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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Target - Episode 3: Celebration

EPISODE 3: the Celebration

Scene: Leroy Jenkins' Fun Palace (A restaurant, bar, karaoke, internet cafe). The waiters and waitresses are dressed like anime characters. Albert, Stephen, Ada, Mark and Jim are in one of the private karaoke rooms. Pascal was a no-show.

Jim: ha ha ha.. if you think that's funny, then let me tell you about the time our mom got into it with the mom of this kid who stepped on Mark's inhaler..Mark had the worst asthma attack....Ha ha ha ha

Mark: Yes, me not being able to breath is hilarious! Comedy gold! You'll never get tired of telling that story are you?

Jim: ha ha ha, No. Especially if the ending of the story is you in front of our whole school with no pants. Oops, spoiler alert. Ha ha ha ha.

Mark is laughing good naturedly along with the others.

Ada: I think it's nice hearing childhood stories of you, Mark.

Jim: Oh, you want more? I got plenty! Let me tell you about one of Mark's science experiments gone bad ...

Later, Mark and Jim had a chance to talk privately.

Jim: This is cool.. I haven't had an evening like this in a while. We're almost ... normal.

Mark: Ha ha. What are you talking about? I don't know about you but I'm normal.

Jim: Just a word of caution, my 'normal' brother. Don't get soft. You've been hanging out with these nerds way too long, you're becoming like them.

Mark: Oh really? I think we should go to the boxing gym tomorrow so I can show you how 'soft' I am by kicking your as$.

Jim: Ok. Challenge accepted. Prepare for a beating, my brother.

Mark: Ha! Tell me that tomorrow when your coccyx is folded into your nose.

They laugh.

Jim looks at the group in the private room having a good time.

Jim: So bro, are you gonna hit that?

Mark: Hit? Yes, but not now. You'll have to wait for tomorrow to get your a$s kicked.

Jim: You know what I mean! Don't tell me you can't tell that she's coming on to you!

Mark: Ada?

Jim: Yes, Ada of course. Damn, look at those blouse puppies.

Mark: Yes, I've noticed.

Flashback to scenes from the lab with Ada bending over in front of Mark, providing him a good view of her ample cleavage, of Ada standing really close to Mark bumping into him 'accidentally' while handing him stuff.

Jim: Then what's the problem? If you don't want her, I'd like to tap that azz, if you know what I mean.. You know that I have a thing for girls who wear glasses.

Mark: Dude, you have a thing for all girls. Leave her alone.

Jim: Maybe you don't understand? (half seriously joking tone) I want to bang the bejeesus out of her, you know what I'm saying?

Mark is starting to chuckle. His brother can always make him laugh .

Mark: (joking) Oh, I get it, I get it.. You're talking about the beast with two backs, knocking boots, bumping uglies, burying the bone, backing up the hard drive...

Jim: (joking) Bro.. Bro.. you're being crude. All I want is to make sweet, sweet love to the lovely Ada. Let me put it to you delicately, I want her legs next to my ears as I motorboat those t1ts...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

They just noticed that Ada is next to them. But she didn't seem to have heard what Jim said.

Ada: Hey! What are you guys doing there? You're up next Mark! Your song is ready for you!

Mark: Ha ha, Okay! We're coming.

Jim: (whispering to Mark) Seriously, you know the drill. Don't get attached because you may have to utilize that resource. It's a necessary part of our job.

Mark: (whispering back) I know. She's a nice person and I hope it doesn't have to come to that.

Scene: Atis Corporation Celebration Cruise.

The sun is setting. The boat is slowly cruising the calm ocean waters. The employees including Mark and his group are gathered around a stage where the CEO is speaking. There are inspirational banners and colorful balloons all over the place. The atmosphere is celebratory. Angel is standing next to the CEO.

CEO: I am very pleased to be able to welcome you here today. We have great news to report on because this is another excellent year for Atis Corp! We are growing substantially faster than the competition. Makopa who?

Employees laugh. They clap and cheer.

CEO: Our revenue is up 15% from last year... Our exceptional Sales Team broke another record! That's what I'm talking about ! Come up here and get recognized !!

The sales team goes up the stage to applause and cheers.

CEO: .. I also want to give special recognition to our Research and Development Department. Where are you guys? Come up here. If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't have our terrific products. Well done!

Mark's group goes up the stage uncomfortably. Stephen almost trips but Angel catches him. Several people laugh.

Douchebags: cough ... cough... nerds... cough... cough...

Scene: Later that night. The full moon is hiding behind clouds. The ocean is still calm. The employees are mostly having fun, partying, dancing and drinking. Mark gets a phone call from Jim. He finds a quiet corner to answer it.

Jim: Mark, listen carefully. We just found two wait staff that was supposed to be working there tied up and unconscious in the marina bathroom.

Mark: Any idea who the impostors are?

Jim: No, not yet. Some areas have surveillance cameras and I'm having those reviewed now. You know how much time that takes but we're doing it as quickly as possible.

Mark: Okay, send me whatever info you get. When those guys wake up, maybe they can tell us something.

Jim: Yup. Do you have any idea what they may want in that boat?

Mark: Nothing comes to mind but let me snoop around.

Jim: Is the “thing” there?

Mark: No. It's at the Basement vault under very tight security.

Jim: Good. Okay, we'll talk again later.

Mark watches the waiters more closely while he's standing with Pascal, Albert and Stephen. Music is playing and people and some people are dancing.

Pascal: Ugh, these things make me so uncomfortable.

Albert: Me too. When is this gonna be over? I've been feeling sea sick for the last couple of hours.

