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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 12: A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Scene: Christmas Parade 

Twelve men in matching uniform are drumming and marching in unison. 

People around them are clapping and cheering

Suddenly, the drum line is broken as someone in a disheveled Santa Claus suit runs through them. 

Some of drummers fall down.  Three policemen are trying to chase the santa down.

Chris and Carol are among the revelers watching the parade.  They are standing by the sago and gulaman vendor. 

Vendor: Here you go. 

The vendor just handed them their drink when BAM! the santa bumps into them, almost knocking them over.  Chris keeps them from completely falling down.  But the Santa fell down hard.

Santa: Ouch!!!  Ha ha ha !  If Santa’s broken, nobody gets a present! Christmas is gonna get canceled!! Ha ha ha !

The police picked the santa up.  Santa’s hat came off and it revealed beautiful long hair.

Police: You’re a girl !!  You should be ashamed of yourself!

Police: What kind of a girl are you?!  Running around like this, drunk and crazy!

Police: Cuff her !  Take her away!! 

Santa: I’m just having a little fun!!  You people don’t have any Christmas spirit….

They drag the girl away.

Chris: Carol, are you okay?

Carol: I’m fine, thank you for catching me.  One sago and gulaman bath in a lifetime is quite enough!

Chris: Sure, no problem.  Can you believe how some people behave?  Geez!!


Eleven Pipers Piping

Scene: Nighttime, at a busy street.  A NAWASA pipe busted and eleven workers from MWSS arrive to fix it.

Chris and Carol are in the car stuck in traffic.

Chris: What the hell!  We haven't moved in 20 minutes.  I'm gonna see what's going on.

Chris gets out of the car. Carol starts to get out too

Chris: Don’t get out, please.  We have lots of stuff in the car.  Someone might take it.  I’ll be right back.

Carol: (thinking) Uh oh.

After a few minutes, Chris comes back and gets back in the car.  Carol breathes a sigh of relief.

Chris: Unbelievable!  That same big pipe busted again and the MWSS guys are fixing it. 

Carol: How long did they say it was going to take?

Chris: Who knows? But we might be here for a while.

Carol: Darn.

After several minutes, Chris stretches his arms and puts it around Carol.

Chris: Sooooo, I can think of ways to pass the time…


Ten Lord-a-leaping

Scene: Cultural Center of the Philippines

Chris and Carol are at the lobby. 

Chris: Honey, don’t be mad.  You look beautiful. 

Carol is dressed in an elegant gown.  She sticks out like a sore thumb because the people around them are dressed very differently.

Carol: You should have told me!

Chris: I did tell you!

Carol: All you said was we were going to see a world class dance performance at the CCP!

Chris: And that’s exactly right!  These hip hop dancers have won awards all over the world. 

Carol: Ugh! You know I don’t like hip hop.  You’re just getting back at me because I made you go with me to the symphony last month. 

Chris: Honey, c’mon now.  You might actually enjoy yourself tonight. 

Carol: You did this deliberately! You asked me to meet you here instead of going together!

Chris: What? No!  I had a good reason!  C’mon sweetie-poo, don’t be mad.  It’s an honest mistake.

Chris still has that mischievous smile on his face and Carol isn’t sure he’s sincere. 

Chris: You really do look stunning.  I’m the luckiest man on the planet. 

Carol: Alright.  Okay, I’ll let you slide this time.  But you owe me a back massage.

Chris: Of course, I’m always happy to give you a massage.

Carol: I mean, a real back massage, not one that leads to you know what!


Nine Ladies Dancing

Scene: Club Elf

Chris and Carol are enjoying a night out.  They are taking a break from dancing.  Elf Snow hands them a drink.

Snow: Here you go, sir.

Chris: Thanks Snow.

Snow leaves, obviously flirting.

Carol: I’m right here, you know.

Chris: What? I’m just thanking her.  I’m being polite!  Isn’t that what you want?

Carol: (making a face) I don’t even know why these girls are dressed in Santa’s elves outfits.  It’s the middle of June!

Chris: Club Elf is the name of the club.  That’s our gimmick.  At Club Elf, it’s Christmas everyday!  It’s for the little kid in all of us. 

Carol: Okay, I get that but why does their costume have to be so skimpy.  These girls are someone’s daughters you know.

Chris: Wow, it’s the return of Miss Manang.  It’s not like we’re forcing anyone to work here you know. 

Carol: Hmmph! Typical male response.
(short silence)

Chris grabs Carol playfully. 

