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Friday, September 30, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 6: Tennis

Scene: Tennis court. They are playing doubles. Pio and Tisay are on one side. Inday and Tsina are on the other.

Inday: 30 - Love! Good job Tsina!

Tisay: Daddy! Again? 

Pio: Sorry! I'm a little distracted this morning!

Tisay: You are not looking at the ball like you always say we should! You keep looking at Ate Inday!

Inday looks good in a one piece hot pink tennis outfit.

Inday: Good job Tsina! Perfect return! 

Tsina: Thanks! What you showed me really works!

Inday: I know, right?! Bjorn taught me that. 

Pio has a slight frown on his face.

Inday: Your serve, Tsina.

Inday: (thinking) I have to admit, I like tennis more than I thought I ever would.

Later: Close to the tennis courts, the four are walking on a charming landscaped path. The kids are running back and forth around them and chasing each other around the benches along the path. 

Tisay and Tsina: Cinderella wearing yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow, by mistake she kissed a snake, how many doctors will it take, 1, 2, 3, 4.....

They meet Bjorn who stops to chat. He's a handsome guy and very fit. His tennis shirt and shorts are perfect on him. 

Bjorn: (smiling big) Hi Inday. I see you are putting some practice time in. That's great.

Inday: Hi Bjorn! This is my boss, Dr Pio. 

They shake hands.

Bjorn: Dr Pio? You are a doctor? I'm looking for a podiatrist.

Pio: I'm a dentist.

Bjorn: Ah, cool, man. Right on, right on. I gotta go. See you tomorrow, Inday.

Bjorn smiles, showing his perfect white teeth, then he points and winks at Inday before walking away. 

Inday smiles and waves back.

After a few moments of silence.

Pio: So what's really with you and Bjorn? (He exaggerates "Bjorn")

Inday: Bjorn? Nothing. I play tennis with him. Hmm.. You know, now that you've mentioned it, I think he may be interested in me.

Pio: (shaking his head) Be careful. There's something about him I don't like. 

Inday: What do you mean?

Pio: He's a obviously a predator, a scam artist, a player. 

Inday: Really? (teasing) Takes one to know one huh? 

Pio: Yes. I mean ... I'm always brutally honest with the women I go out with. I don't lie. I'm an open book! I'm frigging 'Noli Me Tangere' ! I don't think he is. 

Inday: And you got that from meeting him today and exchanging 10 words with him.

Pio: Yes! His name alone, geez! Bjorn! How pretentious can you be? I bet half the women say yes just because of his name. 

Inday: (teasing) It's not his fault that his parents gave him an awesome name! He's not pretentious. He's a nice guy in addition to being very handsome and a great tennis player. 

Pio: Of course, what else would he do with a name like Bjorn but play tennis. Where did you meet him anyway?

Inday: Here, at the courts. I needed more practice.

Pio: I'll help you practice.

Inday: Sure, but you don't have the time. 

Pio: I'll make time. I just don't trust that guy.

Inday raises her eyebrows at Pio. 

Pio: By the way, you never asked me permission to take time off in the afternoon to go here.

Inday: (eyebrows raising higher) I didn't realize I needed your permission during my break time.

Pio: What if the kids or I needed you?

Inday: The courts are only 5 minutes from the house and you can always reach me on my cell phone. Am I not doing the work that I'm supposed to do? 

Pio: Of course you are. But when you leave the house, I want you to let me know. At least text me.

Inday: So you want me to text you whenever I take the kids to school, go to the grocery store, take them to the playground...

Pio: You're being facetious now. Just when it's out of the ordinary.

Inday: You've never pulled the 'boss card' on me. 

Pio: I think of you as family but I'm still your boss, rightI?

Inday: Yes boss, you are.

Pio: Good. That's settled then.

They get to the end of the path which leads to an open area with a decorative stone fountain in the middle. 

Pio: Tsina! Tisay! C'mon let's head back to the tennis courts.

Tisay: Awww! We just got here! 

Tsina: I want to throw a coin in the fountain to make a wish!

Pio: Okay, do it quickly. 

