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Friday, July 22, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 1: Inday

Episode 1- Inday

Scene: The Sassy Shears Salon and Spa. A high-end salon at a commercial building where there are several shops and offices. Early morning.

Ruffa Mae, the manager is walking anxiously all around the salon.

Ruffa Mae: Are you sure everything is clean and orderly?

Sarsi: Yes. We dusted and swept all our stations again.

Ruffa Mae: How about the bathrooms? Make sure the floor is clean enough for someone to eat off of!

Sarsi: Yes. The bathrooms are spotless, well-stocked, and smells like lemons.

Ruffa Mae: Good. You know our owner will look at every nook and cranny. She's very nitpicky and she can see a speck of dust a mile away. If she finds any little problem, it's not just my job that's on the line, we are all in trouble!

Ruffa Mae continues going from one end of the salon to the other and then back again. Her eyes go to an empty station. She looks even more nervous than ever.

Ruffa Mae: (checking her watch) I can't believe she's late again! She better get here before Ma'am Nanette.

Polly: (to another as Ruffa Mae passes by them) Why is she freaking out? This place looks much better than a lot of other salons. Is the owner really that much of a terror? I've never met her.

Vodka: She's a raging menopausal bee-yotch !! Be careful! She just fired half the staff last week, that's why there's so many new hires here including you!

Polly: Is that her coming in now?

Nanette, the owner is walking towards the entrance of the salon. She's a plump middle aged lady but dresses in fashion that may be a bit young for her age. She always wears a haughty expression on her face, her nose always pointed up. She has an air of overconfidence.

Ruffa Mae: Here she comes! Here she comes! Look sharp everyone!

Nanette walks in, takes off her sunglasses and eyes the place.

Everyone: Good morning, Ma'am Nanette.

Nanette starts to walk around. She has a snobbish expression on her face as she inspects all the stations carefully, the shampoo area, manicure and pedicure chairs, hair coloring area, etc. The workers all stand around nervously watching her as if they are in the army and are being inspected by a five star general. She occasionally runs her finger through some shelves or desks and inspects hair brushes and other equipment closely.

Nanette: (holding a hairbrush with two strands of hair) What is this?! Clean this brush! Where is your barbicide!?

Pepsi: Sorry ma'am. I'll do it right away.

Nanette: You better before I throw that at you!

Nanette continues to walk around the place, finding the smallest thing to complain about.

Nanette: I don't like the art in the facial room. It should be more calming. Replace it with something serene immediately!

Ruffa Mae: Yes ma'am, serenity now! I'll get on that!

In her peripheral vision, she can see that Inday is sneaking in.

Ruffa Mae: (thinking) Please don't look behind you.. please don't look behind you... Uh oh.

Ma'am Nanettae looks behind her just in time to see Inday who almost made it to her station.

Nanette: You!!! Late again! You've only been here a week and you are already late twice!

Inday: I'm so sorry ma'am. I had an emergency this morning..

Nanette: (interrupting) Shut it! I am going to my other salons and have no time to listen to your sorry excuses! (turns to Ruffa Mae) You! If she is late again, I want her gone! No ifs, ands or buts! She may be an good stylist but I do not tolerate tardiness!

She glares at Inday who looks apologetic.

Scene: Inside Ruffa Mae's office. Later that day.

Ruffa Mae is sitting on the manager's chair typing away. Inday is sitting on the visitors chair looking anxiously at her. There's a large one-way mirror in the office so that they can see the salon floor which is busy with several clients getting various services.

Inday: I'm really sorry I'm late again. I had insomnia last night again. I finally fell asleep at 2 AM so I woke up late, I was rushing to leave the apartment on time but the landlord was looking for me and I had to hide from her. I couldn't leave until she's gone.

Ruffa Mae: Why are you hiding from her?

Inday: (sigh) My neighbor, Mrs Benita said she wants to evict me because her nephew and his family needs a place to live. Where else am I going to find another cheap apartment!? That's all I can afford right now!

Ruffa Mae: Hmmm (still typing away)

Inday: Are you listening?

Ruffa Mae stops typing.

Ruffa Mae: I'm listening... (sigh) You can always stay with me until you find a place to live.

Inday: We already tried that remember, and it didn't work. You and your annoying fiance just ended up fighting a lot because of me! I haven't done anything to him, yet he's mad at me!

Ruffa Mae: You know why Wendell is mad at you ! You broke your engagement to his best friend. Alvin was very hurt.

Inday: It's none of his business.

Ruffa Mae: Maybe it's none of his business but he feels responsible because you met Alvin because of him. You know that.

