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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Target - Episode 2: The Nerd

EPISODE 2: The Nerd

Scene: Atis Corporation. Late that night.

Mark is on the top floor of the building where the executive suites are. He finds the door he is looking for. The sign on the door says “Chief Executive Officer” He knocks tentatively and when no one answers, Mark uses a key card to unlock the door.

Mark: (thinking) Yes! This is too easy.

Later, Mark is looking through the laptop on the desk when he hears someone coming. He very quickly dives under the large desk to hide.

The lights get turned on.

From under the desk, Mark recognizes the red pumps and pair of woman's legs sitting in the chair where he was sitting earlier.

Mark blinks a few times.

Mark: (thinking) Angel?

From under the desk, Angel kicks off her high heeled Christian Loubotin shoes and crosses her legs, giving him a nice view. Mark dare not move a muscle. He dare not breath.

Angel is also looking through the desk and then typed for a few minutes on the laptop. A very serious and somewhat exasperated expression on her face.

From under the table, Mark hears the keyboards clicking and some papers shuffling. Angel uncrosses her legs and stretches it. Mark tries to make himself as small as possible.

Angel reaches down and pats the floor under the table, looking for the red soled shoes. She's one centimeter from touching Mark. Mark gets her shoe and puts it closer to Angel's hands. Angel grabs the shoe, puts it on, grabs her designer purse and leaves the office after turning the lights off.

Mark breathes a sigh of relief. He quietly gets out from under the desk. He was reaching the door knob when all of a sudden, the door opens abruptly!

Angel: (angry) What the hell do you think you are doing?

Mark is frozen in place.

Angel reaches for the light switch.

Angel: (angrily speaking through her bluetooth earpiece) Now why would you say that to Dad, huh? Your attempts at manipulating me are so transparent. At least be creative! Have a little finesse!

She doesn't even notice Mark who gets behind the door as the light turns on.

Angel: Whatever Jermaine! This is a new low even for you! And that's saying a lot!

Angel goes back to the desk, still talking angrily and quickly grabbing a folder from the desk and leaving the room again after turning off the lights.

Scene: Atis Corp parking lot, several minutes later. Angel is arguing with a guy. Mark hears her call him 'Jermaine' and recognizes him as one of the douchebags that give the nerds a hard time in the cafeteria. Mark is ready to come out and help Angel but it doesn't look like she needs any assistance. A few minutes later, Angel drives away in her BMW sports car, leaving Jermaine in the parking lot.

Scene: Atis Corp Cafeteria. A few months later. Mark's group is having their mid afternoon coffee break.

Pascal: All I'm saying is that we have to leave emotions out of it. Pluto is no longer a planet, it's just another mass of ice and that's a fact.

Mark: I'm not disagreeing with you. I understand the scientific reasons, you're preaching to the choir here. But people are attached to ideas they learned in elementary school and most of all, they don't like being told they are stupid.

Pascal: I didn't say he was stupid even if I thought it. All I said was what he lacked in intelligence, he made up for in enthusiasm. Then he took a swing at me!

Mark: Sometimes a little tact can go a long way...

Pascal: Are you saying I'm tactless? He was the one who's too stupid to live!

Ada: Guys, guys, c'mon. Stop arguing. Our break is almost over. (smiling sweetly to Mark) Mark, try this chocolate chip cookie. I made it last night.

Pascal gives them a dirty look.

There are other employees eating and talking in the other tables. Angel is also in the cafeteria, sitting at a nearby table with a few other female employees. Mark occasionally looks her way. A group of guys including Jermaine are looking at Mark's table and laughing loudly.

Pascal: I don't know why we have to come all the way here for a coffee break.

Albert: Mark says we need some fresh air and sunshine.

Ada: Mark's right. We can think better if we aren't cooped up in the Basement all day.

Pascal rolls his pink eyes.

Mark: Awesome macchiato by the way, Albert. The best!

Albert: Thanks! I finally got just the right ratio of caramel per ounce of espresso.

Jermaine walks by them and “accidentally” spills some of his drink on Mark.

Jermaine: Ooops. Sorry nerd. He he he. How clumsy of me.

Jermaine leaves still highly amused at himself. Mark contains his temper. He takes off his glasses to wipe it clean.

Man's loud voice: Hey! I know you. (pointing at Mark) Yes! It's you! About six months ago! You were in a Dubai casino at the hundred thousand dollar table?

Mark tenses up. He looks up to see the people on his table as well as others in the cafeteria looking at him strangely. Angel is also watching the scene with Mark and the man who spoke.

Man: Yeah, that's you! I'm sure of it!

Mark: Jim.

Jim: Ha ha ha ha , just messing with you! How are you, bro?

Everyone relaxes. Jim walks over to them and loudly smacks Mark on the back.

Mark: Everybody, this is my brother Jim.

Mark introduces his the group to his brother.

Mark: Excuse us, guys. We haven't seen each other in a while.

Scene: Outside Atis Corp building.

Mark: You a$shole.

Jim: Ha ha ha. Nice to know that I can still make my unflappable, cool as a cucumber brother, sweat. Ha ha ha

Jim looks like the opposite of James Bond in his barely respectable t-shirt and jeans. He looks like the guy who hangs out at the corner with nothing better to do. No one would suspect he's a spy just like Mark. He good looking too, but burlier, bigger and rough looking. Jim is not a dumb guy, just not as cerebral as Mark. Mark usually gets the assignments that require more brain that brawn, while Jim gets the opposite.

