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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Target - Episode 10 The End?

EPISODE 10: The End ?

Scene: Next morning. Mark and Angel are sitting on a bench outside Baclayon Church.

Mark: Relax. You look like a pig being led to the slaughter.

Angel gives him a look.

Mark: (giving Angel a hug and rubbing her back) Sorry, sorry. Not a good imagery.

Suddenly, several men appear with guns pointed at them. One of them is Jermaine.

Jermaine: Awwww, are we interrupting something here? Ha ha ha

Angel: Jermaine! How did you find us?

Jermaine: (amused) How? You know you led us here.

Angel: What?! No! Mark, I swear that I didn't ...

Jermaine: (laughing) Angel. Come over here!

Angel: No! Are you tracking me somehow? Is there a bug in this crap that you gave me?

Angel angrily takes off her earrings, watch and necklace and throws them at Jermaine.

Jermaine: (amused) Did you forget the plan? We sent you back to that a$shat so you can get the prototype from him as soon as he finds it, remember?

Mark is not saying a word, just watching and listening carefully. His expression is unreadable.

Angel: Mark, I swear, I didn't know he was going to find us. I was really going to surrender. Please believe me!

Jermaine: Are you insane? You were really going to surrender to the PBI? You are going to give all of us up?

Angel: No! I wasn't going to involve anyone else but me. I want to go straight.

Jermaine: Are you serious? You? Go straight? You want to go back to being poor? You're the one who wants expensive crap all the time !! You won't be able to buy those overpriced designer purses.

Angel: I don't need them.

Jermaine: Whaaaa? Who are you? What did you do to Angel? Oh wait, you're still acting aren't you? (laughing) I admire your commitment to your role! Bravo! But you can drop the act now. Come over here!

Angel: I said no! I'm going with Mark.

Jermaine: Not only are you willing to give up your life of luxury, you're also willingly going to jail? Over some man? This is not the “Target” that I know.

Mark: (finally has a reaction) Target?

Jermaine: Yeah, you've never heard Angel's code name? It's well known in the world of corporate espionage.

Angel: Shut up Jermaine!

Jermaine: I take it that has not yet been discussed? Ha ha ha! My dear Angel, you have an angle here that I haven't figured out yet. However, it's a moot point!

Jermaine grabs Angel and roughly pulls her to him.

Mark: Let her go!

Jermaine: (to Mark) Wake up you idiot! Are you really buying what she's saying?! Do you really trust her? I don't, and I've known her for a long time. She's not on your side and she's not on mine! The only side she's on is herself ! Angel will only look out for Angel!

Jermaine: (to Angel) Go get the prototype and bring it to me or I'll blow your temporary boyfriend's brains out right now!

With guns pointed at them, Angel takes the prototype from Mark and takes it to Jermaine.

Angel: I'm so sorry, Mark.

The PBI troop appears out of nowhere.

PBI: Everyone!! Freeze!

Someone fires a shot. Chaos ensues as several shots were fired from many directions! Mark sees Angel out in the open and leads her behind a low stone wall.

Mark: Stay there.
Angel: Mark, please tell me you believe me!

Mark: (after a moments hesitation) I do. Keep that prototype safe. I love you.

Angel nods.

The fighting between the side continues. Mark and Jermaine face each other. Jermaine shoots his gun and misses. Mark lands a powerful punch on Jermaine's chest.

Jermaine: You should ... go after ... Angel ... not me!

Mark hits him again. Jermaine manages to grab a gun that is laying on the floor and shoots Mark. Mark crashes to the ground holding his side. Someone else shoots Jermaine and he falls too.

Fighting persists between the sides but eventually Jermaine's group is defeated by the PBI.

Mark: (looking around) Angel? Angel, you can come out now.

They look for Angel all over the place.

PBI leader: She's gone.

Mark: Dammit!

PBI leader: The prototype is gone with her?

Mark nods. Complete disappointment and pain on his face. The pain he feels does not come from his gunshot wound.

PBI leader: (to his troop) Get her description out now! Send it to the local authorities and all points of exit! We have to find her!!

Jermaine is nearby being tended and lead away in handcuffs.

Jermaine: (laughing like a crazy person) Ha ha ha ha! She took it didn't she! Ha ha ha! I knew it! She's not called Target for nothing!

