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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 1: Twelve Drummers Drumming


Scene: Christmas Parade
Twelve men in matching uniform are drumming and marching in unison. 

People around them are clapping and cheering


Scene: In a plain and very tidy bedroom.

A radio alarm clock turns on. 

Radio DJ:  “Hey! Wakey wakey everyone!  It's the first day of December!  Can you believe it's almost the end of 2010 ?  Here's one of your favorites, The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. (the song starts to play) “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose....”

Carol immediately turns off the radio and gets up.  A look of pain crosses her face.

Carol: (thinking) Just a few more days Carol, all this Christmas stuff will be over.  You have to focus on your important meeting today. 

She goes to the bathroom to get ready. 


Scene: Outside Carol's apartment. 

Carol walks out of her apartment and sees the parade going through. 

Carol is dressed in her professional garb.  Her hair is pulled into a tight perfect bun, not a hair would dare come out of place.  Her eyeglasses are old fashioned, like what your grandma would wear.  She has a pristine white blouse under a box shaped black jacket and skirt.  They look like they've been starched to within an inch of their lives.  Her black sensible shoes look like what Sister Mary Margaret would wear.  Her posture is so straight, you'd think there's a piece of 2x4 permanently nailed to her back. 

She can't help but overhear a mother and her young daughter talking.

Daughter: Mommy, what's going on?

Mother:  There's a parade.  But we have to hurry sweetie, we have so much shopping left to do before Christmas.

Daughter: Can't we stay and watch the parade?

Mother: Honey, we don't have much time today.

Daughter: Please, momeeee, pleeeeease?

Mother: (smiles) Oh, all right, just for a little while. 

Daughter: Yey!  Mommy is the best!  Aww, but I can't see a thing.

The mother picks up the daughter up and places her on her shoulders.

Mother: Here you go sweetie.  What do you see? 

Daughter: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.  12!  I count 12 drummers mommy!

Mother: That's right, there’s 12 of them. They're really good, aren't they?...

Carol can't stand it anymore, she walks away as fast as she can.

Suddenly, the drum line is broken as a man in a disheveled Santa Claus suit runs through them.  Some of drummers fall down. 

The man in the Santa suit is Chris Pascual, who is drunk out of his mind. 

Right now, he's a happy drunk.  He has a naughty, mischievous grin on his face. 

Behind him, three policemen are trying their best to chase after him, but Chris is faster than they are.

Police: You!  Stop! Come back here! Hey!!

Chris: Ho Ho Ho!  Who wants to sit on Santa's lap!   Wooooo!  Get it on!!!!

Chris is jumping over cars, he's bumping into people. 

Chris: (dancing around taunting his chasers)  Party in the North Pole! Party in the South Pole (grabbing his crotch)!  Ho Ho Ho!

Other people start to panic and run, adding to the commotion.  Carol is caught in between.

BOOM! Chris bumps right into Carol.  They smash into a sago at gulaman drink stand! 

They are covered with the sticky liquid and pieces from the large containers of red and green drinks.  
Carol and Chris had a moment of shock as they stare into each other’s eyes and realize that he is laying on top of her, his one leg is right smack in between her thighs.  Carol is frozen in place as Chris' face comes closer to her like he was going to kiss her.  Instead, he eats a piece of red gulaman that was on top her nose.  Suddenly, Chris is yanked away from her by the policemen. 

Policemen: We got you now!  Cuff him!

Policemen: Don't let this slippery eel get away.

They cuff Chris, who is looks like he thinks all of this is just hilarious.    
Policemen: (to Carol, as they help her up) Are you okay, Ma'am? 

Carol: (outraged) No, I'm not!  Look at me! (to Chris) Look at what you've done! 

Chris: (drunken) Chill out people!  Where's your Christmas spirit?  I'm just having a little fun, that's all. (starts to sing on top of his voice) Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin lays an egg, the batmobile lost its wheel....

Carol: You're drunk!  This is what you call fun?  You inconsiderate fool!  I'm late for my meeting! I don't have time for this!

Carol runs back to her apartment to change. 

Chris: Ha ha ha, where's the fire, Manang? What's the hurry? I was gonna invite you a party, a party in my pants!  Ha ha ha 

Sago vendor: You Sonof aBitch!  Who's gonna pay for this?  Who? Who? 

Policeman: (to the vendor) Just file a police report.  His rich grandpa will take care of it.


Scene: Pascual residence

The policeman just brought Chris home.  He started to get sick on the way to his house and by now he feels horrible. 

Chris' grandpa, Melchor Pascual, is thanking the policemen who brought his grandson home.

Melchor: Thank you officers, I'll make sure and tell my good friend, the captain how you've once again helped my family.

Policeman: Sir, this is the last time.  We can't keep doing this, even for the captain.  Next time, we'll really have to arrest your grandson.

Chris is in the living room.  He's not as jolly as he was earlier at the parade.  He looks like he's ready to throw up any second.

Melchor: This is the 3rd time this month!  You're a disgrace!  What were you thinking?  Where's your friend Joseph? He's supposed to keep you out of trouble!

Chris: (holding his head) Please, please, can you bust my balls another time?  I feel like shit right now!

Melchor: That just serves you right! Are you expecting sympathy from me?

Chris is silent, eyes closed, looking miserable.

Melchor: I don't understand you at all!  How long do you think you can continue like this?  I knew you got into a lot of trouble when you were in the States.  I knew your mother didn’t discipline you...

Chris: Keep my mother out of this.  She's dead.

Melchor:  (continuing) But I thought now that you are here with me, you'd shape up.  She should have told me about you sooner, I could have done something about you.  You're as stubborn as your mother.

Chris: (gets up and starts throwing stuff around, screaming) I said, keep my mother out of this!

Chris: (vomiting violently) Bwaaaaaah!

Melchor shakes his head while looking at his grandson.

Melchor: (thinking) I have to do something, I can't let this continue for much longer. 

Melchor: (calling one of the maids, who's hanging around watching the scene from the other room)  Jingle! Come out here and clean this up!

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