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Friday, September 2, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 4: Beard

Episode 4 – Beard 

Scene: Early in the morning, Inday is in the bathroom. She just turned off the water and getting out of the shower. She's putting on her bathrobe when she gets a big surprise. Tisay is standing there looking at her.

Tisay: Why do you have a beard in your peepee? 

Inday quickly ties up her bathrobe. 

Inday: Uh.. uh...uh... Are you hungry? Breakfast is ready on the kitchen table. I'll be right there.

Inday: (thinking) I really need to remember to lock the darn door.

Few minutes later, Inday is dressed and walking quickly to the kitchen. Pio is sitting with the kids eating breakfast.

Tisay: Good gravy! It was so weird! Ate Inday has a beard on her peepee. 

Pio coughed while drinking his coffee.

Tisay: A beard on her peepee! Did you hear me Daddy? 

Tsina: Yes, we all heard you!

Pio: (kinda amused) It's something grown ups have, Tsina.

Tsina: What? You mean, I'm gonna have that too? Ewww! Yuck! 

Pio sees Inday who is standing there very embarrassed, blushing from head to toe.

Pio: ..ahem.. Uh, Tsina, don't change the subject. We have not talked about what you did last night with Aunt Janet's purse.

Tsina: I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

Pio: That's what you said last time when you destroyed Ate Inday's stuff remember?

Tsina: But I mean it this time. 

Pio: (stern) Tsina, since you did it two times, you will have two times the punishment. You will write this sentence 100x and no TV, no allowance and no dessert for two weeks. Ate Inday, please make sure Tisay does what she is supposed to do. 

Tsina starts to emote like her dad just sentenced her to life imprisonment.

Tsina: (crying) Waaaah! That's not fair! Where's my mom? I'm calling my mom! Waaaah! 

Pio: (getting angry) NO!! I told you you cannot call your mom and do not ever mention your mom to me! 

Tsina: (bawling and running to Inday) Waaaah!

Inday: Uh.. It's really my fault.. I should have been watching her.

Pio: She's old enough to know right from wrong. Besides, you were busy preparing dinner, weren't you?

Inday: Yeah, but...

Pio: We really need to find a housekeeper. You've been doing the job of nanny and maid. I'll start to look for one today.

Inday has a vision in her mind of a sexy housekeeper in the house with them.

Inday: Oh, no, no! We really don't need another person here. I can do both jobs. I'll watch Tisay more carefully.

Pio looks skeptical.

Inday: If it will make you feel better, I know someone who is willing to come here for a few hours a day to help with the cleaning. 

Inday didn't say that someone is already doing that.

Pio: Hmm.. If you really feel that's all the help that you need then that is fine by me. You'll contact that person?

Inday: Yes. I'll take care of it.

Pio: Ok. Thanks, Ate Inday. I really am extremely, profoundly, thankful you are here with us. I don't know what we would do without you.

Later that night. Inday is busy in the kitchen while Tisay and Tsina are finishing their homework. 

Tisay: I'm finally done with my homework. Can I play now? 

Tsina: Nope, you still have to write the 100 sentences remember?

Tisay: Oh yeah. Ate Inday? Do I really have to? Can I not do it and we say that I did? I already have no allowance, no tv and no dessert for two weeks. Please... pretty please... with sugar and whipped cream and cherry on top ? 

Inday still feels bad about her part that resulted in Tisay being punished.

Inday: Sorry Tisay. Your daddy said you need to do this. But he didn't say you have to do it at one time, right. Maybe you can do a few at a time and take a break in between?

Tisay: Oh, okay. 

Tsina: I believe that violates the spirit in which the punishment is intended.

Tisay starts to write her sentences. After about 30..

Tisay: Can I stop? Please? My hand hurts really bad (dramatic). 

Inday goes to Tisay and squeezes her hands lightly, then gives it a kiss. 

Inday: Sorry, baby. 

Tisay: Can I play now?

Inday: Okay, for a bit. But you have to come back and finish.

Tisay: (scampering away) Yey!

Tsina: I'm going to play with her. Let's play cooking show! 

Not long after, she hears them arguing. Inday goes to the kids' room.

Inday: What's going on? 

Tisay: You're a meanie! Meanie! Meanie! Evil meanie!

Tsina: I'm not a meanie! I'm just correcting your mistake. It's U-S-E. 

Tsina holds up a sign handwritten by Tisay. It reads “do not yous”

Tisay: You were laughing at me! You were making fun of me! 

Tsina: But it's funny! ha ha ha! YOUS ! 

Tisay: Meanie! I'm gonna tell my mom on you! She'll fix you!

Tsina: Hah! Your mom? She doesn't want you because you're a big pain in the butt! She dropped you off like a hot potato remember? 

