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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 2 - The Accident

Scenario: (Marky's school)

A car parks in front of the school, Paolo gets off the car

He searches for Marky among the children coming out of the school

Marky: (waves) Tito Paolo!

Paolo: (looks behind him, waved and smiled) Marky!!

(He walked over the young boy and reaches for his school bag)

Paolo: Let's go?

Marky: Are we going home now?

Paolo: Yes we are kiddo! Our surprise party for your mommy is all set. But first, we have to get Tito Paolo's gift for mommy.. Then we will both bring your mom to the party!

Marky: Yipeee!

Scenario (inside the car while driving)

Marky: Tito Paolo, are we going to pick up mommy now?

Paolo: Yes Marky, we're going to go to your mom but we have to get something first.

Marky: Where are we going?

Paolo: I’m going to pick my gift for your mom.

Marky: Tito Paolo, can you please tell me what it is? Please?

Paolo: Can you keep a secret? Don't tell your mom ok?

Marky: Yes Tito, I won't tell mom. I promise!

Paolo: I’ts a ring. Marky, Im going to ask your mom to marry me. Can I ask you something? Do you approve of us getting married? (looks at Marky) Would you like me to be your Dad?

Marky: Yes tito! I like you to be my dad!

Paolo: Thank you Marky, It will be an honor for me to be your dad.... and your mom's husband.

Mark: Just promise that you will never make my mommy cry.

Paolo: Marky I will never ever make your mom cry. I promise you.

Oh we're here. Just stay here Marky. I'll be right back quickly.

Marky: I want to go with you Tito Paolo! I want to see your gift to my mom. Please?

Paolo: Alright! Come with me

(Marky and Paolo get out of the car to cross the road. )


Scenario (conference room in Subic)

(A business meeting just ended. Heart is leaving the room)

Officemate 1: Are you leaving for Manila now?

Heart: Yes

Officemate 2: What? You're leaving already? Why not join us for a nightout?

Heart: You all can go ahead for a night out, you guys deserve it. I really want to go home. We've been here for three days. I also feel like I owe my husband some explanation for leaving him in haste. I might need to fix some household drama.

Officemate 1: Awww, Too bad you can't join us.

Heart: There's always a next time. Enjoy Subic! Bye!

Officemate: You drive safely and take care!

Heart: Okay... Thanks!

(Heart gets in her car and drives away)

Scenario (Heart driving)

Scenario (Jewelry Shop)

Sales Clerk: Good afternoon, may I help you?

Paolo: I custom ordered a ring. and I'm here to pick it up.

Sales Clerk: Just one moment sir, I’m just going to check if it’s ready.

(after a while the sales clerk shows the ring to Paolo)

Sales Clerk: Sir, here's your ring.

Marky: Tito Paolo, I want to see! Can I see it please?

Paolo: Here it is Marky? Isn't it beautiful?

Marky: Wow! Cool! It's so beautiful! Mom will love it!

Paolo: (to sales clerk) Miss I already paid the ring in full.

Sales Clerk: Yes sir. Thank you.

Paolo: Marky, we're ready to bring your mom to her party. We are going to the coffee shop to pick her up.

Scenario (Heart is driving home from 3 day conference in Subic.. Her phone rings)

Heart: Hello? Mark? I'm on the road. I'll talk to you later, I'm

Mark: I need to talk to you about the annulment.

Heart: (annoyed) I said I'll talk to you later. I'm driving.

Mark: (exasperated) Can you just pull over so we can talk?

Heart: I don't want to talk about it now.

Mark: (gets mad) NO! I want to talk about the annulment NOW. We need to talk about it now!

Heart: (pleading) Please Mark not now!

Mark: I already made a decision.

Heart: (begging) Mark please let's work this out. I know we can work this out. Don't do this to me, please!

Mark: I made a decision. I'll file for annulment.

Heart: (angry) Don't do that! I will not let you! I'm not going to give in to what you want.

(turns off her cell phone)

Mark: Heart?.. Heart!

(Heart cries as she speeds off)

Gap 2 (Heart still crying and driving recklessly.)

Scenario (Paolo and Marky leave the jewelry shop. They cross the road to get to the car.)


(Heart steps on the breaks. Confused)

Heart: Oh my God! What was that?

(She slowly realized what happened. She was in shock and felt the chills all over her. She felt her body
shake as she starts to get a grip of the nightmare she just created)

Heart: Oh my God!! What just happened?? Oh God!

