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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 3: Ten Lords-a-leaping


Scene: Cultural Center of the Philippines

There are banners announcing the performance of “Dix Danseur De Ballet”

At the lobby.  Chris and Melchor are talking.

Melchor: Why are you dressed like that? I told you this was formal.

Chris: This IS my formal, what are you talking about!

Melchor: You look so untidy!  You look like a hoodlum.  You need to shave, you need and a haircut!

Chris: If you have such a problem with me, I really don't know why you dragged me here.

Melchor: You need to be exposed to something other than that godawful lowbrow rap music. 

Chris: What? Eminem transcends rap, yo!

Melchor: This is culture, you might even enjoy it.

Chris:  No way!  Last thing I want to see is ten dudes in tights prancing around. 

Carol walks over to them.  She's wearing an old fashioned black shapeless velvet gown and her sensible shoes.  Her hair is in a tight bun like always. 

Chris barely glances at her.

Carol: Good evening.  Mr Pascual, I want to thank you again for inviting me this evening.

Mr. Pascual: You are very welcome, Miss Baltazar.  I hope you have a nice time tonight.  Are you a fan of the ballet?

Chris: Yeah, she probably enjoys seeing men in tights prancing around.  Ha ha

Carol: (ignoring Chris) Yes! I so enjoy the ballet.  I've heard this group is amazing and has toured all over the world.

Melchor: Yes.  They are using the music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, one of my favorites.

Carol: Oh, I didn't realize they are using Christmas music. 

People start to walk to the auditorium.

Melchor: Let's go in.


Scene: Inside the auditorium.  During the performance, Chris is antsy. 

Later, he notices that Carol has stood up and left.

Chris: (thinking) Perfect. Here's my excuse. (whispers to his grandpa) I better check on her.

Chris goes outside.  He pulls out a cigarette, lights it and starts to smoke.  He walks around the building. 

It's dark but he sees a silhouette of a womanly shape leaning against one of the walls. 

Chris didn't know but it was Carol.  The wind whipped her dress close to her body and her beautiful shape is revealed for a second.  He walks over to her.

Chris: Hi sexy, be careful out here by yourself.  Someone might eat you. 

Chris leans close just as Carol turns around.  Their faces are only an inch apart.

Carol is surprised.  She opens her mouth to scream.  Chris has quick reflexes.  He covers her mouth with his hand and pushes her against the wall with his body. 

Chris: Sssssshhhh, calm down. I don't bite...unless you want me to…

They recognize each other.

Chris: You!

Carol: Ymmmf!

Chris steps back and removes his hands from Carol's mouth.

He notices tears in her eyes.

Chris: I'm sorry, I swear, I didn't mean to hurt you.  Please don't cry.

Carol: I'm not crying because of you.

Chris: Oh.  (pause) Why are you crying then, why did you leave in the middle of the show?

Long Pause.  Carol composes herself.

Carol: Actually Chris, let's talk about something else.  Why won't you agree to let me help you?

Chris: (rolls eyes) Here we go again.  I've got an earful from Lolo already.  I don't need it from you too.

Carol: He's very worried about you.  Aren't you concerned about the direction your life is heading?

Chris: You're a shrink, aren't you?  I don't have mental problems. 

Carol: I'm not a psychiatrist.  I'm a psychotherapist.  There's no shame in getting help from either.

Chris: I don't have a problem!  It's everyone else around me that has a problem!

Carol: How do you think it's going to end, the way you are going?

Chris: Don't pretend you care.  I know this has something to do with the book you are trying to get published. 

Carol: Chris, have you heard of this quote “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”

Chris: Who said that? Some old dude who's been dead for thousands of years? 

Carol: Not exactly, that was a quote from Bruce Lee.

Just then, they see people come out of CCP.  Chris sees Noelle and her group of friends.  One of the guys has his arm around Noelle. 

Chris walks purposefully towards them.  Carol follows him.

His eyes are focused on Noelle and the guy she's with.

Chris: Hey

Noelle: Umm, Chris right?  Guys, you remember Christian Pascual.  We met him at the Pascual's Christmas party last year.

Holly: Oh, how can we forget! 

Joy: You and your friend were quite memorable, ha ha.  

Ivy:  Well, I see you haven't changed.  You're still ghetto-fabulous.  Where is your friend? Doesn't he enjoy the ballet?

Chris ignores them.  His eyes are still on Noelle. 

Chris: Noelle, don't you have something you want to tell everyone?

Noelle: Huh? I don't know what you are talking about.

Chris looks like he's ready to punch someone.  Chris grandpa comes over to them.

Melchor: Oh there you are, Chris.  Our car is waiting for us.  May we give you a ride Miss Baltazar?

Carol: That's very kind of you, sir.  But I have my own ride. 

Melchor: Let’s go Chris.  Bye everyone.  I hope to see you all at the Christmas party.

Chris gives everyone the stink eye but he follows his grandpa.  Carol leaves too.


Later, Noelle, Ivy, Holly and Joy are chatting.

Holly: Noelle, 'fess up.  Is something going on between you and Chris Pascual?

Noelle: No way! Can you imagine me slumming with that jolog.

Ivy: Yeah, but he's a filthy rich jolog.

Noelle: So what! I'm rich too.

Joy: He's also super hot!  Plus there's an air of excitement and danger around him. 

Holly: You have to admit, he’s like KFC, finger lickin’ good.

Ivy:  I had a dream that I was his belt… You guys, I think I'm gonna ask him out.

Noelle: What!  Are you insane? You want to date that hoodrat! I think I just threw up in my mouth!  If you, or anyone else, go out with him, we can never be friends, ever! 

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