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Friday, November 25, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 9: Dry Cleaning

Ep 9: Dry Cleaning

Scene: Sassy Sheers Salon

Inday is entering the salon. She's carrying Pio's dry cleaning that she just picked up. She's very excited.

Inday: Ruffa! Ruffa Mae!! Where is sheeeee?

Ruffa Mae comes running out to the receptionist area to meet Inday.

Ruffa Mae: I'm here! I'm here! What's going on?

Other employees from the salon are craning their necks to watch and listen to them.

Inday: (very excited) You won't believe what I'm about to tell you!

Ruffa Mae: What? What? Tell me!

Inday: Dr Pio asked me to marry him !

Look of shock on Ruffa Mae's face. Then...

Ruffa Mae and Inday: EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (jumping up and down in excitement)

Ruffa Mae and others: Congratulations!

Vodka: What the heck! We didn't know you and Dr Pio were together!

Ruffa Mae: Oh my goodness! I'm soooo happy for you!! Where's your ring, show us your ring!

Polly: I bet it's amazing. I'm sure he can afford a nice ring !

Sarsi: I bet the stone is huuuuuuge! You're so lucky, Inday!

Inday: (sheepish) Uh.. actually, he didn't give me a ring ...

Sarsi: What! He proposed to you with no ring? Hmmph! What kind of a proposal is that?

Coca: Who cares about the ring! Maybe he made it up with a very romantic proposal. Maybe he took her someplace romantic and popped the question there. Tell us! Tell us where did he propose.

Polly: Tell us how! Did he get down on one knee, look into your eyes and told you how much he loves you, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he can't live without you, if you don't accept his proposal he's going to jump from the highest building, he'll jump in front of a speeding train!? Tell us!!!

Inday is getting uncomfortable.

Inday: Uh...uh...we were in the kitchen this morning....

Vodka: Kitchen?

Ruffa Mae: Will you all get back to work! Your clients are waiting. This is a place of business not a hen house!

Vodka: Hmmph! We just want to know... she's the one who barged in here as if there's a fire!

Ruffa Mae: Go! Go!

The employees go back to work.

Ruffa Mae: Come in my office, Inday, so we can talk. I want to hear all about it.

They go inside the manager's office and sit down. Inday hangs the dry cleaning on a chair.

Ruffa Mae: Tell me everything! He proposed to you this morning in the kitchen?

Inday: Yes. And yes, he didn't give me a ring. But I don't care! We are getting married! This is my dream come true!

Ruffa Mae: Did he finally realize that he loved you?

Inday: No.

Ruffa Mae: What? What kind of a proposal is that? He didn't take you anywhere special, he didn't say he loved you, he didn't give you a ring? Did he ask you to marry him or ask you pick up his dry cleaning?

Inday: Okay, I admit it is not exactly how someone dreams the man that they love would propose. But the bottom line is, he said we should get married.

Ruffa Mae: Why? Why does he want to marry you when you are already giving him everything. What's his motivation?

Inday: He said, he wants to do it for Tisay and Tsina. He said we're perfect for each other because we're not in love and don't want to be and don't have to pretend to be.

Ruffa Mae: Oh my goodness. Nothing could be further from the truth. He doesn't know that you made yourself into what you think he wants. You're like his maid to order. Does he even know the real you?

Inday: If he knew how much I loved him, he would never want to marry me.

Ruffa Mae: And you're okay with this?

Inday: Yes, I think so. A few weeks ago, I'm contemplating leaving for my own good and thought that my heart couldn't take it. I wish with every fiber of my being that Pio would love me as much as I love him. But Ruffa Mae, we can't all get everything that we want in life. I should be happy that I'm getting part of what I want.

Ruffa Mae: He's a notorious womanizer.

Inday: He said he has no need to do that anymore.

Ruffa Mae: And you believe him?

Inday: If he cheats on me, I'll cut off his you-know-what.
Ruffa Mae laughs until she sees Inday's serious face.

