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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Target - Episode 4: The Island

EPISODE 4: The Island

Scene: At a deserted tropical island. It's daylight, strong winds are blowing palm trees to and fro. The breaking waves are hitting the beach in large swells. Mark and Angel are laying on the beach unconscious.

Angel wakes up first. She looks around and spots Mark several feet away. She gets up carefully and walks over to where Mark is laying on his back asleep, his eyeglasses askew on his face. Angel gets some water from the ocean with her cupped hands and throws it on Mark's face.

Mark slowly opens his eyes. He raises his hands to shield his eyes from the harsh sunlight. Then he sees bare female legs. Above that is a flowy white dress being whipped around by the wind and giving glimpses of shapely thighs. He looks up higher and recognizes Angel's angry face staring down at him. Her eyes shooting daggers.

For the first time in a really long time, Mark gets a real asthma attack.

Mark: ... wheez... wheez... pant... wheeeeez

Mark sits up and then gets on all fours finding the position where he can breath easier. He stands up as he slowly recovers. He looks around, then at the fuming Angel who doesn't seem to have any sympathy for him.

Mark: W-where are we? What happened?

Angel: (still mad) You really don't remember?

Mark still has a blank look on his face. Angel gets so mad she starts hitting him (not that hard but it still hurts) on his arms and shoulders.

Angel: (slap! hit! ) You jerk! This is all your fault! (slap! Hit! Slap!)

Mark: (shielding his head with his arms) Huh? What? Wait! Wait!

Mark closes his eyes remembering the events from last night. His head is pounding from being kicked in the head the night before by that goon.

Angel: Were you that drunk that you don't even remember??? Let me refresh your memory!! You bumped into me!!! I was walking along the deck, minding my own business, when you bumped into me and we fell in the water!!!

Mark: (remembering he was pretending to be drunk when Angel saw him earlier that evening) Oh's all coming back now...

Angel: Aaaaaaaahhhh!! That's all you have to say??!! It's all coming back now??? You idiot! Jackass! You were sh!t faced! Don't drink if you can't handle your liquor ! What are we gonna do?? We have no way of contacting anyone! My cellphone is all wet! Not that there would be cell reception wherever the hell we are!

Mark: I'm very sorry...

Angel: Wait, I know you.. you're one of the nerds at the lab, aren't you?

Mark: Umm, yes. Look, I'm sure they're looking for us by now ...

Angel: (still angry) Oh really? And how do you know that? How would you be sure that people are looking for us now?? How long do you think it would be before people would even realize that we're missing? Plus how in the hell would they find us here?! Aaaaaaahhh! I don't believe this is happening!! I'm in a bad dream!!!

Angel stomps away and Mark follows her.

Mark: Please.. let's calm down..

Angel: Calm down? Did you ... just tell me ... to calm down??

Angel is obviously the opposite of calm.

Mark: I know you are really angry, but we need to work together if we are going to get through this..

Angel: You think I want to work with you? YOU are the last person I'd want to be stuck in an island with!

Angel tries to leave and Mark makes a move to follow her.

Angel: Stay far away from me! Go... pound sand!!!

Angel runs away. Mark stays behind watching her go.

Scene: Angel around the island that day. She's exploring the island. She's picking fruit.

Angel: (eating fruit she picked) Work together? Hah! I don't need him.

Then she sees a snake and gets really scared. She decides she should go back to the beach.

Meanwhile, it's getting late. Mark had spent time making a shelter from twigs and palm fronds on some rock formations that look like a mini cave. It is located at a higher elevation but still has a good view of the beach. There's a camp fire where fish is cooking.

Mark sees Angel walking towards his makeshift campsite. She's carrying a bunch of bananas. Mark puts down the Swiss Army knife he was using to cut down some vines.

Mark extends his hands to help Angel up the rocks while she's still giving him a dirty look. He is trying not to be obviously looking down Angel's dress as he awkwardly helps her up. She almost falls and Mark had to hold Angel tightly to keep that from happening. Angel continues to give Mark the stink eye as she pushes him away after being helped up.

Mark: (awkwardly) I'm really really sorry about this. I know its my fault we are here.

Angel: Darn right it is! (trying to calm down) I'm still royally pissed but what can I do. We're already in this situation. I'm a practical gal. You're right. We need to work together.

Mark: I'll do my best to make it up to you, Angel.

Angel: You know my name?

Mark nods.

Angel: And you're ... Mike?

Mark: My name is Mark.

Angel: Right, Mark... So tell me Mark, how do you know how to do all this stuff? (motioning to the well made shelter, fire, etc)

Mark: Boy Scouts...

Angel: (looking speculatively at the nice setup and then at Mark.) Hmph, okay.

Mark: Let's eat now, before the fish gets overcooked.

They sit down and have their dinner.

Angel: So, what's the plan, smartypants?

Mark: We wait to be rescued. I made a big “SOS” sign on the beach.

Angel: I really hope they are searching for us now.

