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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 7: Six Geese-a-laying

Scene: Club Elf

There are six bottles of Grey Goose Vodka on the bar among many other bottles of liquor.

The club is packed with people. Waitresses in sexy Santa's elves outfits are walking among the crowd.

Carol just walked in to the bar. She's wearing her oversized swan sweater from earlier that day. She looks out of place and she knows it. This makes her uncomfortable.


(begin flashback)

Scene: Carol's bedroom, earlier that evening.

Carol is laying in bed zipping up a tight pair of brand new dark blue jeans. She gets up and stands in front of the mirror. With the dark blue jeans, she's wearing a cute red sleeveless blouse, with large soft ruffles, that buttons in front. She has a pair of modestly heeled cute sandals.

She purchased these items earlier at the department store. Her hair is not in its usual severe bun, but still very neat in a tight pony tail.

She has a doubtful look on her face.

She quickly puts on the bulky sweater over what she's wearing and leaves the apartment.

(end flashback)


Joseph sees Carol and approaches her.

Joseph: Hi! Ms Carol! I'm a big fan. I recognized you from the picture in your columns.

Carol: uh, Hi.

Joseph: I'm Joseph, I'm Chris Pascual's friend. He told me you were coming tonight.

Carol: Oh, is Chris here yet?

Joseph: Yeah, he's in the office. The Pascuals own this club.

Carol: Oh! He never mentioned that.

Joseph: Here he comes now.

Chris is walking over to them. He's wearing his new suit. Chris' eyes are on Carol's sweater. He's smiling that devastating smile of his.

Chris: Alright! Miss Manang and her bird sweater in the house! Let’s get the party started, yo!! Wooooo!!!

Carol does not look amused.

Joseph: Ignore him. I like your bird sweater, Ms Carol.

Chris: Don't just stand there. C'mon! I have a table for us.

Carol and Joseph follow Chris to a table close to the bar. There are no seats, just a high small table.

A sexy santa's elf comes over to get their drink order.

Elf Snow: Hi sirs, what can I get for you?

Joseph: I've been working on some new cocktails for Christmas. I want you guys to try 'em.

Joseph: (to Snow) Bring us a Paskotini, a Reindeer Games, and a Sleigh Ride. They all have vodka.

Carol: Oh, I don't drink alcohol. Just an orange juice for me, please.

Chris: Why am I not surprised that you don't drink?

Snow leaves after giving Chris a wink. Chris smiles back at her.

Joseph: Ms Carol, I think you created a monster. My friend here does not need to be any more attractive to women.

Chris: Ha ha. It's amazing what a nice suit and a haircut can do. I should have done this a long time ago.

Joseph: Ms Carol, maybe you can take me shopping too.

Joseph inches closer to Carol and she looks uncomfortable.

Carol: uh...

Chris: Leave her alone, Joseph. Ha ha. You're making her more uptight that she normally is. Look!

Carol: I am not uptight.

Joseph: I like uptight women, Ms Carol.

Snow comes over and brings their drink.

Snow: Here you go, boss. Plus a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, because I know you want it. (flirty) See that, I know how to anticipate and fulfill needs. I'm a team player...

After Snow leaves, they take a drink. Joseph and Chris talk about the new cocktails.

Carol: Excuse me, I'm just going to the ladies room.

Carol walks away.

Chris: Seriously man, you're making her uncomfortable. Can't you see it?

Joseph: That's how I work, man. That’s my M.O.

They drink some more.

Joseph: Aren't you at all curious about Ms Carol? I am. There must be more than meets the eye.

Chris: I know for a fact that there is more than meets the eye. (He remembers her licking her fingers after eating chocolates)

Joseph: Don't you want to know more?

Chris: I guess so.

Joseph pours a little bit of vodka in Carol's orange juice. Chris shakes his head but smiles.

Carol returns and she takes a sip of her drink.

They chit chat. Snow keeps bringing them drinks. Joseph or Chris would put a little bit more vodka in Carol's orange juice. It didn't take long for Carol to get inebriated.

Carol: (drunken slur) You shee thish, on my schweater? They’re not birdsss, they’re ssswansh. It's sheven schwansh-aaa-schwimming !

Chris is getting drunk too, but not as quickly as Carol. Joseph has left to attend to his duties as manager several drinks ago. The club is much busier now.

Chris: hmm, is that so?