Chris:  So…..Is this a bad time to ask if I can talk you into wearing one of these elf costumes?


Eight Maids-a-milking

Scene: Dairy Farm in Batangas

Eight female dairy farm employees are working hard.

Carol and Chris wave to them as they walk by.

Carol: You had no idea your grandfather had a dairy farm here?

Chris: No, I didn’t. I’m just starting to find out what he owned.

Carol: Well, how much you own now. 

Chris: I still can’t wrap my head around it.  He had so many properties and businesses.  I’m doing my best to keep up. 

Carol: Chris, I’m really proud of you for stepping up and taking responsibility. 

Chris: Well, they have caretakers and managers but I still have to handle many problems personally. 

Carol has a broad smile on her face.

Chris: What?

Carol gives Chris a big hug.

Carol: I’m just so happy to see the way you are taking care of business.  I know your grandfather will be so proud of you too.  You’ve really changed, Chris.  You’re not the same irresponsible, crazy guy who wore that Santa suit and disrupted that parade.

Chris:  Thanks.  But, I haven’t changed completely.  I still have some mischief left in me.

Carol: Yes I know.  I wouldn’t want you to change completely either.  You still keep me on my toes. 

Chris: Good.  That’s how I like it.  I wouldn’t want to bore you.


Carol: Chris, are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I accept the book tour and speaking engagements? I really don’t have to...
Chris: Carol, we’ve talked about this.  Of course you have to accept. 

Carol: But I’ll be gone for over a month! I want to be here for you especially now.

Chris: I’ll be fine!  I’m a big boy, remember.  We can talk on the phone, text, video chat…

Carol: It is a great opportunity.

Chris: Yes, and you can’t pass it up! 

Carol: I just feel so guilty leaving you at a time like this.

Chris: Hmm, (teasing) I know you’ll miss me too much. You can’t bear to be away from me.

Carol: I’m serious, Chris. 

Chris: Me too!  Come on, it will be fine.  Accept the offer.

Carol: If you are sure?

Chris: As sure as this farm stinks.  Phew!  Let’s get out of here.


Seven Swans-a-swimming

Scene: Busy shopping center

Carol is looking at a poster for upcoming performance of Swan Lake.  The poster has seven beautiful swans on a lake.  Chris joins her.

Chris: No! The answer is no!  There is no way I’m going with you to see that. 

Carol: (pretends outrage) Did I ask you to go with me? I was going to ask Merry. 

A large, muscular man and a petite woman stops to talk to them.

Hesus: Miss Baltazar? Is that you?

Carol turns around.

Carol: Oh, hi Hesus!  What a nice surprise.  How are you?

Hesus: Really well Miss Baltazar.  I want you to meet my wife Nicole. 

Nicole: Nice to finally meet you Miss Baltazar.   I’ve heard so much about you from Hesus.

Hesus: Miss Baltazar, I almost didn’t recognize you.  I guess I’ve never seen you outside your office.

Carol: ha ha, Yes, I can still surprise people sometimes.  I want you to meet Chris, my fiancé.

Hesus:  Fiance? Congratulations!  Wow, I can’t imagine having a psychotherapist for a girlfriend.  I would be paranoid she’s analyzing my every move.

Chris: Tell me about it!

Hesus: I’d be questioning myself constantly.

Chris: Exactly! Sometimes she..

Carol: Ah, excuse me… you’re talking about me like I’m not right here!. 

(Chuckle, chuckle)

Hesus: By the way, I saw you were looking at the Swan Lake poster.   You just gave me an idea.  I was going to knit you a sweater but didn’t know what design to use, now I know!    


Six Geese-a-laying

Scene: Club Elf

There’s six bottles of Grey Goose vodka on the bar.

The club is packed as usual. Chris and Joseph are talking. 

Joseph: Hey man, what are you doing here? Carol just called looking for you.

Chris: Carol and I had a fight.  I’m just here to cool off for a bit.

Joseph: Whoa!  What did you fight about?

Chris: It’s really stupid.  I’m still not sure why she’s so angry.  It’s not my fault she’s a terrible cook.  Should I have lied?

Joseph: Wait, wait.  So you had a fight over her cooking?

Chris: She’s the only one who can overcook and undercook rice at the same time.   

Joseph: (sarcastic) I’m sure you were very nice about it.

Chris: I really didn’t care.  I was just teasing her.

Joseph: You’re lucky she’s making an effort for you.