Scene: Condo living room. Sonia is playing a board game with Tisay and Tessa.

Pio and Inday walk in.

Pio: Ma, girls, we have an announcement to make.

Sonia and the kids look up.

Pio: Inday and I are getting married! Girls, she's going to be your mommy!

Tisay and Tsina were surprised for a few seconds. Tsina jumped up and down and ran to give Inday a big hug. Inday hugs her back.

Tsina: Yehey!!! Yehey!!! I'm going to have a mommy!!! I love you Ate Inday!

Inday: I love you too, Tsina.

Tisay is standing on the side watching them with a perplexed expression on her face. She looks like she's about to cry.

Tisay: But I already have a mommy..

Inday kneels down and pulls Tisay to her.

Inday: Of course you do. And she'll always be your mommy. I'll be your stepmommy, except I won't be mean like the stepmothers in the fairy tales we read.

Tisay: Oh, okay. I'll have two mommies instead of one. Ha ha, Tsina, I have two and you only have one! hahaha

Tsina: Hey, no fair. How come she gets to have two?

Inday: (laughing) I guess you will become an accountant one day since you're so good at keeping tally.

Sonia: Congratulations you two! I'm very pleased about this. Welcome to the family, Inday.

Inday: Thank you ma'am.

Sonia: You can call me Mama. So when is the big day? Have you set a date? I can help with the preparations while I'm still here.

Pio: Actually Ma, we're going to a judge this Friday to get married. I'm going to ask you to stay with the kids for the weekend so Inday and I can have a quick honeymoon trip. We should be back by Monday. I won't have to cancel too many appointments.

Sonia: (aghast) What!!! That's it ?!? You're not going to have a church wedding? Pio! This is your idea isn't it! Inday, don't let him bully you!

Pio: Ma, I'm not bullying Inday.

Sonia: Where are your family Inday? Won't they want to see you have a church wedding?

Inday: He's not bullying me, (hesitant) Mama. My family is in Iloilo City. We both already had a big church wedding in our prior marriages. This time, we just need to get married in the eyes of the law.

Sonia: Pio, you need to have a grand wedding for the sake of your girls, so that they can experience it and have good memories of it. Girls, don't you want to be flower girls? Don't you want to wear a pretty gown and walk down the aisle?

Tisay: Yes! yes! I want to! I want to!

Tsina: Okay, I guess I'll wear a gown again.

Tisay: I was sooooo jealous of the flower girls at that wedding we went to. I wanted to walk down the aisle and throw out the flower petals like they were. Can I do that? Pleeeeezzzz!!!

Tisay and Tsina go around the room pretending to throw out flowers from a basket and humming the wedding march

Sonia: You know that I am right! This is what you are going to do. Pick a date in the future that will give you enough time to prepare for a proper wedding. I will take Tsina and Tisay with me to US so they can spend time with their cousin. I want you to take at least a week for your honeymoon.

Pio: Ma, it's really not necessary.

Sonia: A wedding is one of the most memorable experiences someone can have in their lives. On your death bed, would each of you like your memory of being married in a big wedding to be with a different person?

Inday and Pio look at each other.

Pio: Okay, okay fine! We'll look at the calendar and pick a date a few months from now. Is that enough time?

Sonia: Well, how much time you need is up to you. That's not up to me. You are the ones making the decisions.

Scene: Flower Shop

Inday and the shop owner Miranda are inside the shop talking to the shop owner. Outside it is raining hard. Inday keeps looking out to the parking lot.

Inday: I'm so sorry, my fiance will be here soon. He's just running late.

They see Pio parking his car and getting out in the rain. He doesn't have an umbrella and runs to the flower shop getting drenched. Inday goes to meet him in the front of the shop.

Inday: Oh my goodness! Why didn't you bring an umbrella or a raincoat! You're soaking wet.

Pio: (angry) This is the worse day, worse timing for this! C'mon let's just get this frigging thing over with! I need to get back to work!