Mark: Glad to see you back. I was getting worried when I didn't hear from you for so long.

Jim: Pfff! You know me. I'm tough! It's not easy to get rid of me. How about you? Heard you had some more than the usual uh, excitement last time.

Mark: Yup, there were times when I really thought I was a goner. And I still have residual effects from those damn eye drops. Prof Y said he doesn't know when my eyesight will be completely back to normal.

Jim: (shaking his head) Sometimes I regret that I got you into this business.

Mark: What? No! I love this job despite the occasional drawbacks.

Jim: I just thought you needed a bit of real life experience after the way mom overprotected you when we were growing up. I asked for your help on that one thing after college. I never thought you'd make a career out of it.

Mark: I can't imagine doing anything else.

Jim: By the way, whatever happened to your girlfriend, “Ana” was it?

Mark: (shrug) Same as the others. She dumped me.

Jim: You don't seem that upset.

Mark: Nah, I was half expecting it. Easy come, easy go.

Jim: What happened? The usual?

Mark: Yup. She can't take the absence, the lying.. I can't really blame her.

Jim: Sorry man. I told you, successful marriages or relationships are the exception rather than the rule for us. Not just that... (pause) You know, Ace didn't make it.

Mark: Damn, sorry to hear than, man. I know he was your good friend and mentor. Are you okay?

Jim: I'm fine. You know me!

Mark looks worriedly at him.

Jim: But Chief wants me to take a break. I didn't want to. So I talked her into letting me take a 'desk job.' I'm gonna be your Handler in this mission.

Mark: Oh? That's great. What happened to Bryan?

Jim: Forced retirement. Long story. I'll tell you one day.

Jim looks tired.

Mark: Bro, you need a break. Tell you what, after this mission, you and me, we're going to Batanes. Or wherever you want to go! We haven't gone on vacation together since we were kids.

Jim: Sounds good to me, bro. Okay! Business time. Fill me in on your mission here.

Mark: Not much to tell. I feel like I have a 'desk job' too!

Jim: We don't expect the thieves to make a move until it's completed. Why is the project delayed?

Mark: Personally I think they just underestimated the time it would take to complete. That and every change requested takes time. What few people don't know is that we're in the final testing phase.

Jim: Good.. Sounds like you might wrap things up pretty soon here.

Mark: That's what I'm hoping for.

Jim: What do you think of the people you work with?

Mark: Them? They're cool. They've been thoroughly checked and vetted by PBI. They're good people. Hey, after work, we're going to our hang out place, Leroy Jenkins'. Come by so you can get to know them.

Jim: Yeah, I'll do that.

Mark: (serious) Jim, do you know what this device is that's being built?

Jim: No, dude. You know it's not our place to question. We're soldiers.

Mark: I know. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if we're creating HAL or SkyNet.

Jim: What the hell's a Hal or SkyNet?

Mark: You know, SkyNet is the artificial intelligence computer in the movie, Terminator, HAL is in Space Odyssey 2001... Ahh, never mind!

Scene: Later in the Atis Corp Basement.

Mark is busy drawing on a piece of scratch paper. Albert and Stephen are working close by.

Pascal: (angry tone) Hey Mark, what are you doing? You're supposed to be calibrating the nanoneutrinomometer. It's off by about 15.2 nanoparsecs!

Mark: It's done. Did you test it?

Pascal: How the hell am I supposed to test something when we don't know all the components that go with it. For such a supposed high tech company, we are run by such technotards! They think they can just lock us up down here and we can whip up whatever they ask for? Who do they think we are? Rumplestilskin? (mocking voice) We want a remote control doohickey. ... What kind? What will it control? .. I don't know, anything, everything, just make us a whatchamacallit remote control thingamabob, nerd!

Mark: Pascal, it's okay. Mr Alva said we will be given additional specs on Project 5600 as soon as they are available. We'll just work on what we have instructions for.

Pascal: It doesn't help that Dr Ada seemed to have left her brain at home.

Pascal leaves, still mumbling.

Ada: (from across the room) I heard that!

Pascal: I don't care! You can hear it all you want. The truth hurts.

Ada: Oh, grow up Pascal!

Mark: Please give him decaf coffee from now on.

Albert: Are you sure it's a good idea for us to get together after work, Mark? It's so awkward in here with those two. Ugh. That's why I don't want to date anyone at work.

Stephen: Yeah, right. If Ada shows some interest in you, you'll turn her down?

Albert: Huh? Is she.. is she interested in me? Did she say something?

Stephen: (teasing tone) It's a “hypothetical”. Besides, the robot wife you are building might get jealous. ha ha

Albert: Shut up, Stephen.. (under his breath) she's not a robot, she's an android and she not my wife yet.

Stephen: Those two are always breaking up and making up. They just happen to be in the broken up period right now.

Albert: That's why I'm saying its gonna be awkward.

Mark: Maybe we can relieve some of this tension between those two. Plus we've been working so many hours recently. We need to unwind.

They can still hear Pascal and Ada arguing.

Pascal: Oh man! My Venus Flytrap plant is barely alive.

Ada: You probably disappointed it to death!

Albert: Mark, what are you drawing there anyway?

Mark: Nothing...

Mark crumples and throws away the paper he was doodling on. On it was a target with two darts with hearts on its bulls-eye.

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