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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Target - Episode 7: The Prototype

EPISODE 7: The Prototype

Few days later.

Scene: Mark driving to work. Phone rings. It's Jim.

Mark: Hey bro.

Jim: Hey. I don't have much time so listen carefully. A group including Chief T is on their way to Atis right now to pick up the prototype.

Mark: But, it's not completed.

Jim: Based on your latest report, its good enough. There's genuine concern that it will be stolen at Atis. Chief doesn't think it's safe there and I agree.

Mark: Is this because of my relationship with Angel?

Jim: I assured Chief that she's just part of your strategy.

Mark: But you have doubts?

Jim: It's not important what I think right now... Like, I said, I don't have much time, I'm at the airport Mark, I need you to cover for me while I go off the grid for a couple of weeks. I got what may be a message from Ace.

Mark: What? Ace is not dead?

Flashback of a car chase along a winding road up a mountain. Ace is driving a sportscar behind another sportscar he is chasing. Jim is also driving another car chasing behind them. The road has so many curves that he can't always see them in front. He just came from a hairpin turn that he went too fast on when he saw Ace's car careen off the cliff. Jim gets out of his car and runs to the side of the cliff just in time to see Ace's sports car explode into a fiery ball.

Jim: I saw the car fall off the cliff and explode. But this message can only come from him or someone who knows a lot. I have to pursue it.

Mark: It could be a trap.

Jim: I still have to pursue it.

Mark: I understand. I would go with you if I could.

Jim: I know Dude. Thanks. I gotta go catch this plane. I'll get in touch as soon as I can.

As soon as they hang up, there was another call. It's Angel.

Angel: (urgent) Mark! Where are you?

Mark: I'm on my way to work.

Angel: Hurry! Something is going on! There's already been at least 2 helicopters that dropped off people here since this morning. We may have to move quickly!

Mark: Do you know what's happening?

Angel: Not exactly, I'm trying to find out! I heard the bosses this morning talk about the “prototype”.

Mark: What do you want me to do?

Angel: (urgent and panicky) They might take it somewhere we can't reach it. You have to help me Mark, If I don't get the prototype, I am dead! Literally! .. Darn! They're looking for me. I gotta go.

Scene: Basement. Mark is just walking in to loud voices.

Mr Alva: It wouldn't be the first time a product is released without complete final testing.

Pascal: Are you nuts! This isn't just any product! We're telling you it's only at about 95%!

Mr. Alva: Well, that's good! 95% is a terrific grade!

Stephen: Oh for crying out loud ! 95% isn't a grade, it's completion percentage!

They turn and see Mark come in.

Albert: Mark! Mark, talk to him! Please!

Mark: What's going on ?

Mr. Alva: We're being ordered to present Project 5600 today.

Mark: What? When?

Mr. Alva: In about 10 minutes!

Mark: But we're not ready!

Albert: That's what we've been trying to say!

Ada: Can't you explain to the suits? You're our boss, you need to fight for us! That's your job!

Mr. Alva: You know they don't listen to me! They never listen to me! Do you know that at the last managers meeting, someone actually told me to get a hot cup of shut the f*ck up? I don't get no respect!

Stephen: This is bad. Really bad. I've had a bad feeling about this project for a while now. Haven't any of you felt that we're not being told the whole truth? I mean, we're suppose to create this remote control, but they keep changing the specs. They keep adding, removing, changing features.

Ada: I didn't want to say anything but I've also been thinking that there's something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark. Some of what we're asked to make it do doesn't even make any sense. Why would a remote control need these features? And I keep thinking, why would they need a top secret, top priority project for a remote control?

Pascal: Oh no.. our careers are doomed!

Albert looks like he's going to throw up and pass out at the same time.

Mark: Please, let's not overreact. There's nothing we can do if Management wants to present the apparatus as is.

Albert, Stephen, et al: But.. but...

Mark: Look, the way I see it, we did everything we are told. It's all well documented. We have meticulous logs on what tests we've completed and what we haven't. We can't be blamed for anything. Besides, the last testing are just mere formalities, don't you think? It is practically completed.

Mr Alva: Ahem.. yes, yes. That's exactly right.

Mark: Don't worry guys! It will be fine!

The group still looks disgruntled.

Scene: Basement. The door opens and in comes the CTO, other executives, along with Angel, and some other people, and a few people dressed in military uniforms. One of them is his boss, Chief Josefa Tapang. Neither Mark nor her indicated that they know each other.

CTO: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our world class Research and Development facility. Come in, please. There should be plenty of room for everyone.

The group goes inside the room.

CTO: Please get comfortable, it will just take a second for myself and Mr. Alva to retrieve the prototype from the vault.

The scientists in their white lab coats are standing in the background. Angel makes eye contact with Mark.

Alva and the CTO comes back with a fancy safe deposit box and puts it on top of a table set up in the middle of the room.

CTO: We spared no expense when it comes to security. We lock and unlock this baby up in full view of at least three persons.

Mr Alva enters a code into the box and it also scans his fingerprints. Suddenly armed men appear out of nowhere and point big scary looking guns at them.

Armed man 1: Nobody move!! Get down! All of you!

A second armed man grabs the box containing the apparatus. One of the military man tries to get it from him. He gets shot!

Somebody: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mark jumps into action. In a blur, he kicks and punches the armed guys, taking down almost all of them. He also takes one of their guns.

Everyone who worked at Atis Corp had a look of complete amazement and disbelief at Mark and what he just did.

The remaining intruders fight back. The civilians take cover as the military men and Chief Tapang joined in the battle. Several shots were fired. There's only a couple of intruders left, one of them is holding the box. The other grabbed Angel and points the gun to her head.