Inday: I'm sorry.. it shouldn't take long.

Pio: We better not spend as much time here as we did at the printers the other day! I still don't know why it took that long to pick an invitation! People are just going to throw it away!

Later, they are looking at pages and pages of pictures of flower arrangements. Pio looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world but here.

Inday: Which one do you prefer, Pio?

Pio: I don't care, They look the same to me.

Miranda: But they're not the same at all. This is a more contemporary design...

Inday looks up at Mark who looks like he's lost patience.

Miranda: ... but if you prefer the traditional look, ..

Pio: (angry) This is a complete waste of my time! I don't know why I have to be here for this! It doesn't matter what I think anyway.

Miranda: Of course it does. We want to make sure you will like how everything looks!. Contrary to general opinion, it's not all about the brides...Oh excuse me I have a phone call.

Miranda excuses herself to take the call.

Pio: (rudely) Inday, please for the love of all that is holy, don't involve me in this anymore! Can't you just make all the decisions yourself? You have the budget. Handle it!! On our wedding day, I will wear what ever you tell me to wear, I will go where you tell me to go, I will smile for the friggin camera! I will dance for you like a monkey! Just do not bother me with these useless details! Let's just get this blasted wedding over with so we can go on with our lives !

Inday: I'm sorry Pio. I thought you might want to get involved with the planning because you said that your late wife had shut you out. I thought you might want to take a more active role..

Pio: (interrupting) Well, you thought wrong! .

Pio storms out as Miranda is just coming back..

Miranda: Wait! Where's your fiance going? We still have to choose centerpieces for the tables...

Inday: (very embarrassed) Uh, he really has to go back to work. I will make the decisions from now on.

Scene: Playground in the park.

Tisay and Tsina are playing. Inday and Ruffa Mae are sitting on a bench watching them.

Ruffa Mae: Wow, I still can't believe you're getting married before I am. Me who said to you - why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. The irony isn't lost on me.

Inday: Believe me, I still can't believe Pio proposed. But speaking of you and Wendell, I still don't know what you guys are waiting for. You've been engaged for what? 5 years now?

Ruffa Mae: (sigh) I know. Wendell hasn't asked. Sometimes I think he's stringing me along. I wouldn't have agreed to live with him if I knew 5 years later we're still in the same situation. (sigh)

Inday: Why do you stay with him then?

Ruffa Mae: Because I need his half of the rent and I guess I love him. Honestly, I'm a different person now than 5 years ago and I don't know if I still want to get married. At this point, I'm wondering what's in it for me? I'm not planning on having children. I make good money. In fact, I earn more than Wendell. Maybe I'm not the marrying type.

Inday: I don't think, it's all about what's in it for you. If that is really how you think, then maybe he isn't the one. Are you just with him out of convenience?

Ruffa Mae: Maybe

Inday: You say you love Wendell

Ruffa Mae: Sure.

Inday: You don't sound very enthusiastic at all.

Ruffa Mae: Ugh, why are we talking about that. I thought you had something very important to talk about.

Inday: I do! (excited)

Ruffa Mae: Okay, out with it.

Inday: (tearing up) I just found out that I'm pregnant.

Ruffa Mae: What! You.. How...Are you sure?

Inday: Yes! I've been feeling off these last few weeks and I finally went to the doctor who told me. I couldn't believe it either!

Ruffa Mae: Congratulations! I know this is something you've always wanted.

Inday: Thanks. I am very happy. I had given up hope on having my own child. I feel so blessed. Apparently, I'm almost 4 months along and the doctor said my baby and I are doing very well. I didn't even have any morning sickness.

Ruffa Mae: I have noticed you seem to be gaining weight the last few months...I just thought it has something to do with the stress of planning your wedding especially now that you have to do everything yourself.

Inday: (joking) Really, I'm gaining weight again?

She is. Ruffa Mae gives her a look.