Chris: I know, but she’s overly sensitive.  She said I’m being mean and rude.  I told her, it’s not as if she doesn’t have any faults.  I’m so sick and tired of her always correcting me.  You know what she said to me yesterday?  (mocking female voice) It’s not “blessing in the skies”, it’s “blessing in disguise”. 

Joseph: Seriously, your fight was about that?

Chris: I know, man.  It got out of hand.  Next thing I know we’re screaming at each other and I decided to leave before I did something I’d regret.


Five Golden Rings

Chris’ cell phone keeps ringing He looks at his phone and ignores it until it goes to voicemail after 5 rings.

Joseph: Carol is calling you again?   Why don’t you answer it?

Chris: I really don’t feel like talking to her right now.


Joseph: Chris, man, you need to meet our new sexy Elf. You’re gonna like her.

Chris: Dude, I’m not in the mood right now. 

Joseph: Trust me on this.  You’re gonna like her a lot.

Chris: (getting angry) I said leave me alone!

Joseph: Fine.  It’s your loss.  There she is by the way.

Chris eyes are drawn to a sexy elf is walking around and passing drinks.  Her back is to him.

Chris: Wait a minute, I’d recognize that a$$ anywhere.

The sexy elf turns around.  It’s Carol and she walks over to him.

Carol: Now do I have your attention?  Now are you going to talk to me?

Chris is mesmerized by Carol in the sexy elf outfit.

Carol: Chris, you know we really need to talk. 

Chris: Okay.  Let’s go to the office.

They go to the manager’s office.  Carol sits down on the couch.

Carol: Chris, why are fighting so much lately?  What’s really going on between us?

Chris is still just staring at her.

Carol: Chris!  My face is up here. 

She pulls on a dress.

Carol: I’m leaving for my book tour in a couple of days.  I don’t want to leave with us fighting like this.  I admit, I may have overreacted but we seem to be fighting more and more lately and over dumb reasons. 

Chris: It’s just as well.  You’ll probably meet someone and leave me anyway.  This way, you won’t have to pretend.

Carol: What? What are you talking about? Why would you say something like that?

Chris: (shrugs his shoulders) I don’t care.

Carol: But I do care.  I’m confused with what you are saying.

Chris: Look, things were going too well.  This can’t last forever.

Carol is silent for a while, thinking about what Chris said. 

Chris: I just can’t shake this feeling that something bad is bound to happen.  Something bad always happens.

Carol: Chris, please listen to me.  I know that when you were growing up, your mom moved you from place to place.  It must have felt like just when you are settling in someplace, you have to move again.

Carol is looking at Chris’ eyes, trying to gauge his reaction.  He’s still silent.

Carol: You’re not a child anymore.  You’re a grown up now.  You are controlling your life.  You get to say when it’s time to pack up and move.  (pause)  Chris, do you want to move again? 

Chris: No, I don’t.  I love you and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

Carol:  I love you and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me too.  Let me tell you about some birds that helped me realize something. 

Chris: Birds?

Carol: Yes, birds.  Let’s go.  But first, I just need to return this elf outfit.

Chris: Nah, don’t give it back.  We’re bringing that home with us to be part of our permanent collection.


Four Calling Birds

At the Cemetery.  4 Birds are flying around.

Chris is walking, looking at the tombstones.  He’s on the cell phone talking to Carol.

Chris: Here, I think I found Angel.  Hang on..

Chris sets down some flowers he brought with him.

They share a silent prayer.


Chris: Thanks again for arranging for my mom to be brought here.  I feel better now that she’s next to Lolo in the cemetery. 

Carol: You’re welcome.  I’m glad to be able to do that for you since I’m here.

Chris: How’s your book signing yesterday?

Carol: Really well.  I met so many Filipinos.  They were very welcoming and supportive. 

Chris: Glad to hear that.  I miss you so much. 

Carol: I miss you too.  I wish I was there.  I really feel bad that I’m not there to make the arrangements for our wedding.

Chris: That’s okay.  The wedding planner is doing a good job.  She’s sending you all the plans to approve, right?

Carol: Yes she is.  Anyway, like you said.  The most important part is what happens after the wedding. 


Three French Hens

At the airport. 

Three French flight attendants, Marie, Fifi and Genevieve are getting off the escalator.  They are pushing their rolling suitcases.  Their heads went on a swivel to the direction of Chris who is hurrying past them. 

Chris: (thinking) I hope I’m not late…

Chris spots Carol who just arrived.  Carol and Chris are half walking fast, half running towards each other.  They embrace tightly and share a passionate kiss in the middle of the airport.

Carol: I missed you so much!

