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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Angel - EPISODE 2: Eleven Pipers Piping


Scene: At a busy street 

A NAWASA pipe busted and eleven workers from MWSS arrive to fix it.


Scene: Noelle's condo. 

Noelle is a high society girl that Chris has been having a physical relationship with for several months now.  After coitus, Chris and Noelle are lounging in bed.

Chris: Noelle, how about we go see a movie tomorrow?  I haven't seen a movie in a while.

Noelle: Umm, naah, I don't really like movies.

Chris: Let's go to the beach then.

Noelle: Ugh, I hate the beach.  Sand gets everywhere.

Chris: Let's go out to a nice dinner then.

Noelle: Why? We can eat here or I'll just cook for you. 

Chris: I'm not an idiot.  I know you don't want to be seen with me.

Noelle: Babe, I told you, my friends are such snobs, they just aren't ready to see us together yet. 

Chris: If they are such snobs, then why do you hang out with them?

Noelle: I've know Joy, Holly and Ivy forever.  Our families know each other.  I can't just drop them.

Chris: I'm starting to think you are as snooty as they are.

Noelle:  What?! If I am, would I be with you? I'm offended.

She pretends to sulk.  Chris is not buying it.

Noelle: Babe, please be more patient.

Chris: You've been saying that for months.  I want a commitment from you now!

Noelle: umm…

Chris: I've had it!  I'm through being jerked around by you! We're through!

Chris gets up and quickly puts his clothes on.  He dashes out of the condo and into his car.

Noelle: No, wait! Chris, please...

Noelle gets dressed and follows him but she's too late.

Noelle: (thinking) Seemed like he really meant it this time.  Hope I don't lose the best lay I ever had. … Hmm, he'll come back.  I'll make sure of that….  Now what should I wear today. 


Scene: Back to the busy street where the workers are still trying to fix the pipes. 

Chris is losing his patience as usual.  He gets out of the car and heads to the workers.

Chris: Hey! What the hell's going on here?

Workers: Can't you see? We're fixing this leak. 

Chris: Why is it taking so long? When is it going to get done?

Worker: It's gonna be done when it’s done.

Carol is in a taxi not too far from the argument.  She hears all this gets out of the car too. 

Carol: What's happening here?  Please, I have to get to a meeting.  I already had to reschedule from yesterday.  I can't miss it.

Chris: (to Carol) Why don't you mind your own business, lady.  You're not the only one who is late for a meeting.

Chris: (to the workers) There's so many of you fixing this problem but do any of you people even know what the fuck you are doing?

Worker: Do you want to take us on, punk? Do you?  There's eleven of us.  We'll beat the crap out of you! 

Carol: (to Chris) Sir, please, you are just making it worse by arguing with them.  Let these men do their jobs so we can all get out here. 

Chris: (ignoring her) You assholes don't scare me!  Bring it on!  Let's throw down right here, right now!! 

One of the workers push and throw a punch, Carol is caught in the middle.  She gets pushed into Chris and they end up laying on top of one another again.  But this time, Carol is on top.  One of Chris hands is on Carol's lower back.  Carol and Chris' face register their realization of who each other is at the same time.  They both scramble up quickly.

Carol and Chris: YOU!!!

Chris:  Well, well, if it isn't Miss Manang.  I didn't recognize you without delicious gulaman on your face.

Carol: And I didn't recognize you without that ridiculous smelly Santa suit on.  Of all the rotten luck!  My meeting had to be move to today because of you yesterday.  Now I'm going to be late! 

Head worker: Hey! Hey! Stop it!  We've got work to do here. (to the other workers) Get back to work! (to Chris and Carol) Get back in your cars, before we call the police and have you all arrested.

Carol checks her watch.  She decides to pay her taxi and walk/run to her destination.  Good thing she wears sensible shoes. 

Chris gets back in his car to stew.


Scene: At a publishing house office.

Carol is talking to the reception after running several blocks. 

Carol: (panting) Sorry.. I'm... late.  Big.. pipe.. burst.. I'm .. Carol.. Baltazar. 

Receptionist: We're expecting you Miss Baltazar.  Go right in.

Scene: Distinguished looking office

Carol: (deep breath) I'm so sorry, I'm late.  I'm not usually like this.

Beth: That's okay, I heard about the traffic jam.  I'm Beth, one of the editors.  This is Mr. Melchor Pascual, the owner of this publishing house.  Please have a seat.

Carol sits down.  After some small talk, they get down to business.

Carol: As you can see, there's already a market for my book.  My syndicated advice column has many readers and I have a web presence.  I'm a licensed psychotherapist.  My book is about controlling your temper and mastering your emotions.  Something everyone can benefit from. 

Melchor:  Miss Baltazar, I don't usually meet with all our authors.  I'm here for a reason.

Carol: Well, it did occur to me that the publishing house owner here seemed quite hands on.

Melchor: We don't usually publish self help books but we might take a chance with yours.

Carol: You won't regret it if you do. 

Melchor: Do your techniques really work?

Carol: 100%! I used my own techniques to fix my own life. 

Melchor: I have a grandson that has anger management issues.  Can you help him?

Carol: Absolutely!

Melchor: I have a Christmas party in 3 weeks. Can you fix him by then?  I don't want a repeat of last year's debacle.

Carol: Three weeks is not a long time.  For most people, this is a long process.  Can you tell me more about his situation?

Melchor:  Beth, will you excuse us, please. 

Beth: Sure, Mr Pascual.  Just call for me if you need me. 

Beth leaves the office.

Melchor: Miss Baltazar, my only daughter Gabrielle was spoiled and stubborn.   When she was 19, after one of our big arguments, she left the house, didn't tell anyone where she was going.  I looked for her but was never able to find her.  About 2 years ago, I heard that she was in the States and that she had passed.  But she had a son who's already 23 years old.  His name is Christian Pascual.

Carol:  It must have been difficult to learn about your daughter's death like that.

Melchor: It was.  It really was.  But after I got over my shock, I was delighted to hear that I have a grandson.  I went to the States to meet him and to ask if wanted to come live here.  He was more than happy to.  Turned out he was in a lot of trouble there too.

Melchor:  Chris doesn't want to talk about it but from what I gather, he's had an unstable childhood.  Gabby was a single parent.  They moved from place to place.  Gabby took odd menial jobs, had several failed relationships.  He was taken from her by Child Protective Services twice and put in foster homes.  He was even arrested when he was still a minor. 

Carol: That might explain the anger issues.

Melchor: Perhaps, but he's a grown man now.  I want him to start taking responsibility.  When I was his age, I was already managing our family business. 

Carol nods sympathetically.

Melchor: Miss Baltazar, I'm very concerned about him.  He has a bad temper and keeps getting into fights.  I'm afraid he'll wind up in jail, or get hurt, or hurt someone else.

Carol: Sir, three weeks just doesn't seem like enough time.

Melchor: What can I say, I'm an impatient man.  I want results!  Look, I don't expect a complete turnaround but if I can see real improvements at that time, we will publish your book.

Carol: (hesitates for a second) You have a deal, Mr. Pascual.  When can I meet your grandson?. 

Melchor: He's supposed to be here.  I told him to come to this meeting.  He's late again.

(Door knocking, it's the secretary)

Secretary: Sir, your grandson is here.

Melchor: Send him in.

Chris walks in the office.

Chris: (rushing in) I know, I know, I'm late! I'm sorry!  You will not believe the traffic out there. 

He spies Carol.  Carol's eyes double in size as she sees Chris.

Carol: YOU!!!!

Chris: Oh, fuck, me.

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