Inday: You're right. I have been very stressed. I'm on eggshells around Pio to make sure no one brings up "wedding" within his earshot, not even the kids who are so excited, that's all they want to talk about. Then there's the baby..

Ruffa Mae: What did Pio say when you told him ?

Inday: I haven't yet and I don't know how to. He's very clear about not wanting any more children. I just don't know how to tell him. He's not gonna be happy about this.

Begin Flashback:

Scene: Movie theatre. A movie is playing in the screen. Pio, Tisay, Tsina and Inday are watching the movie.

Next to Pio is a Mom and Dad with a crying, fussy baby. Pio keeps getting bumped. He is visibly annoyed.

Pio: Excuse me, maybe you should take your baby outside. We're trying to watch a movie here.

Others in the audience: Yeah!

The dad finally leaves carrying the still crying baby.

Pio: (whispering to Inday). I love my kids but babies are a royal pain in the as$

Scene: Kitchen table

Pio: What? You don't want to go play tennis with us? Again? Why not?

Tisay and Tsina are waiting by the door and they are using their tennis rackets as guitars.

Inday: (thinking) Tell him! Tell him you are not feeling well because you're pregnant!

Inday: I just have too much to do..

Pio: (shaking his head in exasperation) You have too much to do because of the darn wedding preparations, aren't you?

Inday: Uh..

Pio: Why did I let my mom talk us into this. If we have just done what we wanted in the first place, this will all be over. Look at you, you're frazzled, (looking at Inday eating a big cookie) and you're gaining weight...

Inday puts the cookie down. She looks like she's going to cry but Pio doesn't see it because the kids started to scream at each other and he went to mediate.

Pio: Girls, girls! Stop it! Let's go.

End Flashback

Ruffa Mae: You have to tell Dr. Pio. You will also need to buy a different wedding gown.

Inday; Oh yeah. I forgot about my wedding gown. I will be almost 7 months pregnant on that day. I need to tell him soon.

Scene: Home. Pio and Inday are in the balcony. The kids are in bed.

Pio: You sure you don't want a glass of wine. It will help you relax.

Inday: No thanks. This warm glass of milk is plenty relaxing.

Pio: Not as much as a glass of wine. Unless you have something else in there besides milk that you are not telling me. haha

Inday: No, there isn't anything else. (smiling)

Inday: (thinking) Tell him! Tell him now!

Pio puts his arms around her.

Pio: Oh, I have something for you.

Pio hands her what looks like a card in an envelope.

Inday: For me? Really?

Inday: (thinking) Oh, it smells so good... could this be..

Inday excitedly opens it. It's a card from the girls.

Inday: (little disappointed) Oh.

Pio: You sound disappointed. Why? What did you think it was? A card and love letter from me like what whats-his-face gave you on your birthday? (teasing)

Inday: No, of course not. I know better than to expect you to make an effort to buy a card and sign your name, let alone write a love letter.

Pio: I'm glad we understand each other. You have no idea how many times I got yelled at for being "insensitive" and not being "thoughtful". I mean, why should I do something when I'm just doing it because I have to. It doesn't mean a damn thing.

Inday nods. Pio continues to talk about other things but Inday isn't really listening. She's looking at Pio's profile in the dim light of the balcony.

Inday: (thinking) Oh my God. This is it. This is really it. This is going to be my life. Can I do it? Can I love you so much, Pio, but get no love from you in return? Can I live the rest of my life hiding my true feelings from you? What if you find out how I really feel? Will you leave me? How are you going to react when I tell you I'm pregnant.

Pio: … are you even listening?

Inday: Uh, sorry... (changing subjects) I was just thinking that sounded like a very serious conversation you were having on the phone earlier.

