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Friday, August 19, 2011

Maid to Order (English) - Episode 3: Chicken Fox

Episode 3: Chicken Fox

Scene: Pio and the kids are eating breakfast while Inday is serving them. She's wearing hospital scrubs -- loose shirt and pants -- which is what most nannies wear. Her hair is in a simple pony tail and she has no make up on.

Tisay: … and then Taylor said Justin has a chicken fox! What kind of a pet is that? How can a chicken be a fox too? Can we have one too Daddy? Please!?

Pio: Chicken fox? Oh, ha ha, you mean chicken pox? That's a disease when you have a rash all over your body. It's very contagious.

Tisay: Oooooh!!! That's why he's been absent from school! But seriously, it would be cool to have a pet that's half chicken and half fox!

Tsina: ha ha! The fox side will try to eat the chicken side. It would be very confused.

After breakfast, Pio gets up.

Pio: Okay girls, I'm off to work. Come here and give Daddy a hug.

The kids give him a hug and kiss.

Pio: Love you, girls. Ate Inday, can you take the kids shopping today? Here's the shopping list and a credit card.

Inday: Sure. No problem.

Later, Inday is cleaning up and talking to Ruffa Mae on the phone at the same time.

Inday: Sorry, Ruffa Mae, I only have a few minutes to talk.

Ruffa Mae: Ate, you've been there for a few weeks now. What's going on? Anything happen between the two of you yet? Tell me everything! Don't leave out any details!

Inday: (sigh) Nothing has happened.

Ruffa Mae: What? I thought you are there so you can seduce him. Don't tell me you are really changing careers.

Inday: I admit, this is the most hare-brained idea I've ever had in my life. But I'm not sorry. I follow my instincts and it's usually right. I've seen the women he's gone out with. I think if all I want is to sleep with Pio, I could have already done that, but I want more.

(Flashback of Inday seeing Pio and his women sneaking around at night and leaving before the kids wake up in the morning and Inday watching them with a big angry frown.)

Inday: (continuing) Besides, I am so overwhelmed! I don't even have time to fix myself up. Besides taking care of the kids, there's cleaning, cooking, laundry... Mrs Benita and her daughters sometimes comes over to help me during the day when the kids aren't here, but there's still so much to do. I'm so exhausted. I haven't had time for my ballroom dance classes!

Ruffa Mae: What? I thought you were just the nanny. I didn't know you were the maid too!

Inday: He hasn't found a replacement yet and I've been acting like I don't need any help and can do it all to impress him... I know, I'm being ridiculous, don't lecture me! I wanted to quit many times especially at first, but something always stops me. But I'm getting the hang of it. We're getting into a routine and it's getting easier. I daresay, I'm doing a good job here. I'm turning into a domestic goddess!

Ruffa Mae: You don't want to find a housekeeper because you're probably afraid he'll find another woman who is also trying to snag him! Geez! You fell hard, didn't you?

Inday: I want him bad, Ruffa Mae, but if I'm being honest, it's not just him I'm in love with, it's the kids too. I consider this a challenge.

Ruffa Mae: Uh oh, you used the 'C' word. That means you won't stop until you get what you want. God help Dr Pio now.

Inday: Darn right! But I'm dismayed that he thinks of me as his unglamorous maid. I wince inwardly every time he calls me 'Ate Inday' ! But you'll see! Between all this physical work, and dieting, I'm losing weight. The 6 years difference in our age won't matter.

Ruffa Mae: I haven't seen you this motivated in a long time.

Inday: I'm starting to formulate a plan of attack.

Ruffa Mae: Plan of attack? You're scaring me now...

Inday: I'm still feeling things out. It's just a tentative plan.

Ruffa Mae: Dare I ask what this tentative plan might be?

Inday: I'll tell you when I know exactly what I'm going to do. But the first step is, I'm going to make myself indispensable.

Ruffa Mae: Should I be sorry I helped you? I really hope you do not get hurt.

