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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Target - Episode 5: The Rescue

EPISODE 5: The Rescue

Angel: Awww!!! Eeeeeeeeeee! Mark!!!!! MAAAAAAARK!!!!

Mark was surprised to hear Angel screaming and grabs his clothes that were on a large rock and quickly puts just his boxer briefs on and rushes to her side.

Angel: (crying) It hurts!! It hurts!

Mark: What happened!

Angel: (crying) I got bit by a snake!

Mark: What kind of snake?

Angel: (crying) I don't know! It's like the one we saw yesterday!

Mark: Damn! That was a venomous snake! Where did you get bit? Show me!

Angel still sobbing shows Mark the 2 fang marks on her upper thigh.

Mark acts swiftly. He takes his knife and cuts an X mark between the two dots.

Mark: Sorry, I have to do this.

Mark puts his mouth on the snake bite and sucks some blood and spits it out. He does this a few times, while holding on to Angel's hips as she continues to cry.

Mark: Okay, that should do it.

Mark uses part of Angel's dress to bandage her thighs. Angel is still shaken.

Angel: I (sob)..hate (sob)..snakes. (sob)

Mark: You're gonna be fine. Here, let me carry you.

Mark easily lifts the sobbing Angel up and carries her all the way to their camp site. She's holding on to him tightly with her face on his neck the whole time.

At the camp, Mark sets Angel down. He makes sure that she is comfortable.

Mark: Just take it easy, okay? I'll bring you some coconut water to drink.

Scene: That night at their camp. They're eating some fruit, fish and sea urchin by the roaring fire. Angel has been looking at Mark differently.

Mark: How are you doing?

Angel presents her leg to Mark and he checks it.

Mark: It doesn't look like it is swollen or infected.

Angel: Thanks to you. Ah, sorry if I overreacted earlier.

Mark: Not at all! Anyone would have been upset.

Angel: I hate being the 'hysterical female'

Mark: Angel, it's okay to show weakness sometimes...

Angel: (changing subjects) So tell me Mark, who would be most upset if they find out you are missing?

Mark: You mean, like my family? I have a brother who knows I was in that cruise. Our parents live in Legazpi. I hope they are not too worried. I really believe we will be found soon. How about you? Who will be looking for you?

Angel: My dad and siblings. Well, actually, I'm adopted. My godparents adopted me when I was 5. (pause) So.. anyone else who would be especially looking for you? You didn't mention a wife so I take it you are not married. Do you have a ... girlfriend?

Mark: Oh. No, I don't... and you? Do you have a boyfriend?

Angel: Did. He works at Atis too. Jermaine and I just broke up. It's ... complicated. He's my stepbrother. We've been together since we were teenagers. The whole family expects us to get married and they don't know yet. I don't know what the fall out will be. When I became part of this family, they accepted me and treated me as one of their own. I will never forget how they made a lonely only child feel like she belongs.

Mark: If they are your family, then they should understand.

Angel: It's just not as simple as that. Dad is not well. He is really pushing for us to get married soon. You see, his wife, my godmother, died a few months ago and he's been really depressed. I don't want to add any more pain to what he's already feeling. Then there are my sisters who I love. They are going to be so disappointed in me.

Mark: That is a difficult situation.

Angel: (sigh) I don't know why I am telling you all this. No one at the office knows about my personal life.

Mark: (smiling) Your secret is safe with me, Angel. I won't tell a soul.

Angel: Thanks. I try very hard to be very professional at work so no one can criticize me.

Mark: Hey, I understand having to act differently in order to fit in.

Angel: You do, huh?

Mark nods.

The fire is dying down so Mark stands up to put more kindling in the fire. He stokes it to create a bigger fire.

Angel: I stand corrected. Turns out I got stranded in an island with the best possible person to be stranded in an island with.

Mark: Even if that person caused you to be marooned in the island in the first place? (smiling) Does this mean you forgive me?

Angel: Yes, I know it was an accident. But, you still owe me big time!

Scene: Morning in the island.

Angel wakes up. She is snuggled with Mark, half laying on him. Her head is on his chest. She looks up to see his eyes are closed.

