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Friday, November 4, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 8: Talent Show

Ep 8: Talent Show

Scene: Kids school auditorium. There's a Talent Show.

Tisay and Tsina are waiting to go on stage to perform a musical number. Inday and Sonia are standing next to them backstage. Ruffa Mae is in the audience.

Tisay: Where is Daddy? How come he's not here yet.

Inday: He just texted. He's just stuck in traffic and will be here very soon.

Tisay: Owwww!

Tsina: He's going to miss us. We're going on stage soon.

Sonia: He'll be here soon.. I'm taking a video...

Emcee: Now, please welcome, singing "Love Story" by Taylor Swift... Xhi Na and Tessa!

Audience applauds.

Tsina: Let's go.

Tisay is nervous all of a sudden

Tisay: No! I don't want to...

Sonia: What? It's your turn...

Tisay: No! I'm scared.. You can't make me!

Emcee: (ahem) Please welcome, Xhi Na and Tessa!!

Tisay starts to cry and run away.

Inday runs after Tisay who doesn't get very far. Sonia watches as Inday carries Tisay back while talking gently to her and calming her down. They look out to the audience and see that Pio is sitting down in the audience.

Tsina: Daddy is here! C'mon Tisay! You can hold my hand the whole time.

Inday: You can do it, sweetheart. Remember, just look at your family in the audience.

Tisay: Oh, okay. I'll do it.

They walk to the stage and perform their song. At first, Tisay was very shy and mostly looked down at her feet, but later she got more confident and became her hammy self.

Scene: Later, outside the school. Pio, Sonia, Inday, Ruffa Mae and the two girls are chatting after the talent show.

Ruffa Mae: That was really wonderful, girls! Great job!

Tisay and Tsina: Thanks.

Ruffa Mae: Who taught you how to sing?

Tsina: Ate Inday.

Sonia: Inday, why don't you take the night off? You're all dressed up. Why don't the two of you out on the town?

Ruffa Mae: Oh, that's perfect! Inday, there's a new hot spot I'm dying to try! Wendell is out of town and we can stay out as late as we want!

Pio: Wait! Who's going to watch the girls?

Sonia: I'll be home. I'm going back to the US soon and I'd like to spend as much time with my grand babies as possible. (To Inday and Ruffa Mae) Go ahead. Stay out as long as you want. You deserve a break, Inday.

Inday: Thanks ma'am. Let's go say goodbye to Tsina and Tisay.

Inday and Ruffa Mae go to the kids. Pio was going to follow but his mom stops him.

Pio: Those two shouldn't go by themselves. There's lots of goons out there. Maybe I should go with them.

Sonia: Will you let them be! They are not going to enjoy themselves if you tag along. Or do you have another reason for wanting to go?

Pio: No! Of course not. I don't have another reason.

Scene: Restaurant/Bar. Inday and Ruffa Mae are chatting.

Ruffa Mae: I can't believe what you are telling me. You are really giving up?

Inday: I am. I surrender. I give up.

Ruffa Mae: (dismayed) I should have stopped you. In the back of my mind, I thought I should drag you kicking and screaming from that family, but you seem to be so happy when you are with them and you finally had something you were excited about after floating aimlessly for a long time.

Inday: As if I would have listened to you. You know I wouldn't have.

Ruffa Mae: Well, the least I could have done is try. (sigh) What are you going to do now?

Inday: Nothing. What can I do? (crying)

Ruffa Mae: You can leave! You've finally admitted and accepted that you're in a dead-end relationship! What if he finds someone else to replace you? You have to look after yourself. You have to put yourself as far away from him as possible.

Inday: (crying hard and shaking her head) I can't... I can't do it.. Don't think I haven't thought about leaving. I have...(sob) many times... But every time I imagine not seeing Pio and the kids (sob) my heart feels like it's going to break into a million little pieces (crying) I just can't!!

Ruffa Mae doesn't know what to say.

Inday: (crying) I can't do it...

Scene: Condo, about a week later. Pio coming home from work. Tisay and Tsina are playing in the living room.

They see him and Tisay immediately jumps up for Pio to carry her. She gives him a big kiss on the cheeks. Tsina comes over and hugs her Dad from the other side.

Pio: Hello sweethearts!

Tisay: Daddy! Daddy! Can you buy me a sexy phone !

Pio: Huh? What? What sexy phone?

Tsina: (sigh) saxophone! She means a saxophone!

Pio: You want to learn to play a musical instrument? You want to learn how to play a saxophone?

Tisay: Oh, is that what that is? Then I don't want it.

Tsina: If you don't know what it is, why are you asking Daddy for one then! Geez! See what I have to put up with!

Pio: Where's Ate Inday?

Tsina: She's fixing Grandma Sonia's hair. She's going to fancy party tonight.

