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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Just A Dream? (Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? English Translation) Episode 7 - Jealousy and Betrayal

Scenario (Outside the hospital)

(A car stops in the hospital parking lot )

(Mark and Heart get out of the car)

Mark: Are you sure, you'll be okay here?

Heart: Yes I'll be okay. Don't worry. I think you should get to work. Go ahead, I'll be fine.

Mark: Call me if you need me okay?

Heart: Okay I will.

(Mark kisses Heart)

Mark: Bye!

Heart: Bye!

(Mark enters the hospital)

(Heart walks outside, looking for a cab)

(A car stops and Claudine gets out)

Claudine: Heart!

(Heart didn't hear Claudine )

(Claudine calls her again)

Claudine: (yells) Heart!

(Heart looks around to see who called her and sees Claudine)

(Claudine walks toward Heart)

Claudine: Heart!

Heart: (surprised) Oh hi!

Claudine: (smiling) Can't help but notice, but you seem a little out of it. I'm hoarse from yelling your name (smiles)

Heart: (evasive) Uh.. yeah. You have to excuse me, I'm in a hurry. I have to go, bye..

(Claudine, baffled by Heart's behavior)

Claudine: Okay, take care..

(Heart leaves hastily)

Scenario (outside the hospital ICU)

(Mark hesitates to go inside the ICU room)

Mark (thinking): I wonder if she had lunch? I'm gonna ask her. Oh jeez never mind.

Mark: But she might be hungry by now though.. Nah, she's just going to turn down the invitation.

(Mark starts to walk away but decides to go back and knocks on the door. Suddenly the door opens)

Claudine: Mark! What are you doing here?

Mark: (startled) Ah uhm (clears throat) I'm just going to check on Marky!

Claudine: Well, you just checked on him 10 minutes ago.

Mark: (embarassed) Ahh oh yeah. That's right. Are you going out for lunch?

Claudine: Yes I'm just going to the cafeteria for a take out.

Mark: You still haven't eaten lunch?

Claudine: Not yet.

Mark: I still haven't gone out for lunch too. Listen, there's a restaurant nearby, wanna try it? My treat.

Claudine: No don't bother, I'll just go to the cafeteria.

Mark: No, really its fine! I heard this restaurant serves great food. It's just nearby.

Claudine: (hesitates a little) Well... If you insist and If its not too much trouble.

Mark: Its no problem, I have no patients anyway. Besides its only a short distance from the hospital.

Mark: So, lets go?

Claudine: Okay, let's go.

(Mark and Claudine walk together as they go out of the hospital)

Scenario (in a restaurant)

(Claudine and Mark enter the restaurant and each takes a seat facing each other)

Claudine: I thought you said this restaurant is just close by?

Mark: But its worth it I promise. Their food is great! You'll thank me later, you'll see.

(A waiter approaches to take their order)

Mark: What do you like?

Claudine: Whatever you recommend. You can order for me (smiles)

(Mark and Claudine having lunch)

(A car parks in the restaurant parking lot, Heart and her friends get out of the car)

Officemate 1: This restaurant is filled to the brim! Looks like all tables are taken. Let's just look for another restaurant!

Heart: We're here anyway, let's just come in. Im starving!

Officemate 2: Yeah, let's just come in and grab the first available table. I'm so hungry I could eat anything.

Heart: Girls, let's just go in.

(Heart and her officemates go inside the restaurant )

Officemate 1: Heart, isn't that Mark over there? That's him right?

Heart: What? Impossible! He never goes out of the hospital for lunch when he's on duty.

Officemate 2: That's Mark alright! And he's with some girl!

(Heart sees Mark and Claudine eating together)

Heart (thinking) Is it Claudine? He is with Claudine?

Offcemate 1: Are you not going to approach them?

Heart: Ahh.. no. Let's just go somewhere. This place is too crowded anyway. Let's look for another restaurant.

Officemate 2: Im all for it! Let's just go somewhere..

(Heart catches a last glimpse of Mark and Claudine eating together before she heads out.)


Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)


Heart: By the way, I saw you and Claudine eating lunch together.

Mark: You saw us?

Heart: Yup, but I was with my officemates so I just decided to leave.

Mark: Why didn't you say hi?

Heart: I don't want to bother you, you seem to be having a great time.

Mark: I'm getting a hint of jealousy in your voice.

Heart: Me? I'm jealous?

Mark: Yes.

Heart: No way! Me? Jealous? I was the one who asked you to be there for her. I was the one who suggested that you should keep her company and comfort her. Why would I be jealous?

Mark: No really, honestly? Are you sure, you're not jealous?

