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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 1 - The Surprise Party

Opening Scene: At a quiet street just a few blocks from the busy shopping areas, there are exclusive shops that few know about. They are the kind of shops that you have to make an appointment before they would even answer and let you in the door. It was a beautiful day. A tall, good looking man and a boy, about 6 years old, just left one of the jewelry shops on the street. They are chatting happily and are very excited about the little package they just picked up.

As they are crossing the street to get to their parked car, the man notices a car coming closer, full speed towards them. He only had a split second to react, he quickly put himself in between the car and the boy. The car didn't even try to brake and it hits them hard! BAM!
The driver felt a horrible thud and she immediately sensed something is terribly wrong.

The driver comes out of the car and sees the man and the boy laying unconscious on the road. They are covered in blood. It was a horrific scene. They both look bad but the man is even worse. His body is broken and his face is unrecognizable from all the blood. In her panic, she immediately got back in the car and drove away. She dials 911 from her cell phone and reports the accident, trying to sound as calm as possible so she wouldn't raise suspicions.

Several minutes later, the ambulance that the driver called came and got the man and the boy. A distance away, the woman who was the driver is watching them. Her whole body is shaking. She's trying to calm herself down. All she wanted to do is run over and find out the condition of the man and a boy, but she felt trapped in her own body. Consumed with guilt and fear, she attempts to get near them again and again, but she stops herself every time.

Scenario (Claudine’s house)

(Kitchen preparing young son for school)

Claudine : Yaya, please hand me Marky’s school lunch.

Yaya : Here you go.

Claudine: Thanks. When Marky leaves school, please check if he is sweaty. You know how he is. Please change his shirt, we don’t want him to get sick.

Yaya : Yes, ma'am.

Claudine: Where’s Marky? Please go to his room and tell him that breakfast is ready. He’s gonna be late, there’s so much traffic.

Young son : Mommy! Where's my shoes?

Claudine : Right there in your room, baby. Yaya, please find Marky’s shoes. Come on baby, you'll be late for school. Hurry up! Eat your breakfast.

Young son : Mommy are we going to go to the beach with Tito Paolo?

Claudine : Yes we are going to the beach with Tito Paolo. Why?

Young son : Yehheyy!! I'll build a sand castle!

Claudine : Come on drink your milk. Don't forget to brush your teeth when you are done

Young son : Yes mommy!

Claudine : Yaya, did you find Marky’s shoes?

Yaya : Yes ma'am, here they are.

Claudine: O good! Please put them on him.

Young son : I'm done mommy.

Claudine : Go ahead brush your teeth. Yaya, please tell Mang Jun that we’re leaving.

Yaya : Yes, ma'am.

Young son : (Running out of the house) Bye mommy!

Claudine : Hey! give me a hug!

Young son : (Gives her a hug and kiss) I love you mommy! mmmmwah!

Claudine : (Hugs and kisses back) I love you too baby! mmmmwah!

Young son : (waves as he gets in the car) Bye mommy!

Claudine : Bye baby!

Scenario (Heart and Mark’s house)

(Master's bedroom)

(Heart is packing for her 3 day business trip at Subic)

(Heart is calling Mark on his cellphone)

Heart : (thinking) Mark, please answer your phone. Where are you?

(Heart calls the hospital)

Heart : Hello, could you connect me to Doctor Fernandez office, please?

Operator : Hold the line, ma'am.

(Mark's office )

Secretary : Hello, this is Doctor Mark Fernandez office, how can I help you?

Heart : Can I speak with Mark, please?

Secretary : May I know who's on the line?

Heart : This is Mrs. Fernandez.

Secretary : Ma’am, Dr. Fernandez is not at his office. He’ll be at the operating room for two more hours.

Heart : Oh! Anyway, please tell my husband that I’ll be in Subic. I have 3 day business meeting there.

Secretary : Yes ma'am, .

Heart : Thank you. Please don't forget to tell him I called.