Pio: That was my brother. I feel sorry for Kuya Larry. His divorce is final. He's keeping it together for his kid but he's pretty lost. The worse part is, despite everything that his ex-wife had done to him. He still loves her. Could you believe that? She chewed him up and spit him out but he still pines for her. That's what love does to you. I'm telling you all these emotions just cloud people's judgment. It makes you a damn pathetic fool. I'm so glad that's never going to be an issue between us, right?.

Inday doesn't answer.

Pio: Right, Inday? You better answer or else I'm going to think you're falling in love with me. hahahaha

Inday: R-right...

Inday is keeping herself from breaking down and crying right there and then.

Inday: Umm, I..I have an enormous headache. I better go to sleep now.

Inday stands up and turns around to leave, but Pio puts his hands on her arm to stop her.

Pio: Headache? Again? Inday, I'll give you a break since I know you're stressed from all the wedding planning but I hope you're not going to have a lot of these when we're married. We're going to have a problem if that's the case. Remember, I want things to go back to the way they were.

Inday nods and leaves quickly. Pio doesn't see that tears are streaming down her face.

Scene: Condo. About a week later.

Inday is coming back home with an armful of groceries. Inday walks in to crying and screaming.

Tisay is bawling loudly while a beautiful caucasian lady is holding her on one arm and Pio is holding her other arm. Tsina is on the side, crying too.

Pio: This is quite enough, Britney! Let Tessa go! We both know the real reason why you are doing this!

Britney: Don't you dare assume you know me, because you don't !

Tsina sees Inday and runs to her. Inday holds the crying Tsina tightly

Inday: What's happening?

Tsina: Ate Indaaaayyy!!!

Britney looks at Inday insultingly.

Britney: (snort! ) Is that her?! This is who you are marrying? I'm insulted!

Pio: Shut up!! What I do is none of your business!

Tisay: Mommy! Daddy! Please stop fighting! waaaaah!

Pio: Let's all calm down! (tone not calm) Britney, as hard as it is for you, please let's discuss this like sane rational adults!

Britney: What's there to discuss? You're marrying that fat cow! I'm taking my daughter. End of story.

Pio: Just tell me what you really want! Tell me how much but I want full permanent custody. How about 50 million?

Britney: Fine! Give me 50 million and then we have a deal.

Pio: No! Are you high? I don't have 50 million! I'll give you 50 thousand.

Britney: 50 thousand? That's chump change to you! What do you think I am ?

Pio: How does that famous quote go? Paraphrasing here... Madam, we already know what you are, we're just negotiating the price!.

Britney: How dare you! How dare you! Tessa, where is your bedroom? Let's get your things, we are leaving right now!

Britney is dragging the sobbing Tisay to the bedroom area.

Pio: Fine! Go ahead! Take her! Go !

Inday with Tsina hugging her waist, runs to blocks Britney who is pulling Tisay.

Inday: No! No! Wait, please, don't take Tisay, we can talk about this. Pio, how you can let her take Tisay?

Pio: Inday, stay out of this!

Inday: (ignoring Pio) Ms Britney, please. Let's have a seat. I'm sure we can work something out. Please.

Pio: Inday! (angry warning tone) Let her go! There is no reasoning with that soul eating harpy!!

The kids are crying even louder.

Inday: Pio, stop! Yelling at her and calling her names is just making things worse.

Pio: (yelling loudly and angrily) I SAID SHUT UP INDAY! This is none of your business! If you want to make yourself useful, help her get Tisay's things so they can get the hell away from here! Otherwise, stay out of the way!!

Inday is stunned at how Pio yelled at her and what he said. She sits in a chair with Tsina who sits next to her. Tears fall down her face as Britney gets Tisay's things. Pio is stone faced and not looking at them.

A few minutes later, Britney has a bag on one hand and Tisay on the other. As they walk to the door, Tisay pulls away from her mom and runs to Inday and Tsina and the three of them embrace each other and bawl their eyes out.

Tisay: Ate Indaaaaaayyyy!!! Tsinaaaaaa!!!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!

Britney roughly pulls Tisay off them, gives them all a dirty look and they leave.