Heart: Yes, I'm sure!

Mark: Then, come here.

Heart: I don't want to.

Mark: Come on, come here. Close to me.

(Mark grabs Heart's hand)

(Mark holds Heart tight and kisses her lips)

(Scenario Heart and Mark's home)

(Mark and Heart having breakfast together)

Heart: Can we go out for lunch later?

Mark: Sure!

Heart: I already arranged our vacation plans for next month. You should already file for your vacation leave.

Mark: Alright! I’ll do that.

Heart: I already asked for a leave, I’m excited to go to this awesome bed and breakfast. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Mark: Okay. I’m leaving now. Are you going to ride with me?

Heart: No, my friend will pick me up. I’m carpooling with her to the office.

Mark: Why are you not driving your car lately?

Heart: I'm fine carpooling with my friend. Besides, it’s convenient. We have a meeting to go to, anyway.

Mark: Okay, suit yourself. I’ll go now.

(Mark kisses Heart and leaves)

Scenario (Heart and Mark’s bedroom)

(Heart sees Mark’s medical bag)

Heart: Oh no! Mark forgot his stuff.

(Heart heard a car horn. Her friend’s car is parked outside)

(Heart hurriedly goes out the house and gets in her friend’s car)

Scenario (Heart is in her friend's car. Her friend is driving.)

Heart: Can we stop by at the hospital for a minute?

Officemate: Why?

Heart: Mark left this at home. It’s his medical stuff. It might be important

Officemate: Okay.. we’re going there.

Scenario (hospital)

(Mark enters the ICU. He sees Claudine crying)

Mark: Claudine?

Claudine: Oh.. It's you.

Mark: Are you crying?

Claudine: No, I just have a terrible cold.

Mark: I'm just making sure everything’s okay. I’m here to check on Marky.

Claudine: Okay.

(Mark examines Marky)

Claudine: When is Marky going to wake up? (cries) When is my son going to wake up?

Mark: (comforting Claudine) Im sorry... But, I have no answer for that Claudine.

Claudine: (crying) Marky has been here for weeks! We’ve been here for a long time! I miss my son so much!

Mark: Have faith Caludine. I wish I could say anything to make you feel better. Just be strong, be strong for Marky’s sake.

(Claudine weeps, Mark reaches out and hugs her)


Scenario (outside the hospital)

(Heart gets out of the car. She swiftly enters the the hospital )

(Heart asks the help of the information desk)

Heart: Nurse, can I please see Dr. Fernandez? Is he doing his rounds?

Nurse: One moment, ma’am. I’m just going to check.

Heart: Thank you.

(Nurse calls Mark’s office)

Nurse: Ma’am, Dr Fernandez is in the the ICU.

Heart: Thanks for the help.

(Heart hurriedly goes to the hospital ICU)

(She slowly opens the door and sees Mark and Claudine holding each other)

(Heart was taken aback by what she saw. )

(She hastily leaves)

(Heart drops Mark’s medical bag at the information desk)

Heart: Nurse, can you please just give this to Dr. Fernandez.

Nurse: Sure ma’am. I will.

(Heart gets in her friend’s car, still thinking of what she has seen in the ICU)

Officemate: Heart, is everything okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Heart: What? No, everythings fine, let’s just go to the meeting, we’re running late.

(Heart and her officemate leaves)


(Scenario : Heart's office)

(Heart is talking to Mark on the cell phone)

Heart: Hello Mark, I was trying to call you for hours, why are you not answering your phone?

Mark: I'm sorry, didn't mean to miss your calls. I was in the operating room when you were calling.

Heart: Oh, is that so? Are you free? Can we have lunch together?

Mark: I don't think I could go out. I need to watch a patient. The hospital is really busy. I'll probaby have a late lunch.

Heart: Fine, I'm just going to have lunch with my officemates then.

Mark: Okay.

Heart: See you later, bye.

Mark: Bye!

(Scenario: Hospital)

( A fellow doctor calls on Mark)

Surgeon: Why not go ahead and take a break Mark, you look worn out. I'll be here to watch the patient.

Mark: Really? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it bro. Actually, the Mrs. just called and asked if we can go out for lunch.

Surgeon: No problem dude, go ahead and have lunch with your wife. I'll just call you if you're needed here.

Mark: You're a life saver! Thanks again.

(Mark calls Heart's cell phone but he keeps on getting a "can't be reached at this time" message)

Mark: (thinking) Geez, woman. Turn on your darn cell phone..

(As Mark descends from the hospital second floor, he sees Claudine)

(Claudine is leaving the hospital building)

(Mark runs to catch up on Claudine, he yells her name)

Mark: (yelling) Claudine! Claudine!