Man holding Angel: Move and she's dead!

Everyone freezes. Angel looks terrified.

Man: Let's go!

The intruders get out while dragging Angel with them. Right outside the lab entrance, one of them throws something back in and Boom!! there' an explosion somewhere in the lab. The lights turn off. It was pitch black in the windowless room for several seconds then dim emergency lights comes on. A fire breaks out in unknown parts of the lab. The scene was utter chaos.

People: Eeeeeeee! AaaaaaaHHHHH What the hell! Get off me!!!

The panicking people ran out to the exit as the automatic sprinklers come on and spray the room with some chemicals to extinguish the fire in the lab.

Someone is carrying Chief Tapang. She has been shot.

Chief Tapang: Ahh! Don't let them get the prototype! Do what you have to do!! Ahhh!

Mark was first to go out to the dark hallways. The gunmen had shot most of the lights. It was also smoky and Mark's eyes start to bother him. He blinks several times and takes his eyeglasses off.

It occurred to Mark that these might be people who worked with Angel but he couldn't be sure. She looked convincingly terrified when she was taken hostage. He remembered that Chief said there may be more than one entity who was after the prototype. Either way, he has to go after them.

Mark follows them up on the ground floor. He sees they are running to a helicopter on the large lawn area just outside the building. The men are still dragging Angel and holding a gun to her head. People are cowering and hiding when they saw the men with big guns. Mark is jumping over furniture and people to catch up.

Outside, by the helicopter.

Mark is still several yards away, but he's pointing a gun at them.

Gunman 1: Stay away!

Angel: Nooo ! Mark!! What the are you doing??? You're messing things up! Go back inside!

The two men and Angel climb up to the helicopter and it starts to ascend. Mark knows he can't let them escape. He grabs on to its metal feet and pulls himself up inside.

One of the gunman is flying the chopper. The other, is not looking too well. He got shot earlier.

Mark: (pointing the gun at them) Bring the chopper down! Now!

Angel: (stunned) What the hell is going on, Mark!

Mark: Sorry Angel. I can't let you do this. (to the man) DOWN! Now!

Realization dawns on Angel's face. She's livid.

Angel: You sonofabitch! Did you just make me a sucker? Did you just trick me? Who are you really? What are you !

They hear gunshots! The military men are shooting at them. They haven't gotten that far. The helicopter pilot gets shot.

Man: AaaaaaAHHHHH!

The helicopter spins out of control. It starts to fall. Mark grabs Angel and the box and they jump out of the chopper. They fall several feet down to some bushes that cushioned their fall. The military men immediately pick them up from the bushes and away from the out of control helicopter. It crash lands several yards away and explodes in a enormous BOOM! The military men had their guns pointed at Mark and Angel the whole time. They had Mark put down his gun.

There's a large group now gathering, including the scientists.

Military man: The prototype! Open the box!

Another man opens the box and its empty.

Military man: Dammit! Where is it! What did you do to it!

Mark and Angel look at each other. Both look stunned.

Mark: Where is it Angel?

Angel: (angry) You rat b@stard! How the hell should I know! You took it didn't you !! (under her breath) You're gonna pay for this.

CTO: I don't believe this! Stop the pretense! We know you two were planning on stealing it! Alva already confessed!

Mr Alva: (crying) It's true! They are spies from Makopa! They said they will hurt me and my family if I didn't cooperate! They forced me! Hu hu hu

Angel: (crying) I didn't want to... but I did because of Mark! Hu hu hu! I love him so much, even if I know I'm just one of the many women he's using! Hu hu hu ! He planned all of this!

The crowd gasps.

Angel: (crying dramatically) It's true! I'd do anything for him, things I didn't want to do!! But he tried to kill me in the chopper!! You have no idea how evil he really is! Hu hu hu! I'm such an fool! Hu hu hu! I thought you loved me !!!

Angel collapses in a weeping puddle.

Crowd: Him??? No way!! Unbelievable!!

They are all looking at Mark as if he's the lowest form of criminal. Albert actually passed out at this point after looking to be on the verge of it for the last several minutes.

Military man to Mark: (yelling) You better start talking or you are dead!

Mark tries to reach for his special cellphone to prove his identity but realizes he doesn't have it. The man hits Mark several times and once very hard in the stomach and Mark doubles over. The man was gonna take another swing at Mark but Mark twists his arm, grabs his gun and puts the man in a choke hold. Mark points the gun at the man's head.

Mark: Listen to me! There's been a misunderstanding here. I'm with the PBI!

There's another gasp from the crowd.

Other military man: We're from PBI and we don't know you!

Mark: I'm an agent sent here to protect the project.

Other military man: Chief didn't say anything about you during our brief this morning!

Angel: He's lying!!! He's a thief and a liar!!! Don't let him fool you!!!

Mark: You ... Where's Chief Tapang?

CTO: The Chief was rushed to the hospital! She was shot earlier.

Angel: (crying) Don't believe him! He's manipulating you just like he manipulated me!

Other military man: We're authorized to use ANY means necessary including deadly force! We can kill you right here!

Military man that Mark is holding: We need him to tell us where the device is! Wound him in knees! Do it! Take the shot!

Mark hits the guy in the neck rendering him unconscious and grabs Angel and points the gun at her.

Mark: Stay back!

Angel: (she seems genuinely scared) Oh my God! No! No!

The men try to follow but Mark shoots at them!

Mark drags Angel into the helicopter very quickly handcuffs her to the seat with the hand cuffs he found. He jumps into the pilot seat and starts the engine. Within seconds they were up in the air while the military men are firing at them.

Military Man: Aaaah!!! Dammit!! Radio for air support right now!

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