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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Target - Episode 9

EPISODE 9: The Deal

Scene: A bit later that night at Leroy Jenkins.

The guys left but Ada stayed behind.

Ada: Mark, can we talk? I may have something that could be useful.

They go to a private corner.

Mark: What is it? Tell me!

Ada: I'll tell you. But I want something in return.

Mark: Oh... kay... What do you want in return?

Ada: (naughtly) I want a kiss. I mean, a real kiss. I want the kind that will make my toes curl!

Mark: (flirting back) That's all? My dear Ada, all you have to do is ask! What information do you have for me?

Ada: Hi hi hi. Okay, I have a very strong suspicion that Albert took 5600. Did you see how nervous he was when the box was being opened at the Basement and also tonight?

Mark: Albert? Just being nervous doesn't mean he took it.. Is that all you are basing this on?

Ada: No, of course not, silly. I think he may have figured out what the device is for and has learned to use it. I think that ewok used it on me!

Mark: Huh? You actually know what it is really for?

Ada: Not exactly, but I think it has to do with mind reading and control. Think about it! Think about all the work we put on it.

Mark: Hmmmm... and you said he used it on you?

Ada: I think so. He must have. (sheepishly) I actually went out on a date with him recently. That day, he kept pointing the 5600 at me and pushing buttons. I remember that clearly. When he asked me to dinner, I said yes to my surprise! I have no idea why would I agree. I mean, I have zero attraction to Albert! We had a weird dinner and when later he started kissing me, I didn't even protest. It was bizarre, like I'm watching myself do things and I didn't care. Maybe his conscience bothered him or something because he stopped and left abruptly! Ugh, it was so awkward. That fat a$s is as familiar with kissing as he is with healthy food and exercise. Ugh!

Mark is thinking hard, absorbing what Ada just said.

Ada: You have to hurry though. He said he was catching a plane tonight to visit his family in Bohol and to (wiggling bunny ears) "make an important decision".

Mark smiles and gently pushes Ada against the wall. He pulls her head to his and gives her exactly the kind of kiss she wants.

A harried Angel happened to be walking by with a large tray loaded with dirty dishes and sees the torrid kissing scene. She's so pissed she almost drops her tray.

Scene: A few minutes later. Mark is saying good bye to Ada who just walked out the door. Angel stands next to Mark.

Angel: You've gotten to be good friends with her, huh?

Mark: Yup. And I would be friends with Ada even if it wasn't my assignment to befriend her.

Angel: Oh sure! Befriend her so you can bef*ck her!

Mark: What are you talking about? Ada and I ...

Angel: So who else have you slept with at Atis, huh?

Mark: Ooh! Wait, are you jealous?

Angel: Of course not! Why would I be! I just want to know who else!

Mark: Let's go. We're wasting our time! We have to leave now!

Angel: (sarcastic) Are you sure you want to leave, are you really done here? There must still be a few women here who hasn't been invited to the Mark's Pants Party!

Mark: (leading Angel out with a smile on his face) C'mon.

Angel: Be careful walking Mark, you might trip and something of yours might accidentally slip inside someone!

Scene: Inside an airplane.

An old couple. It's Mark and Angel in disguise.

Mark: (whispering) Impressive job with the ID's, Grandma.

Angel: (whispering) Thanks Grandpa. It's kind of my specialty. And may I say, hats off to you on how quickly you picked the lock in the print shop.

Mark: (whispering) Thanks. They won't even know we were there.

Scene: A barely respectable motel room in Bohol.

Angel looks around dismayed at the shabby furnishings and poor conditions.

Angel: Mark, I really don't want to stay here by myself. Why can't I go with you?

Mark: I'm telling you, Albert won't be comfortable talking in front of you.

Angel: Okay. Anyway, I'm not sure I could keep myself from slapping that dweeb. I can't believe what he did to Ada.

Mark: I know it's pretty reprehensible but I need his cooperation. I worked with this guy for months so I know how to handle him.

Angel: Hmph! Like you know how to handle Ada.

Mark: I told you she's always had a little crush on me and she just wanted a kiss. How many times do I have to explain that to you?

Angel: Oh, you don't owe me an explanation. I don't care!

Mark: It's okay if you do care, Angel.

Angel: Hmph! You wish!

Mark: I really have to get going now.

Angel: Fine! Just hurry back, okay. There better not be any snakes around here.

Scene: Garden of an old modest house in Bohol

Albert is sitting by himself on an outdoor bench looking deep in thought. Old man Mark stands in front of him.

Mark: Hi Albert. May I join you?

Mark takes off his hat. Albert has a look of recognition on his face.

Albert: Mark? Uh.. uh... How did you know.... uh .. uh...of course, Ada...

Mark sits on the chair next to Albert. Albert has a “deer in the headlights” look.

Mark: Are you going to start talking or do I inject you with our own special truth serum blend? It's more effective than sodium penthothal but I hear it's nastier to the recipient.

Albert: O...okay... Mark..

Mark: Start talking Albert. Do you have it?

Albert: Okay, okay! But please hear me out. Mark, I almost told you when we were at Leroy's, but then I've been thinking that maybe it is fate that I have it. T-that maybe I have it for a reason. Maybe it's my destiny to destroy this evil and protect the world from it!... Okay okay, I've read too many superhero comic books, but no one should have that kind of power!

Mark: Please explain.

Albert: I met some fellow scientists at a forum that really got me thinking. This Dutch guy who's fired from a top secret project has this crazy conspiracy theory that several governments are building a device that can control behavior of people, from one person to a large group! Others were also working on similar hush hush projects that seem like there's more to it than meets the eye. It sounds ridiculous at first but the more I thought about it, the more it seems like project 5600 is what will unify all the components!