Chris: I missed you too.  Promise me, we’ll never be apart for that long ever again.

Carol: I promise.  Let’s go.  There’s probably lots of traffic going to my place.

Chris: I can’t wait for the time when we go home to the same house.

Carol: Soon, love, very soon. 


Two Turtle Doves

Chris and Carol are looking at a wedding invitation with design of embossed two doves with poinsettias and other Christmas themed designs. 

Chris: I like this design a lot.  

Carol: Me too.  It’s perfect.

At a large old fashioned church on Christmas Day 2012, Chris and Carol are married.  It was a beautiful ceremony that made everyone who attended with happy and filled them with the Christmas spirit.


A Partridge In A Pear Tree

At a Hospital. 

Chris is running, he stops at the nurse’s station.  A look of panic is on his face.

Chris: Miss, I’m looking for my wife’s room.  Carol Pascual?  Am I too late?

Nurse: No sir, she’s still in labor.  Room 8. It’s down the hall to the left.

Chris rushes to room 8.  The doctor and a nurse are attending to Carol who is in the hospital bed.

Chris: Carol! I got here as soon as I can.  That dairy farm in Batangas is the biggest pain in the a$$.   How are you doing?

Carol: I’m fine.  Aaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!

(Begin flashback)

Scene: Pascual home master bedroom.

Carol is sitting on the side of the bed, looking at her old seven swans sweater fondly.  She hears Chris who just came home from work.  She quickly puts it away.

Chris: Honey, I’m home.  Where are yoooouuu?

Carol: I’m in the bedroom.

Chris enters the bedroom.  He gives Carol a kiss.

Carol: Did you have a good day?

Chris: Yup.  I’m hungry.  All I can think of on my way home is what kind of science experiment I’ll be having for dinner.

Carol: (fake frown) Don’t worry, I didn’t cook our dinner tonight.  And stop making fun of me!  One day I’ll be a great cook, you’ll see. 

Chris: Aww, you know I love you, even if you can’t boil water.

Carol: Hmmph!  Even if you’re always teasing me, I still have a present for you.

Chris: Present? Uhh.. did I forget something?  It’s not our anniversary.  That’s Christmas Day so I’d never forget that…

Carol hands him a gift bag. 

Carol: Here.  Open it. 

Carol is watching Chris’ face closely while he takes out the present from the bag.

Chris: Oh!  I haven’t seen this in a while!  It’s your giant bird sweater.  And, it’s now a…  What is this, like a… small blanket?

Carol:  Yup, I had it made into a baby blanket.

Chris: Baby? Did you say baby?

Carol: (nodding) Yes!  We’re having a baby, Chris.

Chris gives Carol a big hug.  He looks so happy.

Then Chris looks seriously at Carol.

Chris: Are you okay about this? I mean.. I know that you were scared of being pregnant again.

Carol: I’m truly okay Chris.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit scared but the doctor said that I’m physically more than capable of having a healthy baby. 

Chris: So physically, you are fine.  But how about…

Carol: Mentally?  I’m okay too.  I didn’t realize how much until I found out.  I’m very excited, Chris. 
And seeing you so happy just makes me even more excited.

(End flashback)

Doctor: Push! Push! Just a little bit more…. Yes!  You got it!

Baby: Waaaaaah!

Chris: It’s a boy, Carol.  It’s a beautiful baby boy!

Doctor and nurses: Congratulations! 

The nurse gives Carol the baby.  She holds the baby like it’s the most precious creature on earth.

Carol: (happy, weepy and exhausted) He’s so beautiful like his daddy.

Later, Chris is sitting by Carol’s bedside while they are watching the baby sleep.  The doctor comes is to check up on them.

Doctor: Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Pascual.  Everything is well.

Chris: Thank you!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.

Doctor:  Have you picked a name?

Chris and Carol look at each other and smile.

Chris: Yes. We are naming him Melchor, after his grandfather.

The End.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

hey, I love the story. Katuwa. Pwedeng magrequest ng another Mark-Maricar Fanfic.? nag-enjoy at kinilig tlga ako sa tandem nila. Tnx.

telemafias said...

Thanks! I think Maricar Reyes is so beautiful. A big reason I liked Imortal is because of her. - WahWahWah

Anonymous said...

yeah. I agree with that. She's really gorgeous. Stunning! Classic! Gusto ko din siya sa Imortal. By the way, Maricar's character in this fanfic really suits her. Parang naiimagine ko tlaga sila ni Mark dito. Kudos!!!

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