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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 4 : Nine Ladies Dancing


Scene: Club Elf.  A trendy nightclub managed by Chris' friend Joseph.

Nine girls were dancing in various stages throughout the club.  The girls are wearing sexy santa's elves outfits.  The club is full of patrons who are dancing and drinking.

Chris and Joseph are in the office where they can still see all the action.  They have some beers in front of them. 

Joseph: Are you sure, man? Sounds like Noelle is dicking you around like she always does.

Chris: No man.  I think she's sincere this time. 

Joseph: What exactly happened?

Chris: She called me up.  We had long talk.

Joseph: Let me guess, you met at her condo.

Chris: So what, it's a good place to talk.  She told me she loves me.

Joseph: Whoa! That's new.

Chris: I'm a happy man.  I'm gonna ask her to marry me.

Joseph: Huh? Doesn't she still want to hide your relationship?

Chris: Actually, she finally introduced me to some people as her boyfriend.  I'm seriously thinking maybe I should become a 'willow.'  I really do want Noelle to be proud of me.  I guess Lolo too.

Joseph:  Willow? What are you talking about?

Chris: Here! (grabs a magazine that is laying around) Her!  Lolo wants her to help me with my (air quotes) issues. 

Joseph: (looking at the magazine page, which has a small black and white photo of Carol's face) “Ask Ms. Carol” Oh she's good.  She gives great advice.

Chris: Don't tell me you read this BS.

Joseph: I do!  And it's not BS.  Besides I think Ms Carol is kind of hot.

Chris: You weirdo!  She's like your mom or your aunt. I met her in person.  She's so uptight, I think she's got a stick up her ass.

Joseph: Dude! The older gals are the bomb!  Besides, the ones that are wound tight are usually the best once you have, (dramatic) unleashed the tigress inside. Rowr!  It's like a dam that's been holding all this water for so long will burst! And all you can do is just hang on and try not to drown.  It's awesome! Can I meet her?

Chris: Ha ha, you're a crazy mofo!

Joseph: I'm serious dude! Oh, and who did Noelle introduce you to as her boyfriend?

Chris: Her maids.  (At a look from Joseph) I know, I know, but its a start.


Scene: Prancer's Bistro at Kringle Street, where there are a row of upscale shops gaily decorated in Christmas décor and lights.

Carol and her friend Merry are eating and chatting.

Merry: Carol, if you wanted the spaghetti with meatballs, that's what you should have ordered.

Carol: The sauce might splatter on my white blouse.  This sandwich is fine.  It's not messy.

Merry: (shrugs shoulders) So, catch me up.  What's going on with the book deal?

Carol: I finally found someone who is willing to publish my book, but there's a 'but'

Merry:  But?

Carol: The publishing house owner wants me to help his grandson with his anger management.

Merry: What's wrong with that? You like helping people.  You helped me with the same problem.

Carol: It's not that.  Mr Pascual wants to see 'real improvement' by his Christmas Party this year.

Merry: You don't think you can do it?  I don't believe you. 

Carol: Merry, if it is anyone else, I would say no problem.  But this guy is impossible!  He's the most insufferable, outrageous, arrogant man.  My blood just boils thinking about him. 

Merry: Wow!  I've never seen you like this. 

Carol: (breathes deeply) I know! I've worked so hard to control myself.  I refuse to lose it over him.

Merry: It's still hard for me to imagine you out of control.

Carol: Ha, if my stepmom were here, she’d tell you some hair raising stories about me.  She would have plenty to say.

Merry: So you were a rebellious teenager.  Many of us were.  I got all these tattoos to spite my parents.

Carol: My being out of control had more tragic consequences than a few tattoos.

Merry:  I know.  Oh Carol, I'm sure it doesn't help that all this is happening at this time of the year. 

Carol: I just need to get through December.  Then I'll be just fine.

Merry: Carol, you know I'm just concerned.  What about next December? Are you going dread December for the rest of your life?

Carol silently looks out the window to the street.  She's surprised to see Chris.

Carol: Hey, speak of the devil.  That's Chris right there. (points)

Merry: Where? Where?  Ooooh!  That one? He's a hottie.  Nom nom nom. 

Carol: I'm going to try to talk to him again.

Carol stands up.

Merry: Huh? Our food isn't here yet, I thought you said you were hungry!

Carol: Sorry, please cancel my order.  Let's do this another time.

Merry:  No problem!  Good luck!

Carol goes to Chris out on the sidewalk.


Scene: Kringle Street sidewalk

Carol: Chris!  Chris Pascual!

Chris looks behind him.  He has a big smile that lights up his whole face, especially his eyes.  Carol is stunned for a split second by that smile.

Chris: Miss Manang.  Fancy seeing you here.  You're stalking me aren't you? (grin)

Carol: Of course not!  Why would I do that?  I happen to be at Donner's with my friend. 

She points to the restaurant where Merry is craning her neck to see them.  She waves when she sees Carol point to her.  Chris smiles and waves back at her too.

Chris: Ha ha, I'm kidding.  You're so freaking serious all the time. 

Carol looks embarrassed.

Chris: Hey, I'm in a great mood today.  You can't ruin it.  I'm going to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend.  I'm going to ask her to marry me.

Carol is taken aback.

Carol: Engagement? Girlfriend? Who's your girlfriend?

Chris: Noelle.  You saw her.  The beautiful girl from the big-waste-of-time dance crap we attended.

Carol: The one who acted like she barely knew you?

Chris: She's been my girlfriend for months.  We're just on the 'down low' because her friend won't understand our relationship.  But she told me she'll be ready at our Christmas party this year.  Her parents are going to be there.  They live in US.  I'm going to buy a ring now so I can propose to her then.  Isn't my plan awesome?

Carol: (hesitant) That's great.  Maybe you should let me help you so you'll be ready for them when they get here.

Chris: I'm still not sure that I need your help.

Carol: You said you're going to that fancy jewelry store there?

Carol points to a store with a sign that says “Nieve's Jewelry Store”?

Chris: Yes, I'm picking the most expensive engagement ring that they have for Noelle.

Carol: Okay.  Go ahead.  I'll wait right here.

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