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Friday, September 16, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 5: Roller Coaster

Ep 5 – Roller Coaster 

Scene: Star City

Pio, Inday and the kids are like a family at the park and having a great time.

They just got out of a roller coaster type ride and Inday is miserable but she's trying not to show it.

Tisay: Can we go there? Oooooh!!! There! There! Let's gooooo!!!

Tsina: No, there first!

Tisay: Yes! I want to go to there!!!! Woooo hooooo!!! I can't believe we're finally here!! I've been waiting for this day all my life!!!!

The kids are excitedly running around and jumping up and down.

Tsina: Oh!!! Another roller coaster! Daddy! It's your favorite! Let's go now!

Pio: Oh yes! Let's go girls!

Pio smiles at Inday. She is not wearing her scrubs today. She's wearing jeans and a cute blouse.

Pio: Ate Inday, do you want to ride this one?

Tsina: (pulling Inday) Of course she does! She said she loves roller coasters just like you, Daddy !

Inday: (thinking) Oh no. I'm really going to be sick now. Is it too late to back down?

Pio: (grinning widely) That's why Ate Inday is awesome !!

Tisay: This is the best day ever!!!

The kids pull Inday towards the ride and she lets them.

Inday: (weakly ) Yey!

Scene: They are riding the roller coaster. Pio and the kids are having a blast. Inday looks like she's almost throwing up. She turning a shade of green.

Scene: Right after getting off the ride.

Tsina: Let's do that again!

Tisay: Again!!! Again! Again!

Pio: That was so much fun! Yeah, lets go again!

Inday: Umm, you guys go ahead.. I really need to use the restroom. I'll wait for you right here.

Inday: (thinking) Ugh, I'm not doing that again, even for you, Pio. Maybe some fresh air will calm my stomach.

Inday goes to the restroom and then sits at a bench. She hears a voice that she hasn't heard in years.

Greg: Inday? Inday? Is that you?

Inday looks up to see her handsome ex-husband. With him is his young wife, Crystal and their two kids. One of them is in a stroller.

Crystal: It is you! Oh my gosh! it's been so long!

Inday: Yes it has.

Crystal: You've never seen our kids, have you? Ha ha, This is Marlee, she's 7, and this is Josh, he just turned one. Aren't they cute?

Inday nods.

Crystal: (still babbling) Could you believe how crowded the park is today? Ha ha ha..

Marlee: Mommy, I need to go wee wee.

Greg: Crystal, why don't you take her to the restroom and change Josh's diaper too. I think he needs it.

Crystal hesitates.

Marlee: Mommy! I really need to go!

Crystal: Okay. We'll be right back. It shouldn't take us long.

Crystal gives Inday a dirty look before pushing the stroller away

Greg: (turning on the charm) You look good, Inday. But them you always did.

Inday doesn't answer. Her stomach is still bothering her and this surprise doesn't help.

Greg: Inday, you don't even have one word to say to the person you were married to?

Inday: We had an annulment, so technically, we were never married.

Greg: If that is how you want to think of it, that's up to you. But we know the truth.

Inday tries to leave but Greg stops her.

Inday: I have nothing to say to you.

She still feels nauseated and trying not to throw up.

Greg: (somewhat patronizing, like he's pitying her) But I do. I have plenty to say... You know, I still think of you often. I am sorry for the way our marriage ended. I wish you weren't barren! We would still be married and you are my kids' mother. You can't blame me for wanting children that really came from my loins.

Inday: Greg, it's fine, okay. It's a long time ago and I'm over it.

Inday attempts to leave again but Greg blocks her way and continues his monologue.

Greg: Are you really? How can you be over it! Inday, I know Alvin proposed to you but you turned him down. It makes me sad to hear that what I did turned you off love and marriage completely. You're gonna die alone and it's all my fault! Just because it didn't work for us, doesn't mean it will never work for you!

Inday: You're giving yourself way too much credit.

Greg: (continuing as if she didn't say a thing) ... You're a sexy, vibrant, woman! Please give love a chance, open your heart and promise me you'll walk down the aisle again!