Angel: (thinking) It's not fair for men to have eyelashes like that.

She starts gently touching his chest and torso, at the same time, moving her leg in between his, kissing his neck..

Mark: Don't start anything that you can't finish ...

In answer, Angel glided until she's laying on top of Mark. She looks deep into his eyes for a couple of seconds before kissing him. Mark pulls her down and they continue to kiss and touch each for a while. Mark gets impatient and moves them so that he's on top of her. They continue to kiss and fondle each other...

Angel: Oooh.. oh... Mark.. Mark...

Mark: Angel...

Male voice through a bullhorn: MARK! MARK! ANGEL!

They both stop and freeze upon hearing the loud voice. They see someone is just outside the cave opening getting ready to enter. Mark gets up and then helps Angel up.

Mark: (loudly) We're in here!!

They leave the shelter and see several rescue people scattered throughout the beach. One of them is Mark's brother Jim.

Jim: Mark! Thank Christ we found you!! Are you both okay? Anybody hurt?

Mark: We're fine. Good to see you, bro.

Scene: Mark and Jim and are in Mark's apartment. They just came back.

Mark: (teasing tone) So, what took you so long??

Jim: ha ha! You weren't worried, were you? You know we'll track you from your cellphone GPS. Hey! You need to fill me in on what happened. I'll tell you what we've uncovered. We have strong indications that it's going to be an inside job.

Mark: I tend to agree since I saw Alva getting worked up by the goons at the boat. I saved his sorry a$s.

Jim: Alva? Your boss, Alva?

Mark: Yup.

Mark told him the events that led to him and Angel falling off the boat.

Jim: Interesting. We questioned Alva if he had any idea what may have happened to you and Angel and he claims to not have seen you at all that night.

Mark: Well, we need to find out what he knows.

Jim: That's going to be your job.

Mark: Yup.

Jim: So.. enough about business... That Angel.. whoa, she's Grade A fine...

Mark: Dude, I haven't forgiven you yet for your crappy timing! Why couldn't you be about 20 minutes late!

Jim: Why? Oh... Were you in the middle of... with that hot piece of .... oh man! I really hate your guts sometimes! What is this unholy attraction that women have for you? Ever since we were kids, they are drawn to you like flies to sh..

Mark: (joking tone) Hey! Don't hate me because I'm made of awesome, dude.

Jim: Screw you in both ears!

Mark laughs.

Scene: Atis Corporation cafeteria

Mark is eating lunch with Albert, Stephen, Pascal and Ada.

Ada: (just sitting down) Well, the news is spreading. I heard some people over there talking about your misadventure, Mark. You know, I still don't understand how you guys fell off the boat. They said you were drunk but we were with you that night and you weren't!

Mark: I don't know, just clumsy, I guess. It happened way too fast. It was raining and the deck was slippery.

Ada: Hmmmm.. (she doesn't look convinced)

Pascal: Mark, I hope you took advantage of the golden opportunity of being alone in the island with the ridiculously beautiful Angel. I know I would. (glancing at Ada)

Ada: Oh please.. First of all, you can't swim so you would immediately drown after falling off the boat. Second, if by some miracle you make it to the island, Dr. melanin-challenged genius, you will burn to a crisp without sunscreen!

Pascal: I'm an albino, not a vampire!

Angel walks straight towards Mark's table to the surprise of several people.

Angel: (smiling) Hi everyone. (Facing Mark) So Mark, you still owe me and I'm here to collect.

Mark: (smiling) I always pay my debts! But how?

Angel: Oh, I have a couple of ideas.. You can start by taking me out to dinner tonight.

Mark: Absolutely! We'll go any where you want.

Angel: Here's my number and address. Pick me up at 8.

The group is looking at Angel and Mark back and forth during this exchange.

Angel hands Mark a piece of paper before leaving.

Stephen: (whispering to Albert) I think that if I was the one in the island with her, my main concern wouldn't be food and shelter but how to hide my constant boner.

Scene: Angel's apartment. Later that night after dinner.

Mark and Angel are in her bedroom tearing at each others clothes while making out.

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