Inday: I still think it's ridiculous how he's taking it personally! Alvin is going to get over it sooner than Wendell will, I think.

Ruffa Mae: Inday, let's agree to disagree. We're getting away from the real subject here. I'm serious as a heart attack, you can't be late again. I can only protect you here so much. There are many employees here who will not hesitate to rat you and me out to the owner.

Inday: I know. Thank you for being there for me always. You're more than a great friend, you're like the sister I never had. I will do my best not be late again but I think I better find another job.

Ruffa Mae: What? You're going to change jobs again! You were the most driven, most positive, most 'together' person I knew. You had all these dreams until...

Inday: Let's not talk about that again, please.

Ruffa Mae: (ignoring what she said) I'm just so worried about you. It's been 7 years since your ex-husband...

Inday: (interrupting) Our marriage was annulled so he's technically not my husband.

Ruffa Mae: Okay, fine. It's been a long time since you were “not married” It's time to look towards your future, to move on.

Inday: What makes you think that I haven't.

Rufa: You say that but you are not the same person. You used to be full of drive and ambition but now you can't even seem to hold down a job. I'm sorry to say this but, you're very pretty but you've let yourself go.. How much weight have you gained since....

Inday: Hey, I'm still a darn good hair stylist.

Rufa: You are good, when you are here.

Inday: I'm telling you I'm over Greg.

Rufa: Then why did you break your engagement to Alvin?

Inday: Because I don't love him. We don't really have much in common besides..

Rufa: ... ballroom dancing. I know. To be honest, I suspected that. I used to wonder what do you do after you foxtrot or merengue or whatever? What could you two possible have to talk about. He is a handsome man though, I give him that. There's other fish in the sea. You will marry again.

Inday: With this job and finding a place to live, I have way too many problems. The last thing on my mind right now is finding a man.

Inday looks out to the salon floor through the one-way mirror and her eyes widen at what she sees. Ruffa Mae follows her gaze and her face splits into a wide grin.

Ruffa Mae: Ha ha, nice to see that you are not immune either. Ha ha

Inday: Huh? I don't know what are you talking about?

Ruffa Mae: It's okay. I saw Dr Pio caught your eye. He catches the eye of every female in this building. Ha ha

They watch as Pio gets a haircut from one of the stylist who is laughing like he just said the funniest thing in the world.

Inday: Dr. Pio?

Ruffa Mae: Yeah, he's got a dental practice a few doors down. You probably walked by it on the way here. He's quite popular with our staff. Not only is he pretty, he's also a great tipper. Jules said his hair is so soft...

Inday: Oh? (trying to act nonchalant)

At that moment, a lady and a bespectacled, cute, chinky eyed 10 year old girl comes in to the saloon and approaches Pio whose haircut just finished. He gives her a hug and kiss.

Inday: Is that's his wife and kid? She looks a bit old to be his wife.

Ruffa Mae: That is his daughter but that's not his wife. That's his older sister who helps takes care of her. His wife's been dead for years.

Inday is still staring at the smiling Pio to the amusement of Ruffa Mae.

Ruffa Mae: Wipe your drool and close your mouth before flies get in. ha ha. He's a few years younger than you. Not exactly your type, but why not! Let's go, I'll introduce you.

Inday: Just give me a few minutes to fix my hair.

Ruffa Mae rolls her eyes.

As they walk out of the office, Pio just walked out of the salon.

Ruffa Mae: Oh man! I told you, your hair was just fine!

Inday: Shhh!

Pio's little girl is sitting in the waiting area. She's quietly reading a book.

Ruffa Mae: Oh hi Tsina! Waiting for your haircut?

Tsina: Yes Ms Ruffa Mae. We didn't have an appointment so I'm waiting for whoever is available next. Auntie Ally said to call her when I'm done.

Receptionist: Maybe just one more hour, okay?

Tsina: That's okay. I have another book to read.

Inday: I have the time right now. I'll give you a haircut. Come on..

Inday leads Tsina to her station and puts a barber's cape over her.

Tsina takes off her glasses.

Inday: How do you like your hair? Maybe like Taylor Swift? Like Selena Gomez?

Tsina: No, just straight.

Inday: Are you sure? You have such a pretty oval face. If we put some layers, or cut it to a short bob...

Tsina: No, thank you. I just want hair that I can put a pony tail on.

Inday: Okay. If that's what you want. You're very pretty either way.

Tsina: Thank you.

Inday: So Tsina, is that your real name or your nickname?

Tsina: Well, my real name is Xhi Na. It means noble and graceful girl in Chinese. But everyone just calls me Tsina and that's close enough, I guess. My dad said my mom named me.