Mark: What other components?

Albert: I'm not 100% sure. It's all vague references in the forum, no one is saying anything outright. But according to my uh, experiments, it works with brain waves. It's very difficult and takes a long time to capture just anyone's with our remote control but the other components make it easier and faster to dial in on an individual's brain waves. Other components seem to capture masses of it! Can you imagine being able to control a whole mob? Honestly Mark, if this were true, do you trust anyone with it, let alone some governments to have this ability?

Mark: You may be right, Albert. But right now, my life and Angel's are in danger.

Albert: (looks mortified) I really really am sorry Mark. I haven't been able to sleep or eat for days! What should I do? I can't make a decision!

Mark: Albert, let me handle it. I'll take it off your hands.

Albert thinks for a few seconds.

Albert: (relieved) Okay. I trust you to do the right thing, Mark.

Scene: Back at the motel room.

Mark unlocks the door to their room and sees Angel sleeping uncomfortably. She's scratching her legs in her sleep. Mark notices several bug bites on her leg. He leaves quietly locking the door behind him.

Scene: Eskaya Beach Resort, Bohol

Mark and Angel are entering the luxury villa they just checked in to. Angel is looking around the luxurious suite, taking in the whirlpool bathtub with panoramic views of the white sand beach, the tray of fresh fruit artfully laid out to welcome them, the tasteful high end furniture.

The waiter just finished setting up a sumptuous dinner on top of the table for two overlooking the breathtaking pink and purple sunset.

Angel: (eyes bright with excitement) This place is gorgeous!

Angel lays down on the bed.

Angel: Aaaaaaah.... 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton... Are you sure it's okay for us to stay here?

Mark lays down next to her in the bed.

Mark: (making up a story) Yeah, I overheard this couple fighting and saying they won't be using their reservations because they are going back home.

Angel: That's why we're Mr and Mrs. Sytanco

Mark: Yup! I figured we can stay here tonight. I will contact PBI first thing in the morning. I'm sure they will get here as soon as they can.

Angel: (subdued) So this is it, huh?

Mark: Yes. Don't worry Angel. I'll be with you all the way. Trust me.

Angel: You expect me to trust you, yet you don't trust me. You don't even want to tell me where you hid the prototype.

Mark: It's best that you don't know. It's for your own protection.

Angel: (looking sad, shaking her head) I don't believe you. You are still not being completely honest with me. But it's okay. We'll do it your way.

Angel gets up and head towards the dinner table laden with delicious looking food. She picks up the bottle of wine.

Angel: So, if this is my last supper, (sigh) I'm determined to enjoy the heck out of this night! This lobster is not going to waste.

Mark: That's my girl!

They sit down and eat.

Angel: This may be the best meal I've ever had in my life!

Later, Angel sees a brand new white dress in the closet that's just her size.

Angel: Wow! This is divine! I wonder if Mrs Sytanco would mind if I borrow it.

Mark: I don't think she'll even miss it since they've left the island already.

Mark is pleased to see Angel so happy and that she liked the dress he picked.

Angel looks through the brochures and receipts.

Angel: Yikes! That's how much a night at this villa cost? Wow!! Oooooooh! They ordered the deluxe spa package too? Oh yes!!!

Scene: Still in the villa

Mark and Angel are laying on adjacent massage tables with just white towels around them. They are getting massages and other spa treatments to soothing classical music. They look like they are in heaven.

Scene: Beach close to Eskaya. Night time.

Mark and Angel are chatting and walking along the fine white sand in the moon light. Mark is telling some stories about his family.

Angel: Sounds like you've had a normal happy childhood.

Mark: Yup. I've been very lucky when it comes to my family. I would like to hear more about yours.

Angel: That's another whole can of ugly worms. Can we not talk about them tonight?

Mark: Of course.

They walk in silence for a while.

Angel: I can't help but be apprehensive. Can you promise me that I won't go to prison, Mark?

Mark: As much as I want to, I can't. It depends on what deal we are able to make. I will certainly do everything I can to plead your case. They might keep you in a holding tank but it shouldn't be too bad in there. I'll personally check it for snakes!

Angel: (seriously) I'm not sure that I can handle being in a jail again.

Mark: Again? You were incarcerated? (thinking back to his files and can't remember anything about that in Angel's past.)

Angel: No! I went regularly to visit my parents. I told you I was adopted by my godparents and that's true. But they adopted me when my real parents went to prison. They've both since died. I remember regular visits to them. What I remember the most is either the feeling of being choked or the feeling of overwhelming sadness. (tears falling down her cheeks)

Mark is surprised by this revelation. He wants to ask a lot of questions such as why would she embark on a life of crime with this kind of childhood but he didn't think it's a good time to ask that right now. Instead, he gathers her in his arms and comforts her.

Mark: It will be okay. You're doing the right thing.

Angel: (calming down) How about you Mark? Do you believe that you are doing the right thing? From what you said of this device, it sounds frightening.

Mark: It really isn't my place to question my mission. I have to do my job.

Angel nods. They embrace each other for several seconds and then they continue to walk along the beach with Mark's arm around Angel's shoulders, until they see some lights and happy music.

Angel brightens up and pulls Mark towards the music.

Angel: C'mon!

They go inside a restaurant with a large patio area where several people are dancing to the infectious Latin beat .

Angel: Let's dance!

Mark: Oh no. No, thanks. (but he's smiling)

Angel does a sexy samba walk while looking at Mark provocatively and pulling him gently to the dance floor. Mark relents and they had a great time dancing all night.

Scene: Back in the villa, later that night. Mark and Angel making love.

Mark: I love you...

Angel: I love you too....Don't forget that.

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