Scene: Shopping mall. Inday and the kids are at a kids clothing store, looking through the different dresses displayed.

People around them are giving Tisay a second, third, fourth look.

Tsina: (to Tisay) Aren't you embarrassed? People are staring at us because of what you are wearing!

Tisay: What? I look fa-bu-lous! No one is dressed like meeeh! Pak!

Tisay is wearing a crazy combination of a bright green shirt with a print of colorful flowers and a bright orange skirt printed with geometric design in colors that do not go with the shirt and shiny purple boots. Her hair has several braids that she insisted have different color ribbons. She's wearing Inday's sunglasses that is big on her.

Tsina: Ate Inday, why did you let her wear that?

Inday: Well, I like that she has her own personal style and she likes to express her individuality. I think it's great.

Tisay: Yup, that's right! It's great that I have personal style! Not like you who wears nothing but big t-shirts and big shorts. Boring!

Tsina: I want to be comfortable!

Inday: Your dad said to buy you both some new everyday clothes and a fancy gown for a formal wedding you are all going to?

Tisay doesn't look thrilled.

Inday gets a few frilly darling dresses and holds them up to the kids.

Tisay: I like the purple one!

Tsina: No! I don't want it! I don't wear dresses, especially not this kind. They are so itchy!

Tisay: If she doesn't want one, can we buy two for me?

Inday: Tsina, we'll make sure to pick one that is not itchy.

Tsina: They always are!

Inday: Let's try them on, first.

Tisay: Yey!

Tsina: (sigh) I don't want to.

They walk to the changing rooms. Tisay is happily trying on clothes and then prances around like she's a runway model.

Tisay: Oh yeah, uh huh... why.. am I cute... uh huh...

Inday: Please Tsina? Try this on.

Tsina: No! It's going to be itchy!

Inday: Try it on over your t-shirt. I'll buy you a new book if you would just try it on.

Tsina: Oh okay, fine.

Tisay is already on her third outfit and still prancing around.

Tisay: Oh yeah... super...model...

Inday puts the dress over what Tsina is wearing. They stand in front of the mirror.

Inday: See, how gorgeous you look? We can fix your hair like this... or like this...or this way...we'll pin a flower here... See!

Tisay is quiet and still has a small frown.

Inday: We'll buy a thin shirt that you can wear under the dress. You won't be itchy I promise. Okay?

Tisay: (resigned) Okay.

Tsina: Look I have the same dress on. We can be twins!

Inday: Awww! You girls look adorable! Let's take these two. We'll get different accessories for your hair and fix your hair differently. Let's go buy shoes too.

Tisay: Yey! I want high high high heels like the red one in your closet, Ate Inday!

Inday: ha ha, Okay, if we find those exact shoes in your size, we'll buy it for you.

Later, at the food court, Inday and the kids are enjoying a snack.

Tsina: Tisay! Stop staring, it's rude!

Tisay: But that baby looks just like a turtle! Like an ugly wrinkly snapping turtle!

Inday and the baby's mom both gasp.

Inday: Tisay!

Baby's mom gives them a dirty looks and leaves in a huff.

Inday: Tisay, that's a mean thing to say.

Tisay: What? I'm just telling the truth!

Inday: If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all!

Inday gets a text from Pio and reads it.

Inday: Your dad is bringing "Aunt Janet" to dinner tonight.

Tsina: (eye roll) Hmph, another "aunt" who wants to be our mommy.

Inday: Do you want her to be?

Tisay: No! I already have a mommy !

Tsina: (shrug) I don't want a mommy and we'll never have a mommy because Daddy doesn't ever want to get married again I heard him say that many times. He said he only wants to date.

Tisay: How come Daddy can go out on dates and I can't? It's not fair!

Tsina: You're six years old!

Tisay: So? You like a boy at school too!

Tsina: (angry) No I don't!

Tisay: Ha ha! Everyone in school knows you have a crush on Eric. You told Rachel, who told everyone! (sing-song) Tsina and Eric sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. hi hi hi!

Tsina: Shut up!