Inday: Your dad told you? You don't know your mom?

Tsina: No. She died when I was 2. I don't remember her at all.

Inday continues to cut Tsina's hair.

Inday: You like to read, huh?

Tsina: Yup, it's my number one favorite thing to do. I've read all the Narnia books, the Harry Potter books. I love Nancy Drew Mysteries....

Later, Inday and Ruffa Mae are with Tsina when her aunt arrives with another cute little girl who is about 6 years old.

Ruffa Mae: Hi Ally! This is my friend Inday.

They exchange greetings.

Ruffa Mae: And who is this beautiful young lady with you?

Tisay: (smiling brightly) I'm Tessa. Everyone here calls me “Tisay”

Tisay lets go of her aunt's hand and joins Tsina in the waiting area. She's a small bundle of energy as she changes from one seat to another while looking at different magazines.

Tsina: Tisay, stop that, you are making mess.

Tsina straightens the magazines into neat piles.

Ruffa Mae: Dr Pio has another child?

Ally: Yup. Her mother dropped her off last week! Just like that, out of the blue!

Ruffa Mae: Huh? Was it a surprise? Did he know about her?

Ally: Oh yes. We all knew. She lived in Cebu with her American mom but Tisay stayed with us many times for vacation. They also video chat regularly. It's so much easier to keep in touch nowadays with technology..

Ruffa Mae: So you said her mom dropped her off out of the blue? Is that permanently?

Ally: Apparently. She said she can't take care of Ally anymore and it's her dad's turn. She is quite a handful, let me tell you. What a big difference from Tsina! I don't need this stress in my life right now.

Ally sees someone walking outside the shop and waves at him. He's a foreigner.

Ally: Honey! I'm here!

The smiling man walks over to them.

Ally: Ruffa Mae, this is my Ron, my fiance. Ron, this is my friend Ruffa Mae.

Ron: Hi Ruffa Mae.

Ruffa Mae: Fiance? What? When did this happen?

Ally: (putting her arm around Ron' waist) Remember, I told you about the man I met online? We've been writing to each other for 1 year and guess what? He's here and he asked me to marry him!

Ruffa Mae: I remember now, you own a chain of laundromats in Australia. Congratulations on your engagement!

Ron and Ally: Thanks!

They hear the sisters laughing about something in a magazine

Tisay: Ewwww! Look at this lady! Why is she laying on top of a car in her underwear? Why is there a cactus, robot, a monkey and an octopus inside the car? And look at this guy, he's in his underpants too! Don't they have any money to buy any clothes!

Tsina: Let me see...

Ron went to join the girls.

Ally: I'm so happy! But I'm worried about Pio and the kids. We broke the news to him last night that we are leaving for Australia in a couple of days. I've been warning him that this day might come but I don't think he ever took me seriously.

Ruffa Mae: What did he say? Did he try to stop you?

Ally: No. He told me I have to live my life and they'll be fine but I don't know...Oh my goodness, what time is it! I need to get these kids home. It's getting late.

Inday watches them as they walk away. Ally holding on to Tisay who is bouncing up and down and Tsina walking sedately next to them.

Tisay: Yey!! I got a great idea! Let's get some ice cream? Can we, can we, huh? Huh? Huh? Can we?

Ally: No, we're having dinner soon.

Tisay: Awwww, come on! Just a eensy, teensy bit....

Scene: At a mall. Later that night.

Inday is window shopping when she hears a commotion from an outdoor cafe. Inday recognizes Pio with a girl who is screaming at him.

Pio: Let's just calm down, okay?

Girl: How dare you break up with me? I thought you were going to propose?!!

Pio: I don't know how you got that idea! I was clear from the beginning that I don't want to ever get married again!

Girl: Yeah but.. I thought you would change your mind! (starting to cry)

Pio: I was right to end this before it went too far!

Girl: Before … before it went too far? Oh it's already gone far far away. Hu hu hu . How could you do this to me, Pio?

Pio: Let's go, okay? People are staring...

Pio takes the hysterical girl with him.

Scene: Inday's laying in bed later that night. She cannot sleep. She's tossing and turning while the same images and thoughts are running through her mind in a continuous loop. She's thinking of Dr Pio in the salon getting a haircut. His smile that took her breath away. Toss and turn. She's thinking of Tsina as she's giving her a haircut. Back to Pio smiling. Toss and turn. Then to him in the restaurant breaking up with that girl which somehow makes her so happy. Toss and turn. Then back to Pio smiling.

Scene: Pio's dental office. A couple of weeks later.