Mark: (thinking of his brother who surely is looking for him) Yeah. We just have to help them out as much as we can. There's a bonfire ready to be lit as soon as we see anyone who can rescue us. Tomorrow, I'll make a few more. We should also look for a fresh water source.

Angel: I found a fresh water lake with a waterfall. I'll show you where it is tomorrow.

Mark: Great! We have to boil the water of course and we have to figure out what containers we can use. Probably these coconuts... What else did you see?

Angel: There's lots of fruit trees in this island.

Mark: There's plenty of fish and shellfish too. Yup, we're not gonna starve here.

A large bug is crawling up Angel's leg. She swats it away.

Angel: (giving Mark a dirty look, as if he was the one who put that bug on her leg) I also found lots and lots of bugs.

Scene: Later that evening. The moon is partially obscured by clouds. The air is cool but the roaring fire provides warmth.

Angel: So, Mr Boy Scout, where are we going to sleep?

Mark points at the shallow cavern that he had made into a makeshift shelter earlier.

Mark: We're sleeping there.

The sleeping area is probably the width of a single bed.

Angel: (looking at it suspiciously) We? That's not big enough for the two of us! You need to find another place to sleep!

Mark: I picked this camp because of the natural cave and the elevation and the view of the beach.

Angel looks unconvinced.

Mark: Sorry, it's too late now and it looks like it might rain. That's roomy compared to some places I've slept in! Look.. if you are worried about me taking advantage of you, don't. I promise you I am not that kind of guy.

Angel: (looking at Mark up and down) Hmmph, I suppose you look harmless enough. But, I'm warning you..if you try anything, I'll make you a eunuch.

Mark almost chokes on the coconut water he was drinking. Angel glowers at Mark as she walks past him.

They lay down next to each other. They both have a difficult time sleeping, tossing and turning, alternately looking at the other when they think the other isn't looking. Eventually they fall asleep.

Scene: Morning in the island. Mark just woke up. He looks down to see Angel snuggled up next to him. She's got her arm around him and her leg is over his thighs. She moves and snuggles even closer. She moves her legs and it almost touches his morning wood.

Mark carefully moves the sleeping Angel off him. He takes a lingering look at her before getting up.

Scene: Later that day at the lake by the waterfall.

They finished filling the coconuts that Mark had tied up together using palm leaf stalks. Mark is now weaving together some more vines to make a couple of crude baskets so they can use it carry fruits they picked.

Angel: So you learned how to do that in Boy Scouts too? I was in Girl Scouts and I don't remember ever doing any of this.

Mark: (shrug) Boy Scouts, movies, TV, internet, books.. (finishing ) There, that should do.

They start walking and see an enormous mango tree packed with ripe, delicious looking fruit.

Angel: Oh my goodness...we got to get some of that! I'm good at climbing trees! I'll climb it!

Mark: No, I will. Stay here.

Angel: I told you, I will do it.

Mark: No, you might fall.

Angel: (snort) Excuse me? I am not going to fall. Why would you assume I will fall? Do I look helpless to you?

Mark: No one's saying that you are...

Angel: Just stay right there! Watch and learn!

Angel already started to climb up the tree. He was going to go after her but decided that his view of her scampering up, providing him with glimpses of her lacy white underwear, is much better. He even removed his glasses so he can see better.

Mark: That one! To the right....(chuckle) no, your other right! Yeah, there! Throw it to me!

When she was done, Angel agilely jumps down from the tree.

Angel: Told you I'm not gonna fall!

Mark: (chuckling) Okay, I stand corrected. You were right. It's better for me to wait right here.

Scene: Later at the campsite

Angel: Where are you going?

Mark is carrying some tied up coconuts.

Mark: I'm gonna get some more fresh water.. Be right back...

After a while, Angel decided to follow him after he's been gone for what seemed like a long time.

Angel: (walking towards the lake) Now, where could he be? Maybe that nerd got lost..

She gets to the lake and spies Mark with his shirt off. She's behind a large tree and he doesn't see her. Angel knew it wasn't polite to watch but she is speechless, rooted to the spot. She didn't move as Mark removes the rest of his clothes and dives into the water. Angel watches him for several minutes.

Angel: (fanning herself) Woooh Lordy! Maybe I should take a dip in the lake to cool down...

Mark is starting to leave the water and Angel is trying hard to get a better look when she slips and falls on a coiled sleeping snake! The snake was startled and it bites her!

Angel: Awww!!! Eeeeeeeeeee! Mark!!!!! MAAAAAAARK!!!!

Mark was surprised to hear Angel screaming and grabs his clothes that were on a large rock and quickly puts just his boxer briefs on and rushes to her side.

Angel: (crying) Waaaah! It hurts!! It hurts!

Mark: Angel! What happened!

Angel: (crying) I got bit by a snake!

Mark: What kind of snake?

Angel: (crying) I don't know! It's like the one we saw yesterday!

Mark: Damn! That was a venomous snake! Where did you get bit? Show me!

Angel still sobbing shows Mark the 2 fang marks on her upper thigh.


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