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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 6: Seven Swans-a-swimming


Scene: Outside a DVD store.

Carol and Chris are walking out. Carol is wearing an oversize bulky sweater with a design of seven big swans on the front. It looks like it is size XXXL and it reaches down to her mid thigh. She's wearing black pants and her sensible shoes. Her hair is in its usual perfect tight bun.

Chris: I got the DVD's, shall we go?

They walk to the parking lot.

Chris: So we're spending the whole day together?

Carol: Yes. It's Saturday, I don't have appointments with any other clients. The Christmas party is very soon. We need to buy you a suit and get you a haircut...

Chris: (big sigh) Do I really have to?

Carol: We talked about this already. I won’t interfere with your plans because we’ll do all the stuff you would do normally.

Chris: Are you sure you are not just making an excuse so you can spend time with me?

When they get to Chris' car, Carol stands next to the passenger side until he opens the door for her to get in. They drive away.


Scene: In the car.

Chris: I thought you said I know how to act with manners. Why are you still making me do this stuff? I already know it!

Carol: That's precisely why. You know what to do, so I expect you to do it. It's harder to teach someone who already knows.

Chris: Whatever! It's stupid.

Carol: I have another quote for you. “Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”

Chris: Now, who said that? Jacky Chan?

Carol: (can't help but laugh a bit) Aristotle. An old dude who has been dead for thousands of years.

Chris: (looking at Carol's face) You look very different when you laugh. You look much younger.
Carol: (makes her face serious) Please watch the road. (she felt a rush of joy inside)

Chris: Okay, okay (pause) 'Nice' sweater by the way.  You wonder why people mistake you for my mom.

Carol: My laundry service is late and this is the only thing I have left to wear (pause, she's wondering why she's telling him all this) How I look is none of your concern. Have you been practicing the breathing relaxation techniques?

Chris: Yeah, sure.

Carol: Chris, I'm serious. This is the key to managing your temper. You need to find the thing that will help you focus and relax whenever you find yourself losing it.

Chris: umm

Carol: In addition, many people find a hobby or activity to be quite helpful as an outlet to release their tension. I had a client who is a very macho body builder. He found that crocheting helps him relax.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Carol: You think I'm kidding? He gave me a lovely scarf as a present. And he told me I saved his marriage. His wife was ready to leave him because of his bad temper.

Chris: I'm not learning how to crochet.

Carol: I'm not saying you need to. It could be playing basketball, boxing, yoga, gardening, underwater basket-weaving, it doesn't matter. My point is, find the thing that will help you relieve stress regularly.

Chris: I know how to relieve stress regularly. Know what I mean, jellybean? (wiggles eyebrows)

Carol: (exasperated sigh) You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Chris: Yes, I am. (big grin)


Scene: Pascual residence living room. There’s Christmas d├ęcor all over the house.

Chris: Let's watch this. “Miracle on 34th Street”

Carol: Umm, would you mind if we watch a different one? I really don't like that movie.

Chris: What? How can you not? Isn't this the kind of sappy crap women eat up?

Carol: I just don't like Christmas anything.

Chris: Wow, really? You don't like Christmas anything? Why ...

Carol cuts him off.

Carol: If it is sappy movie, then why do you want to see it?

Chris: (shrugs) It's tradition. I always watch it with my mom at this time of the year. (long pause) Yeah, forget it, it's stupid. I don't know why I even picked it.

Chris turns away.

Carol: Chris, you know that one day, you will have to talk about your childhood and deal with your unresolved feelings about your mom.

Chris: I don't want to talk about it right now.

Carol: I understand. But you will have to one day in order to understand yourself better.


Later, they are sitting on the couch, watching a James Bond movie in the big screen TV.

Carol: See how James Bond handles whatever situation is thrown at him? He never loses his cool.

Chris: Ssshhh! I'm trying to watch the movie.

Chris gets one of the boxes of chocolates that he bought from the promo girls and opens it. Only a few pieces are left. He hands the box to Carol.

Chris: Here, have some. Sorry, only the dark chocolate pieces are left. I don't like those.

Carol: Dark chocolate? Well, maybe one piece.