Tisay screams and lunges at Tsina. Inday catches Tisay and holds her tight.

Inday: That's enough, both of you! Tisay, that is a terrible thing to say to your sister. We will talk later.

Tisay is crying inconsolably as Inday carries her out to the living room. She sits on the chair with Tisay on her lap crying.

Inday: Tisay, I never met your mom but I cannot believe she didn't want you. Why wouldn't anyone not want you?

Tisay: Then (sob) why (sob) did (sob) she leave me here (sob)? 

Inday: There are lots of possible reasons why she had to do that. You know grown ups do things that seem crazy to kids. 

Tisay: Yup, (sob) they do. 

Inday: Then, whatever her reason is, I'm sure it's a darn good one. Tisay, look at me... Let's not worry about it, okay? You're here now with your Dad who loves you. 

Tisay: I love my Dad too. And I love you too, Ate Inday. 

Inday: Awww! I love you too Tisay. 

Inday looks up to see Tsina close by and watching them. Inday extends her arms to Tsina who comes over and sits on her lap too.

Inday: Tsina, please be careful what you say to your sister. You know, sometimes when someone says something hurtful to you, it causes more pain than if someone just hits you. 

Tsina is quiet.

Inday: Okay? Once something is said, even if you say you take it back, it's already been said. I mean, you can't unhear something that you've already heard. Does that make sense?

Tsina: Yes. I'm sorry.

Inday: You should be saying that to your sister, not me.

Tsina: Sorry, Tisay.

Tisay: That's okay.

Inday: You know what else can't be taken back once it's given? A kiss.

Inday gives both girls a kiss and hug.

Scene: Later that night. Pio just came home.

Pio: How's my beautiful girls? 

Kids: Daddy! 

Tisay: Did you have dinner yet, Dad? There's some leftovers in the fridge. I helped Ate Inday cook. Ang guess what! She taught us some songs! You want to hear them?

Pio: I'm having dinner with Aunt Diane. I just came home to change clothes, and to say good night and to tuck you in bed. 

The kids look disappointed.

Tisay: Awww Daddy, you're going out again? Can't you have dinner with us?

Pio: Wasn't I home for dinner last night?

Tsina: No, you were working late.

Pio: Sorry girls. I'll be home tomorrow, I promise.

The kids are playing with their dolls when Pio came out of his bedroom after he changed clothes for his date. 

Inday: (thinking) Dammit, why is he so handsome. 

Pio: Kids, it's time to brush teeth and floss.

Tisay: I can't brush teeth tonight, Daddy. 

Pio: Oh, and why is that? 

Tisay: (smiling) Because I had a dream last night that someone took my toothbrush and used it to clean some yucky stuff. 

Pio: ha ha! No problem! I had a dream that your toothbrush got replaced by a brand new toothbrush. It looks exactly the same! 

Tisay: Oh man! Can't we just skip this one time? Pleeeeease! 

Pio: No. You have to brush your teeth and floss two times a day. Your dad is a dentist, remember?

Tisay: (sigh) Oh yeah, I forgot.

Tisay goes to the bathroom to brush.

Pio: Ate Inday, did Tisay finish her 100 sentences?

Inday: Uhh, yes. (lying) 

Pio: Ok. I just hope she learned her lesson not to mess with people's stuff. 

Tisay: ... and then Barbie laid down on her white fluffy bed...yawn.... I need my beauty sleep...

Inday just notices that Tisay has several of her sanitary napkins and tampons as the dolls chairs, beds, etc. Pio seems distracted and didn't see it to Inday's relief. 

Inday: (thinking) What am I going to do with you Tisay? 

Scene: Next afternoon. Inday is on the living room floor doing sit-ups. 

Inday: .. Twenty one.. Twenty Two...

Pio walks in the unexpectedly.

Inday: Sir Pio! (she stands up suddenly) 

Pio: Wow, were you exercising?

Inday: Just a little... Uh, what are you doing here in the middle of the day?

Pio: The school just called. They said it's not a serious emergency but they took Tisay to the doctor. We need to go to her now.

Inday: (alarmed) Huh? Okay. Lets go.

She hangs up the phone and goes with Pio.

Inday: Did they say what's wrong? What happened?

Pio: No, they didn't say. Let's hurry.

They walk/run to the car. 

Scene: At the doctors office

Pio and Inday arrive. They see Tisay and her teacher Ms Tintin waiting for them. 

Pio: Tisay! Are you okay? 

Tisay: Yes, Daddy.

Pio: What happened?

Ms Tintin: Well, this young lady dropped a bean in her ear. We took her here to get it out.

Tisay looks embarrassed.

Tisay: I'm sorry. 

Inday: How did you get a bean in your ear?

Ms Tintin: We had a project where we were using different kinds of dry beans. Tessa was playing and pretending to talk to it. When she put it close to her ear to listen to what it had to say, she dropped it.