Tsina: Dadddyyy! (sob) How can you let her take Tisay? (sob)

Pio: I know what I'm doing. Aren't you supposed to go to dance class? Help her get ready, Inday. I have to go to the office.

Inday and Tsina go to the kids bedroom. Inday doesn't look up at Pio as she walks by him.

Scene: That night.

Pio just came home and sees Mrs Benita in the kitchen with Tsina.

Tsina: Hi Daddy.

Pio: Hi sweetie ! Finishing your homework?

Tsina: Yes. Daddy, where's Ate Inday? She didn't pick me up from school. Mrs Benita's daughter did.

Pio: Hmm, she didn't text me that she won't be home tonight. I'll call her after I get changed, okay?

Pio goes to his bedroom.

On the bed he sees a sealed envelope. He has a bad feeling as he picks it up, opens and reads it.

My Dearest Pio,

As I am writing this letter, I don't know how I'm going to walk out the door. But I must. I'm going to do the most difficult thing I've ever done, that is to say good bye.

Because you see, I've been keeping a secret from you. Pio, I love you very much. I have from the first moment I saw you. I've been a terrible deceptive coward. I shouldn't have said I didn't want to be married when I did. I shouldn't have said I don't believe in love when I already loved you. You have been crystal clear that this is exactly what you don't want but like Tisay says, the heart wants what the heart wants.

I think of Tsina and Tisay as my very own daughters. You may not feel anything for me but I know the girls love me and my leaving won't be easy on Tsina. I wrote a letter for each of them but I will leave it up to you if you want to give it to them or not. You can tell them that I'm a horrible person it will make things easier. As painful as that is, I will accept that.

Pio, I deeply apologize for doing this one month before our wedding day. I know I'm leaving you more havoc that you don't need. I especially didn't want to leave Tsina right now but I know you will be there for her. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. But if you cannot, I will accept that too.

I will love you always,

PS. I tried my best to clean up the mess I am leaving you. I've contacted the wedding vendors and requested cancellation and refunds. The paperwork is all in the kitchen. I've spoken to Mrs Benita. She and one of her daughters will take over as nanny and maid.

Pio sits down on the bed. He couldn't believe what he's reading.

Pio: (thinking) No! No, this can't be happening... This is a horrible joke.

He calls Inday on the phone. No answer, he gets voicemail.

Pio: (angry) What the hell Inday! What is this damn letter! Tell me this is not true! You can't marry me because you love me? This is completely out of the blue! What is going on! Dammit! Call me so we can talk about this right now!

Pio is pacing. He's getting angrier by the minute. He calls Inday again and again, there's no answer. He leaves another voicemail message.

Pio: (more angry) Where the hell are you? How dare you blindsided me like this! The least you can do is talk to me face to face! Call me now!

Scene: Balcony. Much later that night.

Pio is drinking wine by himself in the balcony. He's reading Inday's letter again.

He picks up his cell phone and calls her. Still no answer. He leaves another voicemail.

Pio: (calmly) Inday, please, please call me. Let's talk about this calmly, like adults. We can work this out. (sigh) It's fine. I mean.. it's okay if you're in love with me. We can make this work. Let's talk.

Scene: Airport.

Pio sees who he is waiting for and waves. It's his mom.

Pio: Ma, thanks again for coming here in such short notice.

Sonia: Of course, son. I can tell by your phone call that you needed me urgently. Your mama is always here for you.

Scene: At the condo.

Sonia and Pio just arrived.

Tsina: Grandma Sonia is here! Woooh! What did you bring me ??

Pio: Tsina! That's very rude to ask.

Tsina: That's what Tisay would have said. (little sad)

Sonia: Sorry, Grandma Sonia left in a hurry and didn't get a chance to buy you anything but tell you what? Tomorrow, I'll take you out shopping okay?

Tsina: Yey! Can we buy a new bracelet to wear for Daddy's wedding?