Pio: Hmmm, I wonder how late she'll be home...

Pio puts the squirming Tisay down and heads to the bedroom.

As soon as Tisay is down, she makes a face at her sister then turns around and sticks her booty up and shakes it.

Tisay: Whatever, dance fever..

All of a sudden, she lets out a very loud fart.

Tisay: Ooops!

Tsina: Mwahhahahahah! You shoot the bunny!! hahahahahah

Tisay: hahahahahahah! I want to do that again! Hahahahaha

Pio goes to the bedroom where Inday is putting the finishing touches on Sonia's hair.

Pio: Hi. Ma, you look great.

Sonia: Thanks son. (admiring herself in the mirror) Thank you Inday. I love this hair style and color.

Inday: You're welcome, ma'am.

Sonia: I don't think I've ever liked my hair and make up this much. (looking at Pio with her peripheral vision ) Inday, have you ever thought about going abroad?

Inday: Abroad? Huh?

Sonia: Yes! My other son, Candelario, the one I live with in the States, has only one daughter. She's 4 years old and very sweet and really well behaved. We could use a wonderful nanny like you. You can fix my hair and make up every day. hahahahaha

Inday looks at Pio whose eyes are narrowed to slits.

Inday: Huh ... uh.. (very surprised) Oh my goodness.. I've never thought about going abroad.

Pio: Ma! She's not going anywhere.

Sonia: It's not up to you, is it, son? It's up to Inday. (ignoring Pio) Think about it Inday. Candelario is single. He just got divorced. Everyone says he's the better looking brother... Who knows, maybe the two of you ...

Pio: MA!

The door bell rings.

Inday: Uh.. excuse me, I'll get the door.

Inday leaves the bedroom to get the door.

Pio: Ma! What was that all about? You really want to take Inday with you?!

Sonia: Why not?

Pio: I need her here. Who is going to take care of Tisay and Tsina?

Sonia: It's easier for you to find a nanny here than for your brother to find one in the States. I'm sure you'll be able to find another nanny.

Pio: I had a hard enough time finding Inday. You can't have her!

Sonia: Son, you know what happened to your brother. He's devastated by the divorce. He could really use a good woman like Inday. I really feel that they will get along well.

Pio: Are you serious? You really want to fix Inday up with Kuya Larry? What happened to all your suspicions?

Sonia: That was then. Now that I got to know Inday, I think she would make a great daughter-in-law!

Pio: What? Inday was married before and she never wants to get married again. We're similar that way!

Sonia: She told you that she doesn't want to get married again? I don't believe it!

Pio: You don't believe that she told me or you don't believe that there are women out there who don't want marriage ? It's the 21st century Ma. The women now are not like the women of your generation!

Sonia: Hmmph, maybe that's true. But I can tell you that Inday is not one of them. Mark my words, she's the kind of girl who wants a traditional family. She is not going to be satisfied forever with this.... whatever you call what the two of you are having ...

Pio: Now what are you talking about?!

Sonia: You think I don't know that you two are sneaking around. You two are obviously sleeping together!

Pio: (surprised) What? How did you..

Sonia: I'm not born yesterday! I'm right, am I not?

Pio: Okay, so what if we are!? We're both adults. Yes, we have a relationship. That's why you can't take Inday away from the kids.

Sonia: From the kids or from you?

Pio doesn't answer.

Sonia: Think about that very hard. I am right in what I say about Inday. She will not put up with this for very long.

Pio: I love you Ma, but please butt out of my relationships, especially with Inday!

Pio walks angrily out of the bedroom. He goes to the living room where he sees a vase with flowers. A few pink calla lilies are highlighted in the pretty arrangement. There's a mylar balloon that says "Happy Birthday" Tsina sees Pio and runs to him.

Tsina: Daddy! Did you know today is Ate Inday's birthday?

Pio gives Inday a puzzled look.

Pio: Today? No I didn't know.. It never came up. uh... Happy Birthday Inday!

Tisay: Can we go out to dinner and celebrate? Can we get an ice cream cake? Chocolate like my favorite! Pleeeeezzz???

Inday: (smiling) Wait, whose birthday is this? My favorite flavor is broccoli not chocolate. (joking) I want a broccoli cake!

Tsina and Tisay: Yuck!!!

Pio: Who sent you the flowers?

Inday: Someone who loves me! Isn't it pretty? Pink calla lillies are my favorite.

Pio, still miffed after the talk with his mom, looks at the card that came with the vase.

Pio: (reading) Happy Birthday... Love Ruffa Mae?

Inday: Yes, hahaha. We give each other flowers on our birthdays. It's kind of our tradition.

The doorbell rings again. Inday goes to answer it. At the door is another delivery man, this time carrying a ginormous flower arrangement made up of lots and lots of pink calla lilies.