Inday glowers at Greg.

Inday: (thinking) This windbag really believes what he's saying. He still loves the sound of his voice as much as he used to. He's still the Principal of Condescending A-hole School of Condescension. I think I'm going to throw up from what he's saying as much as from that last roller coaster.

Greg: (continuing his speech) I feel like I destroyed your life. Because of me, you will never love again and you'll never be happy. I hurt you even more by getting your friend pregnant.

Inday: She's not really my friend. (standing up) I've got to go. Have a nice life, Greg.

Greg: No! Listen to me! You're obviously a mess. Why would you be sitting here at Star City all by yourself...

Inday tries to leave but Greg puts his hands on Inday's arm to stop her.

Inday: Get your hands off me. I don't want to talk to you.

Greg tightens his hold while Inday is trying to get away.

Pio suddenly appears from behind them and pulls her away from Greg.

Pio: Dude, take your mitts off her. She doesn't want to talk to you? (to Inday) Are you okay, Inday?

Greg is astonished to see Inday with a guy. He finally takes his hands off her.

Inday is covering her mouth and runs away to the bathrooms.

When she comes out. Pio was waiting for her.

Pio: Here's some water.

Inday takes the bottle of water that Pio handed to her and drinks from it.

Inday: Thank you. Umm, that was G-greg, my ex-husband.

Pio nods. He is kind of looking at her intently.

Inday: (thinking) How much did he hear?

Inday starts coughing.

Inday: Ah, where are the kids?

Pio: They are at that playground. We can see them from here.

Inday looks at the direction he is pointing.

Pio: Do you want to go home now? We can leave if you are not feeling well.

Inday: No! The girls have been waiting for this day for so long, I'm not going to ruin it for them! I'm fine really.

Pio gives her a look that says he doesn't believe her.

Pio: Okay, but take it easy the rest of the day. If you want to sit and rest, just say so.

Inday: Thanks. I think I'm done with roller coasters today.

Scene: At the condo, middle of the day. Several days later.

Benita is busy cleaning when Pio comes home and sees her.

Pio: Excuse me, but who are you?

Benita: Oh, uh sir, uh..

Inday just came out of her bedroom. She's wearing a tight fitting white polo shirt and a short white skirt. Her hair is in a pony tail and she's carrying a tennis racket.

Inday: This is Mrs Benita. She's the one who comes here to help me clean the house.

Pio: Oh yes. I remember.

He's looking at Inday, his eyes lingered a bit on her legs. Inday pretends not to notice but she's giddy inside.

Pio: Were you going out to play tennis?

Inday: No, I'm going swimming. ha ha. Just kidding. Yeah, I was on my way to the tennis court. It's my afternoon off. What are you doing home?

Pio: The school called. Tisay is in trouble. I want you to go with me to talk to her teacher and the principal.

Inday: Why do you need me to go with you? Can't you go by yourself?

Pio: The same reason I picked you up last time. Miss Tintin makes me uncomfortable.

Inday: Oh, you need me to be the buffer, huh?

Pio: Something like that.

Inday: Alright. Let me just change, okay. I'll be quick.

Pio: Thanks Ate Inday. You're the best.

Inday went back to her room. She quickly changed from her tennis skirt into her favorite pair of jeans.

Inday: Let me just call my tennis partner to tell him I can't make it.

Inday calls someone on her cell phone.

Inday: Bjorn? Hi, it's me. (pause) I'm so sorry but I can't make it today. My boss needs me. We have an emergency. (pause) Okay.. ha ha .(pause) Okay. (pause) I promise I'll make it up to you next time. (pause) Ok, bye Bjorn. hihihihi

Pio has a small frown on his face.

Inday: Okay, let's go. Please lock up the house when you leave, Mrs Benita.

Benita: Yes. Will do!

Inday notices that he is looking at her behind in her tight jeans. She's trying to act normally despite her excitement.

Scene: Pio's car. He's driving them through bad traffic.

Pio: I really don't know what to do about Tisay and her constant misbehavior.

Inday: Umm, would you mind if I ask about Tisay's mom? Please don't be angry. I can take care of her better if I knew the whole story.