Pio faces Inday.

Pio: Are you ready for a new game? Just you and me. 

Inday: Sure. Just go easy on me, okay?

Pio: Nope. (teasing) I intend on kicking your …. giving you a beating. (thinking) I almost said ...cute as$

Inday: Okay. If that's how you want it. I'll give you a workout, you'll see. Tennis is my 3rd favorite reasons to sweat. Ballroom dancing is the second.

Pio: Oh yeah, so what's your number one favorite reason to sweat?

The kids run in front of them towards the tennis courts. Inday follows them but she looks back to answer Pio.

Inday: (teasing) Figure it out. 

Scene: Inday walking in to bedroom. 

Inday: (thinking) I better text Pio that I'm back. Ugh, naaah, let him wait. Dinner is already made and I don't need to go pick up the kids for about an hour. I think I'll take a long bubble bath.

Later Inday is in her bathrobe. She just got out of the bath and on her way back to her bedroom to change when she hears some noise coming from the living room area. She slowly peeks around the hallway. 

At first she sees nothing but then she suddenly hears some male voices and sees a man ransacking the house. They are speaking in low voices.

Robber 1: Are you sure nobody's home?

Robber 2: Yeah! Newbie staked it out. 

Robber 1: (motioning with his knife) If you see anyone, don't hesitate!

Inday's heart is pounding as rushes silently to her room as quietly as she can. She looks for her cellphone but is dismayed to realize she left her purse outside in the living room. There's no telephone in her room. She goes inside the closet to hide.

Robber 1: Check all the bedrooms. That's probably where the jewelry is kept.

Scene: Pio in the dentist office. He just finished with a patient.

Pio: Okay, I'll see you in two weeks. We will have your permanent crown ready then.

Patient: Thanks.

Pio checks his phone and frowns. He dials a number and gets no answer. His frown deepens. He walks quickly to the receptionist.

Pio: I'm going to go out for a bit. 

Pio runs/walks to his condo.

Scene: Inday's room. She's cowering in the closet. Suddenly the closet door is opened. One of the robbers sees her and pulls her out roughly.

Inday: EEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! Let me go! HELP!!!!

The robber immediately cover her mouth. 

Robber 2: Hey boss! Look what we got here!

The other robbers enter the rooms. Inday is petrified. Robber 1 has a nasty smile as he leered at the struggling Inday. 

Robber 1: Looks like we're going to have ourselves a little bonus, boys. Heh heh heh!

Robber 2: She smells so good. Heh heh heh

Inday struggles even harder. She's even more terrified and starts to cry.

The men were about to throw her on the bed when they were surprised by Pio. 

Pio: Let her go! 

Pio fights with the intruders. He gets in some good kicks and hits but its 3 against one.

Inday: (sob) Oh my God, be careful!

Not long after, the security guards from the condo unit busts in and apprehend the robbers. Pio rushes over to Inday who's still crying. Inday clasps Pio very tightly. Pio wraps her around his arms firmly. 

Pio: Did they hurt you? Are you okay, huh? 

Inday: (sob) I'm fine. Thank God you are here! Hu hu hu

Pio: I got worried when you didn't text me that you're back home. I just had a very bad feeling so I decided to come here.

Inday: Thank you so much (sob) They were about to... hu hu hu. (crying harder)

Pio squeezes her harder and pats her back.

The head of security in the condo arrives.

Security head: Sir, we got them and we've called the police. They are on their way. Are you okay, ma'am? 

Pio: (somewhat angry) What happened? There's supposed to be tight security in this building!

Security head: We believe they posed as delivery men. I assure you, we will investigate, sir. 

Pio: Okay. Make sure you to update me. 

Security head: Of course, sir. The police may want to speak with you, ma'am.

Inday: Okay. Oh, but I need to pick up Tsina and Tisay!

Pio: Don't worry about it. I'll ask someone in the office to pick them up. I'll also tell them I won't be back for the rest of the day.

With one arm around Inday, he calls his office.

Later: The police just left after talking to them.

Inday: I'm going to straighten up the place. I don't want the kids to see the house like this.