Delivery man: I have a delivery for Ms Inday.....

Everyone except Pio : WOW!!

Inday accepts the impressive flower arrangement from the delivery man who leaves after he got his tip.

Tisay: Who sent that to you?

Inday: I have no idea!

Tsina: Look at the card!

Inday opens the card. There's a letter in pretty stationery.

Inday: (surprise) My goodness, it's from Alvin! Excuse me, I need to read this and to call and thank him.

Inday walks to the balcony to use her cellphone. Pio and his mom watch her read the letter with a big happy smile on her face.

Sonia: Son, I'm going back to US soon. I would like to see you and my grandbabies settled down and happy.

Pio: We are happy.

Sonia: Stop interrupting and listen to your mother. I think we can both agree that you could have avoided many mistakes and heartaches in your life if you'd just listened to me.

Pio is silent.

Sonia: I want you to think, son. Think very carefully, think very hard about what I told you earlier. (She motions to Inday who is now talking on her cellphone. She looks like she just heard the funniest thing in the world) And please, please use the brain inside your skull, not the brain inside your trousers.

Before Pio can reply, Sonia turns around and goes to the kids to say good bye

Scene: Late that night. Pio's bedroom.

Pio and Inday are in bed. Inday is asleep but Pio is still awake. He's thinking. He looks at the sleeping Inday next to him.

Scene: Kitchen.

Inday just came back from taking the kids to the school bus. She's surprised to see Pio in the dining room, drinking coffee.

Inday: Oh, aren't you going to work today?

Pio: I am. I have time till my next appointment. I want to have a talk to you before I go. (very serious)

Inday: (thinking) Oh no. I'm being replaced. He's kicking me out... Oh no..

Pio: Have a seat.

Inday sits down slowly and mentally prepares herself.

Inday: (thinking) Be strong, Inday..

Pio: Inday, I think we should get married.

Inday: (eyes huge, jaw drops) .. huh...

Pio: Please hear me out. If its just me, I wouldn't get married but for the kids, I want to. They will be happier if they have someone they can call mom. Do you know that Tsina asked me if she's going to get a beard in her peepee on her next birthday? Both my girls are growing up fast and I need help raising them. You're not going to let me go through that myself, are you?

Inday: Why me? If you want your kids to have a mother, what about all your girlfriends?

Pio: I don't want any of them to be my daughters' mother. And for the record, I haven't been with anyone else since the two of us started sleeping together. I have no reason to.

Inday: Huh?

Pio: This is going to sound cold-hearted but that's the only reason I date. You think I enjoy going out with some vapid girl and listening to her talk about whatever mundane thing that happened to her that day? Really, the only thing in my head is how to get in her pants. hahaha .

Inday: That is cold-hearted.

Pio: I know. But remember, I'm brutally honest about it.

Inday cringed inwardly a little bit when he said 'honest'.

Pio: ..I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to me that I don't have to do that anymore. It's another reason for me to want to be married to you.

Inday: So you're saying that if we are married, you will be monogamous? I'm telling you now that I am not going to tolerate cheating.

Pio: Same here. I saw you with your ex at Star City. I can tell that you are not completely over him...

Inday starts to speak but Pio interrupts before she can talk.

Pio: ...I understand. It's fine, you still love him. I get it.

Inday: For the record. I am very much over Greg.

Pio: What about Alvin?

Inday: Same. I told him already that we can only be friends. That's it.

Pio: Good. I will not have my wife sleeping with anyone else.

Inday: We're in complete agreement there.

Pio: We've talked about how we feel about love and marriage. We're on the same page and that's exactly why I think we are compatible.

Inday: Are you 100 percent sure? What if you meet someone else in the future and you fall in love?

Pio: Impossible. The only love I have in me to give are for my girls. You are perfect for me because we understand each other. You're not going to expect words of love from me. I don't have to pretend to feel something for you that I don't.

Inday: What exactly are you expecting?

Pio: Inday, I'm a simple man with simple needs. I want someone to love and take care of my girls. I want someone to manage the household, I want someone to have sex with, often. hahaha , you already know that about me by now. It would be good not to have to sneak around in my own home.

Inday is silent and Pio takes that as hesitation.

Pio: Your ex left you because you couldn't have children. I absolutely positively don't want any more children. See how perfect we are for each other? Marry me, Inday. In exchange, I won't demand from your other than what you're already giving. But you'll be my wife and you'll always be taken care of. Marry me, Inday.... Say yes.

Inday: Yes.

Pio: (smile) Great! That's settled then. I have to go to work now. I'll see you all tonight. We'll tell the girls and Mama. Oh, please pick up my dry cleaning. Bye.

Pio gets up, gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and hurriedly leaves.

Inday: (small voice) Okay. Bye.


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