After a while Pio answered.

Pio: You have a point. So you want to know why her mom dropped her off like that?

Inday: Yes, for starters.

Pio: She's trying to blackmail me.

Inday: Huh?

Pio: She said either marry her or give her triple the monthly child support. When I refused, she said that Tisay can live with me then. She said once I see how difficult Tisay is to take care of, I'll change my mind. I thought, why not? I miss Tisay when she's not with me and I have my sister to help me take care of her just like she did with Tsina.

Inday: Your kids are very different from each other.

Pio: They are like night and day.

Inday: So you wanted Tisay to live with you permanently?

Pio: Yes.

Inday: Wonder what she did to get in trouble this time?

Pio: Tisay's mom, her teacher, our previous maids and nannies, even my sister Ally and myself, we all lose our patience with Tisay. But you don't seem to lose patience. You know how to handle her.

Inday: That's my job. She can be very trying but she can also be a lot of fun and she's very affectionate.

Pio: That she is. I think Tsina stopped sitting on my lap when she was 4. Tisay still likes to do that.

Inday: Your children are delightful.

Pio: Thanks. I think so.

Inday: Let's remember this feeling because we may need it when Ms Tintin tells us what Tisay did today. ha ha.

Pio: Honestly, if you didn't come along, I might have given in to Tisay's mom's demands.

Inday: (teasing) You might have ended up married to her by now.

Pio: (shivering in disgust) No way! I would have given her however much money she wanted but there's no way in hell I'd marry that woman! Or any woman! We have that in common, you know.

Inday: What do we have in common?

Pio: We both don't want to get married again.

Inday: Oh..

Pio: I'm sorry but I can't help but overhear your conversation with your ex at Star City. Did he really leave you because you couldn't have children?

Inday nodded quietly.

Pio: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up something that was painful to you.

Inday: That's okay. It's a long time ago. I really do wish I could have my own children, but that's not how it worked out. That's why I love this job. I'm not doing it just for the paycheck.

Pio: You're more than just their nanny. Even if we haven't known you for a long time, we think of you as family. I can tell how much you care for my kids. I hope you stay with us for a long time.

Inday: Me too.

After a few moments of them still sitting in traffic.

Inday: Since you know so much about me now, can I ask why you don't want to get married again? Don't you want a mom for your kids?

Pio: (teasing) My kids don't need a mom. They already have you! (serious) Okay, seriously … Tsina's mom was pregnant and we got married right after high school. (long pause) I don't think I can go through that again.

Inday wanted to ask if he can't go through the pain of a bad marriage or the pain of losing someone he loved very much.

Inday: For someone who doesn't want to get married, you sure date a lot.

Pio: (Somewhat defensive) I am always upfront to the people I date. I say right away that I'm not looking for a wife, and I have no love to give, so not to expect those things from me. But I think they are not listening.

Inday: They hear what they want to hear.

Pio: Yeah.

Inday: They think they can make you change your mind.

Pio: I guess. They mostly end up either pissed or really really pissed at me. Take for example Janet. She was accommodating at first, we have a lot of fun together. Then after a while, she started to become more demanding. She wanted me to go with her to some wedding she said so she'll have a dance partner.

Inday: You broke up with her because you didn't want to be her dance partner at a wedding?

Pio: I didn't think we were in that stage.

Inday: I didn't know you had to be in a certain stage to attend a wedding together.

Pio: It's more than that. When single women go to a wedding, 9 times out of 10, they are picturing their own weddings. I feel like they putting me in that picture too so the pressure is on. And if you go as a couple to that wedding, the people around you start asking, so when are you two gonna get married... (disgusted face) Ugh! Just the whole thing gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Inday: You mean the whole marriage ceremony?

Pio: Yeah, the ceremony, the reception, the awful speeches, the bad dancing...

Inday: (lying) Yeah, they give me the heebie jeebies too. But I like the dancing part

Pio: Not me! I hate that part most of all!

Pio looks at Inday intensely.