Pio: I'll help you. 

They proceed to put the house in order until it looks back to normal.

Inday: They will be home soon. What are we going to tell them?

Pio: We can't hide that there was a robbery because they'll hear about it from others. But I don't want them to be scared either. 

Inday: I agree. We'll say there were bad guys who tried to rob us but the police caught them.

Pio: Good. 

Pio is watching Inday closely.

Pio: (from behind Inday) Inday, are you really okay? 

Inday is visibly startled and she almost starts to cry. Pio embraces her and she melts into his arms. 

Pio starts to rubs her back, first in a small circle on her upper back, then bigger and slower sensual strokes all over her whole back. After several moments, Inday pulls Pio's head towards her and kisses him. He kisses her back. Pretty soon, they are on the couch, full on making out. 

Pio stops abruptly and pulls away. Inday obviously wants more.

Pio puts his hands on either side of her face, shakes his head and stares into her eyes.

Pio: I don't want to take advantage of you.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and the kids arrive. They try to act as normal as possible.

Scene: Late that night. Pio's in bed, he can't sleep. 

Pio is tossing and turning. He looks at the door, then looks away. He closes his eyes to try to sleep but sleep eludes him. He's restless.

Finally, Pio gets up from the bed and walks to the bedroom door. After some hesitation, he opens it. To his surprise, Inday is standing outside. He pulls her inside the room and they start kissing while holding each other tightly. Pio picks Inday up and carries her to the bed. He lays on top of her and they make wild passionate love.

Scene: After, they are laying in bed under the blankets. Inday's head is on Pio's chest as Pio plays with her hair and gently touching her all over. Inday is doing the same.

Pio: We shouldn't have done this.

Inday: Why? (slapping his chest) Didn't you want me?

Pio: Are you kidding? Of course, I do. For the record, I'm very attracted to you. Especially when you prance around in front of me in your short tennis skirts. I just want to carry you off and do this! 

Pio kisses her. 

Inday: I wanted you too! Then what's the problem?

Pio: You may be sorry tomorrow. 

Inday: No I won't. I assure you, I know exactly what I'm doing. I wasn't exactly a blushing virgin.

Pio: (smile) I know that. I meant what I said earlier. I didn't want to take advantage of you. You had a very traumatic experience today. And as much as I burn for you, I should have controlled myself. I can easily find a hundred girlfriends, but I cannot find another nanny like you. I don't want to lose you. 

Inday: I'm not going anywhere.

Pio: Really? 

Inday: Yes! Really!

Pio sits up. Inday does too. 

Pio: You're not gonna end up pissed off at me like all the others? You're not gonna accuse me of being a selfish swine? You're not going to make demands on me? You're not going to make me escort you to some horrible boring function and make me dance with you? You're not going to scream at me for not writing you love letters or texting you all day? You're not going to act like a jealous girlfriend? You're not gonna insist on a commitment? You're not going to ask me why can't I love you? 

Inday: You are crystal clear. You have no love to give and you never want to get married again. I feel exactly the same way so I don't want any of those things from you either. I may want my own children but I can't have any and you don't want anymore kids. I know exactly where you stand, you know exactly where I stand. Please don't write me mushy love letters. Please don't make any demands on me that are unrelated to my job and I won't make any personal demands on you either. I promise never to drag you to the dance floor with me. 

They stare at each other for a few moments.

Pio: When other women say that to me, I want to believe them but part of me knows they will eventually change their tune. But from you, I believe it. We really have so much in common. 

Inday: And like you, I have needs too.

Pio lays on top of Inday and kisses her deeply. 

Pio: How did I get so lucky? Not only do we have all those things in common, you're beautiful, smart and amazing. It's like, you are made to order, just for me. You really are a dream come true, Ate Inday

Pio was going to kiss her again, but Inday stops him.

Inday: Please don't ever call me "Ate" again.

Pio: (smile) ha ha. Sure. no problem. You keep kissing me like that and I'll call you whatever the hell you want me to call you.

Inday: (thinking) .. wife. I want you to call me your wife.

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