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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 11: Two Turtle Doves

Scene: Cemetery

Two doves flying around.  Carol is watching them.  The doves alternate picking up sticks and leaves and then flying up a tree. 

Carol: (thinking) They're building a nest.  She must be getting ready to lay eggs.

She watches the birds for a long while until they finish. 

Carol feels profound peace in her heart.

Carol: (whispering)  Thank you,  my little Angel. 


December 2011

Scene: Inside “Nieve's Jewelry Store” 

The store and the scene outside is full of Christmas decorations.

The salesladies Hope, Faith and Charity are watching Chris as he walks around the shop.  He is very much at ease, unlike the last time he was in this place.

Hope: (approaching Chris) Sir, can I help you?

Faith: (going to Chris too) Sir, is there something in particular you're looking for?

Chris: I'm looking for an engagement ring.  I'm going to propose to my girlfriend.

Hope:  Ooohh!  She's a lucky woman ! Hi hi hi . 

Faith: Right this way sir, let me show you ...

Hope: (whispering to Faith)  Butt out!  I saw him first!

Faith: (whispering) No way!  There's no way I'm letting you get the commission from this fat cat.

Hope: (whispering) I need this sale!  He's my fat cat!   

Faith: (whispering) I need this sale too!

Charity: (whispering) Ladies!  This is embarrassing.  Stop fighting!

Chris is mildly amused, but he continues to look around.

Faith: (whispering to Hope) Back away, you b1tch!  Or I'll cut you!

Hope: (whispering) Are you threatening me? You greedy hag!  You want me to take my earrings off ?!

While they are still fighting, Chris goes over to Charity.

Chris: Miss, may I see this ring? (points to a gorgeous engagement ring)

Charity: Of course!

Charity opens the case and takes out the ring.  She shows it to Chris.

Chris: It's beautiful.

Charity: It's my favorite ring here.  5 carat, pear shaped, pink diamond ring, set in a platinum mounting with 2 tapered baguettes. 

Chris: I don't know what any of that means, but I like this and I think she will like it too. 

Charity: Oh, I'm sure she will. 

They continue to talk while Faith and Hope are still bickering

Chris: Thanks, Charity. 

Chris leaves the store with a package.

Faith and Hope finally stop fighting and they look up stunned as Chris leaves the store. 

(Begin flashback)

Scene: Pascual House

It's the Christmas Party 2010.  The whole house is decorated for Christmas.  Guests are arriving, mingling, drinking, talking.  Everyone is dressed to the nines. 

Melchor:  (to random guests)  Welcome!  Nice to see you!  Merry Christmas!  Have you met my grandson, Christian? 

Chris: Hi, nice to meet you....

Later, Chris and Joseph were talking.

Joseph: Whew!  I thought Club Elf gets crowded, but this Christmas party has that beat!

Chris: Yeah, I think Lolo invited everyone he knows and those people brought everyone they know too. 
Lolo looks really happy.

Joseph: Yup!  This sure is different than last year, huh! 

Chris: Ha!  Maybe half of these people came to see if there would be a repeat of last year's scene.

Joseph:  Ha ha ha!  You're never gonna live that down!

Just then, Noelle walks by with an older couple.  She pointedly ignores Chris and Joseph.

Chris ignores them too.

Then, behind him, Chris hears the voice he most wanted to hear. 

Carol: Merry Christmas Chris.

Chris turns around and sees Carol whom he almost didn't recognize.  Carol is dressed in a low cut, form fitting black gown with peak-a-boo sides.  She looks very sexy with her hair down and with  glamorous make-up.

Joseph: Whoa!  Ms Carol ?

Carol: Hi, Joseph.  Merry Christmas to you.

Chris manages to pick his jaw up from the floor.

Chris: Carol?  You looking amazing!   I'm so glad you are here tonight! (beaming smile)

(end flashback)

Christmas Day 2011

Scene: At the Three Kings Home for Children (an orphanage)

Chris and Carol are around a bunch of kids, distributing gifts.  Chris is wearing a Santa Claus  suit.  Carol is wearing a Santa's elf suit. 

Santa Chris: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!  Here's your present!

Kids: Thank you!  Thank you!  Yey! 

Kids: Just what I always wanted! 

Kids: Thank you Santa!
Later, Chris and Carol are alone by the Christmas tree. 

Santa Chris: Well hello there! How's my beautiful elf assistant? 

Elf Carol:  My Santa boss made me work so hard today.

Chris: Santa better make it up to you then.  Come here and sit on my lap.

Chris pulls Carol until she's on his lap.

Chris: When you told me you were coming as an elf, for a minute there I thought you were gonna wear the other elf outfit.

Carol: Ha ha, you want us to get thrown out of here?

Chris: (more serious) Carol, this is a great idea to come to the orphanage for Christmas.

Carol: I'm glad you think so.  I know this is your grandfather's favorite charity.

Chris didn't answer.

Carol: Chris, are you okay?  I know your grandpa's passing is quite a shock.

Chris: I'm okay.  I really couldn't have gone through it without you. 

Carol: I'm always here for you, Chris. 

Chris: I still can't believe Lolo is gone.

Carol: Me too. 

Chris: Thanks again for all your help with answering questions about not having a Christmas party this year.  I just don't think I can handle it. 

Carol: It's perfectly understandable. 

Chris: I'm so glad Lolo and I had a chance to get to know each other and talk before he died.  I would have felt terrible if he went and we were still on bad terms.

Carol nods and gives Chris a hug.  She gives him a quick kiss.

They stay entwined for several seconds.

Chris: Do you know what he told me at the hospital?  (on the verge of tears)  He said he was very proud of me and he was at peace because he knows I'm going to be okay.

Carol wipes a small tear from Chris' face. 

Chris: I love you so much.

Carol: I love you too.


Later, Chris and Carol and the children sing Christmas carols.  They sing the 12 days of Christmas. 

Chris and Carol are whispering to each other so the kids won't hear them.

Chris: Remember what you told me about the 'partridge in the pear tree'

Carol: What?

Chris: It's about s-e-x !!

Carol: What? I said no such thing!

Chris: ha ha ha, you did!  Something about the pear being male and the bird likes to f-u..

Carol: Ssshhh!


Later, Carol is helping some kids put together a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. 

Chris, still in his Santa suit comes over

Chris: Ho ho ho ! Look what Santa has for his hardworking elf? 

Chris hands over a Christmas wrapped present that looks like a box of chocolates.

Carol: Ooooh, I bet I know what this is.  I better open it now so we can all share it.

Carol unwraps the present and opens the chocolate box lid.  Inside, on top of the neat rows of chocolates are letters and they spell “Will you marry me?”

Carol's heart is beating out of her chest.  She’s speechless.

Chris:  Look at this, Santa found one more present in his bag!  Who might this be for? 

Chris kneels next to where Carol is sitting.

Chris: It's for someone who's been nice, (whispers to Carol) and sometimes naughty. 

Chris takes out the ring box and opens it.

The kids and other personnel are clapping and cheering.

Chris: Miss Carol Baltazar, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Carol: (starting to cry) Yes!  Yes I will be happy to, Mr. Christian Pascual. 

They hold each other tight for a long while.

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