through the streets, remembering what happened in
the hospital)

Claudine: Mark, please help Marky! (yelling) Help your son!

(Mark - surprised with this sudden revelation)

(Mark puts his hands on Claudine shoulder, he's trying to get answers)

Mark: Dine. what are you saying?

Claudine: (crying) Marky is your son, he is our son!

Flash forward

(Mark’s tears flow freely from his eyes as he drives away)

The End

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