Inday is in the waiting room dressed in a low cut short dress. She's checking herself in her compact mirror and notices the other two women in the waiting room. They are dressed too sexy for a dentist appointment too. They are also checking themselves in their little make up mirrors. Inday immediately puts her compact mirror back in her purse.

Inday looks at her watch and frowns. She approaches the receptionist.

Inday: Miss, it's been 30 minutes. Is Dr. Pio always this late?

Receptionist: No ma'am. He's usually here very early. I'm sorry ma'am.

The phone rings and the receptionist picks up the phone.

Scene: Pio on the other line. He's in his house with the 2 girls and it is complete chaos. Tisay is running around naked with just a red cape and panties. Pio is trying to chase her.

Pio: Tisay! Come here now! Put on some clothes! We have to go now!

Tisay: (running around and jumping at furniture) Captain Underpants!!!!!.

Scene: Back in the dental office

Receptionist: (talking on the phone) Okay sir... Yes sir.. I'll tell them sir...

Receptionist hangs up the phone.

Receptionist: (loudly for everyone to hear) Excuse me... That was Dr. Pio. He's on his way. He apologizes profusely for being late.

Lady 1: What's the problem? Maybe I can be of help to him. Hi hi hi

Receptionist: (gossip mode) He's having a hard time finding a nanny for his kids! His housekeeper has been taking care of them but she had an emergency and had to go to her province this morning.

Lady 2: I thought his sister lives with him and takes care of his kid.

Receptionist: She is in Australia now. Not only that, his other daughter, the one that was in Cebu, lives with him now.

Lady 1: He's got two kids? I guess that's still okay. Hi hi hi

Lady 2: ha ha ha.. Here's your chance. You should apply to be his nanny. Ha ha ha.

Lady 1: (serious) Whoa.. that's not a bad idea..

Lady 2: Your crazy! You're really seriously thinking about it, aren't you?

Lady 1: Maybe... it will be worth it if I can snag him. Dr Pio, did I sleepwalk to your bedroom again? Did I.. did I forget my nightgown, oh my.. hi hi hi Oh, Dr. Pio, I'm just here for some .. Friendship .. Unity … Charity …. Kindness ? hi hi hi! He's a healthy male, can he say no to this? (Indicating herself. She is attractive.)

Receptionist: I'll tell you right now, he won't pick just anyone especially without references or without a good recommendation from someone he knows.

Inday immediately stands up.

Inday: (to the receptionist) I'll be right back..

She walks quickly to Sassy Shears, as fast as her high heels and tight skirt can allow. She finds Ruffa Mae who is her office.

Inday: Ruffa Mae! Ruffa Mae! I need your help right now! Quick!!

Ruffa Mae: What?! What's the matter?

Inday: You need to help me!!

Ruffa Mae: Of course! What do you want me to do!

Inday: Go to Dr Pio and recommend me as a nanny.

Ruffa Mae: What ? What the hell are you talking about?

Inday: He needs a nanny desperately. We both know I'm not going to last in this job and I need a place to live.

At Ruffa Mae's stunned expression.

Inday: Hurry! This is my chance to get his attention before that ho makes the move on him first.

Ruffa Mae: Who, what ho? Why are you dressed like that? Tell me what's going on! Slow down!

Inday: Okay, listen carefully. I need you.. to go to Dr Pio, and recommend me as a nanny. Tell him I'm the best nanny in the world.

Ruffa Mae: Oh my gosh! Am I hearing things? You want to become Dr. Pio's nanny? There's no way you are thinking of changing careers , so you must be... I knew it! You are interested in Dr Pio!

Inday: Yes! That too!

Ruffa Mae: And you want me to vouch for you as a nanny. You, who know nothing about kids!

Inday: II'm sure I can handle two girls. Tsina is so well behaved. She's like a little adult. How bad could she and her sister be? Please Ruffa Mae! Do this for me?

Ruffa Mae: Okay! You know I'll do anything for you. But are you sure you know what you're getting into?

Inday: Yes, very sure. We're wasting time! Go now! I'm just going to the bathroom to freshen up.

Inday goes to the bathroom and takes her time until she's satisfied with how she looks. Then she goes back to the dental office. She sees Ruffa Mae with Tsina and Tisay.

Inday: What happened? Where's Dr Pio.

Ruffa Mae: One of his patients has an emergency so he'll be tied up for hours. He cancelled many of his appointments. But I did what you asked me to do. Congratulations! You are now his new nanny.

Inday looks at the 2 kids. Tsina has her usual serious look and Tisay has her usual naughty look. Both of them are staring up at her expectantly.

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