(Claudine, stops and looks over to see who was calling her)

(Mark walks toward Claudine)

Mark: Where are you going?

Claudine: I need to see someone at the coffee shop.

Mark: Do you need a ride?

Claudine: I'll take a cab.

Mark: I could drive you to your coffee shop.

Claudine: Aren't you busy? Don't you have patients to see?

Mark: No I'm free, besides its very hard to find a cab during lunch break.

Claudine: Are you sure its no trouble for you?

Mark: You need to get there right?

Claudine: Okay then..

Mark: Let's go!

Scenario (inside the car, while Mark is driving)

Claudine: I'm sorry Mark.

Mark: Sorry for what?

Claudine: For leaving you without saying goodbye.

(Mark comes to a stop on the side of the road)

Mark: I'm listening Dine.

(Claudine turns to look at Mark as he calls her "Dine". She becomes emotional as she remembers how he used to call her by that

Claudine: (tears up) I really didn't want to leave you Mark.

Mark: But you did! How could you leave just like that?

Claudine: You have a lot of ambition in life. You have big dreams you want to pursue. I was afraid I will just get in the way and mess up your plans.

Mark: You promised you'll stand by me. We promised we are not going to leave each other's side. We swore that we will be with
each other no matter what. But why? Why did you leave?

Claudine: I'm so sorry.

Mark: I've looked all over for you.

Claudine: Forgive me Mark. I'm really sorry.

(Mark holds Claudine tight)

Mark: I still love you so much Dine.

(Mark and Claudine stares at each other's eyes, Mark reaches out to her to kiss her lips, she kisses him back)

Scenario (Heart's office)

(Heart looks at her cell phone, she realizes that Mark has been calling her)

(Heart calls Mark's cell phone, but she gets a 'cannot be reached' message)

(Heart calls the hospital)

Heart: Hello? Could you please connect me to Dr. Fernandez' office please.

Operator: May I know who's on the line.

Heart: This is Mrs. Fernandez

Operator: Hold on ma'am, I'll connect you.

(Mark's office)

Secretary: Hello, Dr. Fernandez' office, may I help you?

Heart: Hello, this is Mrs Fernandez, can I talk to my husband please?

Secretary: He's not here in the hospital ma'am.

Heart: What do you mean he's not there?

Secretary: He went our for lunch, ma'am.

Heart: Do you know who is with him?

Secretary: I'm sorry ma'am but I don't know.

Heart: Okay, just tell him I called. Thank you.

Secretary: Yes ma'am.


Scenario (Claudine's coffee shop)

(Mark and Claudine enters the coffee shop)

Mark: It looks like no one is here.

Claudine: Wait a minute.

(Claudine walks away to call someone on her cell phone)

Claudine (on the phone) So what time? Okay, I'll be here, I'll wait.

(Mark looks around, checks out the place)

(Claudine walks toward Mark)

Claudine: My friend is still running errands. She will come here as soon as she's done. Thanks for the ride. You can leave
me here. You might need to get back to your patients.

(Mark holds Claudine's hand)

(Claudine tries to look away, avoiding Mark's intense gaze)

(Mark moves to get close to Claudine, his lips touches hers)

(Claudine closes her eyes)

(Mark and Claudine share an emotional and intimate moment as

they kiss passionately)

(Mark and Claudine hold each other tight)

Mark: I love you Dine.

Claudine: This is wrong Mark.

Mark: Which part of this is wrong?

Claudine: This!

Mark: I love you so much. I never stopped loving you Claudine! My feelings for you have never waned even years after you left.

Claudine: What about Heart?

Mark: What about us? What about my feelings for you? I went through hell looking for you. And now that I have found you
there's no way I'm letting you go.

Claudine: What about your marriage? This is wrong. This is unfair for Heart.

Mark: I don't want to lose you. Not again. Never again Dine!

(Mark puts his arms around Claudine and envelopes her in a tight embrace)

Scenario: (Mark and Claudine's house)

(Mark arrives and gives Heart a kiss on the cheek)

Heart: (confrontational) I thought you were too busy to find the time to go out and have lunch with me?

Mark: Well.. Yeah?

Heart: Did you have lunch with Claudine again?

Mark: What kind of question is that?

Heart: Just answer the question. Did you have lunch with her again?

Mark: I am so tired and have no energy for a third degree right now.

Heart: Why don't you just answer my question?

Mark: Please stop it Heart!

Heart: (yells) Answer my friggin question!

Mark: (yells back) Yes! We were together! Satisfied?

(Mark storms out, leaving Heart crying, alone in their house)

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