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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 4 - Mark and Claudine Meet Again

Scenario (At a Restaurant)

(Mark and Heart enters the restaurant)

(A waiter greets them and sits them at a vacant table)

(Mark orders some food)

Mark : So, what else would you like?

Heart : That’s it, whatever you ordered is fine.

Mark : (tells the waiter) That’s all. We’re good. Thanks.

(waiter leaves)

Mark : I meant to ask, what were you doing at the hospital?

Heart : Huh? Oh, I was just visiting a friend.

Mark : A friend? Must be an important friend for you to take time off work.

Heart : Not exactly. I just feel so bad for her.

Mark : What’s wrong?

Heart : Her son was in an accident.

Mark : Your friend’s son?

Heart : Yes. He’s at the ICU right now.

(The waiter brings their food.)

Mark : Oh, here’s our food.

(Mark and Heart eat their meal)

Scenario (Hospital ICU)

(Claudine is talking to her son on the hospital bed)

Claudine : Marky, baby, I miss you so much. Weren’t we going to the beach and you were going to build a sandcastle? How can we go if you’re still sleeping? (weeping)

Scenario (Hospital hallway)

(Mark’s passes by the ICU. His heart is beating fast)

Mark : (wondering) Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel this way?

(Mark starts to go back to the ICU but a nurse starts to talk to him)

Nurse : Doctor Fernandez, the patient on the third floor is looking for you. She doesn’t want the nurse to give the IV. She only wants you.

Mark : Really? Okay, I’ll go see her.

(Mark leaves for the third floor)


Scenario (Hospital)

(Claudine is walking towards ICU)

(Claudine enters the ICU and sits next to her child.)

Claudine : Baby, I have something for you. It’s your favorite stuffed toy! I also brought your favorite books. Remember I used to read your favorite fairy tale before bed? Mommy loves you.

(Claudine gives her son a kiss)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Heart enters the hospital)

(Heart sees Claudine out on the hallways)

Heart : Hi! How is your son?

Claudine : (very sad) There’s been no change in his condition.

Heart : (avoiding eye contact) I'm so sorry. Please don’t lose hope, your son will pull through.

Claudine : I hope so.

Heart : I was going to ask you to have a snack with me, if that’s okay.

Claudine : Sure, let’s go.

Scenario (hospital canteen)

(Heart and Claudine sitting down and having their snack)

Heart : I'm sorry about your husband.

Claudine : My husband?

Heart : I heard your son and his dad were at the accident?

Claudine : He's not my husband. And he's not the father of my son. Paolo is my boyfriend.

Heart : I'm sorry.

Claudine : Why do you keep saying 'sorry'?

Heart : What? Oh, I’m just so sad for what happened.

Claudine : Do you work here?

Heart : Oh no. My husband is a doctor here. He’s a surgeon. You know, I took a leave from work to spend more time with my husband.
We almost got separated because we don’t spend enough time with each other.

Claudine : That’s good that you are able to save your marriage.

Heart : I love him so much. I don’t want to lose him. I don’t think I can live without him. Wait, why are we talking about my problems?

Claudine : (smiles) That’s okay.


Scenario (Hospital ICU)

(Mark enters the ICU)

Mark : (thinking) Why do I feel this way about this child?

(Mark approaches and holds the boy’s hand)

(The door opens and Claudine enters)

(Claudine sees the doctor holding her son’s hand)

Claudine : Doc?

(Mark turns around and sees Claudine)

(Mark at Claudine stare at each other)

Mark : (very surprised) Claudine?

Claudine : (also surprised) Mark? What are you doing here?

(Mark couldn’t speak for a second)

Claudine : Are you the doctor that saved my son’s life?

Mark : This child is your son?

Claudine : Yes, Marky is my son.

Mark : Your son’s name is Marky?

Claudine : Yes, his name is Marky.

Mark : How are you? How have you been?

Claudine : (sighs) I've seen better days, I guess

Mark : I am so surprised to know this young boy is your son.

( Both, didn't know what to say)

Mark: It's been a long time since we've seen each other!

Claudine : Yes. It’s been seven years.

Mark : Claudine, I have to ask you? What happened? You just disappeared. I looked all over for you.

Claudine : Mark, please, let’s not talk about the past anymore.

Mark : I have so many questions for you.

Claudine : We really have nothing to talk about.

Mark : No. No Claudine. I have to know why you left me.

Claudine : Look Mark, I moved on and so should you. We should not dwell on the past anymore.

Mark : I deserve a better explanation than that crappy note you left.

Claudine : Please, Mark.

Mark : You made a promise. We had dreams together. We promised to always be with each other. Why did you leave me?

Claudine : But your dream to be a doctor did come true, didn’t it?

Mark : I am so happy to see you again Claudine!

(Mark holds Claudine tightly)


Scenario (Mark’s office)

(Mark is deep in thought)

Scenario (At a beach resort)

(Mark and Claudine are at the beach playing, chasing each other)

(Mark making a sandcastle)

Mark : I want our house to be like a castle

Claudine : Like the sandcastle you are making now?

Mark : Bigger! I’ll be the king and you will be my queen.

Claudine : Wow! I’m the queen and you are the king! Uh oh, the waves just took your castle.

Mark : It’s all your fault.

Claudine : My fault? Why? Ha ha

(Mark chases Claudine, they play some more in the waves )

Scenario (Nighttime, they are sitting on the beach, looking at the stars in the sky)

Mark : I love you Claudine.

Claudine : I love you too Mark.

Mark : I hope all my dreams come true with you by my side.

Claudine : I will always be by your side.

Mark : Promise me Claudine. Promise me you will never leave me no matter what happens.

Claudine : I promise, Mark. I will never ever leave you

(Mark and Claudine kiss)

(Mark carries Claudine towards their room)

(Claudine is saying i love you. Mark starts to kiss her neck. He slowly turns her around to face him, they kiss and fall on the bed)

(Mark and Claudine rolling on the bed and they make love)


Scenario (Mark’s office)

Mark : (thinking) After all these years, it’s still you. I still love you Dine!

(Mark lets out a sigh, he shuts his eyes close as if trying to hold on to a cherished dream before waking up)

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