Stephen: Oh c'mon. Don't you guys see the golden opportunity here?

Mark: What golden opportunity?

Stephen: There's a high proportion of drunk women here.

A group of females walk by.

Stephen: (dancing to the ladies) How ya doin' ladies ?

Pascal: Please stop! You look like an epileptic octopus!

Ada is walking towards them smiling. She looks nice and her hair is almost in order.

Stephen: (to Mark) But then you don't seem to be having any trouble in that department.

Ada: Hi guys! (special smile to Mark) This is fun.

Pascal: Ugh, speak for yourself. Why do you have so much make up on? Did you set you make up gun to 'drag queen'?

Ada: (ignoring Pascal) I think it's nice that we got a little recognition.

Pascal: Yeah, awesome. (sarcastic) We're all equally recognized for years of work even if some us just joined the group in the last few months...

Mark notices that a waiter seems to have given a signal to another waiter.

Mark: Uh, I need to use the restroom. Be right back.

He hurriedly leaves to follow them.

Ada: (sigh) He's just so divine, I could eat him up with a spoon.

Pascal rolls his eyes and makes a face like he's gonna retch.

Scene: Boat's narrow corridors. Mark is surreptitiously following one of the waiters. He gets closer to hear them talk.

Waiter 2: Change of plans, lifeboats. Now!

Mark walks quickly to that direction. He stops behind an open door where he has good view of where the lifeboats are lined up. He was surprised to see his manager Mr Alva standing there looking nervous with another man dressed like a waiter. They appear to be arguing. Moments later, he sees the first waiter approach them. Mark's eyes are drawn to the gun the man is holding. He looks like he's going to shoot Mr. Alva. Mark had to act fast.

Mark: (pretending to be drunk) Heyyyy!!! Bossshhh!!! There youu are! We've been looking allll over for youuu!! ha ha ha ! Hey! It's starting to rain!

Mark pretends to walk wobbling from side to side and falls on the waiter that was holding the gun.

Mark: ooops...excusssh meeeh!

Mr. Alva: M-Mark! Where are the others? Let's go find them!

At that moment, a group of women, one of them Angel walks by and sees Mark making a scene. Mr Alva takes this opportunity to try to get away but as soon as the group of passerby walk away, waiter 2 pulls a gun at them.

Waiter 2: Where do you think you're going! We're not done here!

The waiter Mark is hanging on to shoves him down hard. Mark pretends to pass out on the floor.

Waiter 1: (kicking Mark) Drunk fool!

Mr. Alva: L-look, I already gave you everything I have. I told you everything I know. We have a deal!

Waiter 1 is holding a flashdrive.

Waiter 1: We just checked what's in here. You ain't gave us jack! You know what we want and unless we get it, you're dead! We're not f*cking around here.

Mr. Alva: Please.. please, I don't know what you want!.. I have a family! I swear on my grandma's grave! I swear on my wife and kids! That is everything I have clearance to. I don't know what's going on half the time! I don't understand what those science guys are talking about! I don't know anything about science! I just got this job because my father-in-law knows someone ...

Waiter 2 punches Mr Alva's face.

Mr. Alva: Awwww! (crying)

Waiter 1: (putting the flash drive in his pocket) Shall we finish him?

Waiter 2: That's for being useless. We'll let you live for now. Let's go.

Waiter 2 hits Mr. Alva hard one last time and he loses consciousness.

As soon as the 2 guys leave. Mark gets up to follow them. He intercepts them at a hallway.

Waiter 1: This f*cking drunk is always at the wrong place at the wrong time

To their surprise, Mark quickly lands two hard kicks, one for each guy. One recovers quicker than the other and punches Mark while he was taking the flash drive from Waiter 1's pants pocket. They continue to kick and hit each other until they end up out by the side of the boat. By now, it's raining and there's no one outside the boat deck. Loud music and people partying can be heard from inside. The waiter with a gun finally gets up and joins them.

Waiter 1: Hold it right there! Who the f*ck are you? Give me the flash drive now!

Mark quickly charges the guy and knocks his gun off. Mark takes the gun and shoots one of the guys. The guy falls on the side of the boat. Mark struggles with the second guy and Mark shoots him as he gives Mark a hard kick on his head.

Mark flies out to the slippery balcony where Angel is unfortunately walking carefully on the slippery deck. Mark smashes into Angel and they both fall from the side of the boat into the ocean in a big splash.

Angel: Eeeeeeeeee! Oh my Goddddd!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!!

Mark is unconscious from being kicked in the head. Angel grabs him and saves him from drowning. A piece of wood drifts by and she uses to keep her and Mark afloat. She's screaming loudly for help but with the rain and the loud music, no one hears them. She look helplessly as the boat speeds away.

Scene: At a deserted tropical island. It's daylight, strong winds are blowing palm trees to and fro. The breaking waves are hitting the beach in large swells. Mark and Angel are laying on the beach unconscious.

Angel wakes up first. She looks around and spots Mark several feet away. She gets up carefully and walks over to where Mark is laying on his back asleep, his eyeglasses askew on his face. Angel gets some water from the ocean with her cupped hands and throws it on Mark's face.

Mark slowly opens his eyes. He raises his hands to shield his eyes from the harsh sunlight. Then he sees bare feminine legs. Above that is a flowy white dress being whipped around by the wind and giving glimpses of shapely thighs. He looks up higher and recognizes Angel's angry face staring at him. Her eyes shooting daggers.

For the first time in a really long time, Mark gets a real asthma attack.

Mark: ... wheez... wheez... pant... wheeeezz

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