Carol: Yesss! Like in that shong! Oooon the firsh day of Chrishmash, my true love gave to meeee...

Chris and Carol sing drunkenly together. They get most of the words in the song wrong and they miss some verses.

Chris and Carol: … and a partridge in a pear tree.

They both take a drink.

Carol: (drunken slur) Do you know that shum believe the 'partrisgh in a pear tree' has a shexual meaning?

Chris: hmmm?

Carol: (drunken slur) Yeshh, the pear... is shupposed... to represhent the male. The partri..partrisgh is a horny bird! They likeshh having shexxx! Ha ha ha

Chris: That doesn't make any sense.

Carol: (drunken slur) ha ha, you're right!! but jush ash good an eshplanashion ash any..... Whew, ish sho warm in here!!

She takes off her sweater, revealing the red blouse underneath. The clip holding her pony tail gets undone.

Chris' eyes widen, he's stunned at how beautiful Carol is but she is oblivious to this.

Chris: Whoah!!. Umm, we're out of drinks. Where's Snow? (looking around) She’s busy, let me get some more. I'll be right back.

Other guys in the club are looking at Carol too.

When Chris comes back with drinks, a few guys were surrounding Carol. She was talking and laughing with them.  She has a cigarette in her hand and a guy was lighting it for her.  Chris was shocked.  He feels an immediate rush of anger go through his body.

Chris: Hey, what the hell’s going on here! Get the fuck away from her.

Guy 1: Who's this douchebag?

Carol: (drunken slur) Chrish, calm down, remember your breathing ex-ex-shercisesh.

Chris: Carol, c'mon, you are drunk.

Carol: (drunken slur) Whaaa? I'm not drunk! I'm only drinking or-orrrange jussh alllll night.

Chris: It's not plain orange juice, it has vodka.

Carol: (drunken slur) Ohh. (pause) Well, I sheeem to be out of thish magical drink. Who's going to get me shom more?

Guys: I will! I'll get your drink, Miss Sexy.

Carol: (drunken slur) Oh you boysssh are too kind, hi hi hi.

Guy 1: But first, I want you to dance with me.

He pulls Carol into the direction of the dance floor.

Chris: (loudly) Don't touch her!

Chris loses it. He grabs the guy and gets ready to hit him. Someone pulls Chris away.  It’s Joseph.

Joseph: Hey, hey, stop it. (to the bouncers with him) Take them away. (to Chris), Cool it, man, c'mon.

Chris: Come back here! So I can open a can of whup ass on you!!!

Joseph grabs Chris and drags him away. Carol grabs her sweater and follows. Joseph does a double take on Carol.


Scene: Club Elf manager's office

Joseph drops Chris on to the couch.

Joseph: Uh, Ms Carol? I have to get back to work. It's probably better if you keep Chris here for a while until he cools down.

Carol nods. Joseph leaves.

Carol is looking around the office. Chris is sitting on the couch watching her closely. Carol finds a bottle of booze and takes a big long drink from it.  She sits next to Chris and offers him the bottle. Chris takes the bottle but doesn't drink from it.  He sets it down on the table. 

Chris pulls Carol's eye glasses off and sets it on the table.  They stare at each other for a second before they grab each other and start kissing.  The kiss becomes passionate very quickly.  Instinct took over. Carol doesn't know how long it was that there were no rational thought in her mind.

Until.. She has no idea how it came to this, but Chris was shirtless and was laying on top of her on the couch. Her blouse was open. He'd unzipped her tight jeans and was trying to pull it down.  This sobered Carol up quickly.  She felt like a cold glass of ice water was thrown at her face.  Carol pushed Chris away.

Carol: No! No, this is wrong. This is wrong! What am I doing?

She tries to button her blouse up but her hands were shaking so hard, she couldn't seem to do it.

Chris: Here, let me help you... (he reaches over)

Carol swats his hands away, stands up, pulls her sweater on without fixing her clothes, grabs her eyeglasses and runs out of the office.  Chris puts his shirt and jacket back on and follows her out to the club.


Scene: Outside Club Elf. There's a line of people waiting to get in.

Chris: Carol, Carol, wait!

Chris catches up to Carol and grabs her shoulders. They both hear someone else calling his name.

Carol turns around at who was calling Chris. She looks even more dismayed than before.

Noelle: Chris?!? O. M. God!! Is that you???

Noelle grabs Chris' arms.

Carol turns around again and runs even faster.

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