Sonia hesitated and looked up at Pio

Pio: Sure. Grandma will buy it for you. Mrs. Benita, please help Tsina get ready for bed.

Mrs Benita takes Tsina to her room.

Later in the balcony. Pio and his mom are talking.

Pio: Ma, I hated to take you away from Kuya Larry but I just really need your help right now

Sonia: Your kuya understands. He was able to find daycare for your niece while I'm away.

Pio: Glad to hear that. I like Mrs Benita but I will feel better if you stay with Tsina while I'm gone for maybe several days. I need to concentrate on trying to straighten things out.

Sonia: Pio, you said you will explain when I get here. Tisay's mom took her? Inday backed off? What is going on here!

Pio: It's a mess. Britney came here out of the blue, just like when she dropped Tisay off, and demanded to take her back.

Sonia: What does that woman want now?

Pio: I just talked to her and Tisay today. Who knows what mind games she's trying to play. This time, I'll make sure to get full permanent custody of my daughter.

Sonia: That's what you should have gotten in the first place.

Pio: I know Ma. You don't have to keep telling me.

Sonia: (sigh) So tell me why did Inday back off ? I thought you said you two were perfect for each other.

Pio: Well, apparently she doesn't think so. Ma, I'm still not sure that I know the whole story. That's why I want to talk to her face to face but she's been avoiding me.

Sonia: Where is Inday?

Pio: I don't know but I'm going to make her best friend tell me. (pause) Ma, please be careful what you say to Tsina and Tisay. All she knows is that Inday had an emergency and needed to go see her family.

Sonia: You didn't tell them that the wedding is off?

Pio: I didn't have the heart. As far as I'm concerned, it is not off. I am going to talk to Inday and we're going to straighten this out. The wedding will go on as planned.

Scene: Sassy Shears

Pio is purposely walking in. Ruffa Mae sees him and tries to go in her office to hide, but Pio has seen her.

Pio: Ruffa Mae. I need to talk to you.

Ruffa Mae: Uh.. I-I've got a lot of stuff to do...

Pio: This shouldn't take long if you give me some straight answers.

People around them are looking at them curiously and giving Pio strange looks.

Ruffa Mae: O-okay, let's go in my office.

Scene: Ruffa Mae's office.

Pio: You know why I'm here. Where is Inday?

Ruffa Mae: I..I..I'm not sure ...

Pio: You're a terrible liar.

Ruffa Mae doesn't answer.

Pio: I'm prepared to wait you out. However long it takes. But, I think the people out there are very curious what we're doing here. Ruffa Mae, start by telling me where is Inday. I've been calling her for days and she's not answering her cell.

Ruffa Mae: Okay. She's in Iloilo City with her family.

Pio: I don't know any of them. I'm supposed to meet them at the wedding. I need you to give me the address.

After some hesitation, Ruffa Mae writes something down on a piece of paper and gives it to Pio.

Pio: Thanks, Ruffa Mae.

Pio leaves quickly. The people in the salon are giving him strange looks.

Back in the office, Inday comes out of hiding.

Ruffa Mae: Oh Inday, how long do you think you can hide?

Inday: Don't worry, I'll find a place soon so I won't have to live with you.

Ruffa Mae: You know that's not what I mean. You can stay with me as long as you want. I just wonder if you should just face him. Especially now that you are starting a baked goods business and supplying customers around here, you're bound to run into each other.

Inday: I'm afraid if I face him, I won't be able to say no. I'll go along with whatever he wants just like I always do.

Ruffa Mae: He is going to be so pissed when he gets to Iloilo and you're not there.

Inday: Don't worry. He might call someone to check but he'll never go through the trouble of going there himself.

Ruffa Mae: I don't know. He seems really determined to talk to you.

Inday: He would never make that much effort for a woman, especially me. Believe me, he wouldn't even cross the street for me.

Inday starts to cry.

Ruffa Mae: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please stop crying. It's bad for the baby!

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