A few minutes later, the scene in the movie is a sexy scene with James Bond and a bond girl getting it on in bed.  Chris hears some moaning sounds but it didn't sound like they were coming from the movie.

Carol: uummmm... ummmmm...

He looks at Carol and forgets all about the TV. He was mesmerized instead by the sight of her licking chocolate from her fingers, her head slightly thrown back, her eyes closed, and a look of rapture on her face. A quick mental image popped in his mind of a dam bursting.

Chris: Ah, good chocolates, huh? (looking at the empty box) You want a napkin?

Carol: Huh? Oh yes. (sitting up straight again)

The scene on the TV is still the sexy scene. They have a moment of awkwardness.

Carol: Oh my.

Chris: (cough) I'm supposed to meet Joseph at Club Elf tonight. Are you going with me?

Carol: Sure. I told you we'll be spending all day together

Chris: Cool. (thinking) This should be interesting.


Scene: At a hair salon

Chris is getting a haircut.

Carol: Can you give him a shave too?

Chris: What? Girls usually like my stubble when I ..

Carol: (cuts him off) Just, just try it out. It will grow back.


Scene: At a department store men's section.

Chris comes out of the changing room wearing a charcoal gray suit. He looks dashing. His new haircut and closely shaved face complements the look.

Chris: What do you think? (jokingly does a couple of Zoolander poses) Don't I look awesome?

It's Carol's turn to be mesmerized.

Carol: (thinking) Breath Carol, breath.

Carol: It'll do. (to the ogling salesman) We'll take it.


Scene: Outside the department store.

Chris and Carol just got out. A couple was walking by when one of them stops.

Frankie: Carol? Carol Yu? It's me, Frankie!

Carol: Huh? Oh yes, Frankie. How are you?

Frankie: I'm good. I almost didn't recognize you! (to her companion) Gaspar, you remember Carol Yu.

Chris is surprised to hear what name Carol was called.

Gaspar: Oh yes, of course, Carol Yu.

Frankie: Well, we have to go but we need to get together one of these days. Bye Carol.

Carol: Bye!

Chris: Wait, why did they call you “Carol Yu”, isn't your name “Carol Baltazar”?

Carol: It is. Yu was my married name. I changed it back to Baltazar.

Chris: Whaaaa? You were married?

Carol: Now, why is that so hard to believe?

Chris: No, I mean... Umm, who were you married to?  Where is he now?

Carol: Ok.  I will tell you.  But first, you have to tell me something too.

Chris: What?

Carol: Tell me about the time you got arrested.

Chris: Ugh! (thinking he doesn’t want to but he’s really curious about Carol, so it’s worth it)  Okay.   I just turned 15.  We just moved again and I didn’t know anybody.  It wasn’t a good neighborhood and there were a lot of gangs.  They made friends with me.  They told me that since I’m a minor, if I commit a crime, I wouldn’t be in as much trouble as they would be.  We broke into a house to steal and got caught.

Carol: Did you do many things in order to fit in when you were a kid?

Chris: Yes and no.  Sometimes I tried to fit in, sometimes I didn’t care.  We moved so much that I figured, we’d leave anyway so who cares. 

Carol: How was it in juvenile prison?

Chris: How do you think? It sucks.  But I’m tough.  Being Filipino, a lot of times I’m the smallest in the group so I learned early on to fight and not let the bullies get me.

Carol: Chris, it’s really terrible that you grew up that way.  I hope that you will recognize that temper when it starts and you will breath and relax to fight it.  You must realize that you are not the smallest in the group anymore.  Don’t be the bully that you used to fight with.

Chris: I guess so.

Quiet moment between them while Chris absorbs this.

Chris: Okay, enough emo time.  Now, it’s your turn. Tell me about your husband.

Carol: His name is Dr. Damon Yu.  He was a doctor.  He's been dead for a couple of years. 

Chris: That’s it?  That’s all you are telling me?
Carol:  Look at the time! You better go. I have some errands to run.

Chris hands Carol a card.

Chris: Okay.  You can tell me more next time.  Here's the address for Club Elf. So, I'll see you there tonight at 9. Try not to look like my mom, ha ha ha.

Carol watched Chris walk away carrying his packages. She decides to go back to the department store before going home.

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