Pio: I keep hoping there's someone out there that wants the same thing I do. Someone who would be okay with just a casual physical relationship and nothing more. (shrug) What can I say. I have ... needs.

Pio looks at Inday whose one eyebrow is arched up.

Pio: I'm sorry. This is probably inappropriate conversation to have with you.

Inday: No, it's not. Pio, you can talk to me about anything if you need someone to talk to. It's good for me to have 'grown up talk' after being with kids all day. Ha ha

Pio: Thanks Inday. I'm glad you understand. I find you very easy to talk you.

Inday: You're also very easy to talk to.

Pio: Likewise, you can talk to me about anything, especially grown up talk. If we have something to say, we should just come out and say it. If we want something, we should just ask. Right? I prefer being direct.

Inday: Me too.

Pio: We're both adults. There's no need for games or pretense, right?

Inday: Right!

Inday: (thinking) Wait... what is he saying?

Pio: We're here. Let's hurry. That traffic jam made us really late.

They get out of the car and walk quickly to the Principal's office.

Scene: Much later at home.

Tisay is standing facing the corner, crying her eyes out.

Tisay: Waaaaaahhhh!

Pio: (angry and yelling) And stay there until I tell you that you can leave! You are grounded for a whole month! Just because you are suspended from school for a week and you get to stay home doesn't mean you are on vacation! You will do you school work everyday and then some!

Pio walks to the kitchen where Inday is but they can still see Tisay in the corner. Pio is still very angry.

Pio: I just don't know what to do with her!

Inday: I can't believe she pulled that boys pants down in front of everyone at school.

Pio: Just when I thought she's done everything and she' can't possibly think of anything else to do, she tops herself! Ate Inday, I mean what I said. She needs to do her school work while she's at home plus extra. She likes math so don't give her extra math, give her extra writing because she hates to do that. I don't want her to ever get the idea that it's fun to get suspended from school.

Inday: Yes, I'll make sure.

Scene: Later that night. Inday is sleeping in her bed. She feels someone is climbing in bed next to her, waking her up. It's Tisay. Tisay pulls on Inday's arm and lays her head on it.

Tisay: Can I sleep here?

Inday: Okay.

After a while, they both can't sleep. Mainly because Tisay keeps moving.

Tisay: Ate Inday, when I have my own house, you can sleep with me in my bedroom too.

Inday: Thanks baby. That's very sweet. Tisay, can you tell me what really happened? Why did you pull that boy's pants down?

Tisay: Because he's a doody-head!

Inday: Tisay...

Tisay: He's a poopoo platter!

Inday: Tisay, that is enough! Was that a joke? Were you being funny? I hate to think that you are becoming a bully!

Tisay: I'm not a bully! He's the bully. Ask anyone at school! He pushed me and I fell and everyone laughed! He did it three times! So I pulled down his pants so everyone will laugh at him.

Inday: Oh. It's not right that he's being a bully but what you did is not right either! How would you feel if someone pulled down your pants, huh?

Tisay is quiet. Seemingly asleep.

Not long after, Tsina joins them. She sleeps on Inday's other side.

Very late that night. Pio checked on the kids in their bedroom and saw that they are not in their beds. He went to Inday's room and pushes open the door that is partially open. It's dark but there's a nightlight and he sees Inday in bed, and the kids snuggled tightly on either side of her, one little head in each arm. They had kicked their blanket off and it's on the floor. He picked up the blanket and covered the three of them after taking a few seconds to admire Inday's cleavage revealed through her twisted nightgown that is hiked up her legs. He was just leaving when he heard a whispered sleepy voice.

Inday: (whispering and sleepy) Sir Pio?

Pio: (whispering) Ah.. I was just checking on the kids. Do you want me to take them to their bedroom? Are they squeezing you too much?

Inday: (whispering) No. They are fine here. I found out why Tisay pulled that boy's pants down. She said he was bullying her.

Pio: (whispering) That's still no excuse.

Inday: (whispering) I told her that but I'm not sure she got it..

Pio: (whispering) Let's talk about it tomorrow. Go back to sleep... Good night Inday...

Inday: (yawn) Good night.

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