Tisay: On accident! I didn't mean to. (crying) Waaah! 

Pio puts his arm around Tisay.

Pio: It's okay, honey. 

Ms Tintin: The doctor was able to take it out. She just needs these antibiotic drops. (handing them the prescription)

Inday: Does it hurt, Tisay?

Tisay shakes her head no. 

Pio: Okay. Let's go home. Thanks, Ms Tintin. 

Scene: Back in the condo. They just got back.

Pio: I have the rest of the afternoon off. 

Tsina: (happy) Really, Daddy?

Pio: Yes.

Tsina: You're not working late or going on a date?

Pio: Nope! I was thinking we can go play some tennis.

Both kids start jumping up and down.

Tisay: Yey Daddy! Tennis! Tennis! Yey tennis! 

Pio: Yey tennis! I promised to teach you girls, didn't I? 

Tsina: Ate Inday, do you play tennis? 

Inday: Oh yes! I love it. 

Inday: (thinking) Oh no! Why did I say that? 

Pio: Really? That's great! My old partner moved out of town. Come with us!

Inday: (hesitates) Uh.. 

Pio: C'mon. I bet you are really good. Are you afraid to beat your boss? Ha ha! I won't be angry, I promise. 

Pio's disarming smile still catches Inday by surprise.

Inday: No, uh. I would but I can't play tonight because uh, (low voice) you know.. um..I have a visitor....

Pio: Visitor? Who?

Inday: You know, Aunt Flo is here.

Pio: Aunt Flo? Oh! That. Okay. Next time.

Inday: I think it will be good for you to spend alone time with the girls. I'll go see Ruffa Mae. I haven't seen her in a while.

Pio: Good idea. I'll take them out to dinner too. Take the whole night off.

Inday: Okay, thanks. 

Scene: Ruffa Mae and Inday are at a nice restaurant/bar. Inday is dressed to the nines, like she's taking pictures for a fashion magazine cover. She's wearing a tight red short dress and red shoes. 

Inday: ... I was mortified! I couldn't believe Tisay called that guy a 'fat *******.'

Ruffa Mae: (laughing hard) ha ha! Fat *******! Oh my God! Was he really fat?

Inday: Yeah! Of course he was. I didn't know what to say! I don't even know where she heard that from!

Ruffa Mae: Ha ha! Get used to it. That's not the last time they will embarrass you for sure! 

Inday: (suddenly serious) Ruffa Mae, the more time I spend with Pio and the kids, the more I'm sure that I'm meant to be a mom. It really comes naturally to me. (sadly) I don't know why fate gave me a body that can't have kids. 

Ruffa Mae: Inday, I thought you had accepted the fact that you cannot have children even if your ex-husband couldn't. You can adopt..

Inday: I know. But I love Pio and the kids. They are the family that I want.

Ruffa Mae: I hope you don't get hurt. Didn't you say Pio said he doesn't want to get married again?

Inday nods sadly.

Inday: He doesn't want any more kids either. He's adamant about that too.

Ruffa Mae: Is Tsina's mom so horrible that Pio is traumatized about marriage or is she so amazing that she is irreplaceable?

Inday: I don't know but I need to figure out how to change Pio's mind. (sigh) You wouldn't believe what I did today. I actually claimed to love to play tennis.

Ruffa Mae: What?! Are you insane? You hate all sports! 

Inday: You're telling me! (sigh) Now I need to learn on the sly. It's just that everyday I see Tsina's mom's darn picture in her little tennis outfit with that big trophy. (sigh) I've lost my damn mind... 

Scene: Condo. Very late that night. 

Inday quietly unlocked the front door and is sneaking inside. She almost made it to her room when the lights get turned on.

Pio: Ate Inday?

Pio is in his pajamas, standing in the kitchen, holding a glass of water.

Pio's eyes get big when he sees the very glamorous Inday. He almost drops his glass.

Inday: (thinking) Darna!

Inday: Yup, it's just me. Sorry I'm home so late. Ruffa Mae and I went out for drinks.

Pio: (eyes still wide staring at Inday) Uh, uh .. N-no problem. You had the whole night off...

Inday: How were the girls? How was the tennis lesson?

Pio: Huh? Tennis? 

Inday: Didn't you take them to play tennis today?

Pio: Oh yes. It was fun. Tsina may have a natural aptitude for it.

Inday: That's good. Umm, I'm tired. We have to wake up early to go to Star City tomorrow. I better go to.. bed.... Good night.

Pio: Oh yes... bed... m-me too. 

Inday turned around and walked away. She has a wide smile when she sees from the reflection in the mirror that Pio watched her walk away. She knows her weeks of diet and exercise paid off.

Pio: Good night... Inday.

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