(Heart is still holding the steering wheel of the car. She is terrified and cannot move a single muscle

(Finally, she gets out the car and sees the bloodied man she just ran over)

Heart: (gasped) This can't be happening!

(Her eyes finds the little boy who was with what seemed to be now a lifeless man. Her shock turns to crippling fear. She stands there frozen and can't find the courage to get near her casualties)

(Heart made a swift decision as self preservation kicks in. She flees the scene hurriedly, leaving the man and the little boy, abandoned in the middle of the road.

(Heart speeds off, confused and desperate. She is quiet but the sound of her own heartbeat is deafening).

(She knows she needed to do something at least for the man and the young boy. She decided to dial 911)

(Heart calls 911)

Heart: Hello 911. There was an accident...

Scenario – (Paramedics helping the victims. Heart is nearby watching as the man and the young boy
was being carried off to the ambulance.)

Scenario: (Emergency room)

(Ambulance arriving at the emergency entrance)

Nurse 1: (to aid) We need the stretchers here fast!

Nurse 2: We need to page Dr. Fernandez. Tell him it’s an emergency!

Operator: Paging Dr. Fernandez to the emergency room now. Paging Dr. Fernandez to the emergency room now.

(Dr. Fernandez running to the E.R.)

Mark: What happened here? Check the blood pressure.. (Mark immediately attends to the patients)

Paramedic: Victims of hit and run doc.

(Mark checks the first victim’s pulse, heartbeat )

Mark: He is dead. He has serious injuries and has massive fractures. He probably died immediately on impact. Where is the other patient?

Nurse: I’ts a small boy, he's here.

(Mark looks at the little boy)

Mark: He's not looking good. He has serious head injury. This boy needs surgery at once. I need the operating room now!

Gap 3

Scenario (Claudine's coffee shop)

(The telephone is ringing)

Claudine: Hello?

Hospital staff: Can we please speak with Ms. Claudine Barretto.

Claudine: Yes speaking. May I know who’s calling?

Hospital staff: Are you Ms Claudine Barretto?

Claudine: Yes that's me. What can I do for you?

Hospital staff: Ma'am this call is from the East Hospital, we need you to come here quickly. Your son was in a serious accident. The man who was with him was pronounced dead on arrival. Your son needs to be operated on, the soonest possible time.

Claudine: What? I don't understand what you're saying?

Hospital staff: We're so sorry Ms Barretto. You need to come here to East Hospital quickly. Your son needs a surgery. He was in a bad accident. They were hit by a car. The man who was with him, Paolo Avelino is already dead. We're so sorry again, Miss Barretto, but you need to come here now.

(Claudine becomes hysterical as the gravity of the news hits her. )

Claudine: My son! Nooooooooooooo!! Nooooo!

(coffee shop employees run to help her)

Claudine: Marky! My son! My son!!

Coffeeshop employees: Help!
(oncerned) Ma'am. what happened?

Claudine: (crying) call Mang Jun quick! We need to go the hospital. Marky and Paul were in an accident!! My son! Marky! (crying)

Scenario (Hospital)

(Claudine runs toward the nurse information)

Claudine: Where is my son? He was in an accident!

Nurse: The patient is in the emergency room ma’am

Scenario (emergency room)

Claudine: (frantic) Where is the boy who was hit by a car?

Nurse: How are you related to the boy ma'am?

Claudine: (screames) I am the MOTHER!

Nurse: He is still in the operating room. He suffered major head injuries because of the strong impact of the car that hit them.

Claudine: (weeps) My son.. Marky... Oh my God, please.. Marky, my son!

Scenario ( Dr. Mark is operating on the boy)

Scenario ( Claudine waits outside the emergency room. She is still inconsolable.)

(A friend arrives in the hospital)

Friend: (hugs Claudine) What happened?

Claudine : An accident!. They were in an accident!

Friend: Whaaat? How did it happen?

Claudine: They were hit by a car! He was with Paolo.

Friend: Where is Paolo?

Claudine : (crying) Paolo is dead.. He was dead before he reached the hospital.

Friend: Oh my God! I'm so sorry dear. Oh my God!

(Dr. Mark comes out of the operating room)

Mark: Are you a relative of the patient?

Friend: I’m a friend of the patient's mother. She is signing something at the billing office.

Mark: The patient is in critical condition. We don't know if he is going to survive the surgery.He is in a comatose state.

Friend: What do you mean Doc?

Mark: We don't know when he is going to wake up. We will transfer the patient to the ICU. The patient's family can see him there.

Friend: Thank you Doc.

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