Scene: Legazpi City. About a month later at Mark's parents house living room.

The doctor just finished checking Mark's wound. His parents are there too.

Doctor: It looks very good. I'd say you've made a full recovery! You are ready to go back to work. Just call my office if you need anything.

Mark: Thanks Doc.

The doctor leaves. Mark's mom is still fussing over him.

Mark: Ma, Ma, I'm okay. I feel fine. My wound is just about healed.

Mark's mom: Yes, that wound is healing. But I'm still worried about you.

Mark: Here you go again...

Mark's mom: Mark, please. I can tell that there's something really bothering my son! I've never seen you so despondent! So depressed. You're just sitting here staring at Mt Mayon all day. Who hurt my handsome boy? Tell me and I'll straighten them out! Is it a girl? I will pull out all her hair! My poor baby!

Mark: Ma, I'm not a baby anymore.

Mom: (hugging and kissing Mark) You will always be my baby.

Mark's dad: C'mon Gloria, stop it! For Pete's sake, he's a grown man.

Mom: Hmph! Obviously, I care more about our son than you do! (to Mark) No one else will care about you more than your Mama! I'm going to get our dinner ready. I'll personally cook your favorite dish, Bicol Express, for you.

Mark: Thanks Ma. Can you also make the Chicken Dinuguan with green papayas and coconut milk again?

Mom: Of course! And I will add lots of hot peppers exactly the way my baby wants!

Dad: Not again! My head is still on fire from lunch, woman!

Mom: Don't worry, I'll ask cook to boil some plain vegetables for you! Ha ha

Mom goes to the kitchen leaving Mark and his Dad.

Dad: Your mom.. (tsk tsk) Mark, son. Uh.. I've never been good with emotions and sh!t... Uh.. (trying to find the right words but cannot) Are you really okay?

Mark: Yes, Pa. I am still kicking myself for my bad decision but I'm determined to correct that mistake.

Dad: Uh... okay.. as long as you say you are fine. That's my boy. Ahem. Are you really ready to go back to work, son?

Mark: Yes.

Dad: Okay then. Carry on.

Scene: Later. Mark is trying to read a book but is mostly looking at Mayon Volcano from the window. His Dad calls him.

Dad: Mark, there's someone who wants to see you. Let's go outside.

They go out to a bench in the pretty tropical garden. Chief Tapang is waiting for them.

Mark: Chief! I'm so glad to see you are well.

Chief: Thank you, Agent 1337. I'm also glad to see you have made a full recovery.

Mark's dad: I'll leave you two to your discussion. It's very good to see you, partner.

Chief and Mark's dad salute and nod at each other. Mark thought he actually saw the Chief smile.

Mark: Chief, I will fix my mistake. You must be very disappointed in me.

Chief: (interrupting) I'm not here to talk about that. Are you ready for your next assignment, Agent 1337?

Mark: Yes, ma'am.

The chief gives Mark a new cellphone.

Chief: You're new assignment is to locate Agent 1236.

Mark: Agent 1236 ? My brother Jim?

Chief: Yes. He is still AWOL and a video surveillance camera picked up a footage of him taking a hostage.

Mark: (surprised) What? Who?

Chief plays a video on the cellphone for Mark. The grainy black and white surveillance video is Jim dragging a struggling woman and shoving her in the trunk of a car and closing it. He then drives away. Mark recognizes the woman.

Mark: Is that... Ada ?

Chief: Yes, Agent 1236 has abducted Dr Ada Lopez last night and we have no idea where he might have taken her or for what reason. Do you know anything?

Mark: No! This is a complete surprise to me.

Chief: This cellphone is yours and it contains all the information we have on this case.

Mark: Thank you Ma'am.

Chief: One more thing. You will have a junior partner in this mission.

Mark: Junior Partner? Chief, is this absolutely necessary? Can't I help with the training of new recruits next time?

Chief: This is non-negotiable. I want you to meet your new partner.

Chief makes a hand signal and a few seconds later, Angel comes into sight.

Mark: (stunned) Angel? Wha... Whe... How...???

Chief: Agent 3624 requests that she explain the circumstances of her recruitment to you personally. I'll leave you to your discussion. I'm going to go visit with your parents. I haven't seen them in a very long time.

The Chief stands up and leaves them.

Angel tentatively approaches Mark who is looking at her like she's a ghost.

Angel: Hi Mark. .... How do you feel?

Mark: Good. You?

Angel: Uh.. Good. I owe you a bit of an explanation.

Mark: Only a bit?

Angel: Okay, a lot! Oh Mark. I don't know how to start!

Mark: Start with the truth! Did you just play me?

Angel: No.. Yes..No.. I'm not sure anymore.

She tries to touch Mark but he moves away.

Mark: Why did you run at Baclayon, Angel?

Angel: I was ready to surrender but during the fighting, all my doubts rose up and seem to choke me. I kept imagining myself in prison. The very idea was too monstrous to contemplate! I was terrified! My instincts told me to run and I did. My instinct is to run, hide and protect myself. That's what I did. Oh Mark, I really did want to go straight so I can be with you. I didn't want to be a wanted person, hiding for the rest of my life. After a few days, I surrendered. I remembered what you said that I had leverage with the information that I had.

Mark: That and you had the prototype. ... It would have been a nice “courtesy” if you had contacted me.

Angel: Oh Mark, I really didn't know how to face you. I wanted to do try to figure this out on my own. Then at first, PBI didn't want me to talk to anyone including you. I thought it was just as well. I knew you were recovering and I didn't want to be another headache to you. Then I was also dealing with my family. The sh!t have truly hit the fan with whole situation with Jermaine. He's in a maximum security prison and they blame me . (starting to tear up) They all hate me now.

Angel puts her arms around Mark. This time he didn't move away.

Mark: Sorry to hear that, Angel.

Angel: I'm so so sorry. After I ran with the prototype, you must hate my guts too and I can't blame you. Mark, I promise you, I will do everything to prove myself and earn your trust. I requested to work with you.

Mark: How do I know you are telling me the truth now?

Angel: I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. I'd be in my hideaway in Batanes... Mark, every time I said I love you, I meant every word with all my heart. What about you? You haven't always told me the truth either. Did you mean it when you said you loved me?

Mark: (after a long pause) Yes. You really had me spinning, girl. I really didn't know where I stand with you and that's a horrible feeling.

Mark thought about all the girls that must have felt this way because of him. With that thought, the anger he felt towards Angel went away.

Mark kisses Angel. Later..

Mark: I never got the news that the prototype got recovered.

Angel: Okay, I'll tell you and only you the truth. I dropped it several times, kept it next to a strong magnet, and left it in bowl of water for hours before giving it to back.

Mark: You know they'll just work on recreating it.

Angel: Yeah, I'm sure you are right. This delays it for a few years at least. I still had enough information to make a deal with PBI. I only spent a couple of days in the PBI “holding tank.” It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Mark: How in the hell did you become an agent trainee?

Angel: From what I understand, it's not that unusual for PBI to recruit people from the other side of the law. I've spent the last few weeks in the training camp. One of my conditions for joining was to be partnered with you.

Mark: I see... If you are going to be my junior trainee. We have to set up some ground rules.

Angel: Yes sir.

Mark: Do not forget that I am your boss.

Angel: Yes sir.

Mark: I need complete unquestioning, unblinking, obedience.

Angel: Yes sir!

Mark: I need complete loyalty and honesty.

Angel: Yes sir!

Mark: When I say jump, you say how high!

Angel: Yes sir!

Mark: Now, come here and give me some sugar.

Angel kisses Mark with as much happiness and love she can express.

Mark: I love you. And I meant it every time I uttered it.

Angel: I love you too.

Later, still in the garden, they are sitting at the swing, laughing and talking. Mark has his arm around Angel. Mark's mom approaches them.

Mark: Ha ha ha! That's the second craziest thing I've ever heard.

Mom: Oh hello. I didn't know we have a guest.

Mark: (smiling) Ma, this is Angel. Angel, my mom.

Angel: Good Evening Ma'am.

Mom looks at Angel up and down, noting how happy Mark looks.

Mom: Hmph, I came here to tell you that dinner is ready. Our old friend Josie can't stay but perhaps you'd like to join us, Angel?

Angel: Oh,.

Mark: Please join us.

Angel: Okay, I'd love to.

Mark: Great! My mom is an amazing cook!

Mom: I hope you like spicy food.

Angel: Yup, the spicier, the better.

The End.

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