Secretary : Yes, Mrs. Fernandez.

(Heart leaves the house in a hurry)


Scenario (Claudine’s Coffee Shop)

(Claudine getting ready for the day at her Coffee Shop)

Employee 1 : Good morning, Ma'am Claudine,

Employee 1 : Ma'am, we’re running out of sugar and coffee.

Claudine : Oh really? Please remind me again later.

Employee 1 : Yes, ma'am.

(Car stops next to the coffee shop)

(Someone leaves the car and goes in the shop. It is Claudine’s boyfriend, Paolo)

Paolo : (hugs her from behind) You're the best sweetheart! (kisses her)

Claudine : (kisses back) My employees might see us.

Paolo : Don’t worry about them! They are are terrified of you. They know you own this coffee shop

Claudine : Still, it’s embarrassing!

Paolo : It’s your birthday three days from now. What's your plan for your birthday?

Claudine : Not much. Maybe we’ll just have dinner with Marky?

Paolo : Well, okay, I’ll take care of it. I want you to look gorgeous that day. Just leave everything to me.

Claudine : What are you planning, Mr. Paolo Avelino?

Paolo : It’s a surprise, Miss Claudine Barretto.

Claudine : What? Tell me!

Paolo : It’s a surprise! hahahah! It won’t be a surprise if I tell you.

Claudine : Not fair!

Paolo : By the way, I’ll pick Marky up from school later.

Claudine : Okay. Actually, I needed Mang Jun later to buy some supplies for the coffee shop.

Paolo : Okay! I’m leaving now, lots to do.

Claudine : Good, I’ve got so much work too.

Paolo : Are you kicking me out ?

Claudine : Don't be too dramatic! Go on! Your boss is probably forming a search party for you right now.

Paolo : (kisses and hugs her) I love you so much Claudine.

Claudine : Aren't we having a very mushy morning? hahaha!

Paolo : (waving) Bye! I love you so much!

Claudine : Bye! (thinking out loud) I love you too!


Scenario (Hospital)

(Mark is leaving the operating room)

(Mark is exhausted. He is walking back to his office)

Scenario (Mark’s office)

Mark : Anyone looking for me while I was gone?

Secretary : Yes, Doc, but I told them to come back because you were in the OR. Oh, and your wife called. She said that she has 3 day business meetings at Subic.

Mark : That’s all she said?

Secretary : Yes Doc.

Mark : Ok, thanks.

(Mark enters his office)

(Mark sits on the couch, he lays back to rest)

Scenario (hospital parking lot)

(Mark gets in his car)

Another Doctor : Hey man! Are you leaving?

Mark : Yeah!

Another Doctor : Let's have a drink first!

Mark : Okay, I'll follow your car.

Another Doctor : Okay (thumbs up)

Scenario (A Bar)

(Mark at Another Doctor drinking)

Another Doctor : In six months our divorce will be finalized.

Mark : divorce?

Another Doctor : Yeah! I went to America to become a surgeon. That’s where I met my wife and that’s where we married.

Mark : I'm sorry to hear about your divorce.

Another Doctor : Our work is difficult. We’re on call 24 hours a day. We’re like soldiers. My wife didn’t understand our work so she divorced me. How are you and Heart?

Mark : I'm filing for annulment but she doesn’t want it

Another Doctor : Annulment? You’ve only been married a year. If you ask me, I’ll think about it long and hard. Heart made a lot of sacrifices for your relationship. It would be a shame if your marriage ends in an annulment.

(Mark thinks hard about what his friend said)

Scenario (Claudine’s Coffee Shop)

(Car stops in front of the coffee shop)

(Paolo and Claudine’s young son enters the coffee shop)

Young son : Mommy! mommy! I'm here!

Paolo : I don’t think your mom is here.

Employee1 : Good afternoon, Sir Paolo.

Paolo : Where’s Claudine?

Employee 1 : She left to buy some supplies. She’ll be back soon. Would you like some coffee, sir?

Young son : Where's my mommy?

Paolo : She’s not here, she’s running errands. (to employee) Yes, please give me a cup of coffee with cream.

Employee 1 : Yes sir.

Paolo : This works out that your mom isn’t here. So, what are we doing for your mom’s surprise birthday party?
Fiancé and young son discusses the surprise birthday party for Claudine)

(Claudine enters the coffee shop)

Claudine : Hi guys! What are you talking about? You act like you’ve seen a ghost!

Paolo : (standing) Nothing. We’re talking about a computer game (gives Claudine a kiss)

Young son : Mommy! (hugs and kisses Claudine)

Claudine : Hmm, I know you two. You guys are up to something, what are you talking about?

Paolo : Nothing! I don’t know why you don’t believe us (winks at young son)
Young son: Yes, mommy (winks back at Fiancé)

Claudine : Ok, I’ll drop it for now. Wait here, while I take these supplies to the kitchen.

(Paolo gives young son a high five)

Paolo : Marky, we’re going to have a surprise birthday party for your mom, promise to keep it a secret?

Young son : Yes, it’s a promise, Tito Paolo!

Scenario Heart's office

(Heart is thinking about the argument she had with Mark before she left for her business trip

Mark : (yelling now) When can we discuss our annulment? When ? Tell me so I can adjust my schedule to your schedule! Is this how we are? I have to make an appointment with my own wife?

Heart : (calmly) Please don’t raise your voice. Please Mark, don't do this. We can work this out. Please don't do this. We can save this marriage. What do you want? You want me to quit my job? I will! If that is what you want! Just don't leave me, please Mark!

Mark : This is not going to work, Heart. It’s not just your work that’s our problem. It’s us! Don't you understand?

Heart : (crying) No. Mark No! Maybe you’re right. We’re both busy and don’t have time for each other. Please we can work this out.

Mark : I'm sorry Heart. I’ve made my decision (Mark leaves)


(Officemate enters Heart’s office)

Officemate 1 : Knock! Knock! Heart? Heart! Are you okay?

Heart (surprise) Huh? Pardon me?

Officemate 1 : (smiling) I knew you were daydreaming. Are you thinking of Mark?

Heart : Oh no. I’m thinking of my presentation at Subic

Officemate 1 : Don’t pull my leg. I know you too well. We’ve known each other for a long time and I know your moods. Are you having problems with Mark?

Heart : He's asking for annulment.

Officemate 1 : And?

Heart : What “and”?

Officemate 1 : And what? What have you got to say about it?

Heart : Of course, I don’t want it. I really want to save our marriage.

Officemate 1 : You’ve only been married a year. Maybe you’re still in the adjustment period. Why is Mark asking for an annulment already?

Heart : I’m confused as you are.

(Heart’s secretary knocks on the door)

Secretary : Miss Heart, your meeting is about to start.

Heart : Okay, I’m coming.

Officemate 1 : Good luck on your meeting, Heart.


Scenario (Claudine’s house)

(Paolo getting ready for Claudine’s surprise birthday party)

(Guests start to arrive)

Guest 1 : This is a fabulous birthday party for Claudine

Guest 2 : When Paolo falls in love, he’s all in.

Guest 3 : Yeah, you know Paolo is generous with the love of his life.

Paolo : You’re talking about me again.

Maid 1 : Sir Paolo, the catering guys are here.

Paolo : Let them in.

Guest 4 : Wow, looks like there will be so much good food!

Paolo : I have to leave for bit. I have to pick up Marky and then Claudine. Don’t forget to turn off the lights so when we come in, it looks like no one is here.

Guest 5 : Paolo, the only thing you guys are missing is a wedding!

Paolo : (laughing) Don’t worry, a wedding is next!

Guest 1 : That’s just right! I want to see my friend in a wedding gown.

Paolo : Ok, I’ll be back.

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