Tisay: (continuing) .. first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a golden carriage!

Tsina: Shut up! Shut up! (starting to cry)

Inday: That's enough, Tisay.

Scene: Back at their home. Later that night. Janet just arrived. She very pretty and is wearing something sexy. Inday gives her a dirty look when no one is looking.

Pio: Janet, you remember my beautiful, amazing daughters. Girls, say Hi to your Aunt Janet.

Girls: Hi, Aunt Janet.

Pio: I just need to finish this phone call..

Janet: Oh, take your time. I'm sure the kids and I will be just fine. hi hi hi . They're so cute! We'll be BFF's by the end of the night I'm sure. hi hi hi

Inday is eyeing Janet from head to toe.

Inday: (thinking) Hmmph.

Tisay: (holding up her hands for a high five) Up high!

Janet: Huh?

Tisay: Up high! You're supposed to give me a high five!

Janet: Oh okay.. ha ha...Oh, what a lovely view from the balcony...

Janet goes to the balcony to smoke.

Later, Inday is in the kitchen working on dinner when Tsina comes in.

Tsina: Can I help?

Inday: Sure. You can start the salad. Here let me show you...

Inday shows Tsina what to do.

Inday: Where's Tisay?

Tsina: (shrug) Out there.

Inday looks for Tsina and sees her going through Janet's purse. She smiles and goes back to the kitchen to finish dinner .

Inday: Tsina, I'm very excited to see you wear that pretty dress and get all fixed up, aren't you?

Tsina: I guess..

Inday; If you want to wear t-shirts and shorts for your everyday wear, that's perfectly fine but there are times you need to wear something fancy. Come on Tsina, I saw a spark in your eye when we were picking out the hair clips.

Tsina: I don't know how to put them on.

Inday: That's what I'm here for! I can style your hair anyway you want!

Tsina: Okay.

Inday: And Tisay, you can come talk to me about anything you want to talk about, okay?

Tsina: Okay

Suddenly, they hear a piercing scream from the living room.


Pio, Inday and Tsina run to the living room to see Tisay with Janet's open purse, with the contents all over the floor. Tisay has a lot of make up on her face and her dolls have make up on too.

Janet grabs Tisay and starts shaking her.

Janet: What the hell!! What did you do?!! You little sh!t!

Tisay: Oww! Oww! (crying) Waaaaah!

Janet continues to shake Tisay roughly and lifts up her arm to strike her. Inday rushes over and pushes Janet away. The sobbing Tisay clutches Inday tightly.

Janet: (complete outrage) Why you! How dare you! Pio! Did you see that! You nanny just pushed me! (to Inday) Who do you think you are!

Pio is restraining Janet.

Janet: Pio! She used up all my Britney Spears perfume! I paid a lot of money for that!

Pio: I will replace it, okay?

Janet: Damn right you are going to buy me a new bottle! You are also going to replace my ruined make up and purse!

Tsina: But the purse isn't ruined.

Pio: (ignoring what Tsina said) Yes, of course I will replace whatever you want. I'm very sorry about this, Janet. Tisay, you're going to get punished for this. Apologize to your Aunt Janet !

Tisay: Waaah! I'm sorry..

Janet calms down and smiles.

Janet: Okay. But can we go eat dinner somewhere else instead of here? Then afterwards, we can go to my place?

Pio: Sure, we can do that.

Scene: Later that night. Inday is in Tisay and Tsina's bedroom reading them a bedtime story. Tisay is asleep. Tsina is very sleepy. Inday is almost at the door to leave the bedroom.

Tsina: (very sleepy) Ate Inday...

Inday: Yes, Tsina?

Tsina: (sleepy) Can you run your fingers through my hair again? It helps me sleep.

Inday comes over to the bed and sits next to Tsina and starts running her finger through Tsina's hair gently.

Tsina: (almost asleep) Ate Inday, I do want a I want you to be my mommy...

Inday gets choked up with emotion as she